Serenitea Menu Prices

Serenitea menu contains a diversity of beverages that include festive drinks with various tastes, teas with arctic cream, teas that include brown sugar, teas produced by hand, and pure milk teas. They also provide tasty, pleasant, brewed tea and tasty matcha drink. The term milk tea may be used to describe a wide range of teas and tea-based beverages from throughout the globe. The most basic definition of milk tea is tea with milk, yet there are regional and national variations in how these delightful beverages are made. In order to lessen astringency and produce a smooth, balanced cup of tea, milk is frequently added to powerful black teas and occasionally sweetened like sugar or honey.

Any tea beverage with milk added is referred to as “milk tea.” It may be as straightforward as adding a dash of milk to a steaming cup of tea, or it might involve a complicated preparation with several ingredients, like the well-known bubble tea. The tastes of tea, especially a few of the bitter elements present in black tea, are mellowed and smoothed out by the addition of milk. Both hot and cold milk tea is popular around the world. Merely said, milk is simply a flavoring for tea. As a result, the tea has a smoother flavor and is slightly sweetened. There are many countries in the globe where milk tea is the standard form of tea, and it is a popular method to serve tea in many places, and it is a simple way to spice up your typical cup of tea. This is particularly clear in some regions of India where tea is frequently used to refer to milk tea.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Serenitea menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Rice Meals

Imperial Beef Rice218.9
Yakiniku Beef Rice218.9
Ginger Beef Rice218.9
Black Pepper Beef Rice218.9
Chicken Chops Rice165
Chicken Wings Rice198
Creamy Chicken Rice253
Curry Chicken Rice253
Plain Rice44
Taiwan Sausage Rice143


Original Chicken Chops121
Chicken Chops121
Chicken Wings231
Chicken Delight165
Squid Balls 3 Pcs93.5
Squid Balls 5 Pcs143
Meat Balls 3 Pcs82.5
Meat Balls 5 Pcs132
Pepper Tofu99
Fish n’ Fries218.9
Fries n’ Dip154
French Beans121
Taiwan Sausage108.9
Fried Mantou108.9
Mexican Chicken Wings231
Italian Chicken Wings231
Western Chicken Delight187
Chicken Bao132

Brown Sugar

Buy 1 Take 1 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Big Pearls165
Buy 1 Take 1 Brown Sugar Grass Jelly with Big Pearls165
Brown Sugar Taho165
Brown Sugar Grass Jelly165
Brown Sugar Fresh Regular Milk165
Brown Sugar Frost Regular Milk165

Arctict Cream

Taro Snow176
Cookies & Cream Milk Tea176
Choco Cookies Milk Tea176
Auro Trio Chocolate203.5
Coffee Snow176
Midnight Matcha192.5
Winter Snow136.5
Auro Cacao Cookies n Cream194.25

Milk Tea

Black Tea Latte143
Brown Sugar Taho Milk Tea (Medium)198
Soybean Cheese Frost Milk Tea (Medium)159
Cookie Brulee Milk Tea (Medium)159
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea (Medium)192.5
Traditional Milk Tea (Medium)115.5
Creme Brulee Milk Tea (Medium)137.5
Okinawa Milk Tea (Medium)121
Hokkaido Milk Tea (Medium)121
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Medium)121
Emperor Milk Tea (Medium)121
Nagasaki Milk Tea (Medium)121
Jasmine Milk Tea (Medium)115.5
Royal Milk Tea (Medium)115.5
Assam Milk Tea (Medium)115.5
Black Tea Latte(Large)165
Soybean Cheese Frost Milk Tea(Large)176
Cookie Brulee Milk Tea(Large)176
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea(Large)209
Traditional Milk Tea(Large)132
Creme Brulee Milk Tea(Large)154
Okinawa Milk Tea(Large)137.5
Hokkaido Milk Tea(Large)137.5
Wintermelon Milk Tea(Large)137.5
Emperor Milk Tea(Large)137.5
Nagasaki Milk Tea(Large)137.5
Jasmine Milk Tea(Large)132
Royal Milk Tea(Large)132
Assam Milk Tea(Large)132

About Serenitea

Initiation of Serenitea on December 19, 2008. Customers also have the ability to customize their beverages, including the sweetness level and sinkers, in a teashop-specific environment. They were one of the very first milk tea firms to provide DIY home Kits in order to make things easier for their customers. In order to expand a market beyond the confines of their physical storefronts and allow their customers to have milk teas in the comfort of their homes, Serenitea is now offered on Shopee and Lazada, two of the largest e-commerce platforms in the Philippines.

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They incorporated tea use into the coffee sector and enjoyed great success with the Filipino people. They guarantee that Serenitea produces high-quality beverages and wholesome goods that are suitable for clients’ demands. Every cup of beverage we provide will provide enjoyment and renewal. In addition to producing high-quality goods. We also offer a calm setting that is conducive to relaxation and bonding.

Serenitea Menu Best Seller

Hokkaido with Nata Sinkers – This Serenitea menu has a distinct milky flavor with a butterscotch or caramel flavor.

Wintermelon Milk Tea with Black Pearls – Because of the caramelized sugar, it has a sweet flavor and is quite reviving to drink. It looks well with pearls or nata.

Taho Milk Tea on Serenitea Menu Philippines Pin

Taho Milk Tea – You may have your favorite morning and afternoon beverage in Taho by adding milk tea.

Okinawa Espresso – The ideal combination of coffee and tea. Your preferred Okinawa milk tea, flavored with just a touch of espresso.

Okinawa Espresso on Serenitea Menu Philippines Pin

Serenitea Brown Sugar Menu Best Seller

Okinawa with Egg Pudding – Caramelized brown sugar and Assam black tea are combined in this. It is not very milky and has a rather strong taste.

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Brown Sugar Taho – For those who prefer their Taho served cold, it is ideal to order this Serenitea menu.

Serenitea Promo

  • Spend P500, you may get Serenitea from GrabFood PH’s GrabKitchen and receive a P59 delivery charge discount.
  • If you use GCash at Serenitea, you can get 20% OFF beverages with brown sugar to tea-ckle your tastebuds!

Serenitea Menu Delivery

You can now order the delicious beverages of Serenitea via GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Mangan. But first, you have to make sure that you have already installed any of these apps on your smartphone. You can get it by downloading it from Play Store or App Store.


Who is the owner of Serenitea?

Peter Chen and Juliet Herrera, the power couple that runs Serenitea, in 2012. It only had twelve branches at this time. Peter and his then-girlfriend, Juliet Herrera, who is now his wife, borrowed money from their fathers with the intended intention of using it to operate a small milk tea cart in a mall.

What makes Serenitea unique?

Serenitea’s distinctiveness stems from its constant innovation. We have expanded our product lines outside beverages as an illustration of this. They have begun to market our distinctive tea components and tastes in the form of jams, chocolates, and sweets.

Does Serenitea have caffeine?

The kind of tea used in milk tea which is frequently a variety of black tea determines how much caffeine is present in the beverage.

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What are the social media pages and website of Serenitea?





Brown Sugar Taho on Serenitea Menu Philippines Pin


Serenitea offers a serene and unwinding atmosphere. They have a kind and inviting staff at their café. In their cafés, you may sip tea while listening to mellow music playing on a jukebox. Additionally, the Serenitea menu offers a cooling experience for their distinctive drinks. Filipinos often like sipping on cool beverages like samalamig and buko juice, which are perennial favorites. But a new product only lately came into the picture. From the North to the South, milk tea managed to snag the taste buds of every Filipino. Everywhere you walk, you’ll find shops and cafes selling milk teas in a variety of tastes.

In Taiwan, this milk tea fad was first taken up. Taiwanese people who regularly drink tea discovered that while they had specific teas for breakfast, lunch, and supper, there isn’t one available for their snack. To address the need, they created milk tea, a beverage, and snack that can both be consumed concurrently. A tasty iced beverage with tapioca balls at the bottom, milk tea is pleasant. A tea base, fruits, and flavoring syrups are combined with milk before the tapioca balls are added. Milk tea quickly gained popularity because of its delectable and unique spin on a very common beverage. It is indisputable that milk tea is quite popular in the Philippines. Milk tea has been popular across the nation for a number of reasons, including the fact that it provided tea, which has been around for a while, a delightful twist. Tea is something we are all acquainted with, but the distinctive flavors of milk tea make it stand out. On these sweltering days, milk tea is the perfect way to cool down. Not only that, either. It’s also ideal for a laid-

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