Hukad Menu Prices

hukad menu prices philippines

Since the beginning of food colonization in our country, we can actually see different food varieties with a touch of different cuisines. However, I can confidently say that Filipino cuisine is still the best. I can still remember the first …

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Pho Bac Menu Prices

pho bac menu prices philippines

The Pho Bac menu offers a huge selection of nutritious Vietnamese cuisines. Its noodles are the most popular dishes that make customers come back. The other dishes that they offer are appetizers, vegetarian, Vietnamese sandwiches, salads, soup noodles, extras, rice …

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Don Henrico’s Menu Prices

don henrico's menu prices philippines

In the beginning, Don Henrico’s menu was focused on Italian cuisine, specifically pizza, calzones, and pasta. However, over time, Don Henrico further expanded the variety of dishes that they served. They have integrated American cuisines such as salads, chicken dishes, …

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David’s Tea House Menu Prices

david's tea house menu prices philippines

David’s Tea House menu offers various flavors of Hongkong. It consists of dimsum, noodles, congee, fried rice, noodles, and rice toppings. It also offers dishes such as beef, pork, chicken, roasting, hot soup, vegetables, fish, prawns, and other seafood. The …

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Chicken Bacolod Menu Prices

chicken bacolod menu prices philippines

The classic and authentic chicken inasal of Bacolod City is the highlight of the Chicken Bacolod menu. It also consists of other classic all-time Filipino favorite dishes such as sisig special, seafood, vegetables, soups, and desserts. It also offers bundles …

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Cyma Menu Prices

cyma menu prices philippines

Who wouldn’t want a great ambiance and a fantastic meal right? Nowadays different cuisine is being enjoyed in our country and Cyma menu offers delicious and mouth watering Greek cuisine that anyone will enjoy. This restaurant is a great place …

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Figaro Menu Prices 

figaro menu prices philippines

Coffee has been building its reputation for many years ago and the innovation that our local coffee makers here in the country are quite impressive. Guess what? Found a perfect place for you to enjoy delicious coffee. The Figaro menu …

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Kitaro Sushi Menu Prices

kitaro sushi menu prices philippines

The Kitaro Sushi menu provides high quality and tasty Japanese dishes for their customers. They are known for their party trays of sushi and sashimi, which are very convenient for Filipinos, who are known to have a big family, although …

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Almon Marina Menu Prices

almon marina menu prices philippines

The Almon Marina menu consists of freshly made appetizers and salads, soups, pasta, sandwiches, house-grilled specialties, and desserts. Its dishes are inspired by different parts of the world. It has a wide selection of dishes so you will surely find …

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Cafe France Menu Prices

Cafe France Menu Prices Philippines

The Cafe France menu features amazing, savory food with a French influence that is both fresh and delicious. Everything on their vast menu is prepared by their talented team of culinary masters using only the best ingredients. Every delectable taste …

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