Milky Way Menu Prices

Milky Way’s menu provides an international cuisine typical of hotel cafes but without the 5-star prices. Milky Way is renowned for its extensive menu of Filipino delicacies, which were created by the restaurant’s founding chefs in the 1960s. The award-winning Milky Way Kare Kare, Tokwa’t Baboy, Pancit Luglug, and Dinuguan at Puto are just a few of the favorites. In addition, Milky Way, Halo Halo, and Ice Cream are surely two of the many foods that you should not miss!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Milky Way menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Best Seller

Adobong Pusit495
Crispy Pata1,795
Lechon Kawali1,795
Beef Kaldereta525

Halo Halo and Ice Cream

MilkyWay Sago’t Gulaman175
MilkyWay Halo Halo225
MilkyWay Ube Ice Cream595
MilkyWay Cheese Ice Cream595
MilkyWay Avocado Ice Cream595

Party Packages

MilkyWay Party Package 11895
MilkyWay Party Package 21750
MilkyWay Party Package 31800
MilkyWay Party Package 41600
MilkyWay Party Package 52400

Merienda Specialties

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod150
Dinuguan at Puto350
Pancit Luglug275
Chicken Salad Sandwich295

Menu Delivery

Chicken Arroz Caldo295
Tokwa’t Baboy295
Fried Lumpiang Ubod150
Kare Kare695

About Milky Way

The Milky Way Cafe was a product of Cirkulo Restaurant’s Chef J. Gamboa, and opened in December 2002. The cafe was designed to provide Filipinos with a dining and gathering space that incorporates elements from the Milky Way’s 40-year history. Special homemade goods from the cafe’s line of preserves and native delicacies are displayed on their shelves.

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Milky Way Menu Best Seller

Adobo – Another classic Filipino dish from Milky Way menu. It is composed of pork slices cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and sauteed garlic and onions. Milky Way offers its diners four varieties of adobo, pork ribs, talangka, pusit, and sugpo, providing them with a wide range of choices on the type of adobo they want to indulge in.

Sinigang – A classic Filipino sour soup that uses pork as its main ingredient! Milky Way offers five varieties of sinigang, boneless bangus, pork ribs, sugpo, salmon, and baka, providing diners with a wide range of choices on the type of sinigang they want to indulge in.

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Photo Credit: Milky Way Cafe Makati FB Page

Lechon Kawali – Filipino cuisine of deep-fried, crispy pig belly. This dish is similar to crispy pata, the only difference is that it uses pork belly as its main ingredient. The method of how it is cooked is just the same as crispy pata. It is marinated and deep fried until it becomes crispy. Lechon kawali is also served after being chopped to pieces.

Crispy Pata – This is a very popular and common Filipino pork dish that can be eaten as a main dish or a pulutan. Crispy pata uses a whole pork leg as its main ingredient. Before being deep fried till crispy and golden, the pork leg is marinated.

Kaldereta – Personally, my all-time dish. Beef kaldereta is one of the staples in Filipino cuisine. It is a beef stew that is cooked in tomato sauce with vegetables such as potato or carrots and liver spread. The stew has a distinctive sweetness and savory taste. I highly recommended that you also try this menu from Milky Way.

Halo Halo and Ice Cream

Sago’t Gulaman – A very common Filipino beverage that is made of gelatin, pearls, sugar, and water. The sago refers to the pearls, while the gulaman refers to the gelatin in it.

Halo-Halo- Probably the best halo-halo that you’ll ever taste! This one starts with a purple scoop on top, followed by the super creamy ice cream that is also a product of the Milky Way. It is a treat for all people who have a sweet tooth. You should definitely try this Milky Way menu because it is really good, especially in summer.

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Photo Credit: Milky Way Cafe Makati FB Page

Ginumis – It is a shaved ice dessert made of gulaman, sago, pinipig, and sugar syrup, topped with fresh fruit, and is ideal for anyone who craves a little sweetness.

Ube Ice Cream – Ice cream with a unique ube flavor, handcrafted by Milky Way Cafe.

Avocado Cream – An ice cream product that was specially made by Milky Way Cafe and is avocado-flavored.

Milky Way Merienda Specialties Menu

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod – It is prepared by mincing carrots and the heart of the palm into thin strips. It is mixed with finely chopped onion, minced garlic, and a selection of other vegetables including potatoes, cabbage, green beans, and singkamas. It also has additional ingredients like shrimp, tofu, or meat, depending on the diner’s preference.

Dinuguan at Puto – The majority of Filipinos think dinuguan and puto would make a wonderful dinner combination This is a reference to steamed rice cakes and hog blood stew,

Chicken Salad Sandwich – Similar to tuna or egg salad, chicken salad is made of cooked chicken meat, mayonnaise, and mustard.

Party Packages

Photo Credit: Milky Way Cafe Makati FB Page

Party Package 1 – This Milky Way Party Package is composed of pancit sotanghon and a lumpia shanghai cake that can be served to an estimated 20 people.

Party Package 2 – It is composed of pancit sotanghon and miki guisado per foil pan that can be served to an estimated 20 people.

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Party Package 3 – This package is composed of 40 pieces of steamed dumplings.

Party Package 4 – Another package from Milky Way is composed of 20 pieces of fresh lumpiang ubod with a garlic sauce.

Party Package 5 – It consists of Salad, Buko Pandan, Buko, Bacon, Potato, and Chicken Macaroni.

Milky Way Menu Delivery

Chicken Arroz Caldo – This dish is hearty and tasty Filipino rice and chicken soup, it is delicious any time of the day but is most frequently consumed as a snack.

Tokwa’t Baboy – This menu is composed of boiled pork and fried tofu. This dish’s liveliness is infused with soy sauce and vinegar sauce.

Kare Kare – Rich, thick peanut sauces are a common component in Filipino stews like kare kare. In the Philippines, it is a typical dish consumed on special occasions.

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Milky Way Cafe’s menu not only offers sweet desserts such as halo halo and ice cream, but also a wide variety of Filipino dishes that would make you nostalgic on your first bite. The classic Filipino dishes that they serve are very delicious and affordable. This is really a place where you would visit if you were craving tasty Filipino cuisine and sweet desserts.

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