Chaboba Menu Prices

The Chaboba menu consists of various authentic Taiwan Milk Tea that is prepared using brewed tea and premium flavors. The flavors that it offers are Classic, Chococake, Chocolate, Cheezee, Cheesecake, Salty Cheese, Black Sugar, and Fruit. Free pearls are also included in these milk tea flavors, except for Fruit Tea. There are also five sugar levels that you can choose from. It also offers add-ons such as cheese, beef, and extra pearls and snacks like Mashballs and Nachoz. Some of its branches also provide Yoboo Natural Drinking Yogurt. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Chaboba menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Classic Milk Tea

Chaboba Classic (Small)85
Chaboba Classic (Large)95
Wintermelon Classic (Small)89
Wintermelon Classic (Large)99
Taro Classic (Small)89
Taro Classic (Large)99
Okinawa Classic (Small)95
Okinawa Classic (Large)105
Uji Matcha Classic (Small)95
Uji Matcha Classic (Large)105

Chococake Milk Tea

Chaboba Chococake (Small)105
Chaboba Chococake (Large)115
Meiji Apollo Chococake (Small)110
Meiji Apollo Chococake (Large)120
Double Dutch Chococake (Small)110
Double Dutch Chococake (Large)120
Rocky Road Chococake (Small)110
Rocky Road Chococake (Large)120
Red Velvet Chococake (Small)110
Red Velvet Chococake (Large)120
Oreo Chococake (Small)115
Oreo Chococake (Large)125

Chocolate Milk Tea

Double Dutch Choco (Small)89
Double Dutch Choco (Large)99
Java Chip Choco (Small)95
Java Chip Choco (Large)105
Rocky Road Choco (Small)95
Rocky Road Choco (Large)105


Chaboba Cheezee Tea (Small)99
Chaboba Cheezee Tea (Large)110
Cheezee Milk Tea (Small)99
Cheezee Milk Tea (Large)110
Wintermelon Cheezee Tea (Small)105
Wintermelon Cheezee Tea (Large)115
Uji Matcha Cheezee Tea (Small)110
Uji Matcha Cheezee Tea (Large)120

Cheesecake Milk Tea

Chaboba Cheesecake (Small)105
Chaboba Cheesecake (Large)115
Wintermelon Cheesecake (Small)110
Wintermelon Cheesecake (Large)120
Taro Cheesecake (Small)110
Taro Cheesecake (Large)120
Graham Cheesecake (Small)110
Graham Cheesecake (Large)120
Oreo Cheesecake (Small)115
Oreo Cheesecake (Large)125
Okinawa Cheesecake (Small)115
Okinawa Cheesecake (Large)125
Uji Matcha Cheesecake (Small)115
Uji Matcha Cheesecake (Large)125

Salty Cheese Milk Tea

Chaboba Salty (Small)105
Chaboba Salty (Large)115
Wintermelon Salty (Small)110
Wintermelon Salty (Large)120
Taro Salty (Small)110
Taro Salty (Large)120
Oreo Salty (Small)115
Oreo Salty (Large)125
Okinawa Salty (Small)115
Okinawa Salty (Large)125
Uji Matcha Salty (Small)115
Uji Matcha Salty (Large)125

Black Sugar

Black Sugar Milk (Small)89
Black Sugar Milk (Large)99
Black Sugar Milk Tea (Small)95
Black Sugar Milk Tea (Large)105


Avacadocreme (Small)115
Avacadocreme (Large)125
Passion Fruit Tea (Small)85
Passion Fruit Tea (Large)95
Blueberry Fruit Tea (Small)85
Blueberry Fruit Tea (Large)95
Strawberry Fruit Tea (Small)85
Strawberry Fruit Tea (Large)95
Mango Fruit Tea (Small)85
Mango Fruit Tea (Large)95


Cheesecake 29
Salty Cheese29
Extra Pearls 20
Egg Pudding25
Nata de Coco25
Chia Seeds25


Beefy Nachoz135
Cheezee Nachoz115

Pica Add Ons

Beefy Nachoz45
Extra Pearls 20

Yoboo Heathy Yogurt Drink

Stciky Purple Rice120
Very Berry120
Avo Great Day140
Go Nuts120
Banana Be Berry140
Chaboba Yoboo99
Be There To Cashew120
Takes 2 To Mango120
One In A Watermelon120
Oats Must Have Been Love110
Banana Be Loved120
Love U So Matcha130
Grandsalm Graham110
Passionate Dream 120
Fruity Shades Of Graham120
Taro Bravo120
Bluer Than Berries120
Clingy Kiwi120
Monkey's Oats130

Add Ons

Purple Rice20
Oats 25
Passion Fruit30
Avocado 30

About Chaboba

Chaboba is a milk tea shop that has multiple branches in different parts of the country. It offers authentic Taiwan Milk Tea that is bursting with flavors. It uses premium, fresh, and best ingredients to create a flavorful milk tea. It is one of the most well-known milk tea shops in the country and a favorite place for bubble tea enthusiasts.

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Chaboba Menu Best Seller

Here are the top milk tea flavors that are recommended and well-loved by its customers. 

Oreo Cheesecake – A delightful milk tea that is made up of cheesecake, black pearls, freshly brewed tea, vanilla extract, full cream milk, cream cheese, and crushed oreo cookies. 

Oreo Cheesecake is one of the best selling drinks in Chaboba. Pin
Photo Credit: Chaboba Facebook Page

Okinawa Cheesecake – This milk tea is infused with Okinawa flavor and consists of cheesecake chunks, black pearls, premium milk, and freshly brewed tea leaves. 

Taro Salty Cheese – It is a milk tea drink that has a Taro flavor topped with foamy salty cheese. 

Uji Matcha Cheezee Tea – This best-selling milk tea is flavored with Uji matcha and topped with thick creamy cheese. 

Double Dutch Choco – A chocolate milk tea drink that has a sweet and nutty flavor. 

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Classic Milk Tea menu from Chaboba is the flavor that started it all. It is the original and first flavor of milk tea.  

Chaboba Classic – A classic and signature Chaboba milk tea that is made of freshly brewed tea leaves and Chaboba’s special flavors. 

Wintermelon Classic – This is a classic milk tea that has been flavor-infused with winter melon. Its fresh and leafy flavors make it a refreshing drink. 

Taro Classic – Taro gives this milk tea a vibrant purple color. It is made up of brewed tea leaves, black pearls, and premium milk. 

Okinawa Classic. It is an Okinawa-flavored milk tea that consists of free boba pearls, freshly brewed tea, and delightful milk. 

Uji Matcha Classic – High-quality Uji matcha is the flavor added to this classic milk tea. Its green color makes it look refreshing. The combination of sweetness and earthy matcha flavor is perfectly combined. 

Chaboba Menu Salty Cheese

The salty and creamy cheese foam on the top of this milk tea series makes them delectable. 

Chaboba Salty – A special milk tea created by Choboba made up of black pearls, premium milk, and brewed tea topped with salty cheese foam. 

Wintermelon Salty – The saltiness, creaminess, and cheesiness of this winter melon-infused milk tea flavor perfectly complement each other. 

Taro Salty – It is a purple-colored milk tea that is made up of taro flavor, black pearls, brewed tea, premium milk, and salty cheese foam. 

Taro lovers must-try drinks in Chaboba, Taro Salty Cheese. Pin
Photo Credit: Chaboba Facebook Page

Oreo Salty – This oreo salty milk tea is made up of original ingredients and topped with salty cheese foam and oreo cookie crumbs. 

Okinawa Salty. Okinawa flavor is one of the most popular flavors of milk tea. The cheese, rock salt, and brown sugar make it a sweet and delightful treat. 

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Chunks of cheesecake are the ingredient that makes this milk tea series truly satisfying and delightful. 

Chaboba Cheesecake – It is one of the popular milk teas on the Chaboba menu that is made with real cheesecake chunks, free black pearls, and Chaboba’s special ingredients. 

Wintermelon Cheesecake – It is a winter melon-flavored cheesecake milk tea that is a must-try dessert. This milk tea has a refreshing taste similar to a cucumber. 

Taro Cheesecake – The yellow color of cheesecake, the purple color of the taro flavor, and the taste of other ingredients enhance its taste and appearance. 

Photo Credit: Chaboba Facebook Page

Graham Cheesecake – Graham crackers and cheesecake are the two ingredients that make this milk tea extra special and delightful. 

Uji Matcha Cheesecake – A smooth and refreshing drink with a creamy texture and delicious taste. Its earthy and sweet flavor makes it a perfect drink while you’re on a nature trip. 


Cheezee flavor includes tea and milk tea drinks. It offers Chaboba Cheezee Tea which is available in Black or Jasmine Tea. This tea is topped with thick cream cheese and comes with free boba pearls. 

Photo Credit: Chaboba Facebook Page

The other flavor that it provides is Cheezee Milk Tea, a signature drink of Chaboba. There is also a Wintermelon Cheezee Tea that is infused with Wintermelon flavor. These two variants of milk tea are red in color and have creamy cheese topping. It also offers Uji Matcha Cheezee Tea which is made of authentic and fresh black tea leaves.


Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors of different desserts and drinks that’s why these chocolate milk tea flavors always please the crowd. It is one of the flavors that first-time customers try because they are already familiar with it. 

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Double Dutch flavor is one of the famous chocolate flavors that has a nutty and sweet taste. It also offers Java Chip flavor that is made up of chocolate chips and Rocky Road flavor that has also a nutty taste. 

Photo Credit: Chaboba Facebook Page

These chocolate-flavored milk teas are perfect for kids and young ones as most of them love chocolate drinks. It is rich in chocolate flavor and has an irresistibly smooth texture. This comfort drink with boba pearls will satisfy your cravings. 

Chaboba Chococake Menu

Chococake Milk Tea series has real chocolate mousse cake chunks that come with free boba pearls. One of the chococake flavors that you must try is the Red Velvet Chococake. The flavor of sweet berries, chocolate, black tea, and milk makes people come back for more. The other flavor that it offers are includes Chaboba, Meiji Apollo, Double Dutch, Rocky Road, and Oreo

Don't miss to taste Meiji Apollo chococake series only in Chaboba Pin
Photo Credit: Chaboba Facebook Page

These chococake milk tea series are perfect for those who want an ultimate delightful dessert. Delight your taste buds with this delicious cake-in-a-drink dessert. 

Chaboba Menu Delivery

The delicious milk tea of Chaboba is available on online delivery platforms such as Grabfood and Foodpanda. Delivery is also available in the OrderMo platform in some areas of Bulacan. 

Social Media Pages

Chaboba actively updates about new food items, promotions, and discounts across its social media pages. To know more, follow their social media accounts listed down below.




Chaboba’s menu offers a wide selection of milk tea flavors. These milk tea flavors are ideal refreshments that you’ll surely enjoy while chilling and hanging out with your friends and family. It offers a lot of options so you will surely find the best milk tea that will satisfy your cravings and wake up your senses. The milk teas of Chaboba are must-try drinks because they are affordable, delightful, and satisfying. 

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