Ribchon Menu Prices

One of the most popular spots in Tagaytay nowadays. The Ribchon menu offers delicious Filipino dishes and local comfort food that you’re already familiar with. They also offer a wide selection of beverages that their customer will surely enjoy. Located in Tagaytay Philippines this restaurant already made its name famous because of the delicious foods that they offer, Local tourists and foreigners are recommending this restaurant, and best to go with someone special or with barkada and family. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ribchon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Baby Back Baboy

Full rack1950
Half rack975

All Day Breakfast

Crispy corned beef hash330
Tinapang bangus belly350
Crispy bangus330
Tenderloin tapsilog350
Lechon ribs adobo330
Ribchon bacon330

All Day Waffles

Bacon and waffles385
Mango and waffles375
Ribs and waffles385
Bulaklak and waffles375

Ulam Snacks

Potato wedges200
Ribchon okoy bites280
Shrimp tempura395
Chicken wings420
Crispy shrimp290
Crispy tawilis295
Ribchon kawali395
Balat brittle basket280
Bulaklak brittle basket310
Rinchon lomi285
Crispy dinakdakan330
Krispy tadyang380
Lumpiang shanghai310
Pancit canton375

For the Bulalo Lovers

Bulalo steak950
Batangas bulalo890
Bulalo paella895
Bulalo kansi820

Daily Dagat

Bangus belly stuffed laing450
Skewered six pack sugpo630
Sizzling stuffed squid440
Crispy bangus650
Grilling tuna belly435

Sinong Manok Mo?

Grilled boneless manok 2 skewers400
Grilled boneless manok 4 skewers790
Fried chicken half400
Fried chicken whole790

Baboys Best

Crispy pata850
Lechon belly half kilo650
Lechon belly 1 kilo1200
Pork binagoongan420
Ribchon paksiw365

Baka Naman

Crispy beef ribs kare kare650
Beef caldereta395
Beef nilaga520
Traditional karekare650
Beef and mushroom salpicao495

Salad and Veggies

Okoy salad295
Mango salad250
Ribchon caesar280
Buttered corn185
Fresh lumpia350
Sizzling laing320
Monggo with tinapa220
Ampalaya with salmon belly340
Gising gising320
Tagaytay fresh vegetables280


Sinigang na bangus sa bayabas450
Sinigang na salmon belly sa miso450
Beef brisket sinigang520
Sinigang na hipon sa kamias at batwan650


New York cheesecake slice175
New York cheesecake whole1650
Espresso Cheesecake slice175
Espresso Cheesecake whole1650
Dayap cheesecake slice175
Dayap cheesecake whole1650
White chocolate cake slice175
White chocolate cake whole1650
Leche flan175
Mango float175
Buko pandan175

Cold Drinks

Cucumber lemonade glass100
Cucumber lemonade pitcher380
House lemonade glass100
House lemonade pitcher380
House iced tea glass100
House iced tea pitcher380
Fruit shake mango/watermelon120
Fruit shake guyabano/buko150
A&W rootbeer float195
Delmonte pineapple juice95
San pellegrino sparkling water250
Wilkins bottled water85

Hot Drinks

Cadburry hot chocolate140
Twinnings hot chocolate120

Alcoholic Beverages

Sanmig light/pilsen/superdry95

About Ribchon

Ribchon is a Filipino restaurant that is located on the Mahogany avenue, Maharlika West. Tagaytay City is a street parallel to Tagaytay – Nasugbu highway. Founded by Ham and Lucy Katipunan with help of their business partner Chef Tristan Bayani. The restaurant has a capacity of 75 dinners and its al fresco area can accommodate 30 customers.

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The restaurant is surrounded by plants and the cold weather of Tagaytay which makes this a great place to go on special occasions if you’re just lurking in Tagaytay and don’t know where to go. This restaurant is not only focused on ribchon but with a lot of Filipino dishes to offer. This Filipino restaurant specializes in not your typical baby back ribs.

The restaurant is well-lighted as well and the place is festive and lovely which can also add to the customer’s appetite. Ribchon is open Mondays to Wednesdays from 10 in the morning until 10 at night and Thursday to Sunday from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening. 

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Ribchon Menu Best Seller

Here is the list are Ribchon menu best sellers that you should try if you’re planning to go to their restaurant. Also, a good choice if you don’t have any idea what to get on their menu.  


Photo Credit: Ribchon FB Page

Ribchon Bulalo Steak – The bulalo steak in ribchon will never disappoint you. For sure this would be your favorite after tasting it. The meat of the bulalo is very tender you can cut it with your spoon and the sauce was creamy and delicious. The marrow is the game changer with their bulalo steak you’ll enjoy getting that marrow but eat moderately for those who have high blood pressure.

Ribchon Gambas – A great substitute for meat. If you are looking for a nonmeat appetizer this is the right one for you. Served with big shrimp so this one is also for sharing. What I like about this dish is the shrimp is not overcooked. Delicious in a much healthier way for those who are not allergic to seafood. Eat moderately for people with high blood pressure, their shrimps are fat. 

Krispy Ribs ng Lechon – I ordered a half rack of their Krispy ribs ng Lechon. The Krispy ribs ng Lechon has a crunchy texture and really perfect with or without vinegar. I like how flavorful their Lechon ribs are, they carefully cooked them as well. Not dry, juicy though fried. What’s great about this Krispy ribs ng Lechon is the meat itself.

Original Ribs ng Lechon – This is actually my personal favorite even against Krispy ribs ng Lechon I will choose this one. Served with Kapeng Barako sauce for a more savory experience. I like how flavorful the ribs are with or without a sauce.  Their original ribs ng Lechon is perfectly paired with steamed rice.

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Leche Flan – This Filipino favorite is also the best seller on the Ribchon menu. creamy and smooth and not too sweet. Ribchon’s restaurant version is really delicious. Not to be biased but for me, their version is the best that I tasted when it comes to Leche flan.

Ribchongganisa – Served naked and perfectly paired with vinegar. Their Longganisa version is not too sweet. Very tasty and delicious. I love their Longganisa paired with rice and some vegetables.

Ribchon Baby Back Baboy Menu

Ribchon’s signature “Ribs ng Lechon” is cooked slowly and never boiled. This dish is highly recommended to eat by hand as it is very savory. They offer a full rack which is served with soup salad and 4 rice and the Half rack menu of Ribchon is served with rice salad and 2 rice. You can also choose your ribs flavor from original, sweet barbecue to spicy.


Photo Credit: Ribchon FB Page

Your rice options like steamed Rice, garlic brown rice, chorizo rice, and lemongrass rice. You also have an option for the soup it could be sopa de ajo, bulalo, or pumpkin soup. 

Breakfast Menu

Ribchon breakfast menu is served with sinangag, 2 eggs, sopa de ajo and dishes glazed with kapeng barako sauce. The breakfast menu includes four recommended dishes ribsilog, sisigsilog, crispy corned beef hash, and tinapang bangus belly. They also include bulaklak silog, crispy bangus, tenderloin tapsilog, lechon ribs adobo, ribchonlongganisa, tocilog, ribchon bacon, and chopsilog. 

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Ribchon Baka Naman Menu

Ribchon Baka Naman menu is consist of beef dishes that are already popular in the country. This menu includes their best-seller crispy ribs kare kare kare, beef caldereta, beef nilaga, traditional karekare, and beef and mushroom salpicao. Everything on this menu is chefs recommended and surely delicious. 

Ribchon Menu Delivery

Upon checking on their website for delivery options sadly they don’t offer delivery service. But no worries you can still use third-party delivery services for your Ribchon cravings. Please take note that delivery services may vary on your location and product availability. 

Talk to Ribchon Philippines Staff

If you have any concerns regarding the Ribchon menu or promos, you can send them a message on their official Facebook or Instagram accounts. While you also browse these social media pages, we highly encourage you to support them by following them.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ribchon/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ribchonph/


Upon dining in Ribchon I am honestly impressed by the quality and the taste of the food that they offer. Ribchon menu are consist of improved Filipino dishes that are truly delicious and of good quality. The restaurant is well-maintained, clean, and cozy the weather in Tagaytay adds to the nice atmosphere. Crews are polite and hospitable, they are very knowledgeable about the dishes that they serve you can actually ask them for their best seller. Kids friendly as well as they have kid’s favorites on their menu. This restaurant is truly a great place to go with your family friends or significant other. Highly recommended for those who love to explore great Filipino foods with a great ambiance in Tagaytay.

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