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Craving for Pizza and Pasta dishes but looking for something affordable? Or just looking for a place to dine in when going out with loved ones and colleagues? Great news! I found a place where you can satisfy your cravings with pizza and other pasta dishes. They also offer group meals for more savings when dining or ordering with them, with a price that is relatively affordable and definitely tasty and delicious they could be your new favorite place to hang out, relax, and enjoy their great selections of pasta and pizza. Let’s talk about Greenwich, a Filipino-brand pizza store where we can find awesome deals delicious meals, and much more. Now, in this article, we are going to tell you about the Greenwich menu as well as the dishes that you must try with them.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Greenwich menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Special Offers

Overloaded Trio A499
Pizza & Lasagna Trio499
Barkada Overloadead Trio A999
Overloaded Trio B499
Overloaded Trio C499
12" Barkada Delicious Duo Overload 699
15" Big Delicious Duo Overload 999
Barkada Overloaded Trio B999
Barkada Overloadead Trio C999
Overload Trio Upgrade599
Overloaded Trio No Pork499


Hawaiian overload111
All-in overload279
4 Cheese overload111
Pepperoni overload111
Bacon overload111
Veggies & Cheese overload111
All Meat overload111
Beef & Pineapples overload245
All Beef overload392
All-in (no pork) overload279
Beef & Sausage overload111
Cheeseburger classic77
Ham & cheese classic77
Ham & pineapple classic77


Lasagna Supreme100
Creamy bacon carbonara115
Meaty spaghetti56
Lasagna Supreme pan521
Creamy bacon carbonara pan521
Meaty spaghetti pan297

Group Meals

Barkada Bundle 599 (good for 4)599
Barkada Bundle 799 (good for 5)799
Barkada Bundle 999 (good for 6)999

Solo Meals

Lasagna chicken combo162
Carbonara chicken combo162
Pizza value meal A129
Pizza value meal B100
Pizza value meal D156
Pizza value meal E200
1pc crunchy chicken with rice95
2pc crunchy chicken with rice168


Crunchy Fried Chicken299
Potato waves55
2pc Chicken and waves223
3pc Chicken and waves301
4pc Chicken and waves345
6pc Chicken and waves515
8pc Chicken and waves690
Extra hot sauce6
Extra ketchup6
Extra barbecue dip15
Extra sour cream dip15
Extra cheese dip15


1.5L Coke99
Melon Slush44
Coke in Can65

Overload Reward Cards

Overload reward card100
Pizza pasta treat539

About Greenwich

Greenwich is a Filipino Pizza chain, It started as a small business and then make it big on the market and now they are one of the most renowned brands of Pizza in the country. Greenwich Pizza was founded by Cresida Tueres in 1971. They got their name Greenwich to their neighboring school since most of their first customers are students from that school (La Salle Green Hills) which has green as its school color.

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In 1994 the big company Jollibee acquired 80% of Greenwich shares after they notice the potential of venturing with this pizza store and that it could be big on the market and then in 2006 they bought the remaining shares giving rise to a new company name Greenwich Pizza Corporation. The franchise expanded from its first original 50 store locations in 1994 to 240 stores. Greenwich reinvents their logo to look more catchy than its previous dark green and red-colored logo.

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The new colors and graphics help create a more inviting ambiance in Greenwich Stores. They are also good with advertising to target customers resulting in bigger sales. The Actor Rico Yan became their most popular endorser back in the days. Chowking and Red Ribbon are the sister company of Greenwich and Jollibee is the mother Company.

Do you want to try hamburgers instead of a pizza? Check the Burger King and see if you will like something else.

What is the Best Seller in Greenwich Menu?

Here is the list of Greenwich menu best sellers pizza and pasta that you can choose from and may serve as a guide for you if you are new to their menu:

Hawaiian Overload – This is one of the Greenwich best-seller menus, a pizza made with a delicious blend of sweet pineapple bits, ham, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese in a smooth and crunchy crust. Weird out because of pineapple in a pizza? I have had the same thought before but I already changed my mind after trying it. Try it for yourself, it’s actually good and savory with a kick of sweetness because of the pineapple. Perfect for Filipino taste.

Triple Delicious Overload on Greenwich Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Greenwich FB Page

All in Overload – This is their ultimate overloaded pizza for carnivores. Naaah I’m just kidding! This pizza is made with 6 kinds of meat. Italian Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Burger Crumbles, Pepperoni, and Spanish Sausage. This Pizza is highly recommended for meat lovers as this pizza is fully packed with all the meat that you can ask for in a pizza. This one is actually my personal favorite, with all the meat that this pizza has this could be your new favorite. Highly recommend it and a must-try.

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Dealicious Trio – Three nine inches of flavorful and loaded pizza at one price. Who wouldn’t want that right? This deal is recommended for a family meal or if you are someone that wants to try different flavors with a good deal.

Barkada Dealicious Duo – Two best tasting and best value twelve inches pizzas. Highly recommend barkada orders. Who wouldn’t want a great deal that will save you money right?

Delicious Trio Pizza on Greenwich Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Greenwich FB Page

Lasagna Supreme Pan – Made with layers of beef and cheese with rich flavorful tomato sauce in a pan perfect for potlucks and family and barkada bondings. This lasagna supreme has everything that you are looking for in pasta and really great with garlic bread.

Lasagna Supreme Solo – made with layers of beef and cheese with rich flavorful tomato sauce topped with creamy bechamel sauce and comes with 1 piece of garlic bread. This sulit and a yummy deal are one of the best sellers on the Greenwich menu as well for people who are craving something pasta.


Who is the owner of Greenwich?

Jollibee Foods Corporation is the owner of Greenwich since they acquired eighty percent of the total shares in 1994 and then bought the remaining shares in 2006.

Can I pay Gcash on Greenwich?

The Answer is Yes! You can pay thru Gcash on your Greenwich online orders through however you can only use this option on your delivery orders and not on their actual store.

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What is the biggest size of a pizza on the Greenwich menu?

Greenwich has twelve inches pizza for a barkada size pizza but if you are really looking for something more and you think that the twelve inches pizza isn’t enough the great news is they also serve a fifteen inches party size pizza. It comes with four extreme overload flavors Hawaiian overload, Extreme All in Overload, Extreme Pepperoni Overload, and Extreme Meat Overload.

Greenwich Menu Delivery

You can now order your Greenwich cravings if you don’t have time to go outside simply by going to their website at or by calling their hotline number at #5-55-55.

Tasty Lasagna Supreme on Greenwich Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Greenwich FB Page

Social Media Pages

If you want to talk to the staff of Greenwich via their social media to give them comments, and suggestions or tell them your concerns, you can easily reach them on the following pages:





After all the necessary things that we needed to know about Greenwich pizza, we can say that they are one of the best fast-food chains that we can have here in the country. The Greenwich Pizza menu offers great selections of flavors and very delicious pizza and pasta. You can never go wrong going to Greenwich. They have the best merienda that you can enjoy with your family and friends. I personally like the Lasagna with the breadstick and the All in Overload pizza though. Very affordable yet delicious. Highly recommended and overall a great dining experience.

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