Zagu Menu Prices

One of the Philippines’ most innovative food firms is Zagu. In order to meet consumers’ demands for premium beverages, Zagu menu offers freshly made-to-order preparation, gaining their trust as their drinks are manufactured in front of their eyes. Leading provider of pearl shakes in the Philippines, Zagu is seeking aspiring businesspeople to join its thriving enterprise. The Pearl Shake was launched to the Philippine market by Zagu. The distinctiveness of the beverage and the range of tastes it delivers increase its attraction to consumers and maintain their attention.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Zagu menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Coffee and Tea Blends

Pearl Milk Tea Regular96
Pearl Milk Tea Grande134
Caffe Latte Regular96
Caffe Latte Grande134
Hazelnut Cappuccino Regular96
Hazelnut Cappuccino Grande134

Fruit Selection

Strawberry Regular96
Melon Regular96
Watermelon Regular96
Philippine Mango Regular141
Four Seasons Regular135
Strawberry Grande134
Melon Grande134
Watermelon Grande134
Philippine Mango Grande202
Four Seasons Grande192

Chocolate Indulgence

Black Forest Regular96
Cookies and Cream Regular96
Chocolate Regular Regular96
Black Forest Grande134
Cookies and Cream Grande134
Chocolate Regular Grande134

Filipino Favorites

Buko Pandan Regular96
Ube Regular96
Quezo Royale Regular96
Taro Regular96
Fruit Salad Regular112
Halo-halo Regular111
Zagu't Gulaman Regular102
Buko Pandan Grande134
Ube Grande134
Quezo Royale Grande134
Taro Grande134
Fruit Salad Grande148
Halo-halo Grande144
Zagu't Gulaman Grande120

About Zagu

Zagu did not have a typical beginning or innovation. Before it was launched on the market in the summer of April 1999, Zagu completed a number of experiments and product samplings, much like any other food franchising firm. Zagu has succeeded in having more than a hundred pearl shake stands across the nation as of this writing. It began as a straightforward kiosk and grew into the current network of approximately 300 stores around the country. With its modest beginnings and current success, ZAGU has demonstrated that it is not a trend that will soon fade away.

In fact, 85% of its existing stores have remained in their current locations for longer than three years. Foods from ZAGU may be found at grocery stores, malls, and roadside stands. Our skilled management team and motivated staff members, who prioritize the needs of the client and strive for excellence in all they do, are the driving force behind the success of every ZAGU location. They strive to offer the most cutting-edge, premium-quality, and affordably priced goods in the beverage sector.

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Zagu Menu Best Seller

Ube – This beverage will make you long for ube halaya, the rich, purple yam dessert from your own country. The ube that Filipinos are accustomed to, however, has a twist in Zagu’s rendition. This shake is really great because it also contains coconut.

halo halo zagu menu Pin
Photo Credit: Zagu FB Page

Halo-Halo – This flavor most closely resembles authentic Filipino cuisine, in my opinion. Every island in the nation has a different variation of the dessert. However, Zagu maintains its traditional flavor by using a variety of ingredients to satiate your thirst. The halo-halo shake made by Zagu is a substantial beverage with a creamy texture. Despite its layers being colored like gummy bears, this delicious delight does not taste like candy and is neither too sweet nor sickeningly sweet. It has fewer milk and natural sugar replacements, which results in a considerable reduction in calories compared to classic ice cream. Additionally, it has a blend of natural and organic components.

Quezo Royale – When you try Zagu’s Quezo Royale flavor, you won’t regret your decision. It is inexpensive and combines the richness of melted cheese with the sweetness and silky smoothness of ice cream.

Zagu Menu Buko Pandan Flavor

Young coconut milk with screw-pine and pandan combined together and served with tapioca pearls. A Filipinoized version of the fruit salad is called buko pandan. Bohol Island in the Eastern Visayas is where the recipe’s origins lie. No particular flavor distinguishes pandan. Its green hue and grassy, nutty flavor are what most people use it for.

buko pandan zagu menu Pin
Photo Credit: Zagu FB Page

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It is imposing in a positive manner. To extract their amazing scent, you must bruise the skin and boil them. It features a firm, brown outer shell and a green outer husk that is covered with a pleasant, transparent liquid and jelly meat. Before it reaches full maturity, it is harvested.

Zagu Menu Taro Flavor

A nutritious and cooling smoothie garnished with chewy black pearls and overflowing with deep taro flavor. The flavor of taro root is really subtle and almost nutty. It’s sometimes referred to be a sweeter substitute for potatoes. Taro tastes much like sweet potatoes after being cooked. Taro is quite adaptable and readily takes on new flavors. A tropical plant called Colocasia esculenta is cultivated largely for its edible corms, a root vegetable well known as taro among other names. It is one of the numerous plant species in the family Araceae that are used for food and is the most popularly cultivated species.

Zagu Chocolate Flavor

Enjoy the rich chocolate flavor of our characteristic chewy black pearls and chocolate malt crumbs in our choco-dinosaur treat. Choline, a vitamin crucial for proper neuron function, is a component of chocolate pearl drinks. You utilize it to create the chemical acetylcholine, which helps in brain communication and contributes to muscular control.

zagu chocolate menu Pin
Photo Credit: Zagu FB Page

Additionally, choline aids in the maintenance of healthy cell membranes and metabolism. On the other hand, chocolate increases the bar. Some people are enhanced by its rich flavor, while others find it a touch too overpowering. a chocolate treat that combines a sweet and creamy flavor and is served with tapioca pearls.

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What is ZAGU?

One of the Philippines’ most innovative food firms is ZAGU. to fulfill the needs of the clients. ZAGU provides fresh made-to-order preparation of high-quality beverages, earning consumers’ trust as their drinks are created in front of their eyes.

Is ZAGU a Filipino brand?

A young, entrepreneurial woman from Vancouver, Canada, who graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in food science founded ZAGU. But one of the Philippines’ top Pearl Shakes producers is Zagu Foods Corporation.

Is ZAGU a milk tea?

Zagu is different from milk tea in many ways. Although Zagu is not milk tea, the store still offers milk tea on its menu to cope with the trend in the market.

Who owns ZAGU Philippines?

Owned by Genevieve Lim Santos is Zagu. Over 500 locations exist across the country.


Depending on the taste you choose, Zagu menu gives your daily intake of calcium in addition to quenching your thirst. This drink has a highly flavorful combination that helps you savor every zip, which is what makes it amazing. The Pearl Drink is made available in the Philippine market by Zagu. The distinctiveness of the beverage and the range of tastes it offers to extend its attraction to consumers and maintain their attention. The Zagu franchise is dedicated to giving its franchise family the ideal, specially tailored support and marketing mix.

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