Arroz Ecija Menu Prices

Arroz Ecija’s menu is inspired by Filipino and Spanish cuisine. Traditional cuisines are prepared in a modern way. It offers various delicacies, not just from Nueva Ecija, but also from the other provinces of the Philippines. There are also rice meals paired with classic Filipino cuisines, side dishes, noodle soups, merienda, puto, and kakanin. Most of its ingredients are sourced from Nueva Ecija. The interior design of the restaurant will take you back to the Filipinos’ way of living in the past while enjoying classic cuisines. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Arroz Ecija menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Kapeng Barako & Kakanin Combo99
Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo (Plain)99
Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo (w/ chicken & egg)139
Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo (w/ beef tendon & egg)179
Pancit Luglog (Mid-size Regular)95
Pancit Luglog (Fiesta Special)179
La Paz Batchoy (Mid-size Regular)105
La Paz Batchoy (Fiesta Special)179


Pinakbet at Bagnet198
Ilocos Bagnet225
Crispy Pork Binagoongan225
Bistek Tagalog199
Chicken Tinola at Miswa185
Sinigang na Bangus215
Batangas Beef Kaldereta 255
Crispy Fried Chicken Cutlet 225
Biicol Express195
Beef Pares198
Kare Kare at Bagnet ng Ilocos298
Daing na Bangus with Pinakbet275
Sisig Express270
Binagoongan at Talong285
Sinigang na Bangus sa Mustasa279
Ginisang Monggo sa Tinapa at Bagnet ng Ilocos265
Pork Sisig Silog285
Vigan Longganisa with Egg269

Pampagana / Side Dishes

Tokwa't Baboy135
Lumpiang Gulay79
Pinsec Frito75

Noodle Soups & Merienda

Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo (Chicken)139
Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo (Beef)179
La Paz Batchoy (Mid-size Regular)105
La Paz Batchoy (Fiesta Special)179
Pancit Lomi (Mid-size Regular)89
Pancit Lomi (Fiesta Special)162
Pancit Luglog (Mid-size Regular)95
Pancit Luglog (Fiesta Special)129
Beef Tendon Noodle Soup179
Chicken Wonton Noodle Soup 169
Pancit Binondo 175
Pancit Lucban 195
Binawang na Sotanghon175
Ginataang Halo Halo145


Tagalog Puto 15
Ube Puto15
Pandan Puto15
Chocolate Puto20
Puto Mais20
Puto Queso 20

Kakanin at Puto Pasalubong Box

Puto Small Box-of-1295
Puto Small Box of 24180
Puto Classic Assorted Pack-of-459
Puto Classic Assorted Pack-of-689
Puto Premium Assorted Pack-of-479
Puto Premium Assorted Pack-of-699
Kakanin Assorted Box-of-5199
Kakanin Assorted Box-of-10395


Bibingka at Malagkit35
Sapin Sapin35
Cassava Cake (per piece)49
Biko Ube (per piece)45
Malaubeng Panaginip (per piece)49
Kutsinta (3 pcs.)38

Mga Inumin

Halo-Halo Slush175
Sago Gulaman99
Tamarind Ice Tea89
Pure Ripe Mango Shake175
Green Mango & Seasalt Shake175
Softdrinks in Can80
Kapeng Barako 79
Bottled Water30

Pick-up & Delivery Menu

Beef Pares285
Bagnet Pinakbet345
Bistek Tagalog298
72-Hour Bagnet (1/2 kilo)890
72-Hour Bagnet (1 kilo)1780
Pancit Luglog189
Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo155
Bringhe sa Tinta Pusit (5'' Paellera)295
Bringhe sa Tinta Pusit (12'' Paellera)665
Bringhe sa Sari-Saring Lamang Lamandagat (5'' Paellera)295
Bringhe sa Sari-Saring Lamang Lamandagat (12'' Paellera)665
Bringhe sa Manok (5'' Paellera)265
Bringhe sa Manok (12'' Paellera)595
Chicharon Bulaklak245
Lumpiang Gulay185
Lumpiang Ecija195

About Arroz Ecija

The name “Arroz Ecija” was derived from the word Arroz which means rice and Ecija, from the province of Nueva Ecija. It is known as the Rice Granary of the Philippines that’s why their dishes are made of rice. The concept of the restaurant aims to introduce the rich culture and history of the Philippines during the time of the Spaniards. Memorabilia from the past are displayed inside the restaurant. 

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Arroz Ecija Menu Best Seller 

These are the best sellers of Arroz Ecija that will give you a taste of the past in a modern way. 

Pinakbet at Bagnet – Bagnet is one of the all-time favorite dishes of Filipinos because of its crispy texture and tender meat. Its taste blends perfectly with bagoong rice. The pinakbet is made up of fresh vegetables that are cooked with various spices and seasonings. 

All time favorite dish - Pinakbet and Bagnet menu in Arroz Ecija Pin
Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Tokwa’t Baboy – An appetizer that is well-loved by customers as it stimulates their taste buds. It can be eaten on its own or as a viand for rice. Fried tofu and pork belly are sauteed in their special sauce. 

72-hour Bagnet – As its name implies, bagnet is cooked for 72 hours. Pork belly is boiled, deep-fried, dried, and marinated until it is cooked perfectly. Pickled vegetables, soy sauce, and vinegar are served as dipping sauce. 

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Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Bringhe sa Sari-Saring Lamang Dagat – This Arroz Ecija menu is available in a 5-inch paellera that is ideal for small groups and in a 12-inch paellera for larger groups. It consists of various ingredients such as green peas, coconut milk, longganisa, mussels, and shrimp. 

Paellera of seafoods as one of the Best selling menu dish in Arroz Ecija Pin
Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Bistek Tagalog – Thin strips of beef are cooked in Arroz Ecija’s special sauce. This delicious and savory dish is served with garlic rice. 

Arroz Ecija Promos

These promotions will let you enjoy some of their dishes at a lower price to make them affordable to everyone. 

Kapeng Barako & Kakanin Combo – This meal consists of a kapeng barako and kakanin combo that only cost ninety-one pesos. 

Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo – Three variations of this promo are available. There are plain arroz caldo, arroz caldo with chicken and egg, and arroz caldo with beef tendon and egg. 

Have a taste of Arroz Caldo in Arroz Ecija Pin
Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Pancit Luglog – Pancit Luglog is a noodle version of Pampanga that is cooked in a flavored thick sauce. A promo meal that consists of mid-size regular and fiesta special. 

La Paz Batchoy – A dish that originated from La Paz, IloIlo City. It is a noodle dish cooked with various ingredients and topped with crushed pork cracklings. It is available in mid-size regular and fiesta special. 

Noodle Soups & Merienda

These noodle soups and merienda menu from Arroz Ecija are perfect comfort food when you are taking a break.

Chicken Wonton Noodle Soup – Egg noodles are cooked with spices and seasonings, chicken broth, Chinese cabbage, and wonton. 

Pancit LomiPancit Lomi is a noodle soup that is popular in the Batangas Province. It is made of thick egg noodles that are cooked with various meats and vegetables. 

Pancit Lucban – It is a delicious pancit that is native to Quezon Province. It is topped with garlic bits and lechon kawali. A dipping sauce also comes with it to enhance its taste. 

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Binawang na SotanghonSotanghon noodles are sauteed in garlic. It is topped with meat and mixed vegetables. 

Ginataang Halo-Halo – A Filipino dessert dish where various desserts are blended together. It is a perfect dessert in hot weather. 

Puto & Kakanin

Puto and Kakanin are rice delicacies that are perfect for snacks. You can also bring it home as it offers pasalubong boxes. 

Plain Puto – These are classic variants of puto that Arroz Ecija offers. It includes Tagalog puto, Ube Puto, and Pandan Puto. 

Sweet-Filled Puto – Chocolate Puto, Mais Puto, Ube Halaya Puto, and Queso Puto are the available sweet-filled puto that you can choose from. Queso puto which has a cheese filling is the most popular puto that people buy. 

Kakanin and Pasalubong Box – It is available in a box of 6, a box of 10, and a box of 12. These are perfect if you want to give something special to your family and friends. 

A puto box is a perfect souvenir or dessert for small gatherings. Pin
Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Altanghap Menu

Altanghap is a Filipino acronym for “almusal, tanghalian, and hapunan”. These meals are perfect meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Kare-Kare at Bagnet ng Ilocos – This Arroz Ecija menu is inspired by the Ilocos Region. It consists of kare-kare, bagnet, and rice. The combination of these dishes will satisfy your cravings. 

Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Beef Bulalo – This soup is made up of beef and various vegetables. It tastes better when you add fish sauce, calamansi, and chili. 

Beef Bulalo served with garlic rice Pin
Photo Credit: Arroz Ecija FB Page

Vigan Longganisa with Egg – Rice is topped with Vigan-inspired grounded longganisa and a sunny-side-up egg. 

Pork Sisig Silog – This meal consists of garlic rice, eggs, and pork sisig. It is a breakfast dish that is available all day. 

Sisig Express – It is one of Arroz Ecija’s newest dishes. It is made up of Bicol express blend and sisig and served with Milagrosa rice. 

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Pampagana / Side Dishes

Pampagana is a Filipino term for an appetizer. This set of meals can also be eaten as a side dish. Tokwa’t Baboy, Ukoy, Lumpiang Gulay, and Pinsec Prito are the dishes that will stimulate your appetite. 

Ukoy is a Filipino dish that resembles shrimp fitters. Batter and small shrimps are deep-fried together and served with a vinegar dipping sauce. Its crispiness and savory taste will boost your appetite for the next dish. 

Lumpiang Gulay or spring rolls are one of the famous appetizers in the Philippines. Mixed chopped vegetables, eggs, seasonings, and spices are mixed and wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. It is then deep-fried until it’s the wrapper becomes crispy. 

The other menu of Arroz Ecija that can stimulate your appetite is the Pinsec Prito. This dish is a fried wonton that is an Arroz Ecija’s special version of the popular Pork Siomai. It is shaped into triangles and deep-fried until the texture turns golden brown and the texture becomes crispy. 

Arroz Ecija Menu Delivery

Foodpanda, Grabfood, and Booky are online platforms where you can order your favorite Arroz Ecija dishes. Menu and its prices vary by branch so it is better to check all the available menus in your preferred platform before you order. Order from the nearest branch to your location for faster deliveries and lower delivery fees. 

Social Media Pages

Don’t miss the chance to be updated on their latest promos, new food menus, and discounts. Follow their social media pages by clicking the links listed below:





The Arroz Ecija menu highlights its rice meal and delicacies. Rice-based cuisines are their specialties because they aim to support the livelihood of local rice farmers in Nueva Ecija. Ordering rice dishes is a little way of supporting rice farmers. Aside from the rice dishes, it also offers promos and other popular cuisines from different regions of the Philippines. The cuisine and interior design of this restaurant has a touch of classic and modern design that is perfect for photography. It also offers a pasalubong box so you can take home their special puto and kakanin. 

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