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MenuPH has a single purpose: to give thorough food and price information about Philippines restaurants. The restaurants we cover vary from some of the top worldwide fast-food brands to smaller companies found exclusively in the Philippines.

Latest Filipino Restaurant Menu

hungry homies menu prices philippines

Hungry Homies Menu Prices

Juicy, Beefy, and Aromatic – Those are the three words that describe an iconic burger and the thing is I actually know where exactly to get them. Introducing Hungry Homies! your perfect destination when it comes to your comfort food

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oh my greek menu prices philippines

Oh My Greek Menu Prices

Experience the best of flavors of Greece in this magnifying journey where we bring the flavorful taste of Greece right on your table. This is Oh My Greek and they have been one of the restaurants I have been eyeing

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tanabe menu prices philippines

Tanabe Menu Prices

Another day for another flavorful adventure as we embark on a new journey in the world of Japanese Cuisine here at Tanabe! This restaurant has a table for all of your various cravings for Japanese dishes whether you are looking

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auro chocolate cafe menu prices philippines

Auro Chocolate Cafe Menu Prices

Are you a huge fan of chocolates who wants to try different kinds of chocolates most specifically those locally made? Since I am just like you, a chocolate lover I got you on this one. I have a place to

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