Tokyo Bubble Tea Menu Prices

One of the forerunners of the well-known milk tea drink in the Philippines, the Tokyo Bubble Tea menu offers delightful bubbly Japanese comfort food and milk tea beverages. Tokyo Bubble Tea is a lovely and enjoyable atmosphere that is ideal for fostering relationships between families and groups of friends.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tim Ho Wan menu prices.


Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Classic Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea w/bubbles90
Royal Milk Tea w/egg pudding and bubbles100
Royal Milk Tea with Oreo and Bubbles100
Coffee Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly100
Jasmine Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and Bubbles90


Chocolate JCC105
Honeydew Melon JCC105
Matcha JCC105
Taro JCC115
Strawberry JCC105


Berry Forest95
Mango Grapefruit100
Grape Fruit100
Strawberry Green Tea95
Super Fruit95
Korean Grapefruit C100
Original Yocca100
Grapes Yocca100
Kiwi Grean Tea95
Grapefruit Yocca100


California Maki235
Japanese Caesar Salad275
Ebi Tempura290
Tofu Steak270
Spicy Tuna Salad310
Nori Fish and Chips245
Bulgogi Nachos268
Miso Soup120
Truffled Mushroom Soup210

Tokyo Big Plates

Teriyaki Chicken Doria325
Teriyaki Chicken Don285
Katsu Don310
Chicken Katsu Omurice320
Gyu Don315
Chasu Ramen295
Seafood Garlic Doria348
Roasted Tomato Porkchop Doria325
Black Pepper Chicken with Kimchi Rice325
Sunny Side-up Yakisoba280
Tonkatsu Curry295
Salmon with Blackened Maguro Rice425
Apple Glazed Grilled Porkchop345


Teriyaki Chicken Pesto345
Salmon Niniku428
Tokyo Aloha Burger348
Samurai Apple Burger310


California Maki235
Crunchy Midori Maki320
Nippon Maki325
Sunshine Roll340
Super Fireball Roll325
Pink Volcano Roll345


Potato Salad45
Potato Fries45
Yakimeshi Rice95
Garlic Rice55
White Rice45
Mashed Potato85


Red Velvet860
Belfian Decadence980
Saint Ube Cake830
Ultimate Chocolate Cake865
Classic Sans Rival920
Candied Walnut Carrot Cake880
Tres Leches Cheesecake1100
Mango Cheesecake1280
Pistachio Nougat1250
Macchiato Cake780
Strawberry Fields1480
Mango Royale1450

About Tokyo Bubble

A Japanese and Western fusion restaurant called Tokyo Bubble Tea was established in 2006. The McWilson Group of restaurants established the locally owned and operated bubble tea concept known as Tokyo Bubble Tea in 2007. It was a pioneer in bringing the Asian phenomenon known as milk tea to the West.

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Tokyo Bubble Tea is known for its specialty as implied by its name but that isn’t all there is to know about them. And because they want everyone to know it, they are re-introducing themselves as a full-fledged Japanese and Western restaurant rather than just a milk tea café.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Best Seller

Bulgogi Nachos – Bulgogi Nachos fit in perfectly with another movement, worldwide mashups, where ideas from two different cultures are combined to produce a unique meal that is even better than the combination of its delectable components. No snack is more epic than a pile of buttery, gooey nachos, and these bulgogi nachos have been given a flavor boost. A must-try Tokyo Bubble Tea menu.


Nippon Ebi Maki – Ebi is the term for shrimp on a sushi menu. Typically, ebi is butterflied, skewered, and cooked before being turned into sushi or sashimi. However, when shrimp is really fresh and treated carefully, it can be served raw. In North America, ebi sushi is made from a wide range of species. Rarely are the precise species and origins of an object known. A select few species are preferred in Japan. Cheesy, sweet, and crunchy. Even better is the mozzarella butter mixture. It surpasses everyone’s preferred California maki by a wide margin.

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Korean Bibimbap – The flavors and textures in this menu have undertones of pickled and fermented foods, are spicy and sweet, and are crunchy and delicious. By blending together a variety of ingredients, bibimbap develops into a special dish that represents the balance and harmony found in Korean culture. Bibimbap gained popularity for a number of reasons. First off, preparing the dish is not too difficult. There are only a few simple, at-home components needed to make bibimbap. The popularity of the dish is also attributed to an increase in travel to Korea.

Omurice with Steak Mushroom Sauce with Hamburg Steak – Any omurice dish begins with fried rice, which is produced with rice that has been spiced with ketchup and a dash of soy sauce, as well as soft scrambled eggs. It has a savory flavor and a soft texture, making it comfort food for both adults and children.


Samurai Burger –  A unique approach to burgers. This is considerably different from American burgers if you like them. Try it to learn more about this Samurai.

Tokyo Tower – Crunchy spicy tuna, luscious mango, Kani crab crunch, and spicy fruity salmon are presented atop a bed of assorted seasonal grains in a balsamic vinegar reduction in this magnificent combination of flavors and textures.

Teriyaki Chicken Doria – This Tokyo Bubble Tea menu is a delectable teriyaki chicken casserole with rice and mozzarella that has been baked in a wasabi mushroom cream sauce. The finest aspect, though, is the burned and smokey flavor, which perfectly complements the other flavors.

Chashubimbop – Delicious pork stew slices served with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and a soft-boiled egg in a very hot stone bowl over rice.

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Salmon with Blackened Maguro Rice – Delicious grilled salmon fillet placed in a hot stone bowl with black tuna yakimeshi rice. Once more, it’s terribly hot.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Menu Best Tea

Double Chocolate Milk Shake & Super Fruit-C – Unfortunately, the thick but strong base exceeds the rich but alcoholic cocoa flavor, which actually tastes like it was spiked with alcohol. This trait would receive a far higher grade if it were diminished or eliminated entirely. The thick, satisfying Double Chocolate milkshake had tiny bubbles or pearls. The Super Fruit-C is a reviving drink that includes their traditional and brand-new bubu jelly.

Royal Milk Tea w/ Egg Pudding & Bubbles – They have the tiniest bit of crunch and go great with richer, decadent milk teas. Egg pudding Boba or Pudding Bubble Tea has a smooth, creamy, almost jelly-like feel. It tastes creamy and sweet.

Royal Milk Tea w/ Oreo and Bubbles – When compared to a typical cup of black tea with milk, royal milk tea has a richer, creamier flavor and is sweeter to the palate. It has a flavor that is almost tactile and is silky and creamy at the same time.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Best Cakes

Honeybon – Through cakes, a new cake company shares with the world the pleasure of life’s moments. It creates delicious and lovely cakes to celebrate any event. A lot of customers who ordered milk tea were enchanted by Honeybon’s delicious selection of pastries. They brought home a box for their special occasions and warmly embraced this new cake brand.

Belgian Decadence – It has a beautiful, silky texture and a flavorful combination of cream and chocolate truffle. The Belgian Decadence is a decadent chocolate dessert all around. With its moist texture, rich taste from fine chocolates, and a generous amount of chocolate ganache on top, this cake is a slice of chocolate heaven.

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Red Velvet – The flavor of red velvet cake is similar to very mild chocolate with a hint of tartness. The flavor that stands out the most is the cream cheese icing. The texture smooth, soft, sensitive, and light with creamy icing may be even more significant than the flavor.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Delivery

Sometimes, we do not have the luxury of time to go out and just stay at a Japanese and Western Fusion restaurant like Tokyo Bubble Tea. Most of the time people are working or busy at home. However, this won’t be a problem for you could always order their delicious milk tea and cakes via their email at or the Grabfood or Foodpanda app.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Promo

For the period September 9-12, Tokyo Bubble Tea is offering a promo for its large drinks, and it would sell them for only 99 pesos. You could also enjoy free delivery, but it is subject to a minimum fee of 1,000 pesos. Should you want to avail more exclusive scoops and discounts you could always subscribe to their newsletter on their website at

Social Media Pages

In order to ensure that you can get the latest updates on the Tokyo Bubble Tea price, and promo, it is highly recommended to follow them on their social media pages at the following:





With its wonderful food and milk tea, the Tokyo Bubble Tea allows you to experience a Japanese-like environment. Many people who appreciate tea search for a distinctive and diverse flavor. The taste of boba or bubble tea is different from what most people are used to. It’s sweet, but also creamy, chewy, and wonderful thanks to the special tapioca balls at the bottom. Bubble tea is a cold, flavored tea drink that also doubles as a sweet snack since it contains big, chewy tapioca balls. Simple to identify, bubble tea is served with a vibrant giant straw that serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.

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