Red Ribbon Menu Prices

Wondering where you could get those sweet treats that you are craving? Got something here for you. Treat yourself with the zest of sweets with Red Ribbon’s specialties! Let your table sparkle with varieties of delicacies.  Red Ribbon comes in luxurious yet practical prices of bread, cookies, and candies. Who would even resist its personalized festive cakes where you could have your heart speak with its dedication feature in whole cakes or a sliced of it to satisfy your cravings?  It is a complete one-stop shop for the “on-the-go foodies” as they serve packs of yummies for those in the rush who would love to try all the best that they can offer in Red Ribbon Menu. Let us see and feel every family’s affection as we unite them with thoughts and love through our bunches of pastries readily available at your homes every time and anywhere.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Red Ribbon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Round Cakes

Black forest classic regular621.5
Black forest classic junior390.5
Black forest royale regular715
Chocolate indulgence regular621.5
Chocolate indulgence junior390.5
Ultimate chocolate cake regular577.5
Ultimate chocolate cake junior352
Chocolate mousse regular550
Chocolate mousse junior374
Tiramisu meltdown regular605
Ube cake regular528
Dulce de leche regular627
Caramel crunch regular605

Dedication Cakes

Chocolate dedication cake junior 8x8374
Chocolate dedication cake regular 8x12550
Chocolate dedication cake large 12x12770
Mocha dedication cake junior 8x8352
Mocha dedication cake regular 8x12550
Mocha dedication cake large 12x12748
Rainbow dedication cake junior 8x8407
Rainbow dedication cake regular 8x12605
Graduation dedication cake regular 8x12605
Double deck dedication cake regular 8x12869
Active dedication cake regular 8x12825
Dainty dedication cake regular 8x12825
Jollibee dedication cake regular 8x12825


Butter mamon single22
White choco almond mamon single26.4
Creamy mamon single22
Mocha mamon single22
Mocha mamon 8 pack176
Ube mamon single22
Ube mamon 8 pack176
Ensaymada single27.5
Salted caramel Ensaymada single38.5
Strawberry cheesecake Ensaymada single38.5
Choco cake slice single26.4
Chiffon cake slice single26.4
Double Dutch cake slice single26.4
Choco marble cake slice single26.4
Mocha marble cake slice single26.4
Moist choco slice single23.1
Moist choco slice 8 pack184.8
Classic butter slice single22
Classic butter slice 8 pack176
Banana crunch slice single25
Banana crunch slice 8 pack202.4
Yummy cheesy roll single27.5
Yummy cheesy roll 8 pack220
Cinnamon roll single28.6
Cinnamon roll 8 pack228.8
Cream macaroons 10 pack56.1
Chocolate crinkles single26.4
Chocolate crinkles box of 4 packs105.6
Butter puto 10 pack71.5
Chicken empanada single27.5
Chicken empanada box of 6165
Pork Pandesal single25.3
Tuna Pandesal single25.3


Triple chocolate roll half220
Triple chocolate roll full330
Mocha roll half203.5
Mocha roll full308
Leche flan roll half214.5
Leche flan roll full330
Ube n cream roll half198
Ube n cream roll full324
Chocolate caramel roll half214
Chocolate caramel roll full330
Brazo de Mercedes half214
Brazo de Mercedes full385
Mango roll half214
Mango roll full330


Brownies single22
Brownies 10 pack220
Mango bar single22
Mango bar 10 pack220
Cheesy bar single22
Cheesy bar 10 pack220
Pineapple bar single22
Pineapple bar 10 pack220
Classic Polvoron single11
Classic Polvoron 8 pack80
Classic Polvoron 16s box157
Peanut Polvoron single7.7
Peanut Polvoron 8 pack53.9
Pinipig Polvoron single7.7
Pinipig Polvoron 8 pack53.9
Assorted Polvoron 26s box174
Macapuno balls 12 pack52.8
Pastillas de leche 12 pack63.8

About Red Ribbon

The red ribbon was founded by husband and wife Renato Mercado and Amalia Hizon Mercado on the year 1979. They opened a small cake shop in Timog Avenue Quezon City. Their cakes were developed by their daughter and made them special that the reason they became popular these days.

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As their popularity grew they began opening store locations outside of the country, their first overseas store is in the California United States, the company also begin to open franchises by the year 1999. You can easily find them almost anywhere in the entire Philippines.

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As of today, they have more than 200 stores located in the Philippines and 32 stores around the United States California, New Jersey, New York, and other locations. In the year 2005 red ribbon was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation as the parent company and still giving its best to serve delightful desserts to every Filipino customer throughout the year.

Red Ribbon Menu Best Cakes

Here we have the top 5 best cakes that you can have on their menu.

Ube Bloom Cake – Filipinos love their ube very much and red ribbon has this ube cake that we cannot resist. This cake is actually one of their best sellers on the Red Ribbon menu and is really popular among customers. It is made with ube chiffon cake that is really delicious, soft, and not dries made with real Ube halaya then it was frosted with white frosting covered with ube crumbles. This particularly round cake is topped with ube again for a more extreme ube flavor and designed with some flower decorations.

Black Forest Cake on Red Ribbon Menu PhilippinesPin

Black Forest Cake – This classic black forest cake will give you the taste that you’re looking for in a cake. Made with layers of chocolate fudge with fluffy filling topped with cherries and chocolates. Really good texture and flavor. Actually my favorite among all of their cakes, I usually partnered this with a cup of black coffee, and I’m good for a day. A must-try if you love chocolate cakes.

Rainbow Dedication Cake – This Red Ribbon menu has a layer of colorful cakes with chocolate filling. This one is for the kids I may say. This square cake looks normal and nothing special at first but when you cut on it it will reveal the layers of colorful cakes inside. No kid won’t be amazed by this and actually, I was too when I first have it when I’m just 6. The cake is covered with sweets such as sugar confetti, and chocolate rosettes and topped with chocolate frosting. A truly delightful treat for your young ones and also kids at heart.

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Tripple Chocolate Cake on Red Ribbon Menu PhilippinesPin

Triple Chocolate Roll – A cake that is specially made for chocolate lovers. This will surely satisfy your cravings for chocolates I bet. Made with very moist chocolate chiffon, fudge chocolate filling, and topped with chocolate icing plus another chocolate on top for a very chocolatey experience. Chocolate goodness in every bite. The cake is really good specially chilled. One of the must-tries if you happen to wanna try their cakes.

Butter Mamon – This classic Red Ribbon menu treat will give you the satisfaction that everyone will agree. Very light and buttery mamon is the best whether you want it for breakfast or for a quick snack or any time of the day. Fluffy chiffon that melts in your mouth. Packed individually so this is really good for a quick snack and also great with coffee.

Red Ribbon Menu Birthday Cake

Aside from the rainbow cake for kids they also have a dedication cake not just for birthdays but for all occasions. This chocolate dedication cake is made with moist chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Available in different sizes.

Red Ribbon Promo

Red ribbon offers promo discounts depending on the occasion, to be updated on their incoming promos and discounts all you have to do is to follow their social media accounts.

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Is Red Ribbon a Filipino brand?

Yes, Red Ribbon is a Filipino brand and was founded by a Filipino couple. Their first store is in Tomas Morato Quezon City Philippines.

Which Cake is better Red Ribbon or Goldilocks?

It depends on the customer honestly. While red ribbon is less sweet and also lighter, Goldilocks is richer. So for this choosing who wins will be based on the preference of every individual.

How much is the dedication cake in Red Ribbon?

A dedication cake is cheaper than we think, for an 8×12 dedication cake, it will only cost you 605 PHP.

Social Media Pages

For More Updates and Inquiries you can visit Red Ribbon’s social media account as well as their website:





Really good to know that now we have access to a good-tasting and fulfilling cake at a very affordable price. The red ribbon is a one-stop shop when you needed a fast service shop where you needed a cake in an instant. Usually, the service is fast and you don’t have to wait for a long time, not unless it’s Christmas or new year when every shop in the country is very busy. Crews are respectful and the place is well maintained. The cakes are not dry and very delicious. A Highly recommended place for cake lovers who want to devour cakes without breaking the bank. Thumbs up for a great service.

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