Chachago Menu Prices

Since the first milk tea shop in San Juan City opened its doors in 2008, Filipinos have been lured to this delectable beverage. People began to adore it more than ever, especially young adults and teenagers in the Philippines. In Taiwan, this milk tea fad first took up. This pattern continues with the Chachago menu. The majority of milk tea lovers in the Philippines have known about it ever since it opened. We’ll talk about this delightful milk tea shop and address some queries in this article.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of the Chachago menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Cream Cheese Series

Black Tea with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)130
Chachago – Downtown : Cafe Mocha with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)140
Chachago – Downtown : Mango Oreo with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)140
Chachago – Downtown : Matcha with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)140
Chachago – Downtown : Pineapple with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)150
Chachago – Downtown : Roasted Brown Sugar Tea with Salted Cheese Cream
Cookies & Cream Latte150
Roasted Brown Sugar Cacao with Salted Cheese Cream (Medium)150

Ice Cream Special

Chachago – Downtown : Black Tea With Ice Cream (Large)140
Chachago – Downtown : Cacao with Ice Cream (Large)160
Chachago – Downtown : Matcha with Ice Cream (Large)160

Cold Beverages

Chachago – Downtown : Cacao Milk (Medium)130
Chachago – Downtown : HK Lemon Tea (Oolong Tea Based)100
Chachago – Downtown : Iced Cacao110
Chachago – Downtown : Yakult Green Tea110
Chachago – Downtown : Yakult Lemon120
Chachago – Downtown : Yakult Mango130
Coffee Diamond with Jelly (Medium)130
Lychee Drink120
Lychee Milk130
Milk Green Tea135
Taiwan Taro Milk Tea with Pudding (Medium)110
Yakult Passion Fruit130
Yakult Pineapple130

Wintermelon Series

Wintermelon Grass Jelly95
Wintermelon Milktea115
Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea130
Wintermelon Tea with Milk95

Fruit Teas

Chachago – Downtown : California Mix Fruit Tea150
Chachago – Downtown : Citrus Lemon Tea100
Chachago – Downtown : Orange Green Tea130
Chachago – Downtown : Passion Fruit Tea130
Mango Green Tea130
Orange Chamomile150
Pineapple Green Tea130

Brown Sugar Series

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Milk Pudding140
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Salted Cream Cheese (Medium)150
Brown Sugar Pearl Milktea with Salted Cream Cheese (Medium)150
Chachago – Downtown : Brown Sugar Pearl Cacao with Cream Cheese (Medium)160
Chachago – Downtown : Brown Sugar Pearl Coffee with Cream Cheese (Medium)160
Chachago – Downtown : Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha with Cream Cheese (Medium)160
Chachago – Downtown : Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea140
Chachago – Downtown : Brown Sugar Pearl with Milk140

Milk Teas

Chachago – Downtown : Chachago Milk Tea without Pearls105
Chachago – Downtown : Chachago Pearl Milk Tea120
Chachago – Downtown : Grass Jelly Milk Tea130
Chachago – Downtown : Pudding Milk Tea130
Chachago Oolong Milk Tea105
Chachago Oolong Pearl Milk Tea120
Coffee Jelly Milktea130
Matcha Milk Green Tea115

About Chachago

Another well-known milk tea establishment that was founded in Taiwan is Chachago. A variety of teas and tea-based drinks from around the world can all be referred to as milk teas. Tea with milk is the most basic definition of milk tea, however, there are regional and national variances in how these delectable drinks are prepared.

Simply put, milk serves as a tea flavor. As a result, the tea is slightly sweetened and has a smoother flavor. In many nations throughout the world, milk tea is the preferred type of tea. It is also a common way to serve tea in many locations, and it is an easy way to switch up your go-to cup of tea.

Chachago Menu Best Seller

Cacao with Ice Cream – A drink with chocolate as the main ingredient and a dollop of rich ice cream with vanilla at the bottom. The minute you take a taste, get prepared for a powerful wave of flavors. The taste of the cacao is sweet with a trace of natural bitterness. The flavor of the cacao with the ice cream first becomes apparent after you mix the drink.

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mango oreo with cream cheese chachago menu Pin
Photo Credit: Chachago FB Page

Mango Oreo with Cream Cheese – Surprisingly, the unique mango flavor blends well with the oreo and cream cheese in this dessert. Definitely, worth trying. This beverage has a taste that is like a cross between iced tea and an Oreo milkshake. Black tea has a stronger, more neutral flavor than green tea, which is more bittersweet with a flowery undertone.

Roasted Brown Sugar Cacao with Cream Cheese – This delicious beverage’s base is cacao (or chocolate!) as opposed to the typical milk and tea. The usual brown sugar syrup, which is perfectly roasted and caramelized, is also included in this beverage. This drink is special because it has a layer of frothy cream cheese that is both salty and sweet to balance out the sweetness of the drink.

Chachago Taro with Milk – Chachago’s Taro with Milk Drink is the beverage for you if you’re seeking something distinctive. This drink is a feast for the senses because it is made with both sweet taro chunks and chewy boba pearls. This beverage is particularly ideal for those who enjoy dairy products because the flavor of the smooth, creamy milk dominates over that of the tea, making it a lighter and mellower choice on the Chachago menu.

brown sugar milk tea chachago menu Pin
Photo Credit: Chachago FB Page

Brown Sugar Milk Tea – The Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea from the Chachago menu may be the best-selling item in the Philippines. It has a base of zesty fresh milk tea with a walling of precisely caramelized brown sugar syrup for that distinctive appearance and flavor. Freshly created boba pearls are placed beneath it, adding a delightful texture and just the right amount of chewiness to balance off the sweetness.

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Chachago California Mix Menu

Another excellent option is the California blend fruit tea. The fruit tea is incredibly sour but very reviving on its own. On days when you don’t feel like drinking something creamy, this energizing beverage is driven by the benefits of orange, lemon, apple, pineapple, and calamansi.

One of the best mixtures for iced tea is fruit tea. Cold fruit tea is a fantastic way to enjoy the sweet flavors, especially if you add some honey or agave syrup to make it even sweeter. If you have a favorite fruit, there probably is a tea for that, but ultimately, it boils down to personal preference. From a variety of fruits and are naturally devoid of caffeine.

Compared to regular teas, they give a highly distinctive tea-tasting experience. The fact that fruit teas can be enjoyed hot or cold is one of its best qualities.

Chachago Promo

The branches of Chachago have different owners. Each store has its own management that is separate from the others, therefore, each branch offers different promos. However, there are some similarities like their anniversary promos. A Chachago store may offer a free milk tea when celebrating its anniversary. Another famous one is the five plus one promo and there buy ten get one for free promo.

Chachago Menu Delivery

Milk tea has been one of the most ordered drinks through online delivery in the Philippines. You don’t need to go to a physical store to satisfy your cravings with their delicious milk tea, for you can always order via Grabfood or the Foodpanda app.

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Who owns Chachago Philippines?

The owner of Chachago is Hseih Yu Yin. However, in the Philippines, it is owned by various entrepreneurs. The thirty branches here in the Philippines of Chachago are not owned by a single entrepreneur.

Where is Chachago from?

Here in the Philippines, Chachago, a well-known milk tea brand in Taiwan and Vietnam, has finally established its first location. If you’ve ever visited one of their other locations, you know how long the lines are for their beverages.

When did Chachago start?

Another well-known milk tea establishment that was founded in Taiwan is Chachago.

Social Media Pages

Do you have questions, or comments, or just wanted to talk to the staff of Chachago Philippines? You can reach them out easily and start talking with them about your concern by sending them a message on their social media pages.




Filipinos adore milk tea, and that is an understatement. The popularity of tea is also due to its flavors. Each flavor of the Chachago menu is delectable and comes in a variety of flavors. It is additionally offered in a variety of sizes. The introduction of milk tea to the nation happened ten years ago. The intimate dining space of this establishment is one of its best features. The brand, which has only been present in the Philippines since May, is quickly growing and plans to open 50 outlets before the year is through. Knowing how good their drinks are and how good their service is, that doesn’t seem at all impossible.

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