Chung Dam Menu Prices

Are you a samgyupsal lover and looking for a great place to go and enjoy Korean barbecues? Look no more I found it for you. We cannot deny that Korean BBQ places have been mushrooming out country these days so I got you the best one. Have you heard about Chung Dam? If not and you’re interested in this then this is the right article for you. Chung dam menu offers the best-tasting and highest-quality Korean dishes that you will experience. This restaurant offers luxurious places and high-quality foods for everyone who wants to try the level-up premium version of Samgyupsal. Let’s get to know this place more, its price, and the foods that it offers.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Chung Dam menu prices. 

MenuPrice (PHP)

Chung Dam Menu Set

Set A (Beef plate/Premium chuck eyeroll/Hanging tender) 1490
Set B (Wagyu briaket point/prime chuck eyeroll/prime top blade)1990
Set C (Prime top blade/prime chuck flaptail/A prime ribeye) 2990
Set VIP (Prime chuck flaptail/prime ribeye/a prime short rib) 3890

About Chung Dam 

Chung Dam Korean restaurant started to open its doors to serve high-quality Korean food in April 2019. Their first branch is located in Malate, Manila. This place is known for various places that offer different types of cuisines however despite that Chung Dam stands out since it serves the best tasting and freshest premium quality Korean foods. This place also serves other nationalities not just Filipinos that are looking for a great experience and high-quality Korean foods.

This place has 2 master chefs, Chef Kim and Chef Jang (former chef at a Michelin restaurant in Korea) whose goal is to serve every customer the best experience in Korean cuisine. After the success of their Malate branch, they also opened another branch in BGC in June of 2022, and just like the Malate branch this place in BGC offers high-quality Korean dishes as well. Chung Dam Korean restaurant brings the best dining experience to their customers always prioritizing the quality of the food that they serve at very reasonable prices. 

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What to Eat at Chung Dam Korean Restaurant

Here are some ideas on what to try at Chung Dam Korean restaurant. 

I’ve been craving some Korean barbecue so me and my friend decided to find a Korean restaurant and we ended up at Chung Dam in BGC, great thing that they also have a branch here since they have one in Malate Manila. Upon entering the place we instantly notice the high-end looking place, the ambiance inside the place is luxurious and impressive to us. 

spicy bulgogi Pin
Photo Credits: Chung Dam FB Page

The first item that caught our attention was their live king crab. We also saw other fresh seafood, just a look at it will tell you that you will have an amazing feast. Aside from the impressive and fresh king crab they also have USA beef, some premium quality wagyu beef, halibut fish, and some of the freshest salmon I have tasted. They also have varieties of Korean dishes that you can try on their menu which is great since you will never run out of options at their place.

wagyu beef Pin
Photo Credits: Chung Dam FB Page

Premium quality beef and seafood are what they have on their menu, you can guarantee to serve the freshest and highest quality items. Their meats are pinkish and other meats are reddish while the seafood has that little sweetness indicating how fresh their meats and seafoods are. Just looking at it will surely make anyone droll well including me of course. You can just direct the meat and seafood to the grill without using any seasonings, it’s fresh so the taste will be amazing with or without the seasonings. 

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LA galbi Pin
Photo Credits: Chung Dam FB Page

Meats are full of flavors and seafood too. The items to be grilled are perfect with rice as well. Pinoys love their rice, right?

haemul denjang Pin
Photo Credits: Chung Dam FB Page

Their shabu shabu or hot pot is also great it’s really tasty and not that spicy. Every item is just perfect and has great quality. Seafoods are heavenly good and I’m not exaggerating I’m just describing what I have experienced in their place. 

Now I understand why those Mukbang creators on YouTube are really enjoying their meals, having a chance to eat premium quality meats and seafood is something that everyone should be able to try. I would like to mention especially their king crab, it’s worth every cent. Of course, their other seafood is also delicious it’s just not everyone can eat king crab every day that’s why I took the chance to enjoy it while I can.

king crab Pin
Photo Credits: Chung Dam FB Page

Their seafood sauce is also delicious, it actually added deliciousness to the already amazing seafood of Chung Dam Korean restaurant. This place is not your regular Korean restaurant this place serves high-end Korean dishes that everyone will surely love. 

Chung Dam Menu Delivery

Getting your hands on your favorite Chung Dam food items in the comfort of your home is hassle-free and easy. Now you can order your favorite Chung Dam items simply by using third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Foodpanda, and other delivery services that are available in your location. 

Social Media Pages 

Chung Dam has captivated taste buds with its delectable offerings, crafted with the freshest ingredients and infused with the rich culinary traditions of Korea. Unleash your inner foodie and join the Chung Dam family on social media!

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Where is Chung Dam’s Korean restaurant?

Chung Dam Korean restaurant’s address is at Upper Ground Active Building, 9th Avenue Corner 28th Street Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

Does Chung Dam Korean restaurant accept reservations? If yes how to contact them?

Yes. Chung Dam Korean restaurant is accepting reservations, for your reservation and reservation details you may contact 09274742167.

What is Chung Dam Korean restaurant’s Opening and closing time?

This restaurant is open from 11:00 am and will close at 12 Midnight, from Mondays to Sundays. 

Where can I park if ever I visit Chung Dam Korean restaurant?

Customers of Chung Dam Korean restaurant can park around Remedios Circle. 

Is there free wifi access at Chung Dam Korean restaurant?

Yes, they do have wifi access in their restaurant free for their customers. 


This place looks great and will serve a lot of types of meat to truly satisfy your Korean barbecue experience. Chung Dam Korean restaurant menu will truly impress you since they have a lot of delicious meats to choose from that are included in their meal sets. This place has a very cozy and inviting atmosphere aside from that they also have a clean and comfortable dining area. On the other hand, their service crews are nice and very accommodating, they are also knowledgeable about the products that they are offering. Overall a great experience, a place that is highly recommendable for those who love Korean samgyupsal. 

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