Tim Hortons Menu Prices

Are you looking for a place where you can get delicious donuts, coffee, sandwiches, and other breakfast items? Are you the type that wants to explore flavors and are already tired of the usual? I found the perfect place to have coffee dates and chitchat with your friends and family. They are serving one of the best coffee that you could find in the market these days and their sandwiches are really good based on my personal experience. Ever heard about Tim Hortons? If not read this article and I will give you some facts about the Tim Hortons menu, how they start, the services that they provide, and a list of items that we can get on their store. Without any further delay, let us begin.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tim Hortons menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Top Picks for you

Iced Coffee small110
Iced Coffee Medium125
Iced Coffee Large140
Iced French Vanilla small125
Iced French Vanilla medium140
Iced French Vanilla large155
Hazelnut iced coffee small130
Hazelnut iced coffee medium145
Hazelnut iced coffee large160
Double double small110
Double double medium125
Double double large140
Iced hazelnut latte small145
Iced hazelnut latte medium160
Iced hazelnut latte large175
Frozen hot chocolate small155
Frozen hot chocolate medium170
Frozen hot chocolate large185
Caramel iced coffee small130
Caramel iced coffee medium140
Caramel iced coffee large160
Iced Capp small145
Iced Capp medium160
Iced Capp large175

Brewout: BOGO Coffee

Bogo large brewed coffee140
Bogo large iced coffee140

Iced latte

Iced berry latte small160
Iced berry latte medium175
Iced berry latte large190
Iced mocha latte small145
Iced mocha latte medium160
Iced mocha latte large175

Truffle Timbits

Truffle Timbits15
Truffle Timbits 10pk150
Truffle Timbits 20pk300

Sandwich and wraps combos

Artisan grilled cheese panini260
Farmers breakfast wrap245
Ham and cheese croissant combo240

Iced Drinks

Iced coffee regular110
Iced Coffee Medium125
Iced Coffee Large140
Caramel iced coffee regular130
Caramel iced coffee medium145
Caramel iced coffee large160
Hazelnut iced coffee regular130
Hazelnut iced coffee medium145
Hazelnut iced coffee large160
Iced french vanila regular125
Iced French Vanilla medium140
Iced French Vanilla large155
Iced latte regular130
Iced latte medium145
Iced latte large160
Iced caramel latte regular145
Iced caramel latte medium160
Iced caramel latte large175
Iced hazelnut latte regular145
Iced hazelnut latte medium160
Iced berry latte large175

Iced Capps

Iced Capp regular145
Iced Capp medium160
Iced Capp Large175
Caramel iced capp supreme regular175
Caramel iced capp supreme medium190
Caramel iced capp supreme large205
Hazelnut iced capp supreme regular175
Hazelnut iced capp supreme medium190
Hazelnut iced capp supreme large205

Non Coffee Iced Capps

Caramel Hazelnut regular165
Caramel Hazelnut medium180
Caramel Hazelnut large195
Starwberry shortcake regular165
Strawberry shortcake medium180
Strawberry shortcake large195

Iced Teas

Freshly brewed iced tea regular100
Freshly brewed iced tea medium115
Freshly brewed iced tea large130

Frozen Blended

Frozen hot chocolate regular155
Frozen hot chocolate medium170
Frozen hot chocolate large185


Strawberry banana smoothie regular145
Strawberry banana smoothie medium160
Strawberry banana smoothie large175

Brewed Coffee

Original brewed regular110
Original brewed medium125
Original brewed large140
Double double regular110
Double double medium125
Double double large140


Latte regular130
Latte medium145
Latte large160
Caramel latte regular145
Caramel latte medium160
Caramel large175
Hazelnut latte regular145
Hazelnut latte medium160
Hazelnut latte large175
Caffe mocha regular135
Caffe mocha medium150
Cafe mocha large165
Cappuccino regular130
Cappuccino medium145
Cappuccino large160
Cafe americano regular120
Cafe americano medium135
Cafe americano large150
Espresso regular105
Espresso medium120
Espresso large135


Hot chocolate regular130
Hot chocolate medium145
Hot chocolate large160
Signature french vanilla regular125
Signature french vanilla medium140
Signature french vanilla large155

Sandwiches & Wraps

Italiano grilled bagel195
Tuscan chicken panini165
Artisan grilled cheese panini155
Steak and cheese panini175
Tuna melt175
Tuna wrap155
Chicken bacon ranch wrap175
Chipotle chicken wrap155
Farmers breakfast wrap145

Bake goods

Four cheese bagel85

Signature donuts

Maple cream donut (each)70
Maple cream donut 6 pcs350
Maple cream donut 12 pcs770
Maple dip donut (each)70
Maple dip donut 6 pcs350
Maple dip donut 12 pcs770
Boston cream donut (each)70
Boston cream donut 6 pcs350
Boston cream donut 12 pcs770
Chocolate eclair (each)70
Chocolate eclair 6 pcs350
Chocolate eclair 12 pcs770
Apple fritter (each)70
Apple fritter 6 pcs350
Apple fritter 12 pcs770
Honey cruller (each)70
Honey cruller 6 pcs350
Honey cruller 12 pcs770

Classic donuts

Old fashioned glazed donut (each)60
Old fashioned glazed donut 6 pcs300
Old fashioned glazed donut 12 pcs660
Chocolate glazed donut (each)60
Chocolate glazed donut 6 pcs300
Chocolate glazed donut 12 pcs660
Chocolate dip donut (each)60
Chocolate dip donut 6 pcs300
Chocolate dip donut 12 pcs660
Double chocolate fudge donut (each)60
Double chocolate fudge donut 6 pcs300
Double chocolate fudge donut 12 pcs660

Assorted Donuts

Assorted donuts (each)70
Assorted donuts 6 pcs350
Assorted donuts 12 pcs770


Birthday cake timbits (each)15
Birthday cake timbits 10 pcs135
Birthday cake timbits 20 pcs285
Birthday cake timbits 50 pcs735
Old fashioned glazed timbits (each)15
Okd fashioned glazed timbits 10 pcs135
Okd fashioned glazed timbits 20 pcs285
Okd fashioned glazed timbits 50 pcs735
Chocolate glazed timbits (each)15
Chocolate glazed timbits 10 pcs135
Chocolate glazed timbits 20 pcs285
Chocolate glazed timbits 50 pcs735
Strawberry filled timbits (each)15
Strawberry filled timbits 10 pcs135
Strawberry filled timbits 20 pcs285
Strawberry filled timbits 50 pcs735
Chocolate filled timbits (each)15
Chocolate filled timbits 10 pcs135
Chocolate filled timbits 20 pcs285
Chocolate filled timbits 50 pcs735

Assorted Timbits

Assorted timbits (each)15
Assorted timbits 10 pcs135
Assorted timbits 20 pcs285
Assorted timbits 50 pcs735

Milk tea

Milk tea with cofee jelly120


Oreo extreme cheesecake270
Bannas fosted290
Dulce de leche290
Strawberry and cream290
Blackout cheesecake290
Velvet cheesecake290
Cinnamon layer cake290
Reese peanut butter290
White chocolate raspberry290
Dutchappie cheesecake290

About Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons also known as Tim’s is a Canadian international fast food restaurant, they have based in Toronto Canada that offers coffee, donuts, and other fast food items. Founded by Tim Hortons and Jim Charade in 1964, they are the number one cafe in Canada that beats Starbucks the leading cafe in the United States and the world.

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Hortons partnered with Ron Joyce in 1967 then after the death of the founder Tim Hortons, Ron Joyce took over the operation. Luckily Joyce made the chain into a multi-billion franchise. The company’s original name was Tim doughnut limited. In the year 2002 up to 2006, Tim Hortons franchises spread rapidly beating Mcdonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operator.

On August 2014 burger king agreed to purchase Tim Hortons for $11.4B. In May 2015 the company announced the closure of its United States headquarters in Dublin Ohio. Nowadays Tim Hortons is owned by Restaurant Brand International with a total of 5100 restaurants across 13 countries, they are serving thru various locations like the United States, Canada, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Asia like the Philippines.

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Tim Hortons Breakfast Menu

Tim Hortons offers a breakfast menu, here is a list of their delicious food items that you can choose from.

Zesty Farmers Wrap on Tim Hortons Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Tim Hortons FB Page

Bagel B.E.L.T – Made with a grilled bagel with cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and omelet. This heavy breakfast meal will surely make you full and very delicious too. This is actually my personal favorite.

Farmers Breakfast Wrap – This menu is a breakfast wrap made with sausage, egg, cheese, hash brown, dressed in light mayo or ranch and chipotle. This heavy breakfast wrap is also perfect for coffee just like the bagel b.e.l.t. Very tasty and easy.

Ham and Cheese Croissant – Sliced mozzarella cheese and ham in butter and fresh croissant. Why not? Perfect for every beverage that you might think of, the croissant itself is delicious btw.

Sausage Egg and Cheese (biscuit/muffin) – This Tim Hortons menu is a combination of egg omelette, patty made with pork sausage and cheddar cheese slices on your choice of base, it could be English muffin or a home style biscuit.

Tasty Bacon Cheese on Tim Hortons Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Tim Hortons FB Page

Bacon Egg and Cheese (biscuit/muffin) – A combination of egg omelet, bacon, and cheddar cheese slices on your choice of base, it could be an English muffin or a home-style biscuit.

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Sausage and Cheese (biscuit/muffin) – Made with sliced cheddar cheese with patty made of pork sausage on your choice of base, it could be English muffin or a home style biscuit.

Bacon and Cheese (biscuit/muffin) – Made with sliced cheddar cheese with bacon on your choice of base, it could be an English muffin or a home-style biscuit.

Hash Brown – Golden brown and crispy hash brown made with seasoned potatoes. Very tasty and light.

Tim Hortons Best Seller Coffee

Here is the list of the Tim Hortons menu best seller coffee.

Iced Cappuccino – Cappuccino is one of the most popular coffees of all time in fact this item could be their best-selling coffee ever and Tim Hortons specialized in this type of iced cappuccino. Made with coffee and milk blended together with ice. You can request to add toppings like whipped cream, and syrup sauces, or it could be chocolate drizzle. Up to you.

Latte – Premium arabica coffee beans and freshly steamed milk, Balanced perfectly. Their latte is one of the best that they have on their coffee menu.

Caramel Latte Supreme – This menu is actually the original latte what happens here is they just add caramel sauce topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Hot Chocolate with Tea Bag – If you are not a fan of coffee then this one is for you. Their hot chocolate is served with tea bags like peppermint tea bag and chai tea bag.

Strawberry Lemonade – This cold beverage is best, especially in summers. Made with Tim Hortons classic lemonade and strawberry puree. Very refreshing and delicious. And the color of the drink is pleasing to see as well as very aesthetic.

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Original Blend Double Double – The original roast is what you want if you are looking for their best coffee beans as this is the brand’s signature brew. This double-double is a medium roasted coffee and slightly more robust than other coffee chains’ brews.

Mocha Latte – If you are a fan of chocolate and coffee combinations then this Tim Hortons menu is for you. Made with a very rich espresso shot, milk a scoop of the brand’s signature cocoa powder and finished with chocolate-flavored whipped cream with chocolate drizzle on top. Highly Recommended for a sweet tooth.

Refreshing French Vanilla on Tim Hortons Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Tim Hortons FB Page

French Vanilla and English Toffee Latte – made with Tim Hortons standard latte, English toffee, and French vanilla sauce. This is actually an official item on their menu though it sounds like a secret menu. Delightful experience in every sip. It offers a floral aroma and a caramel aftertaste flavor, very buttery as well.

Social Media Pages

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The Tim Hortons services and menu items that they offer are really delicious, based on my personal experience. The breakfast items are my favorites, very tasty and savory. The place is always clean their crews are respectful and nice. Its great to find a nice cafe where you can enjoy your coffee with special someone in a very welcoming atmosphere. Overall a great place to dine in, with delicious food and outstanding coffees. Highly recommended for coffee and donut lovers.

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