Provenciano Restaurant Menu Prices

provenciano restaurant menu prices philippines

Filipino cuisine is making a name and being recognized around the world. Our food is really good they say, simply because we are being colonized by countries many years ago that’s why our cuisine is a mix of Japanese, American, …

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Lugawan sa Tejeros Menu Prices

lugawan sa tejeros menu prices philippines

The Lugawan sa Tejeros menu consists of simple and traditional Filipino cuisines. It serves Ala Carte, Platter, Lugaw, Goto, Arroz Caldo, Pares, Sabaw, Sisig & Silog, and Sides. This is a go-to restaurant as its comforting and delicious dishes are …

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House of Lechon Menu Prices

house of lechon menu prices philippines

House of Lechon’s menu offers a wide variety of Filipino dishes that mainly feature lechon, a roasted pig, as a specialty. The lechon dishes they serve are available in different sizes, from a solo plate to a platter that can …

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Lugaw Republic Menu Prices

lugaw republic menu prices philippines

The Lugaw Republic menu focuses on lugaw, a type of rice porridge that is a popular comfort food in the Philippines. However, as time passed, they began to serve side dishes to enhance the flavors of their lugaw or simply …

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Alex III Menu Prices

The Alex III menu is categorized into appetizers, soup and salad, vegetables, noodles, rice, barbecues, old-time favorites, seafood choices, steaks, hotpots, merienda, all-day breakfast, dessert, and beverages. Asian dishes such as sushi, sashimi, and maki are also served in this …

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Supersam Menu Prices

supersam menu prices philippines

The Supersam menu consists of international cuisines with a touch of distinctive Filipino flavor to give diners a unique and comforting dining experience. It is categorized into appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, pizza, burger, sandwiches, pork, chicken, seafood, beef, and breakfast. …

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Panciteria Menu Prices

panciteria menu prices philippines

One of the most popular dishes in Filipino cuisine is a noodle dish called pancit. This dish is always present in every gathering in our country whether it’s just a small get-together or a big celebration. In this article, we …

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King Chef Menu Prices

king chef menu prices philippines

The King Chef menu features a wide range of dishes, including both classic and modern Chinese cuisine. They are well-known and respected for using high-quality ingredients to ensure that their dishes are both delicious and healthy. In addition to their …

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Goto King Menu Prices

goto king menu prices philippines

Goto dishes are the flagship products of the Goto King menu. Every bowl of these goto dishes is filled with goodness. It also offers other traditional Filipino cuisines such as Lugaw, Beef Tapa, Halo-Halo, Fried and Fresh Lumpia, Palabok, Dinuguan, …

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China Blue Menu Prices

china blue menu prices philippines

The China Blue menu consists of scrumptious Chinese cuisines. It offers appetizers & cold dishes specialty, Chinese barbecue, bird’s nest soup, soup and consommé, classic Chinese delicacies, poultry and meats, seafood, vegetables and tofu, rice and noodles, Chinese tea menu, …

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