Pancit ng Taga Malabon Menu Prices

pancit ng taga malabon menu prices philippines

The menu at Pancit ng Taga Malabon features the restaurant’s specialty and signature item, “Pancit Malabon”. However, the other items on their menu aren’t to be overlooked! They also serve fiesta meals, Filipino favorites, and native delicacies. Each item on …

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Icebergs Menu Prices

icebergs menu prices philippines

If you’re looking for a cool meal on a warm day, the Icebergs menu has everything for you! Serving you not just excellent, brilliant cold desserts, but amazing, succulent, main dishes as well. Icebergs will definitely be nothing, if not …

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Big Chill Menu Prices

big chill menu prices philippines

The Big Chill menu offers a wide selection of smoothies and fruit juices that comes in a variety of blends and flavors. Each cup is made of fresh fruits that are blended with ice upon ordering. It has “just juiced” …

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Turks Menu Prices

turks menu prices philippines

Pita wraps have become famous in our country these days, a lot of customers are actually appreciating the goodness of this food that came from a different country. Turks menu has a lot to offer when it comes to pita …

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Brownies Unlimited Menu Prices

brownies unlimited menu prices philippines

The Brownies Unlimited menu ranges from brownies to cupcakes. Additionally, they offer a range of dessert delicacies that customers may take home and share with their loved ones. With traditional favorite brownies, Brownies Unlimited is renowned for its indulgent and …

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Hungry Hippo Menu Prices

hungry hippo menu prices philippines

Hungry Hippo menu offers great tasting burgers and other snacks at a very reasonable and affordable price. Along the way, they have also started to offer other sandwiches and even rice meals to cater to their diners’ tastes. Hungry Hippo …

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Persia Grill Menu Prices

persia grill menu prices philippines

The Persia Grill menu uses fresh, nutrient-rich foods that are prepared with skill and patience to balance flavor, scent, and a healthy diet using ingredients like olive oil, saffron, yogurt, lemons, cardamom, and cinnamon. They offer a traditional-family cooking style …

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Plato Wraps Menu Prices

plato wraps menu prices philippines

Plato Wraps menu consists of folded pita bread with various fillings. It is a set of sandwiches stuffed with different fillings, served hot, and ready to eat. Each wrap is prepared upon ordering so you’ll get fresh and delicious sandwiches …

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Reyes Barbecue Menu Prices

reyes barbecue menu prices philippines

Barbecue is one of the most popular food choices for us Filipinos. Nowadays there are a lot of barbecue restaurants that are mushrooming in our country especially if you’re living in the metro but where can we find a good …

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Khaleb Shawarma Menu Prices

khaleb shawarma menu prices philippines

Craving for some shawarma? No worries I got you on this one. The Khaleb Shawarma menu has different varieties of food that you will surely enjoy, plus their price is very affordable for everyone so if you’re looking for a …

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