Cold Layers Cafe Menu Prices

The Cold Layers Cafe menu is dedicated to offering customers the best snow ice desserts in the country. The idea for this cafe was inspired by Taiwan’s most luxurious snow ice desserts. They only use the freshest fruits and ingredients to create their famous snow ice desserts, which also helps promote the usage of Filipino products.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cold Layers Cafe menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Original Serries Snow Ice

Fresh Milk Snow Ice160
Ripe Straw Berry Snow Ice480
Dark Chocolate Snow Ice180
Yummy Ube Snow Ice190
Sweet Mango Snow Ice190
Cheezy Cheese Snow Ice220
Premium Matcha Snow Ice210
Healthy Soy Snow Ice220
Milk Tea Snow Ice180
Yogurt Snow Ice220
Fresh Avocado Snow Ice220

Special Series Snow Ice

Let's Split190
It's Complicated230
You Got Me260
Summer Fling230
Meant To Be230
First Crush240
Something Cheezy240
First Kiss210
Brown Sugar Milk Tea220
Mango Float240
Secret affair240
Amazing Avocado260


Baked Nachos360
Koori Chicken Chops180
Fish n Chips295
Potato Wedges210

Soup and Salad

Tomato Cream Soup180
Pumpkin Soup180
French Onion Soup200
Koori Chicken Salad275
Garden Mango Salad245


Koori Cheese Burger360
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup240
Chicken Pesto285
Tomato Pesto265
Ham and Mango Panini265
Philly Beef and Tomato295
Coldlayers Clubhouse340

All Day Breakfast

Glazed Pork tocino285
Homemade Garlic Beef Tapa320
Boneless Bangus310
Bacon and Egg280
Ham and Egg265


Coldlayers Pasta310
Trufle Mushroom340
Cheezy Meat Lasagna320

Creamy Chicken Pesto

Hot Meals340
Shawarma Rice Bowl320
Burger Steak Bowl290

Hot Meals

Boneless Chicken Teriyaki340
Baked Chicken Casserole380
Chicken Cordon Bleu360
Chicken w Fries340
Tender Pork Chop w Mushroom Gravy360
Salisbury Steak320
Baked Pork Chop Casserole380
Korean Beef Stew410

Vegetarian Meals

Meatless Lasagna320
Unmeat Shawarma Rice Bowl285
Unmeat Baked Nachos360
Unmeat Cheese Burger340
Unmeat Burger Steak310
Unmeat Sisig290

Coldlayers Milk Tea

Coldlayers pearl 120
Wintermelon pearl130
Chocolate Pearl130
Ube Latte140
Grass Jelly Milk Tea110

Cheese Foam Series

Classic Milk Tea120
Blacked Tea120
Green Tea110
Wintermelon Milk Tea130
Chocolate Milk Tea130
Ube Latter150
Coldlayers Tea Series#coslpan#
Assam Black Tea100
Green Tea100
Lychee Green Tea110
Wintermelon Tea110
Passion Fruit Green Tea110
Coldlayers Fruit Tea120

Yakult Tea Series

Signature Yakult Tea130
Lychee Green Tea120
Passion Fruit120
Green Tea100

Smoothies and Others

Mango Aloe120
Mango Tapioca120
Mango Graham150
Strawberry Banana120
Frozen Chocolate120
Ube Shake120
Coffee and Tea#coslpan#
Caffe Latte110
Caffe Mocha120
Caramel Macchiato120
Vanilla Latte120
Vanilla Sweet Cream Coffee150
Brown Sugar Latte130
Signature Iced Tea120

About Cold Layers Cafe

Cold Layers Cafe is located in Quezon City and specializes in drinks, while also providing a few meal dishes on its menu. Their aim is to let their customers enjoy desserts guilt free and just savor their delectable dishes and drinks. They also serve snow ice with toppings of fresh fruits, purees, and other condiments to enhance the flavor of the customer’s drinks.

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Cold Layers Cafe Menu Best Seller

These drinks are the ones that are commonly ordered by Cold Layers Cafe guests. Their popularity is due to their exquisite taste and reasonable price.

Healthy Soy Snow Ice – One of Cold Layers Cafe’s best sellers. It is made from fresh soy milk that is healthy for the customers. This snow ice has a very smooth texture that literally melts in your mouth!

Healthy Soy Snow Ice Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page

It’s Complicated – This special snow ice from the Cold Layers Cafe menu is made with ube, tapioca, and homemade leche flan. At the top is the shredded cheese, which not only makes it look good but also enhances the flavor.

Dark Chocolate Snow Ice – Made from real coca, it has a dark, smooth, and creamy texture. Any chocolate fan won’t able to resist its delicious, chocolaty flavor!

Dark Chocolate Snow Ice available at Cold Layers Cafe Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page

Original Series

This menu is made up of snow ice creams which are made up of ice that is sweetened with a dairy-based liquid to add some flavor.

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Fresh Milk Snow Ice – This original snow ice is made up of a light and creamy texture. Fresh milk blends well with the ice creating a sweet flavor that won’t get you jaded.

Ripe Strawberry Snow Ice – A refreshing snow ice with strawberry flavor. It is made with a fresh strawberry puree that strawberry lovers would love!

Strawberry Snow Ice Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page

Milk Tea Snow Ice – This original drink from Cold Layers Cafe is made from authentic oolong tea that was brewed for perfection! It is the perfect drink for milk tea lovers.

Cold Layers Cafe Menu Special Series

This menu is also made up of snow ice creams that are made a little bit more special than the original series. It’s perfect for customers who love to add a little twist to their drinks.

Let’s Split – A snow milk snow ice that is sprinkled with nuts, sliced fresh bananas, and drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup to enhance its flavor. Cherry is also placed on top for aesthetic purposes.

A fresh version of Banana split of Cold Layers Cafe is the Let's Split Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page

Something Cheezy – A cheesy snow ice cream that was drizzled with chocolate syrup. For a unique taste and appearance, graham powder, and cheese cubes are put on top of this delicious treat!

Summer Fling – This menu from Cold Layers Cafe is made of freshly sliced mangoes, then drizzled with mango puree to enhance the taste of the mango. Additionally, it is topped with nata jelly to add a little bit of chewy texture. 

Summer fling perfect dessert for mango lovers! Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page


This menu comes with a wide variety of dishes that are served hot or cold before the main course.

Baked Nachos – Also a best seller at Cold Layers Cafe, their baked nachos are made with a delicious combination of a variety of ingredients like cheese, mayo, sour cream, tomatoes, and other ingredients that were arranged in many layers.

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Baked Nachos are perfect match for your beverages only in Cold Layers Cafe Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page

Koori Chicken Chops – This dish is one of the customers’ favorite snacks! It is a Taiwanese-style crispy fried chicken chop that is best paired with Cold Layers Cafe’s milk tea.

Fish n Chips – It is a crispy fish filet that was fried until it was golden. Cold Layers Cafe’s Fish n Dips are served with French fries and their homemade tartar sauce.

Potato Wedges – This is a signature dish of Cold Layers Cafe that is made up of deep-fried potato wedges and served with their homemade cheese dip.

Best Milk Tea and Drinks

This menu is composed of Cold Layers Cafe’s best tea and drinks that are very popular with their regular customers.

Classic Milk Tea with Cheese Foam – This is a cold tea with a family milk layer flavored with sweet cream cheese and whipping cream that is sprinkled with sea salt.

Chocolate Milk Tea – Due to the high cocoa content, the texture of this milk tea is incredibly smooth and tastes delicious. It is the ultimate comfort drink that can be served both hot and cold.

Green Tea – This drink is a dietary supplement that helps improve mental alertness and promotes weight loss. Green tea is perfect for those who love tea and just want to keep it healthy.

Soup and Salad

Cold Layers Cafe serves both soup and salad menu as they can be somewhat called “best friends.” They can make for one of the best lunch or dinner experiences when they are served simultaneously. And while any salad can be paired with any kind of soup, there are some combinations that really stand out.


Diners don’t need to force themselves into a rice meal if they are watching their diet. Cold Layers Cafe also serves not only meaty sandwiches but also healthier ones that are good for their diets.

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Unmeat Burger Pin
Photo Credit: Cold Layers Cafe FB Page

Hot Meals

This menu is composed of foods that are served at a palatable temperature ranging from 110° to 120° F and are consumed by their diners in one sitting.

Party Packages

These dishes are meant for a large group of guests that visits Cold Layers Cafe. It provides them convenience as they won’t need to order their foods individually, instead, they can just opt to choose the party packages.

Cold Layers Cafe Menu Delivery

Cold Layers Cafe is delighted to announce that all the dishes on their menu are now available for delivery, providing customers with the utmost convenience and saving them valuable time when they are craving their favorite food and drinks. With the aid of popular food delivery apps such as FoodPanda and GrabFood, ordering from Cold Layers Cafe has never been easier. By simply downloading one of these user-friendly apps on your mobile device, you can easily access Cold Layers Cafe’s online store and explore their wide range of delicious offerings. So why wait? Indulge in your cravings today and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery from Cold Layers Cafe.

Social Media Pages

Cold Layers Cafe is highly active on their social media pages, consistently updating them with the latest news about their restaurant. By following their accounts, you can stay up to date with all their current promotions and discount codes, which you may have the opportunity to take advantage of when placing an order. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers – make sure to follow Cold Layers Cafe on their social media pages listed below.





Despite the fact that their specialty, milk tea, is what made Cold Layers Cafe famous, they have significantly broadened their menu over time. They currently provide a wide variety of snacks, including rice meals! This cafe is a must-visit if you want to have a taste of their delicious drinks, while also enjoying their delectable dishes.

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