La Picara Menu Prices

There are plenty of Spanish restaurants in the neighborhood, but not as many as Japanese or Chinese eateries. They often fall into one of two categories: tapas bars or cozy eateries serving traditional Spanish food in a family-style setting. Introducing La Picara menu, a vibrant restaurant at One Bonifacio High Street that serves both tapas and Spanish meals but doesn’t quite fit into any of the categories or any other category, for that matter.

According to owner Isabel Calvo, La Picara is Spanish meaning cheeky, and this humorous disregard for convention is evident throughout the whole establishment, including the decor and the cuisine. According to Calvo, the cuisine is 95% Spanish. The cuisine is not what it appears to be since they toyed with the Spanish tastes or the presentation.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of La Picara menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Caliente! Caliente! From the Sea

Salsa Verde Lapu Lapu780
Ventresca Escabeche690

Caliente! Caliente! From the Ground

Beef Cheeks680
Angus Ribeye1850
Cochinillo Castellano890
Glazed Iberico Pork Ribs1290
Secreto Iberico990


Patatas con Morcilla340
Patatas Bravas290
Waffletilla de Patata340
Laing Croquetas340
Kimchi Croquetas340
Adobo Croquetas340
Sisig Pibil Tacos340
Gambon Al Ajillo470
Pulpitos Encebollados460
Siomai de Carrillera380
Beef Tartare590
Callos A La Manilena490

Las Chachinas

Mixto Platter1290
Jamon Iberico Altadehesa890
Jamon Iberico1440
Chorizo Bellota Pedroches580
Mouse Temptation490

Fresh and Cherry

Baby Eggplant Salad390
Ensalada De La Casa420
Tartare de Salmon590
Scallop Ceviche490

Thug Paellas

Chili Crab Paella890
Lobster Paella1670
Paella Negra940
Paella Inasal860
Vegetarian Paella790
Truffle and Mushroom Paella1190
Bone Marrow Meloso Rice620
Iberian Pork Fideua980

Side Dishes

Japanese White Rice65
Pan Pan80
Brown Rice from Kalinga80
Pan Con Tomate190
Roasted Vegetables240


Arroz Con Leche280
Pina Y Chocolate320
Puto Flan De Queso380


Café Picaro320
Granizado de Café290

D.O Toro

Matsu el Picaro1450
Matsu el Recio2695
Matsu el Viejo5990
Dehesa Gago1790

D.O La Rioja

Musica en el Camino1495
Campo Viejo1525
Beronica Gran Reserva3790
Cerro Anon Crinza1390
Marques De Caceres1690
Roda Reserva4150
Macan Clasico Vega Sicilia5300


Cuatro Pasos Rosado1180
La Vie en Rose1650


Veuve Cliquot6900
Duval Leroy4850
Dom Perignon18900


Quetzal reserva4350


Rive Droite1050
Chateau Haut-Terrason1525
Colombelle Rouge1050


Jacob's Creek2700
Two Hands Sexy Beast1460


Bread and Butter1990


Bodega Valcanes1950
Vergamonte Reserva Organic1790

Red Wine by the Glass

Matsu el Picaro370
Protos Ribera del Duero420
Emilio Moro Finca Resalso390
Rive Droite290

White Wine by the Glass

Mara Martin360
Pablo Claro290
Casado Valle Vinho Verde340
Mica Vinho Verde380

Sparkling by the Glass

Protos Roble1690
Cepa 21 Hito2050
Cepa 213460
Alexander vs The Ham Factory5590
Finca Resalso Emilio Moro2200
Emilio Moro2990
Corimbo Bodegas La Horra3100
Alion, Vefa Sicilia9990
Vega Sicilia17900

About La Picara

Isabel Calvo, a Spanish expat, is one of the primary architects of this trendy eatery. She underlined throughout the interview that the road wasn’t as simple as pie for her. She said that when people suggest that if you work hard enough, your goals will come true. Four years ago, Isabel moved to the Philippines to start a job at Instituto Cervantes. She fell in love with this nation and decided it was time to go forward and build a restaurant after a brief stint selling some traditional Spanish foods at the Salcedo and Legaspi weekend markets. She was aware that there was a preconceived image about what Spanish restaurants were all about, therefore her idea was rather original.

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She encountered two additional foreigners along the road, Felipe Diaz and Ben Arnold, and a Filipino entrepreneur named Shav Halley who helped the restaurant become more than just a pipe dream. Together, the four of them worked on every little detail. Isabel created the whole cuisine with the assistance of their head chef, Bernardo, a Spanish expat. You’d be astonished to learn how they were able to reimagine their menu items while being a Spanish restaurant.

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La Picara Menu Best Seller

Kimchi Croquettas – All wagers on the table are void. The crispy-fried croquettas used in Calvo’s rice foundation are filled with kimchi for a hint of spice and are inspired by salmon nigiri. Salmon that has been smoked on top adds a richer taste. Their variation of nigiri with salmon on top uses croquetas rather than rice and is a popular favorite called Kimchi Croquetas. It literally melts on your tongue and has a touch of fish.

Waffletilla de Patata – This La Picara menu resembles a picture-perfect waffle made of flour. Because of the potatoes, this waffle is lighter than your typical morning waffle, and waffle fans contend that the ridges retain maple syrup and butter better than pancakes. Similarly, you won’t be able to get enough of the Waffletilla and the Sriracha mayo and parsley aioli that are served with it. This is a tortilla that is presented like a waffle and is served with parsley aioli and sriracha mayo. Even though this dish is already rather filling, the extra carbohydrates for the day are worthwhile.

chili crab paella la picara menu Pin
Photo Credit: La Picara FB Page

Chili Crab Paella – This one has the crispy, caramelized rice at the pan’s bottom since it is spread quite thinly over a cast-iron skillet. Because it was made with crab, the paella is naturally sweet-briny. The addition of soft shell crab on top, together with the heat from the chili, almost makes this dish exclusive to La Picara. The traditional paella is a must-have for any Spanish pleasure. They provide soft shell crab tempura along with their chili crab paella, which those who enjoy spicy cuisine won’t want to miss. Its foundation is classic Singaporean chili crab cooked with a thin coating of rice to soak up the spice and create the toasted flavor known as tutong.

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Mouse Temptation – Given that the cured cheese is perched atop a genuine mousetrap, it may be among the prettiest meals you’ve ever seen.

La Picara Menu Best Drinks

Sangria Picara La Picara Menu Pin
Photo Credit: La Picara FB Page

Sangria Picara – This La Picara menu is a red wine beverage flavored with exotic fruits including rambutan, the indigenous lychee, which is one of their best-selling drinks. The addition of fruits gives the traditional drink a delightful touch.

Fresa Colada – Avoid being duped by the Fresa Colada, which at first appearance may like your favorite strawberry smoothie but is really made with Bacardi premium rum.

Chateau Haut Terrasson – The Bordeaux Rouge from Château Haut Terrasson is a very pleasant, light wine that is simple to consume. The vineyard, which is grown in France’s Bordeaux area, is situated on a hill with views of the valley of the Garonne River. This specific wine is a blend of 35% cabernet sauvignon and 65% merlot. A robust, medium-bodied wine is the result.

Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon – Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon has a dark maroon appearance. There is hardly much light coming through. When it is initially poured, it has faint legs. It seemed to coat the interior of the glass better and develop more legs after some air. The wine has flowery cherry blossom aromas on the nose. It has a very fresh aroma and little detectable alcohol. The scent wasn’t particularly strong, and it wasn’t perceptible from a distance.

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La Picara Beef Cheeks

These beef cheeks are served with mashed potatoes and saba and are gently simmered in red wine. Cows’ cheek muscles are the source of beef cheeks, a particularly tough cut of meat that requires a lengthy, low-temperature cooking process to become soft. It takes on the flavors of the braising liquid beautifully and is stringy when chopped, somewhat like pulled pork.

La Picara Menu Delivery

From its best sellers and best drinks, you can always enjoy this Spanish restaurant in the comfort of your home. It is not a surprise that most restaurants offer a delivery service for their menu items. However, this one does not. You could only order delivery through Foodpanda or GrabFood.

Social Media Pages

If you want to contact them to tell your questions or suggestions, you can reach their team by sending a message via their social media channels. You’ll find their official channels below:



Email: [email protected]


La Picara menu has an unconventional approach to Spanish cuisine and is welcome in a sea of eateries that excel at doing things the traditional way. You can depend on this vibrant new addition to BGC whenever you want to relax and unwind with creative tapas, paella, and more glasses of sangria in hand. From its walls and lights to its tables and chairs, La Picara’s total appearance exudes a truly cheeky and eccentric feel. Everything appears to be so brightly colored and vibrant that it will subtly but effectively make you think of a tropical lifestyle. Clearly, she is one feisty lady who has established herself in Manila’s dining scene thanks to her uniqueness, genuine love of food, and desire to experiment with tastes.

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