Kanlungan Cafe Menu Prices

The Kanlungan Cafe menu consists of comforting foods and beverages such as pasta, breakfast meals, sandwiches, salads, rice meals, sides, ice cream, coffee, frappes, non-coffee, hot tea, coolers, and smoothies. The names of their menu are unique as they are inspired by the Barangays of Trece Martires. These comforting dishes and drinks perfectly match the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kanlungan Cafe menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Pesto Perez (Green, Sundried, Ricotta)235
TunAgustin 200
Lapodario Bolognese215

All-Day Breakfast

Tapsilog / Tocilog 200
Bangsilog 200
AMERICAN (Pancake w/ Syrup, Egg, Butter, Bacon, Hash Brown)250
ENGLISH (Sausage, Toast, Egg, Beans, Hash Brown, Mushroom)285
Salu-salo Meal 550


Chicken 200
TunAgustin 200


Caesar Salad 235
Kani Salad 270

Rice Meal

Beef Broccoli295
Pork Caldereta 285
Lechon Kawali 265
Chicken Teriyaki 255
Fish Fillet 235
Roast Beef 400
Salmon 500
Back Ribs600


Quintanada (Ham and Cheese, Chicken, Pizza) 65
Nachos 235
Wedges 180
French Fries 150
Cheesy Jalapeño 135
Chicken Wings 200
Potato Marble 100
Superfriends Platter (Nachos, French Fries, Cheesy Japalapeño)450

Ice Cream

Chocolate 100
Vanilla 100
Avocado 100


Aguado Americano (Hot)110
Aguado Americano (Iced)110
Lallana Latte (Hot)160
Lallana Latte (Iced)175
Osorio Macchiato (Hot)150
Osorio Macchiato (Iced)170
Gregorio Mochaccino (Hot)150
Gregorio Mochaccino (Iced)170
White Mochabezas (Hot)150
White Mochabezas (Iced)170
Luciano Cappucino 145
Signature Hot Conchulate150
Cabuco Barako100
Inocencio Espresso 70


Hazelnut Mocha Frappe 175
White Mocha Frappe 175
Caramel Frappe 175
Dark Mocha Frappe 180

Hot Tea

English Breakfast 100
Green Tea 100
Earl Grey 100
Matcha Green Tea 165

Add Ons

Syrups 30
Espresso 30
Milk 25
Whip Cream 35
Drizzle 10


Caramel Cream 175
Chocolate Chip Cream 175
Vanilla Cream 175
Iced Matcha Green Tea 175
Iced Chocolate 150


House Blend Lemonade120
Raspberry Tea 120
Lime Cucumber 125
Lime Strawberry 125


Mango Passion 160
Apple Berry 160

About Kanlungan Café

Kanlungan Café is a restaurant located in Trece Martires City, Cavite. This restaurant is designed to be a place where people can enjoy a relaxing environment and delectable food and beverages. It is a themed café that has an aesthetic design and is surrounded by plants that makes it more refreshing. 

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Kanlungan Café Menu Best Seller 

The Kanlungan Café menu boasts a selection of dishes that are so irresistible that customers keep returning for more. Discover some of their most popular offerings and indulge in the flavors that keep patrons coming back for seconds.

Osorio Macchiato – It is an espresso coffee with milk. This drink is available in hot and iced which makes it a versatile drink. 

Osorio Macchiato, a best-selling drinks in Kanlungan Cafe Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

CarbOcampo – A creamy carbonara served with a slice of bread. This Italian dish is well-loved for its creaminess and unique taste. 

Pesto Perez – Pasta is sauteed in a special pesto sauce. It comes with a piece of bread and chicken cordon bleu

Pesto Perez Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

Nachos – This platter of nachos can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack, or side dish with your family and loved ones. Cheese and mixed vegetables are topped on a bed of nachos. 

House Blend Lemonade – A refreshing and healthy drink that has an exciting visual presentation. The citrusy taste of this drink makes it an exciting beverage and a best-selling cooler. 

Refreshing and healthy Houseblend Lemonade only in Kanlungan Cafe Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

Kanlungan Cafe Coffee Menu

These are the comforting coffee drinks of Kanlugan Café that can energize you throughout the day. 

Aguado Americano – It is a classic espresso coffee that is loved for its strong taste and lower caffeine content. It is a perfect drink in the morning that can wake up your senses. 

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Lallana Latte – This espresso drink is made from a mixture of salted caramel. Irish cream, and butterscotch. 

Gregorio Mochaccino – A comforting coffee drink available in hot and iced. Its visual presentation and creamy taste capture the interest of customers from all walks of life. 

Comforting Gregorio Mochaccino and a beautiful latte art is captivating! Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

White Mochabezas – It is made up of a special blend of coffee, milk, and white chocolate. 

Signature Hot Conchulate – This is a special chocolate espresso where the bitterness of coffee meets the sweetness of chocolate. The two flavors perfectly complement each other. 

Signature Hot Conchulate Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page


Indulge in a heavenly experience with the delectable frappes served at this café. Each beverage is meticulously crafted with the perfect blend of flavors, topped with a creamy layer of whipped cream, and sweetened with a drizzle of syrup. One sip of these irresistible frappes and you’ll be transported to a world of pure bliss. Don’t miss out on this delightful treat, and come enjoy the delectable frappes that the Kanlungan Café menu.

Hazelnut Mocha Frappe – This hazelnut mocha frappe is an indulgent beverage where ice, coffee, and hazelnut are blended together. 

White Mocha Frappe – A mocha frappuccino that has a creamy texture and sweet taste. 

Caramel Frappe – It is a delicious drink made up of caramel flavor with a dash of coffee with whipped topping and glazed with caramel syrup. 

Dark Mocha Frappe – This cold, creamy, and sweet frappe can refresh you, especially in hot weather. 

Dark Mocha Frappe Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page


If you’re someone who craves sweet and creamy drinks, then you’ll definitely want to try these specially crafted non-coffee beverages. These drinks are designed to satisfy your sweet tooth with a delightful and creamy texture that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Caramel Cream – This Kanlungan Café menu is a creamy beverage that has a nostalgic flavor. The whipped cream and caramel syrup on its top make it an enticing drink. A choice of extras such as syrups, espresso, milk, whip cream, and drizzle can be added to enhance its flavor. 

Chocolate Chip Cream – It is a non-coffee drink made up of blended chocolate chips, chocolate flavoring, milk, and ice. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup are added as toppings that make it creamier and more flavorful. 

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Vanilla Cream – It is a vanilla-flavored beverage that has a creamy texture. It can be paired with the side dishes that this restaurant. 

Iced Matcha Green Tea – A healthy and delicious drink made up of matcha topped with whipped cream. 

Iced Matcha Green Tea Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

Iced Chocolate – This is an appealing and stimulating drink that is rich in chocolate flavor which can make us feel good. 

Breakfast Menu

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey as you explore the breakfast dishes offered by this restaurant. Drawing inspiration from different cultures, their menu is a tribute to the diversity of flavors around the world.

Tapsilog – Tapsilog is the most popular “silog meal” offered by restaurants. It is made up of thinly sliced marinated pork, fried rice, and egg.

All time Filipino breakfast is Tapsilog Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

Tocilog – On the other hand, Tocilog is another meal where tapa is replaced by tocino. Both of these traditional Filipino breakfasts have a delectable taste. Personally, I really like this menu from Kanlungan Café.

Bangsilog – A “silog meal” that is perfect for seafood lovers as it consists of bangus (milkfish), fried rice, and egg. 

American – American breakfast consists of pancakes w/ syrup, egg, butter, bacon, and hash brown. 

EnglishEnglish breakfast is a substantial meal that includes sausage, toast, egg, hash brown, and mushroom. 

Salu-Salo Meal – This is a breakfast meal that you can share and enjoy with your loved ones as it is good for 4 people. It consists of fried rice, bacon, egg, spam, and hotdog. 

Rice Meal

These rice meals are great for lunch or dinner but can also be enjoyed at breakfast. 

Beef Broccoli – Thin slices of beef and fresh broccoli are cooked with other special ingredients. It is served with rice and mixed vegetables. 

Beef and fresh broccoli rice meal Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

Pork Caldereta – It is a Filipino stew where pork is cooked with tomatoes and other restaurants’ special choice of ingredients. 

Lechon Kawali – Lechon Kawali is one of the most sought menus of Kanlungan Café. The crispiness of deep-fried pork belly goes well with the special sauce, pickled papaya, vegetable, and rice served on its side. 

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Lechon Kawali rice meal is one of the popular dishes at Kanlungan Cafe Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page

Back Ribs – It is an appetizing dish made up of tender back ribs glazed with a special sauce. It comes with a special sauce, mashed potato, and mixed vegetables on the side. 

Chicken Teriyaki – Chicken is cooked in a teriyaki sauce which makes it a savory dish. The texture and flavor of chicken complement well with the plain rice. 


The refreshing coolers menu from the Kanlungan Café are the House Blend Lemonade, Raspberry Tea, Lime Cucumber, and Lime Strawberry. To level up its taste and texture, you can add syrup, drizzle, espresso, whipped cream, and milk. The slice of lemon dipped in these beverages added a citrusy flavor that makes them more flavorful. 


Mango Passion and Apple Berry are the two smoothies that it offers. Both of these drinks are the restaurant’s best-sellers. These fruity and refreshing smoothies are great for those who want to consume fruits more conveniently. It is also a healthy drink as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

(L-R) Mango Passion, Apple Berry Pin
Photo Credit: Kanlungan Cafe Official FB Page


The side dishes that Kanlungan Café offers are good for sharing by two to three people. It consists of Nachos, Wedges, French Fries, Cheesy Jalapeño, Chicken Wings, and Potato Marbles. These dishes can also be eaten as an appetizer or a snack. It can also be paired up with the beverages that the restaurant offers. 

Kanlungan Café Menu Delivery

Check out the menu of Kanlungan Cafe at FoodPanda so you can enjoy their delectable dishes in the comfort of your home. It also offers in-store pick-up for those customers who are not covered by their delivery areas. 

Talk to Kanlungan Cafe PH Staff

If you are planning to have reservations for your upcoming events or a simple gathering, message them through their social media pages or email. They have accommodating staff that will respond back to your inquiries. I highly suggest you follow their pages to promote their restaurant. Visit Kanlungan Cafe restaurant once you go down to Cavite. The links to their pages and email are provided below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kanlungancafe

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanlungancafe/

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 0968 415 0503


The Kanlungan Café menu is like a dwelling place as their food and beverages are designed to comfort you and make you feel at home. Aside from these delectable cuisines, they have also charity projects to supply the need of their beneficiary. It is a great place where you can enjoy meaningful conversation, an instagrammable environment, welcoming staff, delectable dishes, and aesthetic ambiance. 

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