Burger King Menu Prices

Are you Tired of the same old burger on the market and looking for something different? Searching for budget-friendly fast food items with premium quality beef patties and fries, signature recipes, and a family-friendly dining experience? Let’s talk about Burger King! The second-largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world. Burger King is one of the popular fast-food restaurants for you to try. Now, let’s talk about the Burger King menu, the original home of whoppers.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Burger King menu prices.

Menu itemPrice (PHP)

Original Flame Grilled Whopper

Original flamed grilled whopper meal189.00
Original flame grilled whopper solo161.00
Add cheese23.00
Original flamed grilled whopper jr. meal121.00
Original flame grilled whopper jr. solo69.00
Add cheese17.00

King Specials

Bacon king meal246.00
Bacon king meal jr.176.00
BBQ Bacon king meal248.00
BBQ Bacon king meal jr.178.00
Quarter pound king meal202.00
Mushroom Swiss king meal247.00
Mushroom Swiss king jr. meal177.00
Pepperoni Bacon whopper meal241.00
Pepperoni Bacon whopper jr. meal172.00


Flame grilled cheeseburger meal120.00
Flame grilled cheeseburger solo72.00
Double cheeseburger meal176.00
Double cheeseburger solo145.00
BBQ Bacon cheeseburger meal162.00
BBQ Bacon cheeseburger solo130.00

Cheese Whopper

4 Cheese Whopper Meal216.00
4 Cheese Whopper Solo188.00
4 Cheese Whopper jr. Meal157.00
4 Cheese Whopper jr. Solo101.00

Plant Based Whopper

Plant Based whopper meal207.00
Plant based whopper solo178.00
Plant based whopper jr. meal146.00
Plant based whopper jr. solo meal92.00

X-Tra Long Chicken

X-Tra Long Chicken Meal150.00
X-Tra Long Chicken Solo100.00
Add Cheese21.00
X-Tra Long Chicken jr. meal99.00
X-Tra Long Chicken jr. Solo60.00
Add Cheese15.00

Value Range

Flame grilled Hamburger Meal111.00
Flame grilled Hamburger Solo65.00
Flame grilled BBQ Burger Meal112.00
Flame grilled BBQ Burger Solo67.00
4-pc chicken Nuggets (with fries or rice) meal106.00
4-pc chicken Nuggets solo67.00

Chicken Meals

X-tra long chicken with rice meal105.00
X-tra long chicken with rice jr.meal70.00
Tender crunchy fried chicken 2pc meal198.00
Tender crunchy fried chicken 1pc meal135.00

King Feast

Original King Feast (Good for 2)270.00
Cheesy King Feast (Good for 2)319.00
Original King Feast (Good for 4)522.00

Ultimate Sidekicks

Thick cut fries small42.00
Thick cut fries medium61.00
Thick cut fries large81.00
Onion rings small39.00
Onion rings medium60.00
Onion rings large81.00
Chicken Nuggets 4pc67.00
Chicken Nuggets 6pc97.00
Chicken Nuggets 10pc156.00

Creamy Sundae

Oreo Sundae50.00
Espresso Sundae50.00

About Burger King

Burger King is American fast food that specializes in burgers. Their company was founded in 1953 with the original name insta-burger king and afterward change its name to burger king. Their headquarters is in Miami Florida. As time flies the company changed ownership four times. The company nowadays has new owners. And as of 2018 they already have 17,796 locations Globally and counting That’s the reason why they are the second the world’s biggest burger chain and the fifth-largest fast-food chain worldwide.

What is Burger King Famous for?

Burger King is known for its whopper burger. This burger contains flame-grilled juicy beef burger patty, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and onion on their sesame bun and is seasoned with their special sauce that consists of mayonnaise and ketchup. This burger is for big appetite burger lovers out there. What made this burger different from other brands is that it is flamed grilled and not fried.

Do you want to take dessert after eating a delicious burger from Burger King? How about ice cream from DQ Blizzard?

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Best Burgers on Burger King Menu

Here is the list of best burgers from the Burger King menu.

Crunchy Bacon Burger on Burger king Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Burger King FB Page

Burger King Whopper – This is their signature burger. Very recommended for big appetites. Consists of a flame-grilled burger patty with fresh tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, and ketchup all assembled in a soft bun topped with potato fries. A yum in every bite!

Bacon Cheese Burger – It consists of smoked bacon with melted cheese and yellow sauce assembled in a bun with pickles. This is available in small medium and large sizes.

Ham Burger – If you want something simple and lighter than usual this is the best choice for you. Consists of the flame-grilled beef patty in a sesame bun with sliced pickles and ketchup.

Rodeo Burger – If you are not a fan of eating messy burgers this burger got your back. Consists of a flame-grilled beef patty perfectly made with cheese smoky barbecue sauce and onion rings

Burger King’s Secret Menu

The first on their secret menu is the suicide burger, sounds scary right but this is absolutely delicious and heavy, this burger has 4 burger patties and is loaded with bacon and cheese. They also have veggie whopper and mustard whopper on their secret menu.

Rodeo burger is not a secret menu at all since you can get it in any burger king store though it is not listed on their menu so it is still counted as secret right? They also have frings on their secret menu. This is for people who can’t decide whether they want fries or onion rings so why not just have them both.

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BLT club and ham and cheese are also on the Burger King secret menu as well and this is my personal favorite. All of these items are absolutely delicious and a must-try. Now when you go to a burger king store try ordering this secret menu for a different experience and for sure your cravings will be satisfied and you will leave full.

Group Meals

Burger King’s menu has a King feast which is good for 2-4 people. You have two options to order. Good for 2 or good for 4. This offer is good for family or barkada meals.

Delicious Flamed Grilled Burger on Burger king Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Burger King FB Page

Option 1 – Good for 2 Persons

On their original king feast good for 2 you will get 1 flamed grilled cheeseburger, 1 whopper jr. 1 regular fries, 1 onion ring, chicken nuggets 4 pieces, and 2 of their 12oz drinks for the price of 269php.

Option 2Good for 4 Persons

On their original king feast good for 4 you will get 2 flamed grilled cheeseburgers, 2 whoppers jr., 2 regular onion rings, 2 regular fries, chicken nuggets 10 pieces, and 2 regular 12oz drinks for only 519php.

Burger King Menu Delivery

You can now get your hands on burger king’s delicious burgers if you don’t have time to get outside or you’re simply craving their burger. Thanks to the Burger King delivery option. All of the items that are available in their store are also available thru delivery.

All you have to do to order is to dial their delivery number or simply by sending a message on their Facebook page. You can also order from other food delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods.

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Hotline number: 667-7171

Grab Food: https://food.grab.com/ph/en/

Food Panda: https://www.foodpanda.ph/

Talk to Burger King Philippines Staff

If you wish to speak with their customer service representative you can dial their hotline number at (866) 394-2493 they are very much open to concerns and suggestions.

Open Monday thru Friday from 9 am-5 pm or you can submit your concerns to any of the following:

Website: https://www.burgerkingdelivery.com.ph/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/burgerkingph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burgerkingph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/burgerkingph/

Tasty Wooper on Burgerking Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Burger King FB Page


After tackling all of the information that we have to know about this burger brand all I can say is this fast-food chain is one of the best fast-food chains that offers a great-tasting burger experience. The Burger King menu such as the flamed grilled burger is one of the reasons why they are different from other brands and also their beef patty is bigger, juicier, and protein-packed. Their fries as well is different than other brands as it has a unique texture that is not dry.

The onion rings are recommended for people who are already tired of fries for a change, the chicken nuggets aren’t that great as it is just your typical nuggets but believe me its delicious as well and fun to eat. Their menu is very affordable as well and they have so much to offer. Overall a great experience for fast food lovers out there who loves juicy burgers. Perfect for big appetites and barkada/family quick eat-out.  Definitely a thumbs up.

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