Tapsi ni Vivian Menu Prices

tapsi ni vivian menu prices philippines

Tapsi ni Vivian is a Filipino restaurant chain in the Philippines that serves a wide selection of reasonably priced and delicious Filipino comfort foods. Some of their most famous dishes are there, tapsilog, sisig, bistek Tagalog, pancit, lechon kawali, and …

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Sunrise Buckets Menu Prices

sunrise buckets menu prices philippines

The Sunrise Buckets menu is known for the extensive, authentic, and delectable flavors of wings and boneless chicken. It offers twenty-five ultimate hand-crafted mouthwatering sauces made with 100% authentic ingredients. The wings that it offers are available in half-pound, one-pound, …

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Sumo Niku Menu Prices

sumo niku menu prices philippines

A Japanese-inspired restaurant located in the Philippines that offers a variety of authentic Japanese delicacies, including grilled meat meals like yakiniku. They offer a variety of meat cuts, including beef, pork, and chicken, that are grilled to perfection and served …

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Soru Izakaya Menu Prices

soru izakaya menu prices philippines

Soru Izakaya is a Japanese-inspired restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes. Their menu is extensive and diverse, with classic Japanese dishes as well as creative modern interpretations. This Japanese restaurant is a must-visit for those who enjoy Japanese …

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Sinangag Express Menu Prices

sinangag express menu prices philippines

Sinangag Express menu highlights traditional Filipino “silog meals”. Sinangag and fried egg are paired with well-loved cuisines like bangus, chicken, porkchop, liempo, and many more. It provides authentic dishes such as Longganisa from Quezon and Bagnet from Ilocos. It also …

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Shawarma Snack Center Menu Prices

shawarma snack center menu prices philippines

The Shawarma Snack Center menu consists of authentic Middle Eastern cuisines. It offers Arabian breakfast meals, appetizers, salad, soup, family meals, sandwiches, grilled dishes, solo orders, barbecue, rice meals, seafood, shawarma, value meal, and desserts. The sauces served with its …

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S&R New York Style Pizza Menu Prices

s&r new york style pizza menu prices philippines

Almost everyone loves pizza, who wouldn’t right? This treat became people’s favorite over time and it’s easy to eat as well. There’s a lot of pizza parlors that are mushrooming in our country nowadays but I can only include a …

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Quickly Menu Prices

quickly menu prices philippines

The Quickly menu consists of refreshments and drinks that are available in more than fifty delightful flavors. It offers taro, blended ice, shake fruit, coffee jelly, fruity yogurt, choco chill, coffee ice, pudding flavored taho, milk tea, buko pandan, and …

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Taste of Joy Menu Prices

taste of joy menu prices philippines

The Taste of Joy menu is made up of classic Filipino dishes that make for a delicious and filling meal. And because they serve Filipino dishes like Pork BBQ, Chicken Inasal, Lumpiang, Shanghai, and more, these dishes give diners a …

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North Park Menu Prices

north park menu prices philippines

North Park Menu is a popular casual dining restaurant chain in the Philippines whose menu offers a wide range of Chinese and Filipino cuisine, including dim sum, noodles, rice meals, and other specialties. They are well-known for their generous serving …

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