Kenny Rogers Menu Prices

Do you find yourself craving a delicious rotisserie chicken nowadays but actually looking for something better? Or are you looking for a place to dine in with your friends, colleagues, and family but don’t have any idea where to find the best food and ambiance? Look no more dear, I found a restaurant that will surely fit your standards for casual dining. Let us talk about Kenny Rogers Roasters. We will find out about what foods can they offer and let’s get to know them. Excited? Same here, So without further ado, we will start by discussing the Kenny Rogers Menu.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kenny Rogers menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Solo Plates

Solo A Chicken252.00
Solo A Ribs401.00
Solo B Chicken282.00
Solo B Ribs430.00
Super Solo Chicken321.00
Super Solo Ribs471.00
Ribs & Chicken Plate508.00

Grilled Plates

Grilled chicken plate 1 side255.00
Grilled chicken plate 2 side287.00
Burger steak 1 side258.00
Burger steak 2 side287.00
Grilled sausage 1 side242.00
Grilled sausage 2 side271.00
Grilled fish 1 side270.00
Grilled fish 2 side300.00
Premium steak 2 side527.00

Healthy Plates

High protein meal285.00
Classic healthy plate286.00
High fiber meal286.00
Low calorie meal290.00
Light & easy211.00
Super salad210.00

Group Meals

Roasted chicken905.00
OMG unfried fried chicken907.00
Roasted & OMG unfried fried chicken907.00
Rib and chicken platter1081.00
All grilled1286.00
Honey bourbon ribs1523.00

Ala Carte

Roasted chicken quarter171.00
Roasted chicken half297.00
Roasted chicken whole558.00
OMG chicken 2 pcs173.00
OMG chicken 4 pcs298.00
OMG chicken 6 pcs557.00
Ribs half388.00
Ribs whole727.00


Solo A Chimichuri Chicken271.00
Solo B Chimichuri Chicken353.00
Chimichuri Chicken group meal1040.00
Chimichuri Roast Chicken and rib platter1173.00
Half Chimichuri Chicken358.00
Whole Chimichuri Chicken673.00
Chimichuri Chicken and rib plate546.00
Classic Healthy plate - Chimichuri Chicken321.00
High protein meal - Chimichuri Chicken322.00
High Fiber Meal - Chimichuri Chicken322.00

Savory Snacks

OMG Strips & Dips - 6 pcs Chicken strips202.00


Cold chunky tuna combo177.00
Cold chunky tuna ala carte143.00
Ham & cheese combo201.00
Ham & cheese ala carte165.00
Roasted chicken combo203.00
Roasted chicken ala carte168.00
1/3 Lb. Cheese burger combo240.00
1/3 Lb. Cheese burger ala carte207.00


Spaghetti with meat balls168.00
Spaghetti Carbonara161.00
Chicken Lasagna161.00


Caesar Salad156.00
Kani & Mango Salad156.00
Soup & Salad123.00


Chicken noodle soup90.00
Clam chowder108.00

Side dishes

Side sampler166.00


1 piece20.00
Box of 691.00

Desserts and Beverages

Chocolate mousse60.00
Fruits in cream68.00
Sandae - chocolate - strawberry - vanilla71.00
Brownie / A La Mode50.00/86.00
Banana split/ peach melba split157.00
Soda regular56.00
Soda large62.00
Soda Pitcher165.00
Iced tea regular63.00
Iced tea large68.00
Iced tea pitcher182.00
Sugar free iced tea regular62.00
Sugar free iced tea large66.00
Sugar free iced tea pitcher181.00
Pineapple juice regular68.00
Pineapple juice large71.00
Soda float85.00
Bottled water43.00
Soda in can68.00
Hot tea38.00
San Miguel pale pilsen73.00
San Mig light70.00

Kenny Rogers Fruit Juice 300ml

Pink Guava113.00

About Kenny Rogers Roaster

Kenny Rogers Roaster is a chicken-based restaurant, they are founded in 1991 by a famous musician named Kenny Rogers and John Y. Brown Jr. the former CEO of KFC which is also the former Governor of Kentucky a US state. The Kenny Rogers menu originally featured wood-fired rotisserie chicken. Their first restaurant was located in Coral Spring Florida. By the year 1995, their menu expanded and they also include ribs, turkey, and different kinds of side dishes.

The company entered bankruptcy in 1998 however despite the end of the chain in the United States, its Asian branches continue to flourish under Berjaya Group. As of the moment, Kenny Rogers Roasters has 156 branches worldwide, they are serving thru various locations like Singapore, China, India, Brunei, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The current owner of this chicken-based restaurant is Berjaya Corporation.

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Kenny Rogers Roasters Promo Menu

Featured items on their menu from new items give value to your money. This restaurant regularly offers limited-time promos, Though their promo always changes from time to time or depending on the season Kenny Rogers Roasters offers a buy 1 get 1 box of calamansi muffins to offer. They also have 20% to 30% of deals sometimes. To be updated on their latest promo all you have to do is to check their website.

Best Food on Kenny Rogers Menu

Menu items on Kenny Rogers also focused on healthier ways to eat and enjoy your food. Their Roasted Chicken is on top for the best food to get at their restaurant, this savory and delicious caramel brown roasted chicken is available in whole half and quarter servings. Their protein-packed meals are also one to consider for their best food composed of a quarter serving of chicken with rice, caesar salad, and a drink.

Super Tasty Ribs on Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu Philippines Pin

Photo Credit: Kenny Rogers Roasters FB Page

Kenny Rogers Roasters Solo Meal

Kenny Rogers Roasters offers solo plates for their customers, here is the list of solo plates that they offer.

Solo A – Comes with chicken (roasted or OMG) or ribs (half slab) with regular side dish rice and muffins.

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Solo B – It comes with chicken (roasted or OMG) or ribs (half slab) with two regular side dishes, rice, and muffins

Sola A Meal on Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu Philippines Pin

Photo Credit: Kenny Rogers Roasters FB Page

Super Solo – This menu consists of (roasted or OMG) or ribs (half slab) with regular side dishes, soup, salad rice, and a brownie.

Rib and Chicken Plate – comes with half slab rib and 1/4 roasted or OMG chicken with two regular side dishes and a muffin.

Recommended Kenny Rogers Menu Group Meal

Here are the examples of their group meals that I can recommend if you are going to dine in with your barkada, family, and colleagues.

  • Roasted Chicken one whole.
  • OMG unfried fried chicken bucket of 8 pieces.
  • Honey bourbon ribs, 4 pieces half slab.
  • Roasted and unfried fried chicken 1 half roasted and four pieces of OMG unfried fried chicken.
  • Rib and chicken platter consist of one quarter roasted chicken two pieces of unfried fried chicken and 2 pieces of half slab ribs.
  • All Grilled comes with 1 piece rosemary and thyme chicken fillet, 1 piece American barbecue chicken fillet, 1 piece schüblig sausage, 1 piece burger steak, and 1 piece half slab rib.

Talk to Their Staff

Want to know about the latest Kenny Rogers menu or promos that they can offer?

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You can talk with a customer service representative of Kenny Rogers Roasters to tell your inquiries, concerns, and suggestions. Use any of the following links to get in touch with them. The hotline number is also listed below if you want to use it instead of reaching out on their social media.

Hotline Number: 8-555-9000




Kenny Rogers Roaster Delivery

Craving for menu specials but you can not go outside because of your busy schedule? Avoiding traffic and long queues? Nothing to worry about because you can now order your favorites Kenny Rogers Roasters menu in the comfort of your home. Thanks to their delivery service.

Solo B Meal on Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu Philippines Pin

Photo Credit: Kenny Rogers Roasters FB Page

All you have to do is to go to their website at or call their hotline number at 8-555-9000 their delivery service is open from 10 am to 9 pm. Or you can also use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods.


If you are looking for a good casual dining experience with a customer-friendly ambiance Kenny Rogers Roaster is the best restaurant to go to. The foods that they offer are fantastic and delicious they have a lot of different selections that for sure will satisfy your cravings at a reasonable price, their restaurants are clean the staffs and crews are friendly and professionals, a great place to enjoy dining with family and friends. Overall a good experience and highly recommended.

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