Max’s Restaurant Menu Prices

Are you looking for a restaurant that can satisfy your cravings with great-tasting Filipino food? A place where you can relax and enjoy every moment with your family and friends with a friendly and welcoming ambiance, a lot of food selections to choose from very good service, and reasonable prices? Look no more since I found the perfect restaurant for you. This restaurant is called Max’s. They have a lot of yummy Filipino dishes to offer that you will surely enjoy and take note their corner bakery is a must-try too. Let’s talk about Max’s restaurant menu, let’s get to know them more and what can they offer. Without further ado, let’s start.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Max’s Restaurant menu prices.

Menu itemsPrice (PHP)

We Recommend

Max's Whole Fried Chicken575
Beef Kare-Kare919
Chicken Pancit Canton185
Sizzling Tofu344
Crispy Pata884
Sinigang na tiyan ng Bangus515
Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai265
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod137

Max Fried Chicken

Max's Half Fried Chicken330
Max's Whole Fried Chicken575
Family Chicken Basket 8pcs999
Condiments Trio (Max's banana ketchup, Worcestershire sauce149
And Hot Sauce)

Rubys Favorite

Tinapa spring roll263
Pork Barbecue241
Sizzling Tofu344
Chicken Sisig309
Sizzling Bulalo635
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet320
Boneless Bangus400
Lechon Kawali425
Chicken Chopsuey320
Vegetable Kare-Kare425
Beef Kare-Kare919
Crispy Oxtail Kare-Kare919
Crispy Pata1035
Sinigang na tiyan ng Bangus515
Sinigang na Hipon560
Fried Pork Belly and Shrimp Sinigang723
Nilagang Bulalo805
Kalderetang Bulalo805
Seafood Binakol677

Solo Meals

Sweet and sour fish fillet rice205
Tofu Rice Bowl205
Shanghai Rice Bowl185
Chicken Sisig Rice Bowl205
Kare-Kare Rice Bowl309
Seafood kare-Kare Rice Bowl309

Group Sets

Fried Chicken Tray2199
Lumpiang Shanghai Tray1385
Pancit Canton Tray1099
Beef Kare-Kare Tray3189

Pancit Lumpia and Rice

Mini Fresh Lumpiang Ubod148
Mini Fried Lumpiang Ubod148
Chicken Pancit Canton299
Pancit Luglog Special332
Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai265
Fried Lumpiang Ubod137
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod137
Plain Rice45
Java Rice240
Pork Adobo Rice275
Shanghai Fried Rice263

Merienda and Desserts

Leche Flan100
Triple chocolate Champorado171

Max's Corner Bakery

Vanilla Bouquet Mini cake459
Chocolate Bouquet Mini cake516
Black Forest955
Choco meringue Delight955
Triple treat cake739
Chocolate message cake548
Mocha message cake526
Vanilla message cake526
Choco Half Roll284
Mocha Half Roll284
Ube Half Roll284
Caramel Cake416
Malagos Chocolate Cake539
Mango Cookies193
Cookies and Cream Cookies193
Caramel Bar Box242
Bread Loaf whole114
Bread Loaf Half63
Chicken Sisig Bun63
Pork Adobo Bun83
Chicken Asado Bun61
Caramel Bar 10s150
Chocolate Cake Loaf182
Cake Roll slice Bundle (6per pack)251
Cream Cheese (6pcs)368
Wheat bread72
Malagos Caramel Bars303
Mango Caramel Bars358
Choco Roll Slice42
Mocha Roll Slice42
Ube Roll Slice42
Pandan Roll Slice42

Ready to Cook Products

Ready to cook boneless bangus209
Ready to cook crispy Pata594
Ready to cook chicken burger patty209
Ready to cook Lumpiang shanghai mix220
Teady to cook fresh Lumpiang Ubod mix330
Ready to cook lechon Kawali275
Ready to cook kare-kare (meat and sauce)539
Max's bagoong110
Ready to cook sweet and sour sauce44
Ready to cook leche flan176
Grilled pork belly meal kit690
Pork bicol express meal kit449
Pork binagoongan meal kit311

About Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant begins serving in 1945 after world war two, Maximo Jimenes a teacher started to befriend those American troops stationed in Quezon city, they started going to Maximo’s house to drink, and eventually, the soldiers insisted that they will pay for their drink and told Maximo that he should open a place where the troops could enjoy the food and drinks. Maximo’s place serves chicken, steak, and drinks, Maximo’s niece Ruby manages the kitchen and created a special recipe that became the Troop’s favorite, later on, other people heard about the goodness of the food that their Cafe is serving and they started to come in as well. That’s when Max’s Restaurant was born.

Over the years Max’s Restaurant popularity grows and it became a household name in the Philippines. They expanded their restaurants in Metro Manila, Southern Luzon, Northern Luzon, Cebu, and even California. Nowadays the second and third generations of the family continue to do the standard and quality that Maximo and Ruby started. They opened their franchise in 1998 then their restaurants continued growing and growing. Now Max’s Restaurant operates 170 restaurants across the country and in other countries like North America, Canada, and the Middle East.

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Best Seller Menu of Max’s Restaurant

Here is the list of The Max’s Restaurant menu best sellers that you can try, this can also serve as a guide for you if you are new to their foods.

Lumpiang Ubod – I already Accepted the fact that the Philippines is a lumpiang shanghai-loving country but this lumpiang ubod deserves to be loved as much as we love the lumpiang shanghai. It’s fresh and really delicious. Their lumpiang ubod is made with egg crepe stuffed with fresh coconut heart “ubod” pork, crab meat, and shrimp. The flavorful sauce is the bomb with this lumpiang ubod, garlicky sweet, and nutty. The taste is really refreshing and light as well. A must-try for everyone.

All Beef KareKare – This is One of the most popular dishes in the Philippines and they have their own version of it. If you love beef then their Beef Kare-Kare is what I can recommend for you. This Max’s restaurant menu has a thick peanut sauce with fork-tender beef chunks, oxtail tripe, ox skin, and vegetables. Topped with chopped peanuts and spring onions. Though this dish is already delicious Kare-Kare wouldn’t be complete without bagoong.

Sizzling Tofu on Maxs Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Max’s Restaurant FB Page

Sizzling Tofu – Their Sizzling Tofu is actually the second most popular item on their menu. Take note that this delicious item has no pork on it. It is made with crispy tofu cubes tossed in salty tangy mayonnaise sauce, and also has some chilis for a different kick. This dish is great to order as a side dish with their popular fried chicken or have it as it is. Perfect for rice as well.

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Buko Pandan – This is one of the best desserts that you can have in their restaurant. They use coconut milk, green gelatin, sago, pandan, and a sweet mixture of cream. Filipino loves buko pandan and this is a must-try among their desserts.

Sweet Tasty Buko Pandan on Maxs Restaurant Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Max’s Restaurant FB Page

Fried Chicken– It is quite famous on Max’s restaurant menu and is actually the best, it is juicy and not dry and the taste is really different from other restaurants that I tried before. The meat of the chicken is tender and cooked just right. This is actually good with beer, to be honest. Really delicious.

Max’s Restaurant Menu Party Package

Max has been famous with Filipino Families through gatherings, but Max’s is not just for a meal as they also have a party package which is something you should check if your kid’s birthday is coming. Here’s an example.

Certified Tasty Fried Chicken on Maxs Restaurant Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Max’s Restaurant FB Page

The party fees for Max’s kiddie party depend on the menu that you choose. They set it per 20 packs but of course, you can add more if you want to. You can also choose a theme for the party like Carnival, Outer Space, and princess palace.

There are three choices for the food in your package meal. Package meal A for 15,000php which consists of 1 pcs max fried chicken, 1 pcs chicken barbecue, choice of spaghetti or carbonara, choice of fish fingers or mac & cheese balls, and glassed iced tea.

Package meal B for 16,000 consists of 1 pcs max fried chicken, 1 pcs chicken barbecue, choice of spaghetti or carbonara, fish fingers 2 pcs, mac&cheese balls 2pcs, glassed iced tea. And Package meal C worth 17,000php consists of 1 pc Maxs Quarter Fried Chicken, 2 pc Barbeque, Choice of Spaghetti or Carbonara, Fish Finger 1 pc, Mac & Cheese Ball 1 pc, and Glass Iced Tea.

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Here is the list of amenities included in the package

  • Three hours of use of the venue
  • Themed Cake
  • Gift for the baby
  • Free use of a bassinet 
  • Decorated Party Area 
  • Party Balloons
  • Balloon Centerpieces
  • Welcome Banner
  • Invitations Cards
  • Guest Book with Pen
  • Party Hosting

They also offer Wedding Packages, Christening Packages, and Meeting Packages. To know more about the packages that they offer you can inquire at their social media or hotline number at 888-79000.

Max’s Restaurant Delivery

You can order your Max’s Restaurant favorite food menu in the comfort of your home. If you don’t have time to go out because of your busy schedule or you needed a quick solution for a surprise visit and you don’t have time to cook all you have to do is go to their website at or you can call their hotline number at 888-79000 to order.

Another way is to use a third-party delivery service like Food Panda and Grab Foods to get your selected foods from them.

If you like to use social media instead, you can contact them via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well.


Max’s restaurant has already built a good reputation when it comes to the Filipino foods that they offer. Their food is really delicious, and the friendly ambiance of their restaurant is a plus as well. Crews are polite and professional, though sometimes you have to wait for your order because of the long queue every minute of the wait is worth it. Clean restaurant and overall great service. Highly recommended place to dine in. Two thumbs up for this great restaurant.

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