KFC Menu Prices

Do you ever find yourself getting confused about where to eat when you’re at the mall or outside? Have you tried all of the different fast-food chains but still you are looking for something that can satisfy your cravings at an affordable price? Look no more as I found the best fast food restaurant for you to save you time. They are an international brand that is popular with its fried chicken and also they are serving different kinds of food selections from breakfast meals to fully loaded meals. Let’s talk about KFC Menu, an American brand of fast food that’s been served in the country for so many years.

Let’s start and try to know some fun facts about them their food and the quality of service that they have.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of KFC menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Bucket Meals

3pc Bucket Meal with Chicken chops541
4pc Bucket Meal with Chicken chops586
3pc Variety Bucket Meal with 1.5L Coke611
4pc Variety Bucket Meal with 1.5L Coke795
6pc Bucket Meal565
8pc Bucket Meal725
6pc Bucket Meal with Rice Drinks and Spaghetti660
8pc Bucket Meal with Rice Drinks and Spaghetti879
6pc Bucket Meal with Rice Fixins Drinks and brownies640
8pc Bucket Meal with Rice Fixins Drinks and brownies825
6pc Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks495
8pc Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks659
3pc Chicken and Zinger Steak Box565
4pc Chicken and Zinger Steak Box725

All Chicken Bucket

Crispy Strips Bucket308
3pc All Chicken Variety Bucket474
4pc All Chicken Variety Bucket678
Bucket of 6439
Bucket of 8579
Bucket of 10720
Bucket of 151008
Bucket of 201329

Fully Loaded Meals

Cheesy Chili con Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal199
Chicken Chops Fully Loaded Meal174
Korean BBQ Flavorshot Fully Loaded Meal164
1pc Fully Loaded Meal147
2pc Fully Loaded Meal215
Shots Fully Loaded Meal205
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal184

Breakfast Meals

Hash Brown37
A.M or Pandesal83
A.M or Pandesal Combo112
A.M Egg Pandesal42
A.M Egg Pandesal Combo68
A.M Ham Pandesal70
A.M Ham Pandesal Combo99
Arroz Caldo Regular53
Arroz Caldo Special94
Arroz Caldo Meal120
A.M 1pc Chicken Ala Carte109
A.M 1pc Chicken Rice Meal131
A.M Flavorshot Ala Carte85
A.M Flavorshot Rice Meal105
A.M Steak Rice Bowl105
A.M Steak Rice Bowl Combo130
A.M Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl105
A.M Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl Combo130

Fixins and Extras

Crispy Fries45
Large Crispy Fries62
Large Coleslaw72
Mashed potato45
Large Mashed potato62
Buttered Corn45
Large Buttered Corn62
Large Gravy18
Extra Rice25

Signature Meals

Chicken Chops Ala Carte64
Chicken Chops Meal85
Chicken Chops Combo105
1pc Chicken Meal with Mashed Potato130
1pc Chicken Meal105
2pc Chicken Meal with Fixin205
2pc Chicken Meal187
1pc Chicken Ala Carte89
2pc Chicken Ala Carte168


Shots Combo115
Large Shots Combo170
Regular Shots70
Large Shots120

Burgers and Twisters

Zinger Combo160
Twister Combo157
California Maki Twister112

About KFC

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders way back in 1930. They are the second-largest restaurant chain in the world following McDonald but KFC specialized in Fried Chicken a little different from Mcdonald’s which specialized in burgers.

It is an American brand of fast food with headquarters in the United States. KFC became successful and popular because of its Fried Chicken which is the founder’s own recipe. However, the company’s rapid expansion overwhelmed the aging founder Colonel Sanders so he sold it to a group of investors in 1964.

In 2018 KFC has 22,621 stores in 150 countries worldwide. They are serving thru various locations like Russia, Canada, America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

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KFC was introduced to the Philippines in 1967. It was managed by a different franchise. In June 1994 Manuel Agustine manage to obtain the sole franchisee of KFC products in the country.

Now the management of KFC is working hard to maintain the quality and excellence that KFC has to be the fastest-growing quick-serve restaurant in the industry. As of now KFC has 329 branches in the country now operated by Ramcar Group of companies.

KFC Gravy

KFC Gravy

Some of you already know that the gravy on KFC is exceptional. It is delicious and actually a great partner for their chicken, though the recipe for their gravy remains a secret it is said that they use bouillon cubes to make it tastier and well-seasoned. Nobody knows the secret recipe for their gravy but one thing is for sure, it’s really good.

KFC Menu Bucket Meals

KFC menu bucket meals are really recommended for a group of customers who needs bigger food servings and are also recommended for delivery. Take note that you’ll save more if you order bucket meals.


Available bucket meals:

  • Bucket of 10 with Coca-Cola 1L
  • Spicy Gangnam Bucket meal for 3
  • Spicy Gangnam Bucket meal for 4
  • 6 pcs Bucket Meal
  • 8 pcs Bucket Meal
  • 6 pcs Bucket Meal with rice drinks and spaghetti
  • 8 pcs Bucket Meal with rice drinks and spaghetti
  • 6 pcs Bucket Meal with rice fixins drinks and brownies
  • 8 pcs Bucket Meal with rice fixins drinks and brownies
  • 6 pcs Bucket Meal with rice and drinks
  • 8 pcs Bucket Meal with rice and drinks
  • Bucket of 6
  • Bucket of 8
  • Bucket of 10
  • Bucket of 15
  • Bucket of 20
  • Bucket of 6 with spaghetti platter
  • Bucket of 6 with fixin super platter
  • Bucket of 8 with fixin super platter
  • Bucket of 10 with super platter
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Best KFC Menu Meal to Get in


Here’s the list of KFC’s top 5 best menu

  • Crispy Colonel Sandwich – This is usually the one that we can see in their commercials on tv and has Colonel’s name on it. This one is amazing and crispy and the chicken thank goodness is not dry. It has mayonnaise and pickles which really pulls this sandwich together. This is also one of the best sellers in KFC.
  • Original Recipe Chicken Bucket – The original will always be the best this KFC bucket meal is really a bomb. The chicken is juicy and the taste is delicious the texture is great. This is actually my personal favorite on their menu.
  • Chicken PopCorn – One of the crunchiest on their menu is their chicken popcorn. This taste great with KFC barbecue sauce as its dipping sauce. These amazing chicken popcorn are made with white meat and usually serve as a side dish but you can actually make a meal out of them.
  • Kentucky Grilled Chicken – This is one of the must-try on their menu, if you don’t want it fried then you could have it grilled. The Chicken is marinated and seasoned before it is grilled. One of their best sellers and definitely a bomb.
  • Go Cup – The Go cup is actually the perfect mix of everything that you are looking for on their menu. This is perfect for to-go orders. Easy and not messy to eat with a lot of your favorites, isn’t that good.
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KFC Menu Delivery

If you don’t have time to go outside because of your busy schedule or you are just avoiding the traffic and long queues this is great news for you.

You can order from them by simply going to their delivery website at kfc.com.ph or you can call their delivery hotline at 8887-8888. You can also use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods. Please note that the price of the delivery service that they offer may vary depending on your location.

Social Media Accounts of KFC

KFC also have Social Media accounts for you to follow if you want to be updated about their latest promotions and offers, here’s the list of their social media.








KFC became one of the leading fast food in our country and abroad, we can guarantee from all of their food selections that we are getting the best at a very affordable price. The service that they offer is actually good based on my personal experience, the food is tasty and the place is clean. Highly recommended for barkada and family eat-outs if you are looking for something good and of course if you are a fan of fried chicken. All in all a good experience and a thumbs up.

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