Kowloon House Menu Prices

Everything is fast in our modern way of living nowadays and people are very busy, we Filipinos love food, especially those fast food chains that mushroomed in our country as the years goes by but have you tried a different kind of fast food? Are you familiar with the Kowloon house? Kowloon House is a Chinese Cantonese type of restaurant that mainly serves different fast-serving dishes like siopao Mami and other delicious fast meals. Let’s get to know the Kowloon House Menu a little bit more and let’s see what kind of foods they offer, is it affordable, how much are their price and their best sellers. I’m actually excited right now, just thinking about their food makes me drool already so I don’t want to delay things here, too much for an introduction, let’s start, shall we? 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kowloon House menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Beef mami110
Beef wonton mami125
Bola bola pao95
Jumbo pao95
Pork asado pao95
Wanton mami100


Bola bola pao95
Chicken asado jumbo pao95
Chicken bola bola jumbo pao95
Jumbo pao95
Pork adado pao95
Sausage pao95

BTS Milktea Series

Dynamite milk tea105
Smooth butter milk tea105
Universe milk tea105


Classic beef siomai90
Classic pork siomai90
Classic sharkskin siomai90
Mini beef siomai55
Mini pork siomai55


Beef mami110
Beef wonton mami125
Plain mami70
Siomai mami120
Wanton mami100

Smoothie Series

Chocolate smoothie105
Coffee smoothie115
Dark chocolate smoothie105
Honeydew smoothie105
Matcha smoothie105
Taro smoothie105

Milktea Series

Brown sugar milktea85
Caramel milktea80
Chocolate milk tea105
Classic milktea75
Coffee milktea110
Dark chocolate milktea105
Honeydew milktea105
Matcha milktea115
Strawberry chocolate milk tea105
Taro milktea105
Wintermelon milktea85

About Kowloon House 

Kowloon is an authentic restaurant that serves Cantonese foods. Their store is located in Diliman Quezon City and actually operating for about half a century. They opened their restaurant on the year 1967 and were founded by Elizabeth Aragon, This restaurant is quite popular among Filipino patrons because of their tasteful and savory Siomai and Siopao. Their menu is consist of Cantonese traditional dishes that we can now enjoy easily because of their restaurant. Kowloon is the only Cantonese-themed dish on their menu here in our country. They also have deliveries for those who can’t make it thru the store.

YouTube video

Their restaurant’s name Kowloon came from a street name in china. Kowloon has evolved its restaurant to a place where people eat and can partake in what the customer needs. They offer the best of everything, from a place to grab some food to a Formal event place. Kowloon is the perfect place for anyone because they sell alcoholic drinks like beer, they got the best and most affordable food that is also delicious, and their restaurant has a great ambiance. This restaurant is not a five-star restaurant but the food grade is a bomb, the quality is never compromised though their food is affordable. 

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Kowloon House Menu Best Seller

Here are some of their best sellers that are highly recommended for you to try.

Photo Credit: Kowloon House Pampanga FB Page

Jumbo Pao – Their Jumbo Pao menu is quite famous. This is made with a combination of pork Asado, bola, salted egg, and Chinese sausage covered in a sweet, soft, and white bun. You can get this for only 115pesos. Very affordable right? This became popular not just because of its price but the quality of the ingredients The taste is amazing and it’s quite big all ready to fill your appetite. 

Wonton Mami Pin
Photo Credit: Kowloon House San Marcelino FB Page

Wonton Mami – I was a little surprised how their wonton mami is so good while the price is so affordable. This noodle soup has wonton mixed in it and it could really make you full. Their serving is quite huge already so even though you order just a simple wonton mami for sure it’ll leave you full. The soup is very tasty on this Kowloon House Menu and I like how the soup is not oily. Noodles also have huge servings. 

Shrimp Siomai Kowloon House Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Kowloon House Jr Imus Lancaster FB Page

Shrimp Siomai – It is also a favorite on their menu list. You can taste the shrimp meat right away after eating their shrimp siomai. It’s fully stuffed and also the siomai is big enough to fill your appetite. When it comes to the taste this is a bomb and really recommended for those who love siomai

Wintermelon Boba Milktea 1L Kowloon-House Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Kowloon House Kapitolyo FB Page

Wintermelon Boba Milktea – This is actually the biggest milk tea I ever had here in our country since I already tried several big milk teas when I was in Taiwan. The watermelon tastes just like normal milk tea but just look at their serving, really affordable. 

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Buchi Kowloon House Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Kowloon House West FB Page

Buchi – this one is quite popular already here in our country. One of all time favorites of Filipinos when it comes to dessert. Their Buchi is big enough to fill your hunger and has a lot of filling. A little sweet but taste is overall good. 

Jumbo Pao Menu

The Kowloon House Jumbo Pao menu is one of the best-tasting Siopao that you can find in the Metro. To be honest it’s quite bigger than the ones that you can find in convenience stores. Made with a combination of Asado bola-bola Chinese sausage and some slices of salted egg. Normally I used to order their regular Siopao but when I learned about their jumbo Siopao I tried it and to my surprise, it’s quite delicious and big. If you normally order the regular size this can also be good for sharing. The price for this is only 115 pesos and for the regular one is 60. 

Boba Milk Tea Menu

To be honest there’s nothing too special about their boba milk tea aside from the size. I want to be real with this review, the taste of their milk tea is just a typical milk tea the normal one’s that you can find in any milk tea house but the amount of serving that they will give you is a different thing. Normally we can order a 500ml milk tea, that’s the normal size but Kowloon has a different plan for their milk tea. They offer 1 liter of milk tea big enough for sharing or if you are someone who loves drinks. Normally the price starts at 105 up to 150 but if you want it to be a little special you can add pearls and other ingredients like coffee jelly. 

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Kowloon House Menu Delivery

If you would like to order your favorite Kowloon House menu without going out from your home or office, then you can easily order from the Food Panda. Keep in mind that the availability will depend on your location. The delivery fee also depends on that. Another way to reach them is to contact them from their landline or contact number.

Kowloon House West Avenue Quezon City: 02-8372-3685

Kowloon House Parañaque: 02-8668-8943

Kowloon House Nasugbu: 0905-8792-169

Kowloon House Quezon City, Metro Manila: 02-8274-7238

Kowloon House Marikina: 02-8372-3685

Kowloon House Valenzuela: 02-3443-5528

Kowloon House Pasig: 02-8994-6678

Though not all of their stores are offering deliveries you can place your order thru third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods. Please take note that deliveries may vary on your location and product availability. 

Social Media Account

Are you looking for a way to get the latest Kowloon House menu, prices, and promo? If yes, then you should definitely start subscribing to their account. In this way, you will always get notified whenever they have something new for us. To subscribe to them, open the link below and you will get on their official social media pages.

Facebook Page: https://Facebook.com/KowloonHouseWestKFSI/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kowloonhousewest/


Very good, delicious, and mouthwatering food for a very affordable price. Their professional and knowledgeable staff gives a great level of hospitality to us and other customers. Their service is fast without compromising the quality of the food. This authentic Cantonese restaurant is a great spot for family eat outs and barkada get together. Their restaurant is well-maintained. All in all a great experience. Highly recommended for those who love Chinese foods without breaking the bank. 

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