The Coffee Bean Menu Prices

Are you looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy your alone time or share the experience with a close friend, perhaps tired of the long queues at the leading coffee shops? I’ve discovered an alternative spot where you can try their coffee blends and other beverages. The place is genuinely good and cozy, perfect for solo moments or with friends and family. They also offer a variety of sandwiches on their menu. This coffee shop is an American establishment introduced here in the country, and given Filipinos’ love for coffee, it’s a hit. Have you heard about coffee beans? If not, let’s explore the food items they offer, their best sellers, and a bit about them. Let’s see if, after this, you’ll be interested enough to try their products. Let’s not delay; shall we? Let’s get started.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Coffee Bean menu prices.



Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Espresso single115
Espresso double130
Machiato single125
Machiato double140
Cappuccino single135
Cappuccino double150
Americano small120
Americano regular135
Americano large150
Cafe latte small135
Cafe latte regular150
Cafe latte large165
Mocha latte small150
Mocha latte regular165
Mocha latte large180
Vanilla latte small150
Vanilla latte regular165
Vanilla latte large180
Double chocolate latte small155
Double chocolate latte regular170
Double chocolate latte large185
Caramel machiato small155
Caramel machiato regular170
Caramel machiato large185
White chocolate dream latte small155
White chocolate dream latte regular170
White chocolate dream latte large185
Hazelnut chocolate latte small155
Hazelnut chocolate latte regular170
Hazelnut chocolate latte large185


Todays fresh brew small120
Todays fresh brew regular135
Todays fresh brew large150

Non Coffee

Hot vanilla small130
Hot vanilla regular145
Hot vanilla large160
Hot double chocolate small130
Hot double chocolate regular145
Hot double chocolate large160


Green tea120
Herbal infusion120
Flavored black120
Flavored green120
Today's iced tea130

Ice blended coffee

The original mocha regular165
The original mocha large185
The original vanilla regular165
The original vanilla large185
Double chocolate regular175
Double chocolate large195
White chocolate dream regular175
White chocolate dream large195
Caramel regular180
Caramel large200
Hazelnut chocolate regular185
Hazelnut chocolate large205
Mocha chip regular185
Mocha chip large205
Dark chocolate chip regular185
Dark chocolate chip large205

Add ons

Go extreme (for twice the coffee flavor and kick)20
Chocolate covered espresso beans30
Premium espresso jelly30

Coffee free

Pure vanilla regular165
Pure vanilla large185
Pure double chocolate regular165
Pure double chocolate large185
Pure hazelnut chocolate regular175
Pure hazelnut chocolate large195
Sunrise regular175
Sunrise large195
Mango regular175
Mango large195
Matcha green tea regular175
Matcha green tea large195

Tea Latte

Chai small155
Chai regular170
Chai large185
Matcha green tea small155
Matcha green tea regular170
Matcha green tea large185
Moroccan mint small150
Moroccan mint regular165
Moroccan mint large180
African sunrise small150
African sunrise regular165
African sunrise large180
English breakfast small145
English breakfast regular160
English breakfast large175
Tropical passion small145
Tropical passion regular160
Tropical passion large175
Double vanilla small145
Double vanilla regular160
Double vanilla large175

Breakfast set

Break O day265
Tasty toast treat155
Bagel (with cream cheese)165
Blueberry bagel (with cream cheese)185
Food for thought185
Corned beef with Pandesal265
Eggs ben295
Salmon scramble295
Salmon and cream cheese bagel295

Gourmet sandwich

Grilled chicken pesto235
Chef's tuna225
Grilled chicken Caesar245
Salami & cream cheese295


Linguine bolognese245
Tomato and herb linguine195
Spicy tuna linguine225
Sardine and gralic linguine245
Roast chicken and mushroom fusilli295


Greek salad255
Chilled spicy chicken pasta salad225
Chinese chicken salad225
Coffee bean's classic Caesar salad225

About the Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean is an American coffee shop that was founded in Los Angeles in 1963 by Herbert B. Hyman and Mona Hyman. They are serving coffee and other products like sandwiches that really get along with the drinks that they offer. By the 1970’s the coffee shop expanded to 10 more locations in Southern California. In the summer of 1987, they discovered that its really good and refreshing to serve iced coffee, since the product gain popularity. Jollibee Foods Corporation bought Coffee Bean in July 2019. They serve in various countries like the United States, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Malaysia, Panama, India, Kuwait, Indonesia, South Korea, the Middle East, Mongolia, Myanmar, Paraguay, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and The Philippines. They have more than a thousand locations worldwide and 12,000 numbers of employees as of 2013.

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The Coffee Bean Menu Best Seller

Mocha Cold Brew – Just like the mocha iced blend this flavor will give you the feeling of drinking coffee but in a lighter way. Made with mixed dark chocolate and cold brew. Perfect for any warm days or anytime you want it.

Classic Flat White – A coffee that has more milk than the actual espresso. It has a very unique taste of coffee that every coffee lover seek when drinking a cup of coffee. Recommended for people who don’t want too much strong coffee. A must-try.

Caramel Iced Blend – Chill with this caramel iced blend. If you want a drink that is not strong enough but will keep you cozy then this one is for you. A must-try for caramel lovers out there.

Mocha Iced Blend – This menu is made with dutch chocolate powder that is personalized by Coffee Bean. This mocha iced blend is perfect for coffee lovers who also want chocolate drinks. Also, a must-try.

Ultimate mocha – This is actually a chocolate-flavored drink. Got an adventurous spirit? Then this could be The ultimate drink for you. Perfect for any time of the day and a must-try as well. I love how this ultimate mocha tastes. Creamy and delicious and just chill.

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Cookies and Cream Iced Blend – If you’re a fan of cookies and cream then this is for you. This sweet beverage that combines two different flavors is simply something you shouldn’t miss. Actually my personal favorite among all of the Coffee Bean beverages to offer.

The Coffee Bean Best Cake

Nono’s chocolate oblivion is one of their best seller cake, made with 2 layers of chocolate cake whipped cream that is also chocolate, cocoa, and walnuts and praline bits and caramelized sauce on top. This cake can be considered one of the best not just in coffee beans but also one of the best cakes that you can find in manila.

The Coffee Bean Breakfast Menu

The Coffee Bean offers a variety of breakfast items. They offer sausage, sandwiches, bacon egg & cheese, English muffins, and many more. They could be a great choice if you’re planning to just go outside for breakfast. Every breakfast item that they offer is light and fresh. Great way to start your day.

Social Media Pages

Want to get the most updated news about the Coffee Bean? In that case, you should subscribe and follow their official social media pages below:

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What is the coffee bean famous for?

Coffee Bean is famous for its delicious coffee-based beverages, They’ve been around for quite a long time and they are already experts when it comes to coffee lattes. Also, they are famous for their cakes and other breakfast items on their menu.

Which is cheaper, Starbucks or Coffee Bean?

According to research Coffee Bean is a little more pricey than Starbucks. Some people prefer Starbucks some prefer coffee beans. It will really depend on your taste.

Is there a coffee bean promo?

Yes, they do have but promos tend to change from time to time so the best option is to download their reward app. You can also try to follow their social media accounts to be more updated on their latest promo.


It’s great to find this coffee shop. This coffee shop is really nice and I like how they prepare their coffee just right. The place is cozy and customer friendly and their crews are very nice. I highly recommend this place if you want alone time where you can enjoy your coffee but of course also great with company right? Not a place for big gatherings. The service is actually quick and I don’t have to wait for a long time which is also a plus for them. A very quiet place I may say. Highly recommend it to coffee lovers out there. Thumbs up for bringing the best coffee to the consumers.

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