UCC Clockwork Menu Prices

Are you a foodie that loves to explore different restaurants to determine which is the best? I have a great recommendation for you. UCC Clockwork menu offers different varieties of food items that you will surely enjoy and they also serve one of the best coffee that you could find in any reasonable these days. They have everything that you would crave, they also have vegetarian options for those who are trying to lose some weight so everybody will enjoy the menu whether you just want a cup of coffee or a heavy meal they have it. Let’s explain the menus of UCC Clockwork, their prices, and best sellers, and let’s see if after this article maybe you’ll consider trying this restaurant. Let’s go!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of UCC Clockwork menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Crafted Coffee around the world

France hot160
France iced180
Portugal cold180
Greece cold180
Hongkong hot170
Hongkong iced190
Vietnam hot160
Vietnam iced180

Choose your blend (Syphon/pour over)

UCC special blend170
UCC decaffeinated190
UCC sumiyaki200

Cold brew coffee

UCC iced coffee180
UCC iced sumiyaki220

Espresso bar

Americano hot/iced140/160
Piccolo latte hot140
Single shot140
Double shot150
Flat white170
Cafe latte hot/iced170/190
Cappuccino hot/iced170/190
Cafe mocha hot/iced180/200
White mocha hot/iced180/200
Caramel latte hot/iced180/200
Seasalt caramel machiato hot/iced180/200

Coffee concoction

Coffee caramel cappuccino iced160
Bulletproof hot170
Honey brûlée cappuccino hot170
Judy on the rocks hot/iced180/200
Manukappuccino hot/iced200/220
Toffee jelly iced230
Korl kohl iced240
Perrl espresso iced250

Tea & Cocoa

Assorted tea hot140
Milktea coffee jelly cold160
Clockwork iced tea cold180
Matcha latte hot/cold170/190
Davao chocolate hot/cold170/190

Cold pressed juices

The chlorophyll230
Zesty carrot230




Bottled water60
Soda (coke,Coke Zero, coke light, sprite) 90
Perrier sparkling water120
Soda water100
San Miguel beer (light, pilsen) 100
Ginger ale120
Stella artois180

Hearty breakfast

Quiche lorraine268
Reuben Benedict498
Tapa steak and eggs698

Healthy breakfast

Our oats caldo278
Eggsellent veggie Benedict328
Power bowls348
Grilled salmon with cauli fried rice698

Filipino breakfast

Fishermans fried rice298
Naked longganisa398
Marinated milkfish428
Classic corned beef428
Angus sukiyaki beef tapa448
Threesome breakfast448


Picked vegetable68
Naked longganisa168
Classic corned beef198
Marinated milkfish228
Angus beef tapa248


Cheese and spinach dip278
Dirty fries298
Baked nachos338
Four cheese quesadilla368
Tebasaki wings368


Mushroom truffle228
Creamy pumpkin228
New England chowder228


Farmhouse salad328
Kani Mango salad368
Cranberry walnuts ang Gorgonzola398
Seafood salad458

Japanese soup spaghetti

Seafood soup spaghetti498
Roasted charsiu curry soup spaghetti498
Scallops and spinach soup spaghetti498

Signature pasta

Tomato aligue268
Adobo floss spaghetti plate #OMG378
Smoked salmon and cream398
Truffle mushroom linguine398
Spaghetti and meatballs398


Pulled pork sandwich398
Phily cheesesteak sandwich498
Reuben sandwich568
Monte cristo348
Grilled cheese358
Angus beef burger498
Croissant sandwich (shrimp and kani)358
Croissant sandwich (salmon and truffle)498


Garlic tamadobo348
Honey glazed milk fish458
Asian belly with kimchi rice468
Cajun prawns with aligue rice498
Steak salpicao548
Miso salmon588

Signature Japanese dishes

Crabby fatty omurice398
Lengua omurice468
Callos omurice468


Sumiyaki coffee jelly180
Mango crepe samurai248
Churro French toast278
Chocolate lava cake298

About UCC Clockwork

UCC Clockwork was founded by Tadao Ueshima a Japanese businessman then it was introduced here in our country by an entrepreneur named Hubert Young. started in 2014. UCC Clockwork is known for its distinctive Japanese coffee who only uses the best coffee beans to ensure its product quality.

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Aside from the coffee they also offer innovative Filipino and Japanese-inspired food items, pastries, pasta, and many more. At first, it seems like UCC Clockwork is not popular among customers then they decided to improve everything including their place, and eventually, people started to notice them until today. As of now they already have 30 branches all over the country and continue to grow. 

UCC Clockwork Menu Best Seller

Here in the list are UCC Clockwork best-seller items that you should try if you are planning to visit their place. These items are popular among customers who are already a fan of their restaurant. 

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Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast – Though this is really good they only serve their smoked salmon avocado toast via a seasonal offering (limited edition). Made with a slice of sour bread which is actually larger than I expected topped with mashed avocado, salmon strips, and sliced avocado on top with poached egg, and served with salad as a side. Other people hate the idea of putting avocado on a sandwich (since we enjoy it here with condensed milk) but believe me, when the poached egg, smoked salmon, and avocado are combined they make a great taste. Everything is good. 

Eggsellent Veggie Benedict – This UCC Clockwork menu is a great option for vegetarians out there. Served as corn muffins as a base, some roasted vegetables, and mushrooms for greens topped with poached eggs and alfalfa sprouts with vegetables as sides. You’ll surely love the combination of roasted veggies and mushrooms that is lightly oiled with olive oil. The sauce for this dish is a healthier version of hollandaise sauce. A delicious treat for those vegetarian customers or for those who are trying to lose some weight. 

Photo Credit: UCC Clockwork FB Page

Adobo Floss Pasta Plate – This one is a bomb. The adobo flakes menu tastes really good, it is not too salty or sweet just right. Everything Is nicely distributed to the pasta so every bite is flavorful. It has a balanced taste with crispy adobo bits. If you’re a fan of pasta you should try this one and for sure this will be your new favorite. 

Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta – This pasta dish is cream-based linguine and mixed with cured salmon fillet, tomatoes, and onions. I love the taste of this pasta, especially with a squeeze of lemon. They also serve this with garlic toast which is perfect with pasta. The rice flavor is very delicious. 

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Cajun Prawns Aligue Rice – The best menu to order from the UCC Clockwork in my personal opinion, since I already tried their cajun prawn aligue rice and it is so delicious. Made with prawns marinated in the cajun sauce then sauteed with garlic butter sauce. They also serve this with mango salsa to balance the flavor, it adds sweetness. Great for sharing as well. 

Sandwich Menu

UCC Clockwork has different sandwiches that you can choose from. They have Cubano-styled sandwiches where you can choose which way you like whether it’s pulled pork sandwich, a Philly cheese steak sandwich, or a reuben sandwich.

Photo Credit: UCC Clockwork FB Page

They also have Monte Cristo, Grilled cheese, Clubhouse, Angus beef burger, and Croissant sandwiches. All of their sandwiches are delicious and perfect with their coffee whether you like it cold or hot.


UCC Clockwork offers delicious entrees. Their prices range from 348php up to 588php. Items on their entrees include garlic tomadobo, honey glazed milkfish, Asia belly with kimchi rice, Cajun prawns with aligue rice, steak salpicao, and lastly their Miso Salmon. All items are solo orders but of course, you can share if you want to with your family and friends. 

UCC Clockwork Coffee Menu

UCC Clockwork has a lot to offer when it comes to its coffee menu, they actually have a collection of coffee from around the world. That collection includes coffee from Germany, France, Portugal, Greece, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Italy. You’ll get to choose which blend you like when preparing your coffee, choices are siphon which produced a smooth and flavorful cup using medium ground coffee, or pour over which is basically the drip method (paper filter used to extract coffee) this method produces unfailing clear fragrant and seductive coffee.

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Photo Credit: UCC Clockwork FB Page

They also offer a lot on their espresso bar and on their concoction bar and they serve it based upon your liking whether it’s iced or hot. Their Espresso bar’s popular items are piccolo latte and flat white while popular coffee among their coffee concoction menu is Honey brûlée cappuccino, Judy on the rocks, and Korl kohl.

UCC Clockwork Menu Delivery

If you are craving your favorite UCC Clockwork food items no worries because even though not all of their branches offer delivery some do. Here is the list of their branches that offers delivery. 

UCC Clockwork Pasay City Metro Manila: 02-88434383

UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall Antipolo: 02-82439257

You can also use their Facebook page to order or you can use other delivery services like Pick a Roo or Lalafoods

Social Media Pages

If you want to be updated on UCC Clockwork’s latest promotions, new products, and discounts all you have to do is to like their social media page at https://facebook.com/UCCclockwork/ for Facebook and https://www.instagram.com/uccclockwork/ for their Instagram. 


Nice food, good coffee, great ambiance. That’s what UCC Clockwork provides for its customers. UCC Clockwork menu has a lot to offer whether you’re a coffee lover, looking for a lighter or hearty meal and even if you’re a vegetarian they have the right dish for you. I honestly love their coffee that’s why I keep on coming back to their place once in a while but we cannot ignore the food because everything is delicious. The place is great, cozy, comfortable, and customer friendly. About their crews, I actually have nothing against them because they are all nice, accommodating, and knowledgeable about the products that they serve. A great place to go for a cup of coffee or for a light lunch or dinner. 

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