Marina Menu Prices

Delicious seafood dishes that are very good when paired with rice or even with beer are what the Marina menu is pretty much known for. Their dishes are full of Filipino cuisine more specifically, Iloilo cuisine. Their menu aims to introduce Iloilo dishes to Filipinos and even foreigners alike. Not only they were famous for their seafood dishes but also served tasty and filling pork, chicken, and beef dishes making their menu very diverse and flexible in catering to diners’ tastes.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Marina menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Premium Seafood

Blue Marlin Steak222
Stuffed Squid165
Tuna Belly155
Tuna Jaw111
Sea Bass190

Seafood Pasta

Oyster Penne Marinara299
Tuna and Squid Ink Spaghetti299
Shrimp Pesto Penne299
Butter Garlic Muschroom299

Solo Meals Promo

Tuna Sisig Bowl159
Pork Sisig Bowl149
Kare Kare Bowl130
Kimchi Bowl125
Siomai Bowl99
Shangahi Bowl99


Baked Oysters455
Oyster Ceviche455
Sizzling Adobo Oysters455
Wasabi Oyster Popcorn455
Fresh or Grilled Oysters455

Seafood Soup

Salmon Head in Miso380
Sinigang na Hipon410
Nilagpang Bangus399

Seafood Appetizer

Fish Ceviche355
Krispy Kamaron355
Krispy Squid Rings345
Krispy Krablets299
Krispy Tawilis299
Krispy Fish Fingers299

Classic Barbeque

Chicken Inasal180
Pork Inasal180
Belly Inasal325

Hearty Soup

Spicy Balbacua480
Laswa Egg Drop222

Sisig Fest

Krispy Pork340
Pork and Egg340
Spicy Oyster455
Spicy Tuna399

Kare Kare Fest

Classic Beef555
Pork Belly499
Fresh Seafood499
Fresh Vegetable222
Tofu and Belly299
Krispy Innards345
Deep Fried Belly105
Blood Stew305


Spanish Stew499
Karne Frita499
Karne Adobo499

Fried chicken

Classic Style365
Battered and Buttered365
Salt and Pepper chicken365
Wings Buffalo Style365


Marina chopsuey225
Marina pinakbet225
Adobong Kangkong225
Tortang Talong225

Lumpia Rolls

Fresh Vegetable225
Krispy Gorund pork225


La Paz Batchoy222
Siomai Batchoy222
Classic Mikki Guisado260
Pinoy Spaghetti260


White Solo45
Garlic Platter125
Bagoong Platter155
Kimchi Platter155

About Marina

Marina is a Filipino-style restaurant that aims to offer Filipinos and foreigners alike delicious and tasty Filipino cuisine. They started in Iloilo, which has become their main branch until they successfully established other branches in other parts of the Philippines. Marina Seafood Restaurant offers its customers an affordable and tasty meal experience!

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Marina’s Premium Seafood Menu

Marina’s specialty menu. It is composed of fresh seafood that diners will absolutely enjoy, which is for sure one of the reasons to come back a second time!

Blue Marlin Steak – This Marina menu is made of a fresh, striped marlin that is seared in a hot pan and served medium to rare depending on the customer’s preference. Its texture is almost steak-like and the flavor is mild.

Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Stuffed Squid – Marina uses a trick to make their stuffed squid tender and juicy. They cook their squid quickly at a high temperature with perfect timing to get the texture that can be called perfect!

Tuna Belly – These tuna belly slices are a traditional Filipino BBQ that is flavorful, sweet, and acidic. Usually barbecued over charcoal, an oven will do just as well. The ideal side dish is a fantastic salsa made with tomatoes and mangoes.

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Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Shrimp – These are made from deep-fried shrimp cooked until they are the perfect shade of golden brown.

Marina Seafood Pasta Menu

Marina’s pasta dishes use seafood as one of their ingredients. Listed below are the best-seller pasta in their food menu.

Oyster Penne Marinara – The most exquisite balsamic butter sauce, a big helping of Parmesan, and whichever varieties of mushrooms you choose are added to this dish.

oyster Penne marinara dish of Marina Pin
Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Tuna and Squid Ink Spaghetti – This black colored-spaghetti has a stellar taste that can also help you burn calories, and it is quite unique and tasty at the same time.

Shrimp Pesto PenneCreamy pesto is a standard basil pesto with heavy cream added. The sauce is consequently substantially creamier than traditional pesto, although it’s a little softer in texture.

Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Marina Pork Menu

Aside from its specialty, which is seafood, Marina also offers a pork menu for all those diners who can’t have a meal without their favorite pork dish!

Bistek – Thinly sliced sirloin is used to make the beef steak known as Bistek, which is simmered in a sauce made of citrus, soy sauce, onions, and garlic. This is a hearty Filipino dish that is a perfect pair with rice!

Pork Inasal – Slices of marinated pork that were impaled on bamboo sticks and are cooked over hot coals as pork inasal.

Maria's menu pork inasal Pin
Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Krispy Pork – This dish is a golden, puffy, crispy crackling made from pork belly. You will get to experience pure joy every time you take a bite of this crunchy dish.

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Beef Menu

What is a hearty meal without a beef menu? Marina offers a beef menu that will complete your hearty meal experience.

Kaldereta – It is a style of beef stew that is prepared with a liver spread and tomato sauce.

Karne Adobo – Slices of pork are cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic to complete this tasty dish!

Spicy Balbacua – A Filipino beef stew that is a long-cooked dish made with beef and spices.

New food list menu ready to cook Balbacua Pin
Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Chicken Menu

And of course, we Filipinos wouldn’t be full after a meal without having chicken as a side dish! Marina now offers a chicken-based menu for you to completely enjoy your meal.

Chicken Inasal – It is one of the most popular Ilonggo dishes that comes with grilled chicken.

Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Fried Chicken – Marina’s special fried chicken is coated in a special marinade and deep-fried.

Salt and pepper Chicken – Crispy chicken with seasonings, cooked with crisp onions and hot peppers.

Solo Promo Meals

Are you alone and don’t know what to order? If you are having a hard time choosing what meal you want, just look at Marina’s solo promo meals!

Tuna Sisig Bowl – Marina’s menu offers tuna sisig bowl paired with rice.

rice bowls for single or solo meal Pin
Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Pork Sisig Bowl – A pork sisig bowl paired with rice.

KareKare Bowl – This is another solo promo bowl of a kare-kare dish paired with rice.

Marina Menu Delivery

Marina offers a free delivery service exclusive to their online store and delivery hotlines. Keep in mind that this is only available in selected areas.

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Arevalo – This is a group meal promo that is good for five people. It consists of tuna sisig, laswa, krispy tawilis, shanghai rolls, and plain rice. A tasty and delicious meal will surely make you, the customer, full!

Sicogon – It is a group meal consisting of tuna sisig, tokwa’t liempo, shanghai rolls, krispy tawilis, laswa, seafood guisado, and plain rice that is good for five people. This meal lets the diner experience what a Sicogon Island meal looks and tastes like!

Sicogon group meal Pin
Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Higantes – This is truly a meal that will take you to Rizal province. Higantes group meal is a menu for diners to experience what it’s like to have a meal in Rizal province, home of the Higantes festival. This meal consists of tuna sisig, pork sisig, buttered wings, sizzling bangus, KBL, chop suey, and plain rice!

Boracay – A scrumptious and delicious meal that will let you experience the islands of Boracay! This group meal consists of chop suey, blue marlin steak, tuna sisig, salt and pepper wings, spicy balbacua, seafood guisado, shanghai roll, and plain rice.

boracay group meal at Marina Pin
Photo Credit: Marina Official Facebook Page

Talk to Marina PH Staff

For your concerns about their services or product, you may reach them through their social media pages and they will surely respond to your inquiries. You might also like or follow them so that you will not the chance to know about the latest update on their food menu, promotions, or even the new branches. Just visit the links listed below.




Every dish on Marina’s menu is very diverse and affordable! The place is big and has a great ambiance. It is also clean and quiet, which is good for the customers to just relax and completely enjoy their dining experience. They do not serve just seafood, but they also provide their diners with a variety of choices for their meals, like pork, chicken, and beef. The food is delicious, the service is superb, the staffs are very accommodating, and most importantly, the price is budget-friendly!

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