Infinitea Menu Prices

Are you looking for a good milk tea brand to try? I have an interesting brand to introduce and I just found them recently. People nowadays are looking for something good at the same time something affordable right? This brand will give you the taste satisfaction that you’re looking for and the best value for your money. Have you heard about Infinitea milk tea? If not, have time to read this article and let us get to know them a little bit more, let us see if after this article you’ll be interested enough to try the Infinitea Menu. Actually, I’m excited about this. Without further ado, let’s start.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Infinitea menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Milk Tea

Original milk tea nai cha no pearls M65
Original milk tea nai cha no pearls L75
Almond milk tea M75
Almond milk tea L85
Pearl black milk tea M75
Pearl black milk tea L85
Pearl green milk tea M75
Pearl green milk tea L85
Strawberry bliss milktea M80
Strawberry bliss milktea L90
Dragon Milk tea M80
Dragon Milk tea L90
Hazelnut milk tea M80
Hazelnut milk tea L90
Taro milk tea M80
Taro milk tea L90
Peach lychee milk tea M80
Peach lychee milk tea L90
Caramel milk tea M85
Caramel milk tea L95
Chocolate milk tea M85
Chocolate milk tea L95
Coffee jelly milk tea M85
Coffee jelly milk tea L95
Iced coffee milk tea M85
Iced coffee milk tea L95
Roasted milk tea M85
Roasted milk tea L95
Strawberry milk tea M85
Strawberry milk tea L95
Caramel with brown sugar jelly M90
Caramel with brown sugar jelly L100
Dark cocoa milk tea M90
Dark cocoa milk tea L100
Emperor milk tea M90
Emperor milk tea L100
Golden dragon milk tea M90
Golden dragon milk tea L100
Okinawa milk tea M90
okinawa milk tea L100
Oreo milk tea M90
Oreo milk tea L100
Peppermint milk tea M90
Peppermint milk tea L100
Wintermelon milk tea M90
Wintermelon milk tea L100
Wintermelon oolong milk tea M90
Wintermelon oolong milk tea L100
Vanilla milk tea M90
Vanilla milk tea L100
Blueberry milk tea M90
Blueberry milk tea L100
Chocolate almond milk tea M100
Chocolate almond milk tea L110
Salted cream wintermelon milk tea M100
Salted cream wintermelon milk tea L110
Dark cocoa pudding M105
Dark cocoa pudding L115

Hot Drinks

Chocolate M85
Chocolate L95
Coffee M85
Coffee L95
Coffee vanilla M85
Coffee vanilla L95
Dark chocolate M85
Dark chocolate L95
Mocha M85
Mocha L95
Original milk tea M85
Original milk tea L95
Vanilla M85
Vanilla L95


Caramel M90
Caramel L100
Cookies and cream M90
Cookies and cream L100
Chocolate mousse M95
Chocolate mousse L105
Green tea frappe M95
Green tea frappe L105
Milo dinosaur M95
Milo dinosaur L105
Strawberry mousse M95
Strawberry mousse L105
Vanilla M95
Vanilla L105
Chocolate almond M100
Chocolate almond L110
Drak chocolate cookie crumble M100
Dark chocolate cookie crumble L110
Green tea hazelnut M100
Green tea hazelnut L110
Mint chocolate M100
Mint chocolate L110
Mocha cookie crumble M100
Mocha cookie crumble L110
Taro taro M100
Taro taro L110
Strawberry oreo M100
Strawberry oreo L110
White chocolate strawberry M100
White chocolate strawberry L110
Double dutch M105
Double dutch L115
Blueberry cheesecake M105
Blueberry cheesecake L115
Mango cheesecake M105
Mango cheesecake L115
Strawberries and cream M105
Strawberries and cream L115
Tiramisu M130
Tiramisu L140
Black Forest M140
Black Forest L150

Original Tea

Black tea with honey lemon M70
Black tea with honey lemon L80
Wintermelon juice M70
Wintermelon juice L80
Wintermelon kiss M75
Wintermelon kiss L85
Jasmine green tea with honey lemon M80
Jasmine green tea with honey lemon L90
Special brewed iced tea M80
Special brewed iced tea L90

Ice Series

Iced coffee M75
Iced coffee L85
Taro M80
Taro L90
Chocolate M85
Chocolate L95
Mocha M90
Mocha L100
Vanilla M90
Vanilla L100
Milo M95
Milo L105

Soda Pops

Blueberry L85
Green apple L85
Lychee L85
Lemon L85
Peach L85
Raspberry L85
Strawberry L85

Lemonade Coolers

Blueberry M75
Blueberry L85
Cherry M75
Cherry L85
Green apple M75
Green apple L85
Peach M75
Peach L85
Strawberry M75
Strawberry L85
Wintermelon M80
Wintermelon L90
Raspberry M85
Raspberry L95
Watermelon kiwi M85
Watermelon kiwi L95

Soya Drinks

Original soya M85
Original soya L95
Chocolate soya M95
Chocolate soya L105
Matcha soya M95
Matcha soya L105

Add Ons

Nata de coco10
Assorted jelly/ Basil seeds15
Chocolate topping/caramel topping15
Coffee jelly/brown sugar jelly20
Egg pudding20
Whipped cream / salted cream25

About Infinitea

Infinity is a food service company that specializes in milk teas and other drinks. It was established in 2010. Their concept is inspired by Asian popular drinks. Infinitea milk tea is guaranteed freshly made from high-quality leaves and made more enjoyable by adding exciting flavors to the normal milk tea itself.

YouTube video

Their main goal is to bring the joy of healthy living to every Filipino. This Infinitea milk tea shop was owned by Louie C. Sy and they are manila based. It has branches all over the country that are actually franchised by local owners and entrepreneurs. Infinitea is very serious and committed to being the best in their field and now they already have 400 branches nationwide and counting.

The innovative ideas on their milk teas and other drinks made this shop popular and also the taste. They are still continuing the innovation and improvements to give only the best service to their customers.

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Best Seller Frappe on Infinitea Menu

Here is the list of the Infinitea menu best seller frappe.

Photo Credit: Infinitea FB Page

Strawberry Oreo Frappe – Recommend for strawberry and oreo lovers, this drink is really sweet and it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. The combination of strawberry and oreo is surprisingly good.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Frappe – Just like the first one which is the strawberry oreo frappe this combination of flavors is really something. It is good it’s new and it is abdominal delicious. One of my personal favorites on their menu and something I can recommend to everyone.

White Chocolate Raspberry Frappe – This one looks gorgeous and when it comes to the taste? It’s brilliant. I really like the flavor of this white chocolate raspberry frappe, a classy-looking drink with good quality taste. This Infinitea menu is a must-try!

Milo Taro Godzilla Frappe – The milo taro Godzilla is something new to me at first I didn’t think that I would learn to love this flavor. After trying this one I am beyond surprised. How on earth can this drink be so delicious but affordable?

Photo Credit: Infinitea FB Page

White Choco Almond Frappe – This is my ultimate favorite among all, the nutty taste of the almond compliment the rich white chocolate flavor. It is like a taste of heaven in every sip. I’m not being too dramatic here but this one is really good I swear. Highly recommended for white chocolate lovers who looking for a very sweet twist.

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Other Infinitea Menu Best Sellers

Infinitea is not just milk teas they also have other drinks for you to try. They also have frappe that is highly recommended for coffee lovers and also soda pops iced series, fruit teas, and soya drinks. You can never be wrong with this shop everything that you might love they have.

Infinitea Menu Delivery

Since they actually have a lot of branches nationwide it’s impossible not to get your favorite items on Infinitea. But if you got no time to go into their branches you can also order thru other third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods or other delivery services that are available in the market nowadays. You can also search for their branch phone numbers online. We have to Thanks to technology these days, life is easier than before.

Social Media Pages

If you want to view their pages thru their social media to get the latest updates and promos, you can visit them at the following:






What are the products of Infinitea?

They have different varieties of drinks that you can choose from. They have milk teas, frappe, hot drinks, original teas, iced series, fruit teas, soda pops, lemonade coolers, and soya drinks.

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Photo Credit: Infinitea FB Page

What makes Infinitea unique?

Aside from affordability what makes them unique is that they use 100% high-quality brewed loose leaf teas. Their brew was made more exciting and enjoyable by adding different flavors to the classic milk tea. Filipinos like delicious food that’s why it’s not surprising that they manage to make a name for just a little time.

Does Infinitea have pearls?

The Infinitea menu serves a wide selection of drinks. If you are a type of customer that loves pearls on their drink some or should I say many of their items has pearls but if you wanted for an extra you can also try their add-ons like more pearls and other ingredients to put on your drinks. It is up to you.


They became very successful in creating their name on the market, people now are choosing to go to their shop because of the quality of the service that they provide. One great thing about them is they’ll never get tired of improving and creating new flavors for their customers to enjoy. That is also the reason why Infinitea is not just your ordinary milk tea brand. They are very careful when it comes to the quality of their drinks. I have been visiting their different branches recently and all I can say is the service is really great. The crews are knowledgeable about the product that they sell. They can actually explain everything about the Infinitea menu and they will even give you recommendations on what to order if it’s your first time going to their shop. The place is neat and clean and the service is not that long, they ate very quickly. Good drinks polite crews a place I can highly recommend for everyone that loves milk teas and for some who are going to try their products. Kudos for always thinking about ways to improve. Thumbs up.

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