Nadai Fujisoba Menu Prices

Are you set to take off on an incredible gastronomic journey that will take your flavor sensations right to the heart of Japan? Because there is only one place to go: I introduce to you Nadai Fujisoba, which specializes in offering the best soba noodles from Japan. I am sure you are excited about this other Japanese-recommended restaurant so let us stop this chit-chat and head over to the main event, here is their menu collection that brings the best of Japanese cuisine right to your table.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of their menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Donburi Rice Bowls

Ten Don280
Katsu Don230
Ebi Ten Don280
Oyako Don230
Salmon Harasu Don280
Gyu Don230
Buta Bara Kimuchi Don230
Curry Don230

Nihon Soba/Udon

Kake Soba180
Kake Udon180
Buta Kimuchi Soba/Udon280
Tori Niku Soba/Udon280
Aka Fuji Soba/Udon280
Kitsune Soba/Udon230
Horensou Soba/Udon200
Niku Fuji Soba/Udon280
Curry Soba/Udon230
Onsen Soba/Udon200
Karaage Soba/Udon280
Okura Tororo Soba/Udon230
Wakame Soba/Udon200

Tempura Soba/Udon

Ebi Ten Soba/Udon300
Yasai Kakiage Ten Tama Soba/Udon300
Yasai Kakiage Ten Soba/Udon280
Chikuwa Ten Soba/Udon260
Kisu Ten Soba/Udon260
Ika Ten Soba/Udon230

Mori Soba/Udon

Mori Udon180
Mori Soba180
Ika Ten Mori Soba/Udon230
Chikuwa Ten Mori Soba/Udon260
Kisu Ten Mori Soba/Udon260
Ebi Ten Mori Soba/Udon300

Hiyashi & Tsuke Soba/Udon

Hiyashi Soba/Udon180
Hiyashi Okura Tororo Soba/Udon230
Hiyashi Niku Fuji Soba/Udon320
Hiyashi Kitsune Soba/Udon230
Hiyashi Tanuki Soba/Udon230
Tori Tsuke Soba/Udon280
Niku Tsuke Soba/Udon320

Teisyoku Set Special

Curry Don250
Buta Bara Kimuchidon250
Ebi Tendon380
Katsu Don + Choice of Noodles350

Tempura a la Carte

Ebi Ten (5pcs)400
Ebi Ten (3pcs)240
Kisu Ten (5pcs)250
Kisu Ten (3pcs)150
Karaage (3pcs)160
Ika Ten (5pcs)300
Ika Ten (3pcs)180
Chikuwa Ten (3pcs)240
Yasai Kakiage (per piece)120
Potato Croquette (3pcs)180


Sobacha Pudding80
Matcha Ice Cream100


Bottled Water50
Calamansi Soda60
Dalandan Soda60
Pepsi Light60
Mug Rootbeer60
Iced Tea70
Seasonal Fruit Shake150
San Miguel Light99
San Miguel Pale Pilsen99
Kirin Beer200


Nadai Fujisoba is incredibly proud of its unwavering dedication to authenticity. In fact, Nadai Fujisoba is a place that will never let you down. From the recipes and ingredients that are carefully chosen to ensure that every dish we serve captures the essence of Japanese cuisine. Their skilled chefs craft soba noodles daily from the highest quality buckwheat flour, delivering a texture and flavor that will leave you craving more.

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Nadai Fujisoba Best Selling Menu 

Elevate your Japanese dining experience while savoring the must-have in this best-selling collection from Nadai Fujisoba.

Katsu Don – Explore the mouthwatering world of our Katsu Don. Picture a fluffy bed of rice topped with silky egg, sweet onions, and succulent pork loin katsu, all drenched in savory soy dashi sauce.

Katsu don Pin
Photo Credits: Nadai Fujisoba Philippines FB Page

Ten Don – Indulge in pure bliss with our Ten Don, which includes savory fish, soft squid, and crispy tempura prawns in a sweet Ten Tsuyu sauce. The dish is finished with fluffy rice.

Hiyashi Okura Tororo Soba/Udon – Cool soba or udon noodles, crispy okra, onion leeks, wakame seaweed, and a dash of energizing wasabi in cool tsuyu sauce will refresh your tongue.

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Chikuwa Ten Mori Soba/Udon – For a unique dining experience, try cold dipping soba or udon noodles with chikuwa (fish cake) tempura, onion leeks, and wakame seaweed. This Nadai Fujisoba menu is one of my favorites and I will surely come back for more.

Karaage – Enjoy this Japanese fried chicken, which is perfectly crispy and served with delicate seasoned pieces that have a delicious crunch.

Karaage Pin
Photo Credits: Nadai Fujisoba Philippines FB Page

Donburi Rice Bowls

Indulge in the best of Japanese cuisine at Nadai Fujisoba with their mouthwatering Donburi Rice Bowl. Explore the diverse menu showcasing various bowls, each offering a unique blend of textures and authentic Japanese flavors.

Ebi Ten Don – Enjoy the crunchy symphony of prawn tempura drizzled in sweet Tentsuyu sauce and served over a bed of rice in the dish Ebi Ten Don.

Ebi ten don Pin
Photo Credits: Nadai Fujisoba Philippines FB Page

Salmon Harasu Don – Experience the richness of the salmon belly menu from the Nadai Fujisoba that includes teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, ichimi chili powder, and onion leeks over rice in the dish known as salmon harasu don.

Buta Bara Kimuchi Don – Enjoy sliced pork belly, sour kimchi, and sweet yakiniku sauce over a warm bed of rice in the dish Buta Bara Kimuchi Don This dish is also one of their all-star in this rice bowl collection.

Buta bara kimchi don Pin
Photo Credits: Nadai Fujisoba Philippines FB Page

Curry Don – Enjoy the comforting flavors of curry sauce and Japanese pickles on a bed of rice. The curry and aromatic flavor of this dish is to die for. One of my highly recommended dishes in this selection.

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Hiyashi & Tsuke Soba/Udon 

Refresh yourself with these Hiyashi & Tsuke Soba/Udon menu collections from the Nadai Fujisoba that bring the finest warmth you need that will bring extra comfort to your day.

Hiyashi Soba/Udon – Cold soba or udon noodles topped with onion leeks, wakame seaweed, and cold tsuyu sauce.

Hiyashi Kitsune Soba/Udon – Savour the distinct flavors of cold soba or udon noodles topped with fried tofu skin, onion leeks, wakame seaweed, wasabi, and cold tsuyu sauce.

Hiyashi Niku Fuji Soba/Udon – Enjoy chilled soba or udon noodles with sliced beef, a half-boiled egg, onion leeks, wakame seaweed, wasabi, and cold tsuyu sauce.

Hiyashi Kitsune Soba/Udon – A delectable blend of cold soba or udon noodles, fried tofu skin, onion leeks, wakame seaweed, wasabi, and cold tsuyu sauce.

Hiyashi kitsune soba Pin
Photo Credits: Nadai Fujisoba Philippines FB Page

Nadai Fujisoba Menu Delivery

Craving for Japanese food? You can indulge in the flavorful collection brought to you by Nadai Fujisoba in the utmost comfortable way to enjoy it at home. From the finest sip of their Udon, up to their flavorful rice bowls, these collections will never leave you disappointed. You can order through FoodPanda Philippines by searching Nadai Fujisoba at their app or website and experience the smoothest way and hassle-free transaction of food delivery service here in the Philippines.

Social Media Pages

Elevate your foodie game by following them on social media. Get ready for a soba-tastic experience like no other! They’re not just a restaurant; they’re your passport to Japan’s culinary wonders.



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What type of cuisine does Nadai Fujisoba offer? 

Nadai Fujisoba is known for its traditional Japanese food, which includes soba and udon noodles, tempura, sushi, sashimi, and donburi rice bowls.

What is Nadai Fujisoba known for?

The exceptional reputation of Nadai Fujisoba is founded on its devotion to authentic Japanese flavors, which are underlined by its daily-made soba and udon noodles. The menu also includes a selection of Japanese favorites, all of which are made with precision and care.

What are the operating hours of Nadai Fujisoba?

Operating hours of every  Nadai Fujoshiba vary by location in the Philippines. However, they typically open their doors from 10 AM until 10 PM.

Where is Nadai Fujisoba located in the Philippines?

Nadai Fujisoba has many locations around the Philippines, making it convenient for Japanese food lovers. Here are the branches available nationwide:

  • The Bonifacio High Street
  • Aura from SM
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • The Block SM
  • The SM Megamall


To conclude my overall experience, I would say that this restaurant is a restaurant that you can truly recommend to your friends, family, and colleagues. From their intricate design to the dining experience that they offer inside the store, there is no doubt why and how they have maintained a great spot for being one of the beloved Japanese restaurants in the Philippines. However, I recommend that they also allocate focus on their social media marketing as well as establish an official website that can help people navigate and browse their collection even through online methods. There is so much to enjoy at Nadai Fujisoba and this restaurant has so much to offer for you to enjoy with your friends and family.  

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