Barrio Fiesta Menu Prices

Are you looking for a casual dining restaurant where you can get most of your Filipino food cravings? Or you’re already used to dining at restaurants and you want to try something for a change. Let me save your energy and introduce a restaurant that I’m sure will meet your standards when it comes to food. Have you heard about Barrio Fiesta? Well for sure you’ve heard of them since they have been around for so many years. In This article, we are going to get to know them a little bit more, and let’s see if you’ll get interested in the Barrio Fiesta menu and eventually try dining with them. Prices are affordable as well, already tried this restaurant a couple of times, and I’m sure you’ll love everything that they have on their menu. Alright, people without further ado let’s start.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Barrio Fiesta menu prices.








Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Filipino Breakfast

Beef tapa300
Pork Tocino300
Sauteed tuna300
Gourmet tuyo300
Corned beef slab300
Corned beef300
Spanish sardines300
Tinapang bangus300
Daing na bangus300
Tinapang salinas300
Hot dog300
Fried pork adobo300

Western Breakfast

Breakfast bangers and mash300
Minute steak300
French toast300
American breakfast300


Agnes Sorel120
Classic tomato soup120
Sopa Crema de calabaza120
Crema sopa de ajo120


Classic caesar salad299
Chef's salad310
Ensalada valenciana299


Beef salpicao320
Calamares ala romana280
Gambas y champignon al ajillo280
Hojaldre relleno de mariscos300
Patatas bravas180
Tortilla de patatas180
Revuelto de setas y gambas220


Paella de carne750
Paella mariscos mixtos750
Paella negra800
Paella valenciana800


Molo soup295
Sinigang na ulo ng salmon sa miso350
Pocherong bulalo520
Sinigang na bulalo520
Beef goulash soup380


Sisig pork250
Sisig bangus270
Kinilaw na tambakol250
Kinilaw na tanigue280
Pancit pusit345


Beef caldereta415
Chicken afritada350
Pork menudo280
Chicken inasal320
Halabos na hipon sa taba ng talangka350


Chicken sotanghon soup415
Cream of mushroom295
Hototay soup315
Nilaga baka450
Nilaga baboy495
Sinigang baboy395
Sinigang baka455
Sinigang bangus belly385
Sinigang boneless bangus375
Sinigang hipon395
Tinolang manok350
Tahong soup295


Crispy pata695
Binagoongan baboy395
Breaded pork cutlets with tartare sauce315
Inihaw na baboy385
Lechon Kawali395
Mixed adobo395
Pork adobo385
Pork dinuguan395
Sweet and sour pork325


Chicken adobo335
Chicken barbecue355
Crispy chicken355
Garlic chicken355

Lamang dagat

Seafood kare kare460
Adobong pusit345
Camaron rebosado345
Inihaw na pusit345


Boneless bangus fried365
Boneless bangus grilled365
Fish fillet with tartar sauce385
Fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce365
Inihaw na pla pla365
Pinaputok na pla pla365
Steak tanigue355


Kare kare415
Bicol express395

Mga Gulay

Ampalaya con carne295
Ampalaya con hipon295
Chopsuey gisado295


Fiesta adobo rice195
Pinoy rice170
Java rice175
Garlic rice155
Plain rice145


Pansit bihon360
Pansit canton320
Pansit palabok/malabon345


Lengua con setas380
Pan salmon frito450


Fettuccine chicken piccata280
Linguine pollo pasta280
Puttanesca negra280
Spaghetti frutti di mare370
Filipino style spaghetti250
Gambero y chorizo320
Gourmet tuyo pasta320
Fettuccine carbonara280

Grilled steak

New york strip1400
US angus ribeye1500
Tony's wagyu beef2500
Tomahawk steak2500
Lamb chops1200


Alta burger290
Blt sandwich220
Club house sandwich290
Hungarian sandwich290
Monte cristo220

Kiddie Menu

Alta Jr. burger220
Classic mac n cheese220
Chicken Nuggets180
Spaghetti bolognese220


Artichoke ala milanese320
Mixed vegetables pesto pasta320
Tofu steak220
Vegetable in green curry250


Turones ala mode130
Mango ice box150
Ebuelicious pie190
Churros y chocolate con batidor150
Crema catalana150
Seasonal fresh fruit280
Blueberry frozen cheesecake sabayon170

About Barrio Fiesta

Sixta Evangelista Ongpauco is the founder of Barrio Fiesta. The original Barrio Fiesta restaurant started on 1958 with a mission to create a memorable experience for their customers and to make sure that each visit to their restaurant will leave a good impression of having everything delicious and quality. The ambiance of this restaurant is a good plus since the restaurant is Filipino-themed because they want to maintain Filipino culture and heritage alive in our modern world nowadays.

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YouTube video

The name Barrio Fiesta which actually means “feast” (a festive tradition where you could get mostly good food to celebrate a patron saint’s day of a specific place) “is a Filipino tradition that started hundreds of years ago. Kare kare is actually the flagship dish for this restaurant, what’s special with their kare kare is they are the ones who produced the bagoong and peanut butter that’s why though kare kare is well known in the country theirs is different.

Also, their crispy pata is one of their most famous dishes, they even have a buffet for their crispy pata where you can eat all you want for a very reasonable price. As of today Barrio fiesta have more than fifty restaurants in the country and outside of the Philippines still continuing to serve Filipino authentic cuisine.

Barrio Fiesta Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Barrio Fiesta menu best seller that you can order in their restaurant. This might serve as a guide if you are just new to their menu.

Kare Kare – They serve this classic and well-known Filipino dish. Really tasty and irresistible. Their own peanut butter and bagoong made their kare kare version different from all other kare kare that you can find in the market. Bursting flavors. I don’t have enough words for this dish, it’s really delicious. A must-try if you love peanut sauce taste.

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Original Crispy Pata – Their crispy pata is one of the best that you can find on the Barrio Fiesta menu. Tender and not dry though it is not for people with the high blood pressure but a little serving is okay than none at all right? This signature dish is one of the most ordered food on their menu they even have to eat can pata promo.

Pakbet na Baboy at Hipon – This Barrio Fiesta menu is for you if you like some veggies and not all meat. Their pakbet version is really delicious though I don’t eat many veggies I enjoyed this one. The baboy meat and the shrimp are a good combination. Very tasty. I love their version of pakbet because everything is here fresh veggies the savory taste of meat and the shrimp. Also, a must-try.

Crispy Patita – This one is basically just like their crispy pata but in this dish, you can choose your best part of the pata from the upper part, middle, or the bottom part near the nails. Just like the pata the meat is also tender and very crispy, perfect to order if you guys cant finish the pata. Not for weak hearts.

Bouillabaisse – A very beautiful dish with a Filipino twist. Creamy and delicious perfectly paired with anything fried. This famous french recipe is very fresh, the seafood and the number of flavors in this dish will leave you very satisfied. I like how big the shrimp are in this dish with all those creamy bases. Something you can try if you are looking for something not so ordinary.

Barrio Fiesta Birthday Promo

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If you want your birthday to be extra special barrio fiesta is opening its doors for a birthday celebration in their restaurant. You may call their hotline numbers to make a reservation and for your inquiries. Take note that different branches have different phone numbers. Just check on the branch phone numbers near your location.

Eat All You Can

Barrio fiesta is offering an eat-all-you-can crispy pata for only 799 pesos every Fridays from 6 pm to 10 pm. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Pata on Barrio Fiesta Menu Philippines Pin

Make sure to get your favorite sauce for a much better meal experience and of course the rice. Please confirm at the branches near you about this promo.

Barrio Fiesta Delivery

You can now order your favorite barrio fiesta food items simply by getting to their website at to locate a store near you or you can also choose to try third-party food delivery services like Food Panda, Lalamove and Grab Foods or other third-party delivery services that you can find on the market these days for an easier way.

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This restaurant is truly a Filipino restaurant where we can find the dishes that we Filipinos learn to love. Thanks to this restaurant they made it easier for us consumers to access authentic Pinoy dishes and btw the prices are reasonable. Most of the Barrio Fiesta menu items are really delicious, Crews are okay and friendly and they will assist you really well and the service is great since we don’t have to wait for a long time just to get our orders. Highly recommend it for Filipino cuisine lovers. Thumbs up!

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