Bag of Beans Menu Prices

One of the most known destinations when visiting the cold city of Tagaytay is a Bag of beans. The Bag of Beans menu offers a variety of food items like freshly made pastries, a lot of breakfast items, and their signature coffee’s that are perfect for the City’s cold weather making a bag of beans popular with tourists and even local folks. In this article, we will get to know a little bit more about the food items they offer and their prices. Without further ado, let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bag of Beans menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All day breakfast

Boneless bangus350
Garlic beef tapa375
Chicken and pork adobo350
Country breakfast450
Sunrise breakfast450

Famous Pancakes

Chocolate chip230


Grilled salmon fillet650
Chicken teriyaki490
Baby back ribs540
Grilled pork chop495
Roast beef550
French beef stew565

Local Favorites

Bangus ala pobre650
Crispy pata750
Pork sisig450
Lechon Kawali480
Beef ribs sinigang850


Green fresh salad310
Caesar salad340


Soup of the day210
Seafood chowder240
Beef ribs sinigang250


Shrimp aligue460
Seafood pasta480
Pasta garlic and mushroom410
Spaghetti meat sauce420

Sandwiches and Hot Snacks

Cheese hungarian sausage320
Fish and chips420
Angus cheeseburger450
Hungarian sandwich380
Roast beef sandwich420


Shrimp and vegetables495
Shrimp and sun dried tomato495
Quatro formaggi505


Iced tea100


Cookies and cream195

Dessert Drinks

Mango shake float215
Avocado shake float215
Root beer float175
Mocha chocolate cream195

Blueberry Cheesecake


Iced Coffee

Iced americano160
Iced cafe mocha160
Iced white chocolate160
Iced caramel160


Kapeng barako120
Hot chocolate155
Cafe latte150
Cafe mocha150
Caramel macchiato150
White chocolate mocha160


Root beer70
Soda in can45
Soda water50
Tonic water50
Bottled water50
Hot tea110
Black tea110

About Bag of Beans

This establishment is a family-owned business that started in 2000. Owned by Charito Antiquera this restaurant has gone a long way already. Offering a relaxing atmosphere while in the restaurant with a beautiful garden highlighting the beauty of Tagaytay. Their simple menu is consist of delicious pastries, and Barako coffees including the famous Alamid coffee that is made with civet cat droppings (sounds off right but try it first it’s delicious).

They offer affordable tasty and soft fresh bread then customers begin to notice how good their products and eventually they already have long queues of customers wanting to dine or buy their products. Their small cafe began to expand and eventually expanded thru other branches to satisfy their customer’s needs. Their branches also started to serve delicious food items for breakfast and lunch so customers can have a heavier meal while enjoying their visit to Tagaytay City. 

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On their main branch, they offer a buffet every weekend. They make sure that all of the ingredients that they are using are the finest ingredients to ensure the quality that they will provide to their customers is the best and that is the secret or the main reason for their success.

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As of now Bag of Beans already has 5 branches already. Their Main branch is in Mendez crossing Tagaytay City. They also have Other branches like their Athena branch, Charito branch, and Summit ridge branch all branches are located in Tagaytay and the West Lake branch is located on the Aguinaldo highway, twin lakes shopping Village, and Dayap is located in Laurel Batangas. 

Bag of Beans Menu Best Seller

Here are the food items that you should order if you are planning to visit Bag of beans for the first time, these items are also their best sellers and a great choice if you have no idea about their menu. 


Photo Credit: Bag of Beans Tagaytay FB Page

Shepherds Pie – One of the food items that made them popular is their shepherd’s pie. It has two layers which are the thick layer of meat and mashed potato on top. This pie is actually a crustless pie but it is absolutely delicious. That thick layer of meat at the bottom of the pie is super tasty and tender. 

Roast Beef – Their roast beef is quite popular among their customers when it comes to the main dishes that the Bag of Beans menu serves. Their roast beef is very tender and topped with their special gravy sauce then served with mashed potato and some vegetables for a side dish. 

Frozen Blueberry Cheesecake – Their frozen blueberry cheesecake is a great choice when it comes to dessert. Their cheesecake Has the melts in your mouth feel that made this dessert popular among their customers. Topped with blueberry sauce and actual blueberries. A truly satisfying treat that goes well with coffee or after enjoying some mains. 

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Photo Credit: Bag of Beans Tagaytay FB Page

Carrot Cake – Aside from the delicious blueberry cheesecake you should also try their carrot cake. Made with two layers of carrot cake with cream cheese in between. It also has sweet orange sauce drizzled on top of the carrot cake. 

Raisin Bread – The Bag of Beans menu also has souvenir items and that includes raisin bread. It is quite popular among their customers because of the simplicity of this item but when it comes to taste it is really good. The bread is really soft and the raisin is adding flavor to it. If you’re someone who loves raisins this bread is for you. 

Breakfast Buffet Menu

Bag of beans Breakfast buffet is exclusively available at their main branch at Mendez Crossing Tagaytay City. The breakfast buffet is Available every weekend (Saturday, and Sunday) and on Holidays from 6:30 am until 11 am only. On a first come first serve basis. 

Cakes Menu

Bag of Beans has a special cake menu that will cost you a minimum of 160php per slice and a maximum of 1500php for the whole cake. They have a variety of delicious and mouth-watering cakes which includes their famous caramel cheesecake, ube macapuno, and carrot walnut cake.

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They also have most tries cakes like red velvet, choco mousse, queso de bola, KitKat cake, ultimate choco fudge, trio cheesecake, naked red velvet, cookies n’ creme, and salted caramel cake which is my personal favorite, and the one that I always order whenever I visit their restaurant. I don’t want to be biased here but their cakes are truly exceptional and delicious at a very reasonable price.

Bag of Beans Menu Delivery

Craving for a Bag of beans food items? No worries because a bag of beans offers delivery (not for manila orders) all you have to do is to go to the official page to ask what is an available food item for delivery or you may call or text them thru their Viber number at 09178666169. You can also try using food delivery services available in your area.

Social Media Pages

Do you want to start following them on their official social media so you can get the latest Bag of Beans menu, and promos? Lucky for us, we can easily reach them by checking the following links:




Bag of beans offers a great and luxurious ambiance. The Bag of Beans menu so far is impressive, they give their customers the best and high-quality food items at a very reasonable price. Service crews are attentive and helpful they ate actually friendly based on my personal experience upon dining at their restaurant. The place is customer friendly comfortable and very clean which impressed me a lot. They also have a good parking space for customers with cars and that’s a plus for this restaurant. I personally love their restaurant and I highly recommend them to those who will visit Tagaytay if you want to enjoy great food with a good ambiance. 

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