Chicken Bacolod Menu Prices

chicken bacolod menu prices philippines

The classic and authentic chicken inasal of Bacolod City is the highlight of the Chicken Bacolod menu. It also consists of other classic all-time Filipino favorite dishes such as sisig special, seafood, vegetables, soups, and desserts. It also offers bundles …

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Big Chill Menu Prices

big chill menu prices philippines

The Big Chill menu offers a wide selection of smoothies and fruit juices that comes in a variety of blends and flavors. Each cup is made of fresh fruits that are blended with ice upon ordering. It has “just juiced” …

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Almon Marina Menu Prices

almon marina menu prices philippines

The Almon Marina menu consists of freshly made appetizers and salads, soups, pasta, sandwiches, house-grilled specialties, and desserts. Its dishes are inspired by different parts of the world. It has a wide selection of dishes so you will surely find …

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Plato Wraps Menu Prices

plato wraps menu prices philippines

Plato Wraps menu consists of folded pita bread with various fillings. It is a set of sandwiches stuffed with different fillings, served hot, and ready to eat. Each wrap is prepared upon ordering so you’ll get fresh and delicious sandwiches …

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Sizzling Plate Menu Prices

sizzling plate menu prices philippines

The Sizzling Plate menu is served on a hot plate. It is one of the restaurants that people visit because of its affordable and delicious sizzling dishes. The menu and its prices vary from each branch. Their regular outlets consist …

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Lots’A Pizza Menu Prices

lotsa pizza menu prices philippines

Lots’A Pizza’s features Filipino-style pizza that we Filipinos would love! They serve many varieties of pizza, from the most classic Hawaiian pizza to a “4 in 1” pizza that has four different kinds of pizza in one. Lots’A Pizza menu …

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Luk Yuen Menu Prices

luk yuen menu prices philippines

Luk Yuen menu is inspired by Chinese cuisine. It consists of fried dim sum, steamed dim sum, congee, noodles in soup, dry noodles, rice toppings, a la carte, Chinese bento, a set menu, desserts, beverages, and a party platter. Its …

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Dadudz Unli Wings Menu Prices

dadudz unli wings menu prices philippines

As Filipino, we usually visit places where crowds and gatherings are present. We love to know what is happening or what is going on in that specific area. And to tell you honestly, Filipinos love to eat! They love eating …

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Motorino Pizza Menu Prices

motorino pizza menu prices philippines

Loves pizza and pasta? Are you looking for a good pizza and pasta and already tried a lot but still looking for the better? May I recommend a good restaurant for you to try? Have you heard about Motorino Pizza? …

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Teriyaki Boy Menu Prices

teriyaki boy menu prices philippines

Do you love Japanese foods and wanted to try quality and authentic Japanese food items but worry about the price since foreign cuisine is a bit expensive? No worries I got you this time. I found the perfect place where …

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