Manam Menu Prices

The Manam menu takes pleasure in offering a range of regional comfort foods. At Manam, you can order a variety of serving sizes of classic dishes from the past alongside more modern updates. The meals are prepared to suit the diverse palates of the omnivorous diners of this generation.

The cuisine of the Philippines developed for flavor and need, like many other cuisines. In the hot tropical climate, using souring ingredients when cooking aids in food preservation. Foods that have been dried, pickled, and/or fermented are also common for the same purpose. Due to its delectable fusion of rich flavors and distinctive textures that provide a wonderful eating experience for everybody, Filipino cuisine is causing a stir around the world.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Manam menu prices.





Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Ensalada & Gulay

Gising Gising (small)120
Gising Gising (medium)205
Gising Gising (large)365
Laing (large)365
Adobong Kangkong(small)95
Adobong Kangkong(medium)165
Adobong Kangkong(large)315
Kulawo with Chicharon(small)95
Kulawo with Chicharon(medium)165
Kulawo with Chicharon(large)315
Mangga’t Bagoong(small)75
Mangga’t Bagoong(medium)125
Mangga’t Bagoong(large)230
Ensaladang Pako(small)95
Ensaladang Pako(medium)175
Ensaladang Pako(large)310
Adobong Bulaklak ng Kalabasa(small)120
Adobong Bulaklak ng Kalabasa(medium)205
Adobong Bulaklak ng Kalabasa(large)365
Ensaladang Kamatis & Kesong Puti(small)135
Ensaladang Kamatis & Kesong Puti(medium)230
Ensaladang Kamatis & Kesong Puti(large)395
Ensaladang Namnam(small)125
Ensaladang Namnam(medium)210
Ensaladang Namnam(large)375
Homemade Kesong Puti & Atugbati(small)215
Homemade Kesong Puti & Atugbati(medium)390
Homemade Kesong Puti & Atugbati(large)740
Tortang Talong with Longganisa(small)200
Tortang Talong with Longganisa(medium)375
Tortang Talong with Longganisa(large)695
Munggo & Chicharon(small)165
Munggo & Chicharon(medium)290
Munggo & Chicharon(large)565


Sinigang na Prawns sa Green Mango(small)250
Sinigang na Prawns sa Green Mango(medium)445
Sinigang na Prawns sa Green Mango(large)815
Bone Marrow Kansi & Sweet Corn(small)265
Bone Marrow Kansi & Sweet Corn(medium)490
Bone Marrow Kansi & Sweet Corn(large)965
Beef Belly Bulalo(small)265
Beef Belly Bulalo(medium)490
Beef Belly Bulalo(large)965
Laksa-Style Halaan Soup with Crispy Sill Leaves & Mais(small)195
Laksa-Style Halaan Soup with Crispy Sill Leaves & Mais(medium)1345
Laksa-Style Halaan Soup with Crispy Sill Leaves & Mais(large)580
Smigang na Salmon Head sa Miso at Guyabano(small)215
Smigang na Salmon Head sa Miso at Guyabano(medium)395
Smigang na Salmon Head sa Miso at Guyabano(large)695

Sizzling Platos

Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig(small)175
Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig(medium)295
Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig(large)495
Sizzling Bulalo Steak(small)235
Sizzling Bulalo Steak(medium)395
Sizzling Bulalo Steak(large)705
Sizzling Corned Beef Belly Kansi(small)165
Sizzling Corned Beef Belly Kansi(medium)165
Sizzling Corned Beef Belly Kansi(large)165
Sizzling Beef & Oxtail Caldereta(small)165
Sizzling Beef & Oxtail Caldereta(medium)165
Sizzling Beef & Oxtail Caldereta(large)165

Pica Pica (Classics & Twists)

Streetballs of Fish Tofu, Crab, & Lobster with Kalye Sauce(small)145
Streetballs of Fish Tofu, Crab, & Lobster with Kalye Sauce(medium)255
Streetballs of Fish Tofu, Crab, & Lobster with Kalye Sauce(large)430
Beef Salpicao & Garlic(small)180
Beef Salpicao & Garlic(medium)335
Beef Salpicao & Garlic(large)595
Gambas in Chills, Olive Oil & Garlic(small)185
Gambas in Chills, Olive Oil & Garlic(medium)345
Gambas in Chills, Olive Oil & Garlic(large)615
Baby Squid in Olive Oil & Garlic(small)160
Baby Squid in Olive Oil & Garlic(medium)280
Baby Squid in Olive Oil & Garlic(large)485
Crunchy Salt & Pepper Squid Rings(small)160
Crunchy Salt & Pepper Squid Rings(medium)280
Crunchy Salt & Pepper Squid Rings(large)485
Tokwa’t Baboy(small)90
Tokwa’t Baboy(medium)160
Tokwa’t Baboy(large)275
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod(small)75
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod(medium)125
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod(large)230
Chicharon Bulaklak(small)235
Chicharon Bulaklak(medium)420
Chicharon Bulaklak(large)830
Dinuguan with Puto(small)170
Dinuguan with Puto(medium)295
Dinuguan with Puto(large)595
Balut with Salt Trio(small)65
Balut with Salt Trio(medium)110
Balut with Salt Trio(large)170
Caramelized Patis Wings(small)165
Caramelized Patis Wings(medium)295
Caramelized Patis Wings(large)525
Pork Ear Kinilaw(small)150
Pork Ear Kinilaw(medium)280
Pork Ear Kinilaw(large)495
Cheddar & Green Finger Chili Lumpia(small)95
Cheddar & Green Finger Chili Lumpia(medium)165
Cheddar & Green Finger Chili Lumpia(large)290
Deep-Fried Chorizo & Kesong Putt Lumpia(small)145
Deep-Fried Chorizo & Kesong Putt Lumpia(medium)265
Deep-Fried Chorizo & Kesong Putt Lumpia(large)520
Lumpiang Bicol Expres(small)75
Lumpiang Bicol Expres(medium)130
Lumpiang Bicol Expres(large)255


Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo(small)
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo(medium)
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo(large)
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo(small)
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo(medium)
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo(large)
Seafood Bounty Kare-Kare(small)375
Seafood Bounty Kare-Kare(medium)665
Seafood Bounty Kare-Kare(large)1150
Crispy Pata Tim(small)335
Crispy Pata Tim(medium)595
Crispy Pata Tim(large)1065

About Manam

The restaurant was founded by the Moment Group in 2013. It is the third restaurant in a franchise started by The Moment Group that strives to provide a good time for nice people every single time.

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Manam, which was established by Jon Syjuco, Eliza Antonino, and Abba Napa, welcomed clients in January. The restaurant, whose name is taken from the word malinamnam, reimagines classic Filipino cuisine for the contemporary Pinoy. The idea was inspired by Antonino’s former restaurant Masas, which operated in the same location for almost ten years. Manam, also known as Comfort Filipino, is a culinary journey that appeals to both food enthusiasts and homebodies. It is similar to Lolas cooking but can turn unpredictable.

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Manam Menu Best Seller

Gising Gising – You might assume that few people would voluntarily order a vegetable meal at a restaurant, but Gising Gising’s appearance on this list disproves your assumption.

Puto Bungbong Manam Menu Philippines Pin

Puto Bumbong with Muscovado Butter –With Manam’s take on the seasonal treat, puto bumbong, you don’t have to wait until December to enjoy it. This earthy-sweet, chewy rice cake is elevated by the muscovado butter’s rich, caramel-like richness.

Sizzling Corned Beef Belly Kansi – This Manam menu is evidence that, in some cases, the modernized version is superior to the original. Manam does provide the traditional Bone Marrow Kansi, however, we suggest ordering this instead. The large corned-beef pieces give the soup a salty kick, and the soup’s gravy-like consistency and stinging sourness beg for additional rice.

Crispy Pata with Garlic Chili Bits – Not shocked to see crispy pata on the list because it is always a hit. The unassuming bestseller features golden-brown, crispy pork knuckles; Manam makes it even better by incorporating crunchy, spicier garlic-chili bits.

Beef Tadyang on Manam Menu Philippines Pin

Crispy Beef Tadyang – The Crispy Beef Tadyang, which was once only available at the café, suddenly gained enough popularity to be made available on all Manam menus. The supple beef ribs are glazed in a mouthwatering, sticky, sweet-savory sauce, which is easy to become addicted to.

Manam Menu Best Drinks

Gabi + Black Sago Shake – It tastes much more natural and isn’t excessively sweet, making it superior to the purple-colored taro beverages milk tea establishments typically provide. Given the amount and the all-natural components used in this Manam menu, it is competitively priced.

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Ube + Sago Shake – Fans of ube will enjoy the earthy-sweet flavors of this refresher, which also contains coconut cream and ube. Tapioca balls that are chewy are a nice textural addition.

Manam Sinigang Watermelon

If you want to make something unique, Manam’s Watermelon Sinigang menu is the dish you’re looking for. It tastes fresh with a tinge of sweetness and has the same beloved sinigang-style sour flavor. The watermelon worked beautifully with all the other components and added to the dish’s complexity. Sinigang is recognized as a comfort food in the Philippines due to its sour soup. Additionally, consuming long peppers may cause the body to perspire, which aids in cooling, particularly on humid days.

Manam Crispy Palabok

Every bite is a revelation of how delicious our own cuisine actually is because it is not just presented in style but also because the crunchy noodles soak up the sauce. a filling dish that is substantial and bursting with flavor. Manam also allows you to customize each dish’s size, whether you want it tiny for individual consumption, medium for two, or enormous for the entire family to share.

Manam Crispy Sisig

Manam will forever be associated with pork sisig, and the reverse is also true. It is made with minced pig cheeks and jowls and is served sizzling. The umami flavors emerge next, followed by the tanginess of the calamansi, but there is also a hint of heat as an aftertaste. A little of the sauce goes a long way because it is flavorful, so don’t be surprised if it isn’t covered in sauce. You should consume every last drop of the sauce with your pork strip or the complimentary garlic rice.

Manam Menu Delivery

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In this day, it is challenging to have the time to cook comfort Filipino food in our homes. It is caused by the different inconveniences we may experience in our lives such as being too busy at work or the commute from work being too long. You need not worry if you can’t cook your favorite Filipino meal for Manam is now available on the GrabFood and Foodpanda app.

Corned Beef Kansi on Manam Menu Philippines Pin


When was Manam established?

Manam has been offering Filipino classics and modern twists since its initial opening in 2013, and it has become one of the new wave of Filipino restaurants that balikbayans and tourists alike should visit.

What cuisine is Manam?

A Filipino cuisine. The tower of crispy pancit noodles that make up this well-known Filipino delicacy is topped with crushed chicharon and, of course, shrimp and egg slices around the borders. The Manam menu will amaze you with how unique and imaginative they make it.

How to contact the Manam Philippines Staff?

If you have a comment, suggestion, or questions, and you want to ask the Manam Staff about the latest prices, or promos, you can easily reach the Manam Staff by the following social media pages:




The Manam menu honors traditional Filipino favorites by transforming them into cutting-edge culinary wonders. You may still anticipate enjoying your favorite Pinoy foods, albeit with a somewhat unusual but welcome twist. People are constantly surprised by Filipino cuisine because of its distinctive flavor, innovation, and variety. Pinoy cuisine is distinctive because it draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Filipino food is well-known for its mouthwatering flavor and enticing aroma. With each bite, its unique colors, flavors, and aromas create a full sensory experience. Each component is prepared with care before being added to a dish to give it a balance of flavors that will undoubtedly, please your palette.

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  1. I love Manam. Problem is, the taste of the food in different branches differ. For instance, the one in Rockwell and Greenhills are good, but the one in Megamall sucks. I haven’t tried their other branches though but I hope that they can be consistent with their food.


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