Pancake House Menu Prices

Tired of typical fast food? Looking for a good eat-out experience with a variety of healthier options to choose from for a reasonable price? Why not see the Pancake House menu and try it? They have a lot of yummy items to try. Not a fan of pancakes and waffles? There’s no need to worry they also have other mouthwatering goodness on their menu to choose from. Interested? Let me introduce you to Pancake House in this article.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Pancake House menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Pancake's & Waffles

Classic Pancake's 2pcs208.85
Classic Pancake's 3pcs248.10
Cheese Pancake's 2pcs241.35
Cheese Pancake's 3pcs271.10
Banana Pancake's 2pcs240.35
Banana Pancake's 3pcs270.10
Chocolate Marble Pancake's 2pcs240.35
Chocolate Marble Pancake'a 3pcs269.10
Chocolate Chip Pancake's 2pcs250.35
Chocolate Chip Pancake's 3pcs271.10
Walnut Pancake's 2pcs249.10
Walnut pancake's 3pcs286.35
Blueberry Pancake's 2pcs248.10
Blueberry Pancake's 3pcs289.35
Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake 2pcs249.10
Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake 3pcs287.35
Classic Country Pancake Medley359.50
Golden Brown Waffles229.85
Chocolate Marble Waffles253.85
Cheese Waffles254.85
Bacon Waffles270.10
Caramel Banana Walnut Waffles272.10
Bacon & Cheese Pancake Medley397.75


Mushroon Soup13.85
Best Taco in Town115.85
Caesar Salad281.75
Best Tuna Macaroni Salad220.50
Fiesta Taco Salad356.50
Potato Salad219.50

Filipino Favorites

Pork or Chicken Tocino313.50
Daing na Bangus408.25
Smoked Golden Tinapa432.25
Beef Tapa358.50

International Delights

Ham & Cheese Omelette261.75
Mushroom Omelette236.75
Spanish Omelette259.75
Cinnamon Omelette146.75
French Toast201.25

Special Sets

Spaghetti Club Special Set346.00
House Special Set A375.75
House Special Set B374.75
Pan Chicken Special Set375.75
Hamburger Steak Special Set376.75
Roast Beef Special Set410.25


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Regular254.00
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Large387.25
Classic Baked Mac286.35

Main Course

Classic Pan Chicken 2pcs266.50
Classic Pan Chicken 3pcs347.50
Classic Pan Chicken & Golden Brown Waffle 1pcs310.50
Classic Pan Chicken & Golden Brown Waffle 2pcs408.25
Fish Roll333.50
Pork Vienna346.00
Special Salisbury Steak345.00
Spicy Chicken w/Brown Rice Pilaf324.00
Crispy Chicken Fillet286.35
Hot Roast Beef404.50
Spicy Maple Dangit287.35
Pan Grilled Pork Belly345.00
Chicken Parmigiana287.35
Corned Beef Hash322.00
Steak and Eggs633.50

Burger & Sandwiches

Jumbo House Burger397.75
Grilled Cheese235.75
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato294.25
Clubhouse Sandwich403.50
Grilled Ham and Cheese264.50

Kids Menu

Mini Classic Pancakes139.00
Mini Classic Pancakes with Candy-coated Choco Bites157.25
Children Classic Spaghetti141.00
Slice N' Shine261.75

Classic Takeout Favorites

Make your own Taco Box of 5 pcs461.85
Box of 6 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken with 3 rice685.25
Boc of 6 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken606.75
Box of 8 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken with 4 rice882.75
Box of 8 pcs. Classic Pan Chicken790.75


Fish Rolls with Lumpia Sauce413.70
Salisbury Steak with Gravy Sauce929.90
All Meat Spaghetti Sauce662.25
Beef Tapa1290.00
Country Sausage287.05
Daing na bangus242.20
Smoked Golden Tinapa287.05
Pork Vienna with Breading and Polka Sauce463.45

About Pancake House

In 1970 The Pancake house was born. It was founded by Milagros Basa, Leticia Zamora, and Milagros Zaragoza (Before it was acquired by Max’s group of restaurants) with a goal to introduce freshly baked pancakes and waffles in a variety of flavors to a predominant rice-based consuming market of the Philippines.

Their first restaurant was opened in Magallanes. In 1975 they opened a second branch in posy Ayala arcade in Makati and the third one on United Nations Avenue In Manila. Following their success more Pancake House outlets both company-owned and the franchise were open on different sites. As of now their franchises are growing like fire nationwide and counting.

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Pancake House Menu Best Seller

There’s no doubt Pancake House has become one of the most popular restaurants in the country because of their homey dishes like pancakes, Pan-fried Chicken, and Waffles they have a lot more to offer, Though this is not ranked here are some of Pancake House menu best seller for you to check.

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Special Salisbury Steak – Hamburger patty covered in rich gravy sauce. Pancake House Salisbury Steak is made of a one-third-pound hamburger patty covered in a peppery creamy gravy and bacon bits served with rice and buttered corn and carrots side dish. A simple meal that becomes a crowd favorite. Here’s a fun fact. Salisbury steak was invented by an American physician named James Salisbury who believes that humans should eat more meat instead of vegetables and grains for optimum digestion.

Classic Pan Chicken – After pancakes, classic Pan chicken comes to mind when you think of dining in a pancake house. The juicy chicken is always golden with a distinctive crunch to it. But the gravy is the real deal with this one, it’s the gravy’s unique savory taste with a hint of calamansi.

Best Taco in Town – The name speaks for itself. This Pancake House Signature Taco menu has a usual fixing of ground beef cooked in tomato sauce crisp lettuce chopped fresh tomatoes and shredded cheese surely is a must-try.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce – Pancake House spaghetti with meat sauce tries to copy your childhood spaghetti. A little sweet sauce with an extra chunk of ground beef can be a favorite not by kids but by everybody.

Different variety of tasty foods on the pancake house menu Pin
Photo Credit: Pancake House FB Page

Daing na Bangus – They also have a fish and seafood option for someone who’s looking for a lighter meal such as Daing na Bangus. This typical Filipino meal menu of Pancake House is made from Bangus marinated with vinegar garlic salt and pepper. Ser5ved with Garlic rice and sunny side-up egg. Also, a mango salsa helps balance out the rich flavor of this meal.

Beef Tapa – Pancake House is not just waffles, If you are looking for a delicious Beef Tapa Pancake House is the place to go. Pancake House version of Beef Tapa is delectable in every bite, The Tapa is saucier than the usual Tapa. Which means it is perfect with garlic rice.

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House specials Set A – It’s basically 3 goodness in one, Taco Spaghetti and Fried chicken. If you are extra hungry or having trouble choosing their menu this set is the best option for you.    

Almondigas Soup – If you want something lighter this one could be perfect for you. This soup has egg noodles (Miswa) pork meatballs and spring onions.                                                                                                 

Classic Pancake – Pancake House has a lot to offer but of course, the classic will be our main star on the menu. A stack of Fluffy buttermilk Pancakes topped with whipped butter and a generous amount of maple syrup. This is simple yet a must-try!

Pancake House Eat All You Can Menu

How many pancakes and waffles can you finish in 2 hours? Yes, Pancake House has a menu that offers Eat all you can. Though this is not a forever offer, the Pancake House offers all-you-can-eat waffles and pancakes once in a while. They are letting customers eat all the pancakes and waffles they possibly can. The promo is held during weekends and is not available in every store, also it is only applicable to dine-in customers.

tasty burger on the pancake house menu Pin
Photo Credit: Pancake House FB Page

Pancake House Menu Delivery

You can now order your favorite menu items from this restaurant by simply visiting their website at There are numerous options to choose from, including delivery, pick-up to avoid long queues, and an e-party option for ordering the food you need for gatherings or parties at your convenience. Pancake House offers delivery services in Metro Manila and selected provincial locations, with a minimum order of 350 PHP required to proceed with the transaction. For provincial locations, you can place your order directly by calling the provided numbers.

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Baguio – (074) 442-9999

Cavite – (046) 416-9999

Laguna – (049) 502-9999

Batangas – (043) 723-2222

Cebu – (032) 254-1111

Alternatively, you can use popular food applications such as GrabFoods, LalaFoods, and FoodPanda. All you need to do is to download the app and set your location to see if the delivery is available

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tasty classic pancake on the pancake house menu Pin
Photo Credit: Pancake House FB Page


This restaurant has built its name over time, and this restaurant has become an institution, who would have imagined that this restaurant made by 3 women who only like to introduce pancakes and waffles to a rice-consuming country could be this big. The food on the Pancake House menu is great and consists of many mouthwatering choices, and to be honest all of them are highly recommended. Their restaurants also have this cozy atmosphere that lightens Everyone’s mood. This Is a great place to go especially if you are looking for something healthier and homey, this is not your typical fast food. The Pancake House menus are affordable at a reasonable price. This day it became convenient to order with them because of the online order options. Their location can easily be found especially in malls, they are almost everywhere around the metro. All in all a great place to eat, with a variety of choices and a good experience.

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