Bagoong Club Menu Prices

The Bagoong Club menu aims to place Filipino cuisine on the global food map by just using bagoong or shrimp paste as their main driving force. The items on their menu aren’t just limited to bagoong-related dishes. They offer soups, chicken, beef, pork, fish, and vegetable dishes. This provides more variety on their menu and more items to choose from for their diners.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bagoong Club menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Unang Hirit

Bagoong Club Calamares285
Chicharon Bulaklak235
Crispy Ensalada255
Isaw ng Manok210
Manggang Hilaw sa Bagoong175
Street Food Platter265

Higop Muna

Bulalo ni Nanay Cielo530
Sinampalukang Manok400
Sinigang baboy na pinalot sa gabi340
Sinigang hipon sa kamias at kamatis455
Sinigang bangus sa bayabas at bagoong365

Baka Sakali

La paz Bulalo530
Bulalo sa Monggo410
Traditional Kare-kare740

Manok Tilaok

Laing sa Bagnet975
Chicken Strips925
Kare kareng Bagnet975
Pancit Liempo Chicken Inasal950

Oh My Gulay

Kare Kareng Bagnet265
Hipon sa Ginataang Gulay305
Laing Espesyal250
Lumpiang ubod sa Talong190
Mula sa Puso190
Pakbet at Liempo245
Poqui poqui265
Pusod de Coco200
Steamed Vegetable Platter190

Puro Kababoyan

Bicol express315
Crispy dinuguan280
Crispy Pata685
Crispy pata Bagoong7665
Crispy Tokwat Baboy275
Krispy Kare Kare460
Lechon Kawali300

Dagat Dagatan

Adobong Baby Pusit310
Sizzling Tuna Belly405
Crispy Hito300
Ensaladang Silantra sa Ginulat na tilapia340
Garlic Bangus360
Ginataang Kuhol275
Inihaw na Boneless Bangus345
Inihaw na Pusit275


Halo Halo150
Ensaymada Pudding170
Ice Cream Scoop65
Leche Flan265
Maja Mais Turon160

Kanin Nga

Bagoong Rice
Binagoongang Paella200
Garlic Rice1100
Laing Rice200
Seafood Rice200
Steamed Rice35
Tinapa Rice185

About Bagoong Club

The Bagoong Club thinks that Filipino food merits recognition on the food scene globally. They want to represent Filipino cuisine on a worldwide scale by mainly using bagoong or shrimp paste as their driving force. They work hard to provide the speed, choice, and personalization of their client’s needs while serving great cuisine that people would feel good about eating at a very affordable price.

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Bagoong Club Menu Best Seller

Bagoong Club’s special menu! These items are one of the most popular dishes from this restaurant.

Bagnet Bicol Express – A fiery Filipino stew made up of bite-sized pieces of pork that were combined with chilis, onions, tomatoes, garlic, coconut milk, and last but not least shrimp paste or bagoong. The name of this dish came from a train in the Bicol region of the Philippines.

Grilled Pork Binagoongan – A simple and straightforward Filipino dish that has a strong taste. The rich, savory shrimp paste sauce together with tender slices of pork belly, grilled and brimming with umami and salty taste.

A best-selling dish in the restaurant, Grilled Pork Binagoongan Pin
Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

BC Fried Chicken – Bagoong Club’s Fried Chicken is made with their special marinade, and deep-fried until crisp and golden.

Bagoong Club's Fried Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

All Vegetable Kare Kare – It is a vegan Filipino peanut stew that is rich, thick, and creamy. The ingredients for this flavorful Filipino stew include Long Beans, Eggplant, and Pechay Tagalog. Curry, an English word, came from the English term “curry.”

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Hipon sa Ginataang Gulay – This Filipino dish is a shrimp soup with Kalabasa or squash, and Sitaw or snake beans. All of the ingredients are cooked in a pot filled with coconut milk. In addition to coconut milk, coconut cream is also often used in this recipe.

Bagoong Club Unang Hirit Menu

Bagoong Club made a menu that is full of dishes that are suitable for their diners’ breakfast which is the Unang Hirit Menu.

Chicharon Bulaklak – A Filipino pulutan or appetizer called a Chicharon Bulaklak is prepared from ruffled fat. It is a well-known meal, deep-fried until golden brown and served with flavorful seasoned vinegar.

Crispy Ensalada – This dish is a simple Filipino salad that consists of fried eggplant, tomatoes, and onions. It tastes best when served as a side dish alongside grilled foods like grilled pork belly.

Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

Manggang Hilaw sa Bagoong – Green mangoes with bagoong or shrimp paste are known as Manggang Hilaw sa Bagoong. It is a delectable street snack from the Philippines that can also turn into a salad.

Higop Muna Menu

This menu is composed of Filipino soup dishes that were made even more special by Bagoong Club’s special recipe.

Sinigang variation of Bagoong Club Pin
Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

Bulalo ni Nanay Cielo – The Bulalo, or beef shank stew, is one of the most well-liked and arguably the best soup dishes in the Philippines. And this dish has become even more special with Nanay Cielo’s twist!

Sinigang na Baboy na Pinalapot sa Gabi – The soup dish Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi is a favorite among Filipinos. It is made up of vegetables and pork that have been cooked in a clear and sour broth. If you want classic and traditional Filipino food, I suggest that you choose this menu of Bagoong Club.

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Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas at Bagoong – A type of Sinigang that uses ripe guava as the souring ingredient. A common ingredient in the sour soup is unripe tamarind, also known as Balimbing. This dish has a lovely mild flavor that all Filipinos enjoy.

Sinigang na Hipon sa Kamias at Kamatis – Shrimp is the major component of the Filipino sour soup known as sinigang na hipon. Other veggies included in this dish are daikon radish, snake beans, okra, eggplants, and tomatoes.

Baka Sakali Menu

Baka Sakali menu is composed of dishes that use beef as their main ingredient. The dishes on this menu include grilled, stewed, and soup dishes.

Beef Batchoy – This dish is made up of Miki noodles and beef shanks. In soup preparations, this kind of noodle is frequently utilized.

Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

La Paz Bulalo – A beef dish from the Philippines that uses beef shanks and bone marrow. The ingredients are cooked until the collagen and fat have melted into a clear liquid to produce a light-colored soup.

Bulalo sa Monggo – This Bulalo dish is a special recipe that was created and is only served at Bagoong Club. It uses beef shanks and mung beans as its main ingredients.

Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

Traditional Kare Kare – Rich, thick peanut sauces are a common component in Filipino stews like Kare-Kare. It is a typical main dish in the Philippines.

Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

Bagoong Club Menu Delivery

Bagoong Club’s menu is available for delivery! Enjoy their dishes at home with your family by installing GrabFood or FoodPanda on your mobile devices. You may order the items on their menu on their official Facebook page. They are offering bottled products on their official online shop in Shopee PH.

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If you plan on ordering from GrabFood or FoodPanda but don’t know what to choose, the list below can help you decide because it is the most popular choice for people ordering online.

Laing sa Bagnet – This menu consists of two different dishes that are mixed together to become one, Laing and Bagnet. This Ilocos region’s staple dish, the Laing sa Bagnet, combines spicy Ginataang Gabi with a crispy pork belly.

Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

Kare Kareng Bagnet – It is made up of two different dishes, Kare-Kare, and Bagnet. These two dishes mixed together, make a perfect blend. Along with the crispy pork belly, a peanut stew was added.

Crispy Pata – Filipinos love to eat Crispy Pata, or fried pork leg. The pork leg is deep-fried until crisp and golden brown. You can consume this meal as a pulutan or as a main course with spicy, hot vinegar as its dipping.

Photo Credit: Bagoong Club Official Facebook Page

Chunk Pork Binagoongan – The flavor of bagoong, or shrimp paste, is what distinguishes the traditional Filipino pork dish called Pork Binagoongan. Pork cubes are cooked the following day after being dipped in the marinade. Pork cubes are deep-fried which adds texture to this dish.

Chicken Strips – Unlike chicken tenders, which are formed from a real chicken cut, chicken strips are made from the pectoralis minor, a little muscle that lies just beneath the part of a chicken’s breast.

Social Media Pages

To get new food menu updates, sales, deals, and new branch openings of Bagoong Club, follow or like their social media accounts listed down below. They are very active in posting news about them. And, you can reach them for more information by messaging them on their social media accounts.





The Bagoong Club menu serves dishes that have bagoong or shrimp paste and a lot of different varieties of dishes on it. It is a Filipino restaurant and serve mostly Filipino cuisine with a few exceptions, including fried chicken and several others. The place has a good scenery with views of mountains and accomodating staffs.

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