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Are you a Spanish cuisine enthusiast and you are looking for a place that serves dishes that you will surely enjoy? Look no more since the Barcino menu has a lot to offer when it comes to Spanish cuisine also they have loads of wines and spirits to choose from for a more enjoyable meal, considering the budget. No worries Barcino is not that expensive, you will get the chance to enjoy their delicious foods and wines depending upon your budget. They have all the best wines from the best-producing regions plus their foods are not just appetizing but delicious. Let’s get to know them more, their wines, food items, and everything about them, let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Barcino menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Nuevos platos

Filetes rusos con salsa de setas550
Empanadilla de setas300
Paella de pollo y setas700
Setas rebosadas350
Paella de chopitos650


Paella negra650
Paella con almejaz615
Paella de chorizo y pollo695
Paella de pollo y almendras705
Paella a la gallega820
Paella de rabo de toro835
Paella mixta920
Paella del mar995
Paella bogavante1750


Tortillas de camarones265
Patatas bravas300
Mejilones tigres rellenos315
Sardinas españolas320
Calamares rebosados350
Croquetas de espinacas300
Croquetas de chorizo340
Croquetas pollo y jamon340
Croquetas setas340
Almejas a la bilbaina345
Tortilla de patatas360
Chopitos fritos400
Chorizo picante frito430
Queso manchego450
Boquerones rellenos de espinacas475
Pulpo a la vinagreta795
Gambas al ajillo820
Cheese platter 975
Chorizo and cheese platter 1750


Spaguettis ala carbonara440
Macarrones ala bolognesa485
Spaguettis con gambas al ajillo855


Ensalada de quezo de cabra345


Pimiento del piquillo rellenos de carne345
Fabada asturiana515
Albondigas dela abuela515
Callos a la madrileña650
Pulpo braseado con crema de patata835


Pollo al ajillo410
USA ribeye 1450
Salpicao tenderloin 1550


Pastelitos de san nicolas270
Tarta de santiago230
Churros con chocolate 270
Choco churros 270

Beso de vino

Beso de vino frizzante rose 850
Beso de vino garnacha rose850
Beso de vino macabeo and chardonay850
Beso de vino vinas viejas garnacha 850
Beso de vino frizzante white 850

New wines

Fruity wine1150
Medium red750

Full body red

Protos roble1700
Hepster negroamaro1550
Hacker sangiovese1750
Trapiche malbec1150

limited edition

Macan classico - bodegas de benjamin de rothschild & vega sicilia5500

White wines

La viña blanco690
Altozano blanco750
Viñas del vero chardonay890
Nebla verdejo930
Merlior verdejo1070
Masia freye1240
Beronia rueda verdejo1250
Godello mara martin1290
Baron de filar verdejo3450
Martin codax albariño2670
Ponte da boga albarino1675
Ponte da boga godello1675
Da vero organic white1050
Three french hens sauvignon 850
Percheron chenn viognier860
Viña santico sauvignon blanc790
Terrapura sauvignon blanc 940
Portillo sauvignon blanc 1090
Moko black sauvignon blanc 1440


La viña semi sweet 690
Castillo de liria white725
Altozano blanco semi sweet 750
Fragantia n6 muscat990
Marieta albarino semi sweet 1180


Borsao blanco670
Vinas del vero luces blanco740
Glarima joven blanco750
Ramon roquetta blanco790
Masia la sala blanco890
El coto blanco1090
Glarima blanco roble1150
Vinas del vero gewurtztraminer 1160
Beronia viura1560
La miranda secastilla1570
Canepa classico chardonay700
Terrapura chardonay 950
Veronte chardonay aged1400
Prime cuts white blend860
Soldier block chardonay 950
The listening station chardonay 950
The cloud factory sauvignon blanc 1525

Red wines

Borsao tinto joven670
La viña tinto700
Castillo de liria red medium sweet 725
Altozano tempranillo semi sweet750
Val conde crianza dulce 790
La sala tinto1190
Cuatro pasos1200
Three french hens merlot mourvedre 850
Château moulin du terrier 990
Moko black pinot noir1840
The cloud factory pinot noir1860
Da vero organic red1050

Dessert wines

Tio pepe dry sherry 1500
Nectar pedro ximenez1650
Robertson tawny porto2520
Robertson white porto2520
Robertson ruby porto2600


Jack daniels2975
Johnny walker black2975
Chivas regal3295


Absolute blue1975
Greygoose vodka5250


Jose cuervo gold2200
Patron tequila 5950


Bombay gin1890
London gin4750
Hendricks gin4900




Barcino sangria tinto350
Barcino sangria blanco350
Forest sangria320
Tropical sangria320
Paradise sangria 380


Tinto mojito290
Belleza gin tonic350
Rosado gin tonic350
Verde gin tonic350
Oro gin tonic490

About Barcino

RestaurantConcepts Groups inc. is the owner of Barcino restaurant. RestaurantConcepts Groups inc. or RCGI is a subsidiary of FLHC or First Lucky Holdings corp. Martin Lorenzo founded RCGI in 2015. Spanish cuisine is the food that Barcino restaurant served. They only use fine ingredients from Spain to ensure the quality of their food. Spanish chefs with years of experience are the ones who made Barcino food items a masterpiece.

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This restaurant is best known for its sangria, paella, and wines. This restaurant became popular among wine lovers and cheese enthusiasts as well since Barcino is also offering cheeses. They are already awarded as best wine list and best restaurant by Philippine Tatler, only the best is what you can order in batching and these restaurant is taking care of the quality is food items from the beginning until today. 

Barcino Menu Best Seller

Based upon our research interviews and customer experiences we listed down Barcino’s best seller’s items that their future customers should try. Also, items on the list are already popular among their patrons. 

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Photo Credit: Barcino FB Page

Squid Paella – Paella is actually quite popular in our country for hundreds of years because we are colonized by Spain many years ago so our tastebuds here in our country have some Spanish influence. The Squid paella menu from Barcino is quite good, very tasty, and delicious. The squid is cooked just right, it doesn’t have a gummy texture to be fair. If you’re a seafood lover try this one it is worth it. 

Gambas al Ajillo – This is our well-known garlic shrimp made the Spanish way. Imagine having a Big juicy and tender shrimp in a buttery and garlicky sauce, that’s really good especially if you’re a seafood lover who loves shrimp. Gambas al ajillo of Barcino is so good you should try this one too. I like their gambas al ajillo with red wine after or with pasta if I don’t like any alcoholic drink for a moment. 

Champurrado – A sweet treat that we have all known for several years now has made even better. Their champurrado is made with puffed rice, dulce de leche for creaminess and taste, chocolate porridge, milk, and bacalao flakes for the presentation. Their champurrado is really good with salty food something our grandparents used to do before. I like or partnered with gambas. 

Paella de Marisco – This Barcino menu is just like the typical paella that has many spices. Paella de marisco is a plain paella mixed with seasonal seafood most commonly shrimp, squid, clams, or any seafood in season. Paella de marisco is the dream paella of seafood lovers out there. I like it better with some lemons or if we’re going to my weird side hot sauce. The presentation of their paella de marisco is instagramable as well. 

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Desayuno Pancake – This is a breakfast item that some branches of Barcino are serving. Made with fluffy pancakes with whipped strawberry butter, lemon curd, and maple syrup. The presentation is great the taste is even better. I like how balance the taste of their desayuno pancake. I like it with coffee but if not available fresh fruit juice is fine. 

Barcino Menu Paellas

Barcino offers different variety of paellas, from the most simple to the grandest paella they have, let’s start with their cheapest but most delicious paella up to their costliest paella price.

Photo Credit: Barcino FB Page

Paella in Barcino includes paella negra, paella con almejas, paella de chorizo y pollo, paella de pollo y almendras, paella a la gallega, paella de rabo de toro which is something interesting because is made with paella rice mixed with ox tail beef stew, paella mixta which is a paella mixed with seafood meat and vegetables so if you’re looking for all in paella mixta is the paella for you, paella del mar and lastly and their most costly paella, paella bogavante which is a seafood paella with whole lobster on it. 


Barcino tapas are the traditional way of making tapa long time ago. Tapa means drying or curing meat just like jerky of Americans. Barcino offers tapa they have tortillas de caramones, patatas bravas, mejiliones tigres rellienos, sardinas españolas, calamares rebozados, croquetas de espinacas, croquetas de chorizo, croquetas pollo y jamon, croquetas setas, almejas a la bilbaina, tortilla de patatas, chopitos fritos, chorizo picante frito, chistorra, quezo manchego, boquerones rellenos de espinacas, torreznos, pulpo a la vinagreta, gambas al ajillo, cheese platter and lastly their chorizo and cheese platter. 


Tradicionales is a Barcino menu for traditional Spanish foods, so if you want the authenticity of your Spanish food to the next level then you should choose items on their traditional menu. Traditional menu includes pimiento del piquillo rellieno de carne, fabada asturiana, Albondigas de la abuela, callos a la madrileña and lastly their pulpo braseado con crema de patata. 

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Barcino Menu Delivery

If you just want a good wine you can go to their website at if you want to order your favorite Barcino food items they have branches that offer delivery. Here is the list of their branches that you can call for your orders. 

Barcino Makati Metro Manila: 02-88469423

Barcino Quezon City Metro Manila: 0926-6410440

Other branches are offering take-outs so if you are not near their branches that are offering delivery you may use your favorite food delivery services. 

Photo Credit: Barcino FB Page

Social Media Pages 

Here are the Barcino social media pages that you should follow or like to be updated on their latest menu, promos, and discounts. Their social media pages are updated about the prices of their new products. Be sure to check them out from time to time.




Great place to enjoy your Spanish cuisine cravings, and fine selections of wine and spirits. The Barcino menu offers everything that you will crave when it comes to Spanish dishes whether it’s modern or traditional ways of cooking. The place is nice, really nice I enjoyed the rest of our stay at their place, comfortable and cozy just right to relax and enjoy the evening with your loved ones. Clean, and fast service. The crews are okay nice and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place for those who love Spanish cuisine or for those who want to try it. 

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