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Are you craving burgers or maybe fries and nuggets? Ever heard about Mcdonald’s? I am pretty sure that you heard about them since they are almost everywhere and they’ve been around for a very long time. In this article, we are going to get to know them even more, let us talk about the McDo menu items that they offer, the best food items that we can get in their restaurant, and some fun facts about them. Let’s talk about McDo, an American fast food restaurant that became the institute when it comes to fast food. Without any delay, let’s start.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of McDo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Burger value meals

Cheeseburger small100
Cheeseburger medium120
Burger Mcdo small86
Burger Mcdo medium106
Cheesy burger mcdo small96
Cheesy burger mcdo medium116
McCrispy chicken sandwich small96
McCrispy chicken sandwich medium116
Cheeseburger deluxe small124
Cheeseburger deluxe medium144
Double cheeseburger small140
Double cheeseburger medium160
McChicken small146
McChicken medium166
Quarter pounder with cheese small173
Quarter pounder with cheese medium193
Big mac small173
Big mac medium193


Chicken mcdo good for 3499
Chicken mcdo good for 4690
Chicken mcnuggets box (box of 10)180
Chicken mcnuggets box (box of 20)350
Mcspaghetti platter (good for 4-5)220
Fries and mcfloat combo (bff fries)214
Fries and mcfloat combo (medium fries)79
Sundae blends139

Chicken Value meals

1 pc chicken mcdo with fries105
1 pc chicken mcdo with fries spicy108
1 pc chicken mcdo with mushroom soup125
1 pc chicken mcdo with mushroom soup spicy128
1 pc chicken mcdo95
1 pc chicken mcdo spicy98
1 pc chicken mcdo with fries and burger mcdo140
1 pc chicken mcdo with fries and burger mcdo spicy143
1 pc chicken mcdo with fries and mcflurry150
1 pc chicken mcdo with fries and mcflurry spicy153
2 pc chicken mcdo167
2 pc chicken mcdo spicy170
6 pc mcnuggets with fries148
6 pc mcnuggets with rice145
Mcshare box 6 pc chicken mcdo330
Mcshare box 8 pc chicken mcdo440

Happy meal

Mcspaghetti with drink99
Mcspaghetti with drink and fries120
Burger mcdo with drink92
Burger mcdo with drink and fries113
Cheesy burger mcdo with drink102
Cheesy burger mcdo with drink and fries123
4 pc chicken mcnuggets with drink112
4 pc chicken mcnuggets with drink and fries131
1 pc chicken mcdo with drink121
1 pc chicken mcdo with drink and fries141

Value meal

1 pc mushroom pepper steak69
2 pc mushroom pepper steak90
Chicken katsu90
Mccrispy chicken fillet with drink69
Mccrispy chicken fillet with drink and fries89
Mccrispy chicken fillet ala king with drink69
Mccrispy chicken fillet ala king with drink and fries89
1 pc mushroom pepper steak with egg meal90
2 pc mushroom pepper steak with egg meal112

Mcspaghetti meals

Mcspaghetti with drink and fries94
Mcspaghetti with drink64
Mcspaghetti solo56
Mcspaghetti with burger mcdo and drink95
1 pc chicken mcdo with mcspaghetti and drink125
Mcspaghetti platter (good for 4-5)220

Savory snacks

Shake shake fries (M)65
World famous fries (M)55
McCrispy chicken sandwich45
Burger Mcdo35


Milk tea mcfloat with brown sugar pearls75
Mcdo shake70
Mcflurry with oreo49
Apple pie35
Coke McFloat29


McCafe Coffee float59
Flavored McCafe iced coffee50
Original McCafe iced coffee40
McCafe iced coffee (m)50
McCafe iced coffee (L)70

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is founded in 1940 in San Bernardino California United States by Richard and Maurice McDonalds. At first, they founded this food chain as a restaurant then rechristened their restaurant as a hamburger stand. In 1955 Ray Kroc joined this company as a franchise agent then eventually he purchased McDo from the McDonalds brothers. Its headquarters are in oak brook Illinois but eventually moved to Chicago in the year 2018. McDonald’s is the biggest hamburger chain in the world followed by burger king and Wendy’s.

As of now the current owner of this fast food chain is no other than Chris Kempczinski as the CEO and President and Enrique Hernandez jr. as the chairman. They have over 40,031 store locations all over the world as of 2021 and serve thru a whooping one hundred nineteen plus countries worldwide. The number of employees for this burger fast food chain is about 200,000 and more as of 2021. Serving over 69 million customers daily they deserve the title of the largest hamburger fast food chain in the world.

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McDo Menu Breakfast Meal

Mcdonald’s also offers breakfast meals. Here is a list of breakfast meals menu that you can get at McDo.

Egg McMuffin – Made with Toasted English muffin, bacon, a slice of cheese, and freshly cooked egg. This is one of my personal favorites and I always get this whenever I decided to have my breakfast at their store. I highly recommend this with brewed coffee.

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Sausage McMuffin – Just like Egg Mcmuffin the only difference is the key ingredient here which is sausage. Made with a toasted muffin, sausage, a slice of cheese, and a freshly cooked egg. If the egg Mcmuffin is too plain for you then this one is much tastier.

2pc Hotcakes with Sausage – This McDo menu comes with two golden brown hotcakes and sausage. With maple syrup and butter. Their hotcakes are active and delicious I’m not sure about how they do it but it’s kind of addicting. Try it for yourself. I love having this with coffee as well.

Sausage Platter with Rice – Yes they have rice on their menu. Comes with hot and savory sausage garlic rice and fluffy scrambled eggs. If you want a heavier meal for breakfast then this one is perfect for you.

Hash Browns – Golden brown potato fried to perfection to create the perfect hash brown. Moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. Take note that their hash brown is not big enough, maybe this is perfect for sides only.

2PC Pancake on Mcdonals Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: McDonald’s FB Page

3pcs Hotcakes – 3 Golden hotcakes with maple syrup and butter. Best with brewed coffee for a delightful breakfast. Their hotcakes are always perfect in shape people.

Want to try an alternative fast-food restaurant? Check the Wendys and see their menu from here.

McDo Menu Best Sellers

Here are the top-selling McDonald’s menu items that you should try, this may also serve as a guide if you are new to their menu.

Breakfast Sandwich – Yes their breakfast sandwiches are one of the best-selling items that you can have upon visiting their store. No wonder the breakfast sandwich that they offer is all delicious.

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Double Cheeseburger – Double the beef and double the cheese that’s a double cheeseburger. This burger goodness will give you satisfaction with your cravings.

Tasty Chicken Nuggets on Mcdonalds Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: McDonald’s FB Page

Chicken Nuggets – Mcdonald’s first introduced their chicken Nuggets in the 1980s. This kid-friendly item on their menu eventually became popular these days. Not just for kids but for everyone, their chicken Nuggets are one of their best when it comes to easy meals. Best for takeaways.

Egg Muffin – Their egg muffin is one of the best breakfast items that you can have on their menu. Egg, bacon, cheese, and muffins, the complete package in one order.

Happy Meal – This menu is very popular with kids as it comes with toys and a meal. This became popular since the first introduction of the happy meal up to this day. Take Note that the toys that you can get on their happy meals are quality.

Big Mac – Made with their special sauce, sesame bun, cheese, burger patty, and shredded lettuce. This is actually their flagship burger, when you hear big Mac you’ll remember Mcdonald’s instantly. This savory burger is one of a kind, the taste is different from other burgers and big enough to satisfy your appetite.

Crunchy French Fries on Mcdonalds Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: McDonald’s FB Page

French Fries – These delicious golden fried potato slices are one of the most popular McDo menu as they can partner on every meal that you can get on their foods.

McDonald’s Secret Menu

The secret menu is something a fast food restaurant offers these days. Some big fast-food chains are offering this as well, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy this secret menu. When people know that this is a secret menu they will expect that you could customize your order but actually, it’s like ordering hacks to create dishes like mix matching something to something to create your very own meal.

Here we have some examples of Mcdonald’s secret menu that you can create just like an ice cream sandwich in McDo. It is basically ordering 2 chocolate chip cookies and a McFlurry of your choice and sandwiching them together. That’s easy, right? Another example is the poor man’s, Big Mac.

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To get this you have to order and instruct the crew to give you a Mcdouble without ketchup and use some Big Mac sauce and lettuce. Yes, the secret menu is actually ordering the food on their menu but requesting to customize it and that’s really easy. Impress your friends the next time you go to Mcdonald’s by ordering the secret menus. And to be honest, McDo is not the only fast food restaurant in the market that offers something brilliant like this.

How do I Contact Mcdonald’s Philippines?

It is easy to get in touch with Mcdonald’s Philippines. You can easily reach their hotline number at (02)8888-6236. You can also send them an email at [email protected] if you prefer that way

Otherwise, you can also contact the McDo via their website and social media pages:





If you wish to talk with their customer service or if you have questions or suggestions all you have to do is to dial their hotline number ( or you can email them at [email protected]

Is McDonald’s Philippines Open 24 Hours?

Although some of their fast food restaurants are open 24 hours other restaurants, those in the rural areas are not available for 24 hours. So for this question, let us say it depends on the location of the store.


The biggest hamburger chain in the world is Mcdonald’s has built its reputation for a very long time that’s why they are already imprinted in the hearts of its customers. Starting in California and in the rest of the world, Mcdonald’s is one of the best fast food that we have nowadays. The McDo food menu is actually delicious and the quality is really good. A great place to dine in. Highly recommended it five stars.

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