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Are you looking for a place to order a meal that you can offer at parties or family gatherings like birthdays and a simple get-together? But you don’t have time to cook or are just so tired to make meals for the family because of your busy schedule? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article, we will discuss one of the most Filipino favorite restaurants – “Amber”. We will give you everything that you needed to know as well as the Ambers menu here. Without further ado, let us start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ambers menu prices.

Menu itemPrice (PHP)


The original pancit malabon solo60
The original pancit malabon ( 3-5 persons)370
The original pancit malabon (6-10 persons)620
The original pancit malabon (11-15 persons)730
Spaghetti with meat sauce solo70
Spaghetti with meat sauce (3-5 persons)540
Spaghetti with meat sauce (6-10 persons)750
Spaghetti with meat sauce (11-15 persons)850
Canton bihon guisado solo60
Canton bihon guisado (3-5 persons)370
Canton bihon guisado (6-10 persons)620
Canton bihon guisado (11-15 persons)730
Pancit puti w/toasted garlic solo60
Pancit puti w/toasted garlic (3-5 persons)370
Pancit puti w/toasted garlic (6-10 persons)620
Pancit puti w/toasted garlic (11-15 persons)730
Mike-bihon solo60
Mike-bihon (3-5 persons)370
Mike-bihon (6-10 persons)620
Mike-bihon (11-15 persons)730
Sotanghon guisado solo70
Sotanghon guisado (3-5 persons)540
Sotanghon guisado (6-10 persons)750
Sotanghon guisado (11-15 persons)850
Bihon guisado solo60
Bihon guisado (3-5 persons)370
Bihon guisado (6-10 persons)620
Bihon guisado (11-15 persons)730
Sotanghon canton guisado solo65
Sotanghon canton guisado (3-5 persons)520
Sotanghon canton guisado (6-10 persons)725
Sotanghon canton guisado (11-15 persons)825
Spicy oriental noodles solo70
Spicy oriental noodles (3-5 persons)540
Spicy oriental noodles (6-10 persons)750
Spicy oriental noodles (11-15 persons)850
Canton special solo60
Canton special (3-5 persons)370
Canton special (6-10 persons)620
Canton special (11-15 persons)730
Pancit trio1050
Pancit otcho1350

Pancit Value Package

Choice of pancit + 1 pork barbecue510
Choice of pancit + pichipichi with cheese375
Choice of pancit + 2 lumpiang shanghai410
Choice of pancit + chicken lollipop535
Choice of pancit + puto cheese370

Rice Value Package

White rice + chicken lollipop410
White rice + pork barbecue385
White rice + 2 lumpiang shanghai285
White rice + 1 fried chicken383.75
White rice + pork tocino360

Chicken Dishes

Chicken lollipop225
Crispy Chicken wings210
Golden Fried chicken drumstick210
Chicken teriyaki700
Golden fried chicken half230
Golden fried chicken whole350
Garlic fried chicken half260
Gralic fried chicken whole400
Buttered fried chicken half260
Buttered fried chicken whole400

Pork Dishes

Pork barbecue200
Fried lumpiang shanghai50
Chicharong bulaklak250
Lechon kawali1080
Pork sisig215
Crispy pata790

Beef Dishes

Roasted beef with gravy770
Lengua in mushroom sauce800
Beef morcon in tomato sauce800
Ox tripe kare-kare with bagoong770


Sweet and sour fish fillet700
Fish fillet tartar sauce700


Fried lumpiang ubod250
Fresh lumpiang ubod230
Assorted vegetables with quail eggs550

Appetizer: Soup & Rice

Lomi special150
Hototay special170
Garlic fried rice25
Sotanghon soup170
Cheese stick150
Steamed white rice22


Puto cheese 6pcs72
Puto cheese 9pcs108
Puto cheese 12pcs144
Puto cheese 20pcs
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 6pcs
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 9pcs
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 12pcs72
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 20pcs120
Pichi-pichi with cheese 6pcs
Pichi-pichi with cheese 9pcs
Pichi-pichi with cheese 12pcs78
Pichi-pichi with cheese 20pcs130


Regular Royal (Can)40
Regular Sprite (Can)40
Lipton real leaf tea35
Minute maid orange juice (bottle)40
Water (bottle)20
Zesto juice15

About Amber

Nowadays people are looking for somewhere to eat that has a homey ambiance. With the Ambers menu such as the pancit and spaghetti, you’ll feel like you are eating the best Filipino favorite foods from your home.

One of the greatest things here is that they also offer a food delivery service where you can choose different meals that is good for parties and simple gatherings so that consumers don’t have to go to their restaurant if they are too busy with their busy schedule or just avoiding traffic going out.

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Ambers Menu Best Seller

One of the best sellers in amber menu is their Pancit malabon and they are known for this. Their pichi-pichi are also one to be considered the best seller item on ambers as well, if you are going to dine at their restaurant this is a must-have. The first two are identified as the best in the market but we can’t ignore their lumpiang shanghai, and spaghetti with meat sauce. They also have fresh lumpiang ubod if you are looking for something light and healthy. Those items are really good and a considered their best sellers.

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If you like to eat pancakes instead, why not see the best Pancake House menu?

Ambers Pancit and Noodle Dishes

Aside from pancit malabon, Ambers has so many pancit & noodle dishes to offer for their customers. Here is the list of what is available in their restaurant. Though the price may vary depending on the size of the pancit.

  • Spicy Oriental Noodles
  • Miki bihon
  • Sotanghon guisado
  • Sotanghon and canton guisado
  • Canton special
  • Canton trio
  • Canton bihon guisado
  • Pansit puti with toasted garlic
  • Bihon guisado
  • Pancit malabon
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce
Tasty Pancit Combo on Amber Menu Philippines Pin

Photo Credit: Amber FB Page

Ambers Package Menu

Amber also has a package menu if you want a meal that will surely make you full this is for you, they have a lot to choose from and These meals are popular, especially for lunch. Here is the list of ambers package menus that you can choose from:

Package 1

(Rice most love combination package) white rice, 1 pork bbq 2 pcs of shanghai, and 1 chicken lollipop with 2 pcs pichi-pichi with cheese- 925php

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Package 2

(Fish combination package 2) White rice with 2pcs fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce and 2 pcs of pichi-pichi with cheese- 600php

Package 3

Pancit most love combination package. Package choice of pancit 2 shanghai 1 chicken lollipop 1 pork bbq and 2 pcs pichi-pichi with cheese 925php

Package 4

Pork combination package 2. White rice Lechon Kawali with pickled papaya (atchara) and 2 pcs pichi-pichi with cheese – 790php

Package 5

Chicken combination package. White rice 1 golden fried chicken 2 pcs pichi-pichi with cheese – 618.75

Package 6

Vegetable combination package. White rice assorted vegetables with quail eggs and 2 pcs pichi-pichi with cheese – 525php

Package 7

Delicious Combo Meals on Amber Menu Philippines Pin

Photo Credit: Amber FB Page

Beef combination package. White rice beef morcon and 2 pcs pichi-pichi with cheese – 650php

Ambers Food Delivery Online

If you don’t have time to go to their restaurant because of your busy schedule and want to order your favorite food items on ambers it is made easy now since they have food delivery online, all you have to do is simply go to their website at or you can just call their delivery hotline for your order on their different locations. You can also use third-party delivery services like food panda or grab food to order.

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Here are the list of their telephone numbers:

Makati: (02)-888-48888

Bacoor Cavite: (046)-417-5555

Binan Laguna: (049)-535-5555

Paranaque: (02)-888-00769

Marikina: (02)-888-48888

Caloocan: (02)-888-48888

Mandaluyong: (02)-888-48888

Quezon City: (02)-888-48888

Pasig: (02)-865-44444

Manila: (02)-888-48888

Different Variety of Pancit on Ambers Menu Philippines Pin

Photo Credit: Amber FB Page


Ambers menu is spectacular and the foods are really great, I noticed that the food choices that they offer are mostly hearty and nutritious and home-cooked. If you want your meal to be lighter you will never go wrong going to Ambers. They have never compromised their food quality from the beginning up to now and that’s a plus for them since they are very consistent. In my opinion, they capture the taste that Filipinos are looking for because most on their menu are local dishes especially their pancit malabon which made them famous. The ambiance of their restaurant also gives their customers a welcoming atmosphere it is like eating a home-cooked meal in a restaurant. Their service is also great crews are polite and they will make sure that their customers will leave their restaurant satisfied. Also, the prices of their food are really affordable no wonder they become popular. Who wouldn’t want a delicious and affordable meal right? Overall a good experience and a great place to eat dishes to remember. Two Thumbs up!

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