Romulo Café Menu Prices

It started off as a little café but over time expanded slowly to take up a whole city block. One of the greatest is offered by Romulo Café menu, which exudes nostalgia. Come in and check out our eating spaces and private rooms. They feature both personal and spacious locations, both indoors and outside, above and downstairs. For those who enjoy authentic Filipino food served with a touch of history, Romulo Café is a refuge. It is ideal for informal gatherings or business dinner occasions. You may reserve all or part of the restaurant, which is conveniently located in the city’s core business sector, for up to 80 people.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Romulo Café menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Pinoy Nachos238
Beef Salpicao498
Meatless Tortang Talong298
Crispy Crablets328
Fish and Squid Balls248
Camaron Rebosado458
Chorizo Empanaditas278
Relleno Empanaditas278
Crispy Squid428
Lechon Sisig Wrap428
Lechon Kawali Sisig428
Bangus Sisig418
Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings328
Tinapa Rolls328
Tinapa and Kesong Puti Croquettes150
Chicharon Bulaklak418


Pomelo Salad438
Pako Salad298
Ensaladang Pilipino318


Monggo Soup318
Molo Soup228
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso528
Sinigang na Liempo538
Sinigang na Sugpo728
Beef Bulalo648
Sinigang na Bangus Belly in Ripe Guava548
Sinigang na Tadyang Bayabas668


Lola Virginia Chicken1278
Chicken Inasal Sisig438
Chicken Pork Adobo Romulo Style418
Adobong Manok sa Gata458
Bacolod Chicken438
Chicken Binakol448
Adobong Pula498


Boneless Crispy Pata1028
Honey Garlic Spareribs448
Mixed Bicol Express448
Lechon Kawali558
Crispy Pork Binagoongan578
Oven Baked Crispy Pata1028
Pata Tim1250


Beef Kaldereta558
Crispy Tadyang Binagoongan688
Tito Greg's Kare-Kare738
Bistek Tagalog548
Crispy Tadyang628


Baby Pusit478
Bangus Belly428
Grilled Boneless Bangus738
Prawns in Aligue Sauce798
Ginataang Hipon sa Kamias458
Flying Tilapia528
Seafood Kare-Kare898
Bangus Al Ajilo458
Pininyahang Adobong Pusit at Liempo480
Pinaputok na Tilapoa498
Crispy Hito428
Grilled Squid678


Fried Lumpiang Ubod258
Ginataang Sigarillas with Tinapa328
Laing with Adobo Flakes298
Lechon Kangkong248
Lumpia Hubad288
Ginataang Kalabasa and Sitaw328
Mixed Vegetables with Tofu358


Sotanghon Guisado458
Pancit Puti348
Penne Carbonara with Vigan Longganisa478
Lola Felisa All Vegetable Canton318


Iced Tea118
Sola Iced Tea98
Bottomless Iced Tea138
Bottled Water68

Fresh Juice



Cool as Cucumber178
Sunshine Lemonade178


Café Americano110
Single Espresso110
Double Espresso120


Mango Pavlova388
Choco Cheese Cake388
Blueberry Cheese Cake245
Chocolate Dome Cake318
Chocolate Cake245
Chocolate Dream Cake318
Frozen Halo-Halo298
Leche Flan88
Mango Tango298
Buko Pandan with Ice Cream178
Mini Sansrival Cake245
Salted Sansrival Cake250
Mocha Praline268
Strawberry Shortcake318
Suman sa Latik88
Sticky Ube Turon178

About Romulo Cafe

Rowena Romulo decided to take action in 2014 after becoming angry that Filipino food was Asia’s best-kept culinary secret. Romulo Café is what came of this. When it first opened in March 2016 on Kensington High Street, it became an instant hit, luring the capital with its cuisine and ambiance. Three years and several accolades later, Rowena and managing partner Chris Joseph thought it was time for their brainchild to undergo a modest makeover rather than resting on their laurels. Visitors will find a revitalized menu that yet has the original’s heart and spirit here when Romulo Café & Restaurant officially reopens its doors on Friday, July 26 in the evening.

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This will emphasize its reputation for great Filipino cuisine. The award-winning agency Cada’s design team has improved the interiors. All meals continue to be prepared by head chef Jeremy Villanueva using the freshest seasonal ingredients from well-known neighborhood vendors including Dingley Dell Pork. The dining experience will continue to be complemented by a carefully chosen assortment of Old and New World wines and Romulo’s renowned array of Filipino-inspired cocktails. A new menu that retains all the popular items and distinctive dishes but in a more condensed version complements the decor.

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Romulo Café Buffet

Romulo Café buffet menu has a two sets. With this, customers can choose which they prefer and what would fit their needs and wants for an event or for the day. Set A is set at a price lower than the price of Set B. Each set has the same set of menu items. The only difference is that you get to have more choices on set B. In this buffet menu, you get to have their best sellers, which we will discuss shortly, such as their menu items from their appetizers, soups, noodles, beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, pork, and dessert.

Romulo Cafe Menu Best Seller

Bagnet Pakbet – The typical vegetable meal of Filipinos is pinakbet, commonly known as pakbet. The renowned Filipino salted fish sauce bagoong isda brings unique tastes to life. Over time, some individuals that have tried this Romulo Cafe menu have began to utilize it as a pizza taste.

Photo Credit: Romulo Cafe FB Page

Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan – With its chicharon-like components, this Romulo Cafe menu is very crunchy. It was undoubtedly decadent, but it was also a traditional meal that had been simplified. It’s interesting because it comes with a particular sauce that’s salty and slightly sweet. The crispy pata’s flavor became more fun and assertive thanks to its mild bagoong-like flavor.

Mixed Bicol Express – It entered the competition as the underdog since no one anticipated its superiority due to its creamy, spicy, and gingery flavor. The experience was further improved by the variety of meat all of which had fantastic textures.

Romulo Café Party Package

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They will manage it with the simplicity and professionalism that comes from years of experience in the culinary industry, whether you’re arranging a party for eight or eighty. It is best that you book a reservation in their Quezon City or Makati branch for events like parties or weddings. In this section, we discuss the prices of their Quezon City branch.

  • 20 pax – 18,000 PHP
  • 25 pax – 22,500 PHP
  • 30 pax – 27,000 PHP
  • 40 pax – 36,000 PHP
  • 50 pax – 45,000 PHP
  • 60 pax – 52,500 PHP
  • 70 pax – 62,500 PHP
  • 80 pax – 72,000 PHP

Romulo Café Wedding Package

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They will manage it with the simplicity and professionalism that comes from years of experience in the culinary industry, whether you’re arranging a party for eight or eighty. It is best that you book a reservation in their Quezon City or Makati branch for events like parties or weddings. In this section, we discuss the prices of their Makati branch.

  • 25 pax – 20,000 PHP
  • 35-40 pax – 35,000 PHP
  • 40 pax – 30,000 PHP
  • 50-60 pax – 55,000 PHP
  • 150 pax – 125,000 PHP

Romulo Cafe Menu Delivery

While it is always better to experience this Filipino restaurant in its different branches, it is inevitable sometimes to be busy. It could be inconvenient for customers to go directly to their stores and would wish to get a taste of Filipino food in the comfort of their homes. Here are the contact details for Romulo Café, you could also call them if you wish to book a reservation.

  • Quezon City – 8332.7275. (0966) 640.1971
  • Makati – 8478.6406 8691.9069 (0915) 561.1888
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  • Alabang – 8556.1443 (0917) 182.6226

Social Media Pages

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What type of food establishment is Romulos Cafe?

It is a reputable, traditional Filipino food establishment allowing each flavor to stand on its own without blending, resulting in foods with a salty, sweet, and tangy flavor. More than a hundred different ethnolinguistic groups may be found across the Philippine archipelago, and their cuisines make up Filipino food.

Who is the owner of Romulo Cafe?

Sandie Squillantini, General Romulo’s great-granddaughter, manages the eateries; her husband, Enzo Squillantini, developed the idea. The interiors were created by owners and designers Yong Nieva and Ivy Almario. Another granddaughter, Liana Romulo, is in charge of organizing the images that are displayed on the walls.

How to contact Romulo Cafe?

The Romulo Café has four different branches. You could go whichever is nearer or convenient for you. It is also better to have reservations before eating here. The contact details of each branch have been listed under the menu delivery section.


Sandie Romulo-Squillantini and her business partners at Romulo Café menu are extremely dedicated to upholding her grandfather Carlos P. Romulo’s legacy and introducing traditional Filipino cuisine to a worldwide market. Romulo Café has since expanded internationally. When compared to its Asian neighbors, Filipino cuisine has long been underappreciated as Southeast Asia’s preferred cuisine. But recently, it has been firmly establishing itself on the world cuisine scene.

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