Bulalo Capital Menu Prices

One of the most popular items if you’re going to the tourist destination Tagaytay is bulalo. Bulalo Capital menu has a lot to offer, they have all the Filipino favorite dishes that are quite popular in the country, their specialty is bulalo which is really good, and if you’re looking for a place to enjoy your meal while enjoying the view Bulalo Capital is the place to be. Have you heard about this restaurant? Or are you planning to visit Tagaytay soon? In this article, we are going to get to know about this restaurant, the best sellers, prices, and many more. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bulalo Capital menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Kadalasang Order

Home style bulalo580
Pang masa bulalo380
Sinampalukang bulalo555
Sinigang na bulalo480
Red bulalo380
Fried bulalo510
Kare kare bulalo580
Kalderetang bulalo580
Adobong bulalo550
Bulalo steak520
Ginataang bulalo520
Bulalo express520
Ilocano bulalo520
Binestikang bulalo520

Signature Bulalo

Bulalong tagaytay580
Kimchi bulalo400
Sizzling bulalo580
Dragon bulalo715

Fried Capital

Fried chicken whole420
Fried chicken half220
Fried boneless bangus420
Fried tawilis250
Fried kangkong115
Fried lapulapu450
Breaded porkchop240
Crispy pata580
Calamares 240
Lumpiang shanghai 240

Inihaw Capital

Inihaw/fried tanigue320
Inihaw pusit370
Barbecue 260
Grilled boneless bangus350
Inihaw tilapya260

Sabaw Capital

Sinigang na tanigue480
Sinigang na hipon350
Sinigang na bangus260
Sinigang na boneless bangus330
Native tinolang manok410
Tinolang manok310
Sinigang na baboy340
Sinigang na baka340

Sisig Capital

Picnic grove sisig220
People's park sisig220
Taal volcano220

Kinilaw Capital

Kinilawing tanigue380
Kinilawing blue marlin320
Kinilawing pusit270
Kinilawing bangus280


Tokwat baboy115
Buffalo wings255
Kare kare baka400
Lechon kawali240
Sizzling chicken 240
Beef tapa240
Calderetang baka385

Steak Capital

T-bone steak315
Porkchop steak305
Liempo steak240
Bistek tagalog240
Tanigue steak290

Panciteria Capital

Pancit canton235
Pancit bihon235
Pancit bam-i235
Pancit sotanghon 235

Adobo Capital

Adobong manok260
Pork adobo260
Adobong puti280
Adobong tilapia240

Seafood Capital

Sweet and sour lapu lapu520
Paksiw na boneless bangus280
Halabos na hipon270
Sweet and sour shrimp 280

Enselada Capital

Enseladang ampalaya150
Enseladang manga150
Enseladang talong170

Ginata Capital

Ginataang sitaw with hipon270
Ginataang manok410
Ginataang hipon260
Ginataang pusit380
Ginataang tilapia 240

Vegetable Capital

Seafood chopsuey280
Bicol express 240
Tagaytay express215
Pakbet/chopsuey 240
Kare kareng gulay190
Ampalaya con carne260
Ginataang sitaw with kalabasa200
Chopsuey 240

Rice Capital

Plain rice (cup)35
Plain rice platter 140
Fried rice platter 165

Barkada and Pamilya Package

Set A850
Set B1600
Set C-13530
Set C-23530
Set D5990

Beverages Capital

Soda 1.5L (pepsi,mountain dew,7up,rootbeer,pepsi max, 7up light) 150
Soda can (pepsi,mountain dew,7up,rootbeer,pepsi max, 7up light) 75

Hot and Cold Beverages

Calamansi 65
Hot choco65
Brewed coffee95


Iced tea house blend 75
Mango juice 75
Pineapple juice 75
Orange juice 75
Four season75


Pilsen 85
Flavored beer85

Whiskey (Shot/Bottle)

Jack daniels 250/2500
Jose cuervo250/1800
Black label250/2500

About Bulalo Capital

Bulalo capital is a restaurant in Tagaytay that offers bulalo as their specialty and other Filipino favorites, they are also open 24 hours. If you’re looking for the heartiest dish like bulalo, bulalo capital is the place to go if you’re going to visit the city of Tagaytay anytime soon.

YouTube video

They offer 30 different varieties of bulalo, they have innovative dishes like kimchi bulalo and others that you should try if you want to try a different bulalo style. Founded on December 22, 2013, customers started to notice bulalo capital because their food items are really good and affordable. 

Bulalo Capital Menu Best Seller

We interviewed one of their crews in bulalo Capital to know their best sellers. I made a list of their most popular items and best sellers that you should try if you visit bulalo Capital on your next Tagaytay trip.

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Photo Credit: Bulalo Capital FB Page

Bulalo Special – The meat on their bulalo is very tender. The meat is actually already separating on the bone, very comfortable to eat, and you can cut the meat using your pork without hassle. Aside from that meat, the soup is very delicious as well. The flavor is balanced it’s not too salty and not too bland. This classic southern Tagalog-style soup is perfect for the cold weather of Tagaytay. Good to eat with fish sauce with chili and calamansi as well. You should definitely order this Bulalo Capital menu.

Crispy Tawilis – The fish tawilis is cooked very well, it’s not too oily or greasy and that actually surprises me. It is actually crispy and you can also eat the fishbone for their crispy tawilis. Best dip with vinegar for an upgraded taste. Their crispy tawilis is one of the most ordered dishes along with bulalo. 

Pansit Bam-i – Pansit Bam-i is a kind of pancit where canton noodles and sotanghon noodles are combined. They cooked this noodle dish in guisado style which made their Pancit bam-i produce a garlicky taste and aroma. The garlicky taste is a nice treat blended with all of the ingredients and mixed with the combination of canton and sotanghon noodles. One of the most popular items on their menu especially if we are going to talk about pansit. 

bulalo capital sisig menu Pin
Photo Credit: Bulalo Capital FB Page

Sizzling Sisig – I ask one of their crews and she told me that aside from bulalo and crispy tawilis their sisig is one of their most popular dishes and best seller. They have two options for their sisig, first one is Iloko the traditional way and the other way is Ilongo which serves their sisig with mayonnaise. The sisig is still crispy though it’s a bit oily. Serving it on a sizzling plate made their sisig even more delicious. The ingredients that they used on this Bulalo Capital menu have just the right flavor, plus you can add calamansi and soy sauce to adjust the taste to your liking. 

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Bulalo Capital Breakfast Bilao

Bulalo capital breakfast bilao is good for 6-7 pax for the small order that cost 875php and 10-11 pax for the large order that will cost you 1485php. Breakfast bilao includes java rice, ham, talong, beef tapa, salted eggs, daing na bangus, sibuyas, kamatis, scrambled eggs, and tinapa. 

Signature Bulalo

Bulalo Capital is known for its signature bulalo which is rich tender and delicious but they actually have 30 bulalo dishes to choose from. Bulalo Capital signature menu is made with beef shanks that they cooked for hours some greens, Japanese corn, and other fine ingredients to make this hearty dish. 

Photo Credit: pinoypandafoodtrip.wordpress.com

Kadalasang Order

Bulalo Capital kadalasang order are those whos already popular among their customers. Their kadalasang order includes home style bulalo, pang masa bulalo, sinampalukang bulalo, sinigang na bulalo, red bulalo, fried bulalo, kare kare bulalo, kalderetang bulalo and lastly their adobong bulalo. Those items are the usual orders among their customers, it can also consider as their best sellers. 

Fried Capital 

Fried capital is the item on the menu of Bulalo Capital which is fried. The fried capital menu includes fried chicken whole or half, fried boneless bangus, fried tawilis, fried kang kong, fried lapu lapu, breaded pork chop, crispy pata, calamares, and Lumpiang shanghai. 

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Bulalo Capital Menu Delivery

If you are craving your favorite bulalo capital food items no worries because you can just order your cravings if you don’t have time to go outside. You may call 0930-2241414 or message them on their Facebook page to order. If this is too complicated for you, you can use services like Food panda and such that are available in your area. 

Social Media Pages

If you want to know their latest discounts, promos, and dishes you should follow their social media pages. In this way, you won’t miss any posts from them especially the important ones such as discounts or limited offers. To follow them, open the link below:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Bulalo-Capital-Main-473887102715454/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bulalocapital/ 


Let’s talk about the view first, excellent view as always. When it comes to their service it’s fine though we have to wait for I guess 30 minutes it’s understandable because it’s lunchtime. Friendly staff, they are nice and will give you recommendations if you ask them. The food menu from the Bulalo Capital is great to be fair, affordable, and delicious. Though we can find a lot of restaurants that serve bulalo in Tagaytay I like them because it is like hitting two birds with one stone, you’ll enjoy a delicious and affordable bulalo then you’ll get to enjoy a great view of Tagaytay. Comfortable place, the customer a friendly ambiance, and a great place to go if you want to enjoy a great view while enjoying your bulalo and other Filipino favorite dishes. Highly recommended. 

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