Juju Eats Menu Prices

Juju Eats menu offers nutritious and delicious meals and beverages that contain a lot of nutritional benefits. It consists of salads, wraps, paninis, pasta with red rice bowls, cold-pressed juices, canned drinks, sweet treats, and catering boxes. Smoothies from the Big Chill brand and Coffee from Tully’s brand are also parts of its menu. It also offers a pack of 12 bottles of fresh and cold-pressed juice that comes in three levels for those who want to cleanse or try juice fasting.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Juju Eats menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Ay Caramba Wrap276
Big Boy Salad (Snack)340
Big Boy Salad (Regular)625
Big Boy Wrap 340
Ginger Lemon 225
Pesto Chicken Panini299
Chatuchak Salad (Snack)265
Chatuchak Salad (Regular)430
Chicken Caesar Salad (Snack)265
Chicken Caesar Salad (Regular)490
Green Bomb225
Chicken Caesar Wrap 265
Spicy Limonada225
Thai Chicken Salad (Snack)229
Thai Chicken Salad (Regular)403

Juju Signature Salads

Ay Caramba Salad (Snack)276
Ay Caramba Salad (Regular)470
Big Boy Salad (Snack)340
Big Boy Salad (Regular)625
Chatuchak Salad (Snack)265
Chatuchak Salad (Regular)430
Chicken Caesar Salad (Snack)265
Chicken Caesar Salad (Regular)490
DIY Regular Bowl 275
DIY Snack Bowl202
Greek Salad (Snack)270
Greek Salad (Regular)490
Inasal Salad (Snack)300
Inasal Salad (Regular)550
Nicoise Salad (Snack)320
Nicoise Salad (Regular)590
Pesto Salad (Snack)300
Pesto Salad (Regular)540

Juju Wraps

Ay Caramba Wrap276
Big Boy Wrap 340
Chicken Caesar Wrap 265
Chatuchak Wrap265
Greek Salad Wrap270
Inasal Salad Wrap300
Nicoise Salad Wrap320
Pesto Salad Wrap300
Quinoa Gold Wrap320
Thai Chicken Wrap229
Meatball Marinara Pasta Wrap173
Pesto Pasta Wrap230
Sicilian Pasta Wrap225
Tuna Nicoise Pasta Wrap260
Bacon Cheese Quesadilla288
Chicken Quesadilla288

Add: Veggies

Capers 12
Corn 12
French Beans35
Mango, Green12
Papaya, Green12
Raisins 12
Red Kidney Beans18
Red Onion 18
Tomato, cherry30
Tomato, Sun-Dried35

Add: Protein

Chicken, herbed35
Chicken, Inasal35
Chicken, Southwest35
Meatball 29

Add: Cheese

Parmesan 21

Add: Crunch

Cashew Nuts18
Nacho Chips18

Add: Base

Brown Rice29

Additional Dressing

Asian Dressing41
Ay Caramba Dressing41
Balayan Dressing41
Balsamic Dressing41
Caesar Dressing41
French Dressing41
Honey Mustard41
Italian Dressing41
Korean Dressing41
Nampla Dressing41
Pesto Mayo Dressing41
Sicilian Dressing41


Tomato Melt Panini265
Pesto Chicken Panini299
Spicy Tuna Melt Panini340
B.E.L.T. Panini265
Meatball Panini299

Pasta + Red Rice Bowls

Meatball Marinara Pasta (Snack)173
Meatball Marinara Pasta (Regular)299
Pesto Pasta Salad (Snack)230
Pesto Pasta Salad (Regular)415
Sicilian Pasata (Snack)225
Sicilian Pasata (Regular)400
Tuna Nicoise Pasta (Snack)260
Tuna Nicoise Pasta (Regular)460
Bibimbap Bowl 344
Chicken Bibimbap Bowl 403

Juju Cold-pressed Juices

Green Bomb225
Ginger Lemon225
Red Giant225
Spicy Limonada225
Chocolate Nutmilk225
Nutmilk Latte225
Vanilla Nutmilk225
Cold Brew Coffee160
Qcumber Quench225

Big Chill Smoothies

Supercharger (16 0z)190
Supercharger (22 oz)220
Mango Mania Smoothie (16 oz)130
Mango Mania Smoothie (22 oz)160
Avocado Bliss (16 oz)155
Avocado Bliss (22 oz)175
Power Breakfast (16 oz)150
Power Breakfast (22 oz)175
Luscious Lychee Smoothie (16 oz)105
Luscious Lychee Smoothie (22 oz)125
Green Mango Smoothie (16 oz)130
Green Mango Smoothie (22 oz)160
Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie (16 oz)200
Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie (22 oz)265
Orange Blast Smoothie (16 oz)185
Orange Blast Smoothie (22 oz)220
Melon Melba Smoothie (16 oz)140
Melon Melba Smoothie (22 oz)220
Watermelon Cooler Smoothie (16 oz)105
Watermelon Cooler Smoothie (22 oz)125
Pineapple Paradise Smoothie (16 oz)105
Pineapple Paradise Smoothie (22 oz)125
Gorgeous Grape Smoothie (16 oz)185
Gorgeous Grape Smoothie (22 oz)220
Fantastic Five (16 oz)220
Fantastic Five (22 oz)265
Coldbuster-C (16 oz)165
Coldbuster-C (22 oz)195
Banana Smoothie (16 oz)105
Banana Smoothie (22 oz)125
Banana Peanut (16 oz)105
Banana Peanut (22 oz)125
Big Chill Carrot Juice (16 oz)240
Big Chill Carrot Juice (22 oz)290
Big Chill Orange Juice (16 oz)240
Big Chill Orange Juice (22 oz)290
Big Chill Apple Juice (16 oz)240
Big Chill Apple Juice (22 oz)290

Add: Extras

Calcium Boost65
Fruits, Premium55
Fruits, Regular45
Vitamin C35
Whey, Chocolate95
Whey, Vanilla95
Whey, Strawberry95

Tullys Coffee & Tea

Matcha Green Tea Latte (Tall)165
Matcha Green Tea Latte (Grande)175
Matcha Green Tea Latte (Venti)200
Iced Tea (Tall)120
Iced Tea (Grande)135
Iced Tea (Venti)145
Brewed Tea (Tall)110
Brewed Tea (Grande)125
Brewed Tea (Venti)135
Bellacino White Chocolate (Tall)180
Bellacino White Chocolate (Grande)190
Bellacino White Chocolate (Venti)210
Bellacino Mocha (Tall)180
Bellacino Mocha (Grande)190
Bellacino Mocha (Venti)210
Bellacino Matcha (Tall)190
Bellacino Matcha (Grande)200
Bellacino Matcha (Venti)210
Bellacino Espresso (Tall)190
Bellacino Espresso (Grande)200
Bellacino Espresso (Venti)210
Bellacino Coffee Jelly (Tall)190
Bellacino Coffee Jelly (Grande)200
Bellacino Coffee Jelly (Venti)210
Bellacino Chocolate (Tall)165
Bellacino Chocolate (Grande)180
Bellacino Chocolate (Venti)200
Bellacino Caramel (Tall)175
Bellacino Caramel (Grande)190
Bellacino Caramel (Venti)210
Cappuccino (Tall)140
Cappuccino (Grande)155
Cappuccino (Venti)170
Caramel Macchiato (Tall)165
Caramel Macchiato (Grande)185
Caramel Macchiato (Venti)200
Café Latte (Tall)140
Café Latte (Grande)160
Café Latte (Venti)170
Café au Lait (Tall)130
Café au Lait (Grande)145
Café au Lait (Venti)155
Brewed Coffee (Tall)120
Brewed Coffee (Grande)130
Brewed Coffee (Venti)150
Breve (Tall)145
Breve (Grande)155
Breve (Venti)170
Americano (Tall)135
Americano (Grande)150
Americano (Venti)165
Signature White Chocolate Mocha (Tall)170
Signature White Chocolate Mocha (Grande)180
Signature White Chocolate Mocha (Venti)200
Signature White Intense Dark Mocha (Tall)170
Signature White Intense Dark Mocha (Grande)190
Signature White Intense Dark Mocha (Venti)200
Signature Cocoa (Tall)145
Signature Cocoa (Grande)160
Signature Cocoa (Venti)180

Add: Extras

Caramel Sauce 35
Chocolate Sauce35
Espresso Shot35
Coffee Jelly35
Flavored Syrup23
Soy Milk23
Whipped Cream23

Canned Drinks

Big Chill Naturals Guyabano60
Big Chill Naturals Calamansi60
Big Chill Naturals Dalandan60
Tully's Cold Brew Coffee Irish Cream66
Tully's Cold Brew Smooth Black Espresso66
Tully's Cold Brew Coffee Mocha Java66

Sweet Treats

Mango Chia Pudding110

Catering Boxes

Panini Bestsellers Box (6 pieces)1050
Panini Bestsellers Box (12 pieces)2060
Panini Bestsellers Box (24 pieces)4300
Wraps Bestsellers Box (8 pieces)1220
Wrap Bestsellers Box (16 pieces)2575
Wraps Bestsellers Box (24 pieces)3870
Customized Catering Boxes

Custom Panini Box- Small (Choose 3 Paninis Below)

B.E.L.T. Panini265
Meatball Panini299
Pesto Chicken Panini299
Spicy Tuna Melt Panini299
Tomato Melt Panini265

Custom Panini Box- Large (Choose 6 Paninis Below)

B.E.L.T. Panini265
Meatball Panini299
Pesto Chicken Panini299
Spicy Tuna Melt Panini299
Tomato Melt Panini265

Custom Panini Box- Large (Choose 8 Wraps Below)

Ay Caramba Wrap276
Big Boy Wrap288
Chatuchak Wrap265
Chicken Caesar Wrap265
Greek Salad Wrap229
Inasal Salad Wrap265
Meatball Marinara Wrap173
Nicoise Salad Wrap229
Pesto Pasta Wrap190
Pesto Salad Wrap229
Quinoa Gold Wrap276
Sicilian Pasta Wrap173
Tuna Nicoise Pasta Wrap 190
Thai Chicken Wrap229

Juju Cleanse

Level 12300
Level 22300
Level 32300

About Juju Eats

Juju Eats is one of the brands under The Big Chill Inc. Its goal is to raise awareness about healthy eating by providing nutritious and delicious meals. It promotes a healthy lifestyle to help its customers improve their health. This restaurant has two branches in Makati and one in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

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Juju Eats Menu Best Seller

These are the best-selling healthy and delicious meals and beverages menu from Juju Eats that are well-loved by its customers.

Ay Caramba Wrap – The spiciness of this salad dish makes it a stimulating dish. It is made up of greens, southwest chicken, housemade tortilla, jalapeno, nacho chips, corn, red kidney beans, salsa, grated cheddar, and ay caramba dressing.

Ay Caramba Salad served at Juju Eats Pin
Photo Credit: Juju Eats Facebook Page

Big Boy Salad – This salad dish consists of greens, bacon, southwest chicken, sun-dried tomato, boiled egg, red kidney beans, grated cheddar, and French dressing. It is available in snack and regular serving sizes.

Big Boy Salad Pin
Photo Credit: Juju Eats Facebook Page

Ginger Lemon – A cold-pressed juice that is made up of ginger, lemon, honey, cinnamon, and filtered water. This ginger tonic juice is rich in expectorant properties that can relieve respiratory issues. The other health benefits that it provides are boosting digestive systems and enhancing circulation. It is a versatile drink that can be served with ice or warmed up as tea before sleeping.

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Pesto Chicken Panini – Its filling consists of basil, herb chicken, parmesan cheese, cherry tomato, pesto dressing, and herb focaccia. This is a healthy snack alternative that can improve your health and satisfy your cravings.

Green Bomb – This cold-pressed juice is made up of romaine, celery, cucumber, moringa, pineapple, and spinach. These assorted green ingredients provide essential nutrients that our body needs to function properly.

Be refreshed and healthy drinking these Green Bomb Juice by Juju Eats Pin
Photo Credit: Juju Eats Facebook Page

Juju Eats Signature Salads

The salad menu that Juju Eats offers are Ay Caramba, Big Boy, Chatuchak, Chicken Caesar, Greek, Inasal, Nicoise, and Pesto Salad. It also offers a DIY Regular bowl and a DIY Snack bowl that allows you to customize your salad based on your preference. The base options are Romaine Lettuce, Pasta, and Brown Rice.

The choices of dressings available are Asian, Ay Caramba, Balayan, Balsamic, Caesar, French, Honey Mustard, Italian, Korean, Nampla, Pesto Mayo, and Sicilian Dressing. You can also choose 3 free additional ingredients from the 16 options that it provides.

Signature Pesto Salad Pin
Photo Credit: Juju Eats Facebook Page

Level up your salad and make it healthier by adding veggies, protein, cheese, crunch, base, and additional dressing. These salads are good options for those who want healthy and flavorful meals.

Juju Wraps

Wraps are dishes where soft flatbread is filled with various healthy and delicious ingredients. Some of the Juju Eats wraps menu that they offer are similar to its salad dishes, the only difference is the presentation.

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The other wraps that it offers are Quinoa Gold, Thai Chicken, Meatball Marinara Pasta Wrap, Pesto Pasta, Silician Pasta, Tuna Nicoise Pasta, Bacon Cheese Quesadilla, and Chicken Quesadilla.

Thai Chicken Wrap available in Juju Eats Pin
Photo Credit: Juju Eats Facebook Page

These wraps provide convenience as they are easy to hold and can be eaten as a snack or main meal. It can be paired with Juju Eats’ cold-pressed juice if you want a healthy meal. With these wraps, you will be able to eat healthy while you’re on the go.


The panini dishes that Juju Eats offers are five variants of panini. Tomato Melt is made up of focaccia bread stuffed with basil, cherry tomato, cheddar cheese, pesto, and balsamic dressing. Pesto Chicken, Spicy Tuna Melt, B.E.L.T, and Meatball Panini are the other panini options that the restaurant provides.

Spicy Tuna Panini Pin
Photo Credit: Juju Eats Facebook Page

The texture and flavor of the bread and its filling create a delectable dish. These hearty sandwiches will surely delight your taste buds and fill you up. It can be eaten as a snack or as a main meal if you want something light and healthy.


The coffee that Jeju Eats offers is from Tully’s Coffee, the other brand of The Big Chill Inc. Fresh and finest coffee beans from Indonesia and Vietnam are used to satisfy your coffee cravings.

White Chocolate Mocha, Mocha, Matcha, Espresso, Coffee Jelly, Chocolate, and Caramel are the Bellacino Coffee that it offers. These savory coffees are topped with soft cream and syrup. You can also add extra ingredients to make it more delectable.

The other coffees that it offers are Cappucino, Caramel Macchiato, Café Latte, Café au Lait, Brewed Coffee, Breve, Americano, Signature White Chocolate Mocha, Signature Intense Dark Mocha, and Signature Cocoa.

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This is an ideal drink Juju Eats menu for those who prefer coffee over juices. It can energize your mind and body so you can be more active and productive.


The smoothies that it offers are the products of the Big Chill brand. It consists of Supercharger, Mango Mania, Avocado, Power Breakfast, Luscious Lychee, Green Mango, Strawberry Daiquiri, Orange Blast, Melon Melba, Watermelon Cooler, Pineapple Paradise, Gorgeous Grape, Fantastic Five, Coldbuster-C, Banana, Banana Peanut, Carrot Juice, Orange Juice, and Apple Juice.

Fresh fruits and the best ingredients make these smoothies healthier, more flavorful, and refreshing. These are full and healthy meals in a glass. It can power up your day and improve your health as it contains essential nutrients that our body needs.

Juju Eats Menu Delivery

Enjoy healthy and delicious meals and beverages at your home or office through online delivery. Its menu is available on GrabFood. You can also order on its website at https://jujueats.com/pages/order. It delivers from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Having an account on these platforms is necessary to order for delivery.

Juju Eats Social Media Pages

Visit its official Facebook and Instagram accounts to know more about the products that they offer. Its contact information and official website link can also be easily accessed on its social media platforms. The health benefits that their products provide and the testimonials of customers are posted on their Instagram story highlights.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JujuEats/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jujueatsph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JujuEats


Juju eats menu is perfect for those who are looking for alternative healthy meals. Boost your immunity and promote healthy living by adding the dishes of this restaurant to your diet. The nutrition facts of each dish can also be accessed on its official website. With its wide selection of healthy dishes, you can easily find the perfect dish that will help you start and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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