Bon Appetea Menu Prices

A large part of the items that consist on the Bon Appetea menu are beverages such as tea. But they are also well known for their breakfast dishes. They serve delectable and very affordable dishes, from appetizers to beverages. Through the years, it has developed into the comfortable milk tea and soul food that its customers most enjoy for peace and warmth. Bon Appetea is one of the most popular milk tea restaurants in the Philippines right now. It has been serving Filipinos for about ten years now and has never once lost its charm.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bon Appetea menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Milk Tea

Brown Sugar70
Caramel Hazelnut70
Creme Brulee70
Dulce de Leche70
House Pearl70
Love Potion no 970
Morocco Nights70
Purple Royal70
Red Velvet70
Salted Caramel70
White Mocha Dreams70

Iced Blended Frappes

Butterscotch Mousse120
Caremel Macchiato120
chocolate Minn120
Cinnamon Mocha120
Cookie Crumble120
Creme Brulee120
Dulce de Leche120
Honey Drew120
Mango Graham Smores120
Matcha Green tea120
Peppermint Mocha Java120
Raspberry White Chocolate120
Red Velvet120
Toffee Hazelnut Espresso120
White Chocolate Mocha120

Cloud Puff Series

House Milk Tea125
Strawberry 125

Salt and Cheese Foams

Banoffee Pie125
Blueberry Cheesecake125
Butterscotch Mousse125
Chocolate Kiss125
karamel Sutra125
Matcha Green Tea125
Peppermint patty125
Red Velvet125
Strawberry cheesecake125
Wintermelon Tea125

Fruit Teas

Berry Citrus60
Blueberry Mint Julep60
Buddha's Tears60
Apple Mint Tea60
Housblend Iced Tea60
Lemon Wintermelon60
Mango Lychee60
Mango Madness60
Summer Rain60
Tropical Passion60

Milk Tower Session

Buddha's Tears549
House Blend Tea549
House Pearl549
Mango Madness549
Summer Rain549
Tropical Passion549

Niner Bowl and Plates

luncheon meal109
Smoked Ham109
Spoansih Sardines109
Chicken Arroz caldo119
Spicy Ramen119
Spicy dilis129
Spicy tuyo129
Adobo Flakes139

Waffle sandwiches

Cinnamon sugard60
Mapple Butter60
Peanut butter65
Belgian Chocolate75
cheddar Cheese75
Cream cheese75
Banana Peanut Butter80
Banna Chocolate85
Banna Hazelnut85
Dulce de Leche90

All Day Breakfast

Ham and cheese100
Bacon and Cheese110
sausage and cheese110
Ham cheese and egg125
Spam and egg125
Bacon cheese and egg125
Sausage cheese and egg125
Spam cheese and egg140
Waffle Sundae
Old fashoined120
Cookies and cream130
Dulce de Leche130
Berry Banana Split160
Chunkee Monkee160
Red Velvet170


Penne and Cheese119


Yummy Veggie120
Spanish Style Sardines140
Ham and cheese140

About Bon Appetea

Bon AppeTEA is a famous takeout restaurant in Cebu City that mainly serves beverages such as tea and frappes. Chef Tom Pestano, an alumnus of the Culinary Institute of America, is the founder of Bon Appetea. In order to address the gap left in the market ten years ago, he returned to the Philippines with extensive experience from the food and hospitality industries in the United States and opened Bon Appetea which quickly became popular with the locals for its taste and affordability.

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Bon Appetea Menu Best Seller

These are the most popular items that Bon Appetea serves. The items on this list are what the customers frequently order whenever they visit their stores.

Blueberry Cloud Puff – A Bon Appetea’s drink that brings a new twist of blueberry flavor. It is part of the new cloud puff series of the latest line of drinks that it offers.

Blueberry cloud puff for blueberry drink lovers Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

Butterscotch Mocha Foam – The flavor of Bon Appetea’s butterscotch mocha foam is wonderfully unique. The butterscotch flavor and the traces of foam are detectable in this latte.

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Strawberry Cheese Foam – This drink was prepared to order with a hand mixer, then scooped over a beverage. Strawberry Cheese Foam is a typical fruit tea with tapioca pearls.

Bon Appetea Menu Best Milk Teas

Bon Appetea’s specialty milk teas. This is the list of Bon Appetea’s best-selling and tastiest milk teas.

Ambrosia – A classic black tea with organic blue agave and milk. This is one of the most popular milk teas at Bon Appetea and is perfect to satisfy the customer’s sweet tooth while simultaneously quenching their thirst.

Another best milk tea in the Bon Appetea, Ambrosia milktea Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

House Pearl – The most popular bubble tea beverage is also a traditional milk tea. It has a chewy, pleasant flavor from the tapioca pearls and a sweet cream, silky texture from its milk.

Red Velvet – The popular bakery treat red velvet milk tea features the flavors of sweet berries and chocolate. This cupcake-inspired drink will satisfy both your desires and your sweet tooth.

One of the best-selling milk tea is Red Velvet milktea Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

Best Iced Blended Frappes

The items on this menu are made up of Bon Appetea’s best ice-blended frappes that will satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Enjoy the flavors of ice-blended frappes Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

Blueberry – In only a few minutes, you may have this delicious, fruity, and fresh blueberry milkshake on your dining table. This blueberry frappe is prepared by Bon Appetea with the addition of additional ube powder.

Chocolate – This menu from Bon Appetea is made up of cream, ice, sugar, and chocolate syrup for this frappe recipe. It is also topped with whipped cream, mini choco chips, and another dose of chocolate

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Cookie Crumble – Using milk, ice, and mocha sauce, frappuccino chips are combined to make this Bon Appetea’s cookie crumble. The mixture is then covered with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookie crumbs and drizzled with mocha sauce.

Salt and Cheese Foams

The salt and cheese foams come in two different sizes and three different flavors; cocoa, taro, and winter melon. Quench your thirst on a hot day with these tasty Bon Appetea’s salt and cheese foams.

Taro salt and cheese foam under Salt and Cheese Foam menu Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

Cloud Puff Series

Bon Appetea’s cloud puff series has two sizes that customers can choose from, medium and large. They offer six different flavors, with each flavor having a unique taste that customers would absolutely love!

Different of flavors under Cloud puff series Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

Niner Bowl and Plates

This is filled with filling and delectable meals that will satisfy the customer’s hunger. The Bon Appetea menu serves many varieties of niner bowls and plates, giving their customers more items to choose from. One thing is for certain—they are all delectable and will undoubtedly fill you up.


The dishes on this menu are made of leavened dough that is cooked between two plates that are shaped, sized, and given a certain kind of look. Bon Appatea produces each variety of their waffles from scratch.

Banana hazelnut waffle menu only in Bon Appetea Pin
Photo Credit: Bon Appetea Official FB Page

There are numerous regional variations of waffles in Belgium, but they are also undoubtedly popular all throughout the world. However, the popularity of this food has already started to spread throughout the Philippines, and it has emerged as one of the simplest ways for Filipinos to suppress their hunger if they are too busy or simply don’t yet have time to eat.

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Bon Appetea Menu Delivery

They also offer delivery services for their menu. This makes it more convenient for their customers. Customers only have to download the FoodPanda or GrabFood applications on their mobile devices and use one of these applications to order online. Another way is to browse through their official website and you might get discounts when you order online.

Social Media Pages

Stay informed on the latest news and updates from Bon Appetea by following their official social media accounts. With new promotions and menu items frequently being added, you’ll always have the inside scoop. Simply click on the links provided below to access their pages and never miss a beat. Whether you’re a regular customer or trying Bon Appetea for the first time, you won’t want to miss out on any of their exciting updates and mouth-watering offerings.





The milk tea that is in Bon Appetea is a cure for people who have a sweet tooth. Their milk tea has the right balance of sweetness that the customers love, and that makes them want to go back. Aside from the milk tea’s taste, each milk tea has a huge cup that is great for people who are extremely parched. And for the other items on their menu, which are the breakfast meals, niner bowls, waffles, sandwiches, pasta, and omelets—you also wouldn’t want to miss these dishes if ever you choose to dine at Bon Appetea. As for the restaurant itself, the interior gives off a relaxing vibe, and their very accommodating staff makes your stay comfortable. Overall, Bon Appetea is where you would want to go whenever you want to relax and peacefully enjoy your tea.

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