Koomi Menu Prices

Koomi provides customers with a fun experience while browsing their menu. Their product names are well thought out and very clever. They have been extending their products from just yogurt to cakes, ice creams, and drinks. Every item on the menu will unquestionably give the consumers the sweetest flavor, which they will love and make them want to come again.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Koomi menu prices.

Menu ListPrice (PHP)

Koomi Best Sellers

Cocnut Ka, Biscoff194
Banana Boombastic Nutella Fantastic200
Stick on Me Purple Rice139
Cookies N Dream150
I'm Berry Blue Without You194
Banana Dance With Some Berries194
A melon Reasons Why I Lychee161

Koomi Yogurt Cake

Mango Choco Moo194
Waterberry Wonder194
Will Ube Mine194
Avo Nice Day Cake194

Koomi Ice Cream

Waterberry Froyo421
Simply Koomi Froyo399

Koomi Yogurt Drink Menu

Tropic Like It's Hot160
Lemon Bee the One145
Kitkat you Outta my Mind175
It Takes Passion to Mango150
Berry Kwissable170

Koomi Mango Cake

Mango Cracker Rocker171
Choco Moo145
Mango Moo143

Koomi Delivery Menu

Havana Go Nana194
Kitkat To Believe in Berries206
Jack of All Dates189
You're All I Avo Wanted206
Boba Cheese172
Oreo Cheese172
Ube Cheese172
Red Velvet Cheese172
Matcha Cheese172

Add ons

Purple Rice15
Cheese Foam40
Baba pearl30
Red Bean15
Banana 20
Dragon Fruit30
Cookies 20

About Koomi

Koomi is a brand that offers probiotic yogurt drinks in a variety of creative and fun flavors to customers. Koomi is a brand that originated in Australia and has expanded in the Philippines to allow Filipinos to experience their motto of “guiltless goodness indulgence.” Every serving of Koomi products is made daily with fresh yogurt and other ingredients.

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Koomi Menu Best Seller

Coconut ka, Biscoff

A new flavor of Koomi’s special yogurt. This treat is made up of yogurt and chocnut biscoff, which the customers will absolutely love!

Photo Credit: Koomi PH FB Page

Banana Boombastic Nutella Fantastic

They offer a fantastic new flavor of their yogurt. This Koomi menu is made up of yogurt, banana, and nutella. It is best paired with almonds.

Peach Me Up Before You Mango

Mango flavored yogurt that uses peach mangoes as the main ingredient. This treat is best paired with biscoff.

Guyabano Build a Snowman?

This is a new flavor that Koomi offers. Customers can now enjoy their cherry guyabano-flavored yogurt to their hearts’ content! This treat is best paired with mochi.

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Photo Credit: Koomi PH FB Page

A Melon Reasons Why I Lychee

Customers can now enjoy the lychee melon-flavored yogurt to their hearts’ content. This treat is best paired with strawberries.

Yogurt Cake

Mango Coco Moo

A yogurt cake that has layers of fresh mangoes, gluten-free almond dacquoise, plus their signature Koomi yogurt. This cake is topped with luscious dark chocolate that the customers can enjoy anytime, and anywhere. You should try this menu from Koomi. Highly recommended.

Waterberry Wonder

A new flavor of Koomi yogurt cake. Waterberry Wonder is made with Koomi’s signature yogurt which is blended with fresh strawberries and watermelon. The cake is topped with pistachios and strawberry bits.

Photo Credit: Koomi PH FB Page

Will Ube Mine

This treat is both ube and yogurt! You can prevent heart attacks and strokes by controlling your blood pressure, and this menu from the Koomi will absolutely do that for you! Not only is this treat healthy, but it is also very delicious.

Avo Nice Day Cake

This Koomi yogurt cake uses avocado as its main ingredient. Customers can now take advantage of the drink’s sweet and sour flavor combo.

Yogurt Ice Cream

Waterberry Froyo

The mix of watermelon and strawberry in this yogurt ice cream is a must-taste for all those ice cream lovers that want to have a taste of something new.

Simple Koomi Froyo

The new product Koomi Froyo is also available in its Simply Koomi Froyo flavor. It has natural fruit honey and Koomi’s signature yogurt added. Customers can customize their own froyo with any add-on fruits that they fancy.

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Koomi Yogurt Drink Menu

Tropic Like It’s Hot

This drink is a refreshing tropical drink that has dragon fruit, apple, and orange that is mixed with Komi’s signature yogurt.

Lemon Bee the One

It is a combination of fresh lemon, honey, and Koomi’s signature yogurt in one cup. Customers can now enjoy the bright days ahead with an even brighter drink in Lemon Bee The One.

Photo Credit: Koomi PH FB Page

Kitkat You Outta my Mind

A yogurt drink that is much richer for all the customers who love chocolate. This drink is a chocolate blend that is made up of KitKat bars that the customers would surely love!

It Takes Passion to Mango

It is a new drink that is made up of Koomi’s special yogurt, mangoes, and passion fruit. Customers can now enjoy the sweet and tangy combination of flavors that this drink provides. As a mango lover, I really like this Koomi menu.

Berry Kiwissable

This drink is a blend of delicious kiwis, fresh strawberries, and Koomi’s special yogurt all in one cup! It is a good drink that is also very healthy. If you ever visit a Koomi PH store, this is a must-try drink.

Mango Cake

Mango Cracker Rocker

The new Mango Cracker Rocker is a combination of fresh mangoes, crackers, and Koomi’s very own specially-made yogurt. The best part of this treat is that it is also healthy! You can order this treat for you and your family to help boost your immunity.

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Mango Choco Moo

This treat is made up of alternating layers of dark chocolate and fresh mangoes. Tossed in are the signature Koomi yogurt and gluten-free almond mousse. You can now indulge in this delightful dessert at any Koomi PH store.

Koomi Menu Delivery

Havana Go Nana

Every sip of the new drink that will make you go Havana Go-Nana will make your heart sing and your taste buds dance!


Koomi’s signature rice now comes with flavor in every cup with their new Taro-rific drink!

Photo Credit: Koomi PH FB Page

Kitkat to Believe in Berries

Customers will be able to taste the guiltless goodness of strawberries and KitKat in the new signature of Koomi yogurt, KitKat to Believe in Berries.

Jack of All Dates

This new drink is made of your favorite Koomi yogurt and jackfruit. The two ingredients are mixed, and the result is this sweet and delectable drink, Jack of All Dates!

Social Media Pages

Koomi occasionally provides a variety of specials and discounts. Additionally, they plan events for their customers. You can also check out what stores are open on the day you want to visit, and the store’s opening and closing times. This is why it is important to follow Koomi on its official social media accounts to stay up to date on this kind of information. These are the links to each of their social media pages.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/koomiph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koomi.ph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/koomiph


For a yogurt chain, the Koomi menu has a good diversity of products that they offer. At the present, they not only offer yogurts but have also added cakes, ice creams, and drinks to their menu. Every recipe for each dessert, like the product names, is carefully thought out so that customers only get the best.

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