Dampa Seafood Grill Menu Prices

Are you looking for a restaurant that serves all of your favorite seafood where you can enjoy everything at a very reasonable price? Do you find yourself looking for a place to bring your balikbayan relatives or family or friends every time they visit you here in the country? Great news, Look no more I got you. Have you heard about Dampa Seafood Grill? If not and you’re a seafood lover I know you’re going to be interested in this one. Let us get to know the menu that they offer, their pricing, their specialties, and some information about them. And by the way, they also offer unlimited meals so it’s really affordable right? Let us see if after this you’ll be interested enough to consider dining in their restaurant. Let’s start now!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Dampa Seafood Grill menu prices.


Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Dampa seafood grill platter

Dampa seafeast 3-4 pax1200
Saucy cajun crab & shrimp platter with corn 5-6 pax1299
Salty eggsperience crab & shrimp platter with corn 5-6 pax1299
Surf and turf platter 5-6 pax1399

Dampa seafood grill ala carte

Cajun shrimp358
Salty eggsperience shrimp356
Savory shrimp359
Cajun crab388
Grilled squid345
Crispy salt and pepper squid339
Grilled bangus338
Chicken wings254
Ultimate crispy pata570
Grilled liempo360
Extra sausage129
Cajun corn99
Yummy mojos with toppings199

Fresh Raw Product

Bangus whole210-270
Bangus boneless230-300
Talakitok whole400-520
Red snapper440-560
Shrimp large520
Alimango male medium800
Alimango with aligue medium950
Salmon fillet800
Tuna fillet500

Meat Products

Ready to cook crispy pata 1 pc390
Marinated liempo for grilling 1 pc300
Chicken wings 1 kg169

About Dampa Seafood Grill

In the year 2012, Dampa was established in Dubai United Arab Emirates, Dampa seafood grill received a good reputation in Dubai they even featured as one of Dubai’s top 50 best budget-friendly restaurants. After the success in Dubai, they open their branch in Abudhabi and finally their first branch here in the country. Their first branch in the Philippines is located in Quezon City. Dampa means hut in tagalog.

YouTube video

Dampa is a seafood restaurant where you can get all of your favorite seafood. The unique thing about this restaurant is you’ll be the one to choose which seafood, how many and what way you wanted them to be cooked. You’re guaranteed to get free seafood every time you dine in with Dampa Seafood Grill. If you are in a group Dampa Seafood Grill is very suitable for you guys as they have budget-friendly dishes that are delicious without breaking the bank.

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Simon Lim is the owner of this brilliant restaurant, the setup is you have to go to the wet market-like side of their restaurant and choose whichever seafood you like to be prepared for you. They are actually one of the best seafood restaurants that you can find in the market nowadays. The owner makes sure that the quality of their food is always excellent to satisfy their growing number of customers.

Dampa Seafood Grill Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of the Dampa Seafood Grill menu best sellers that you should try when dining in at their restaurant. This can also serve as a guide if you are new to their menu.

Seafood Boodle – Best for sharing since you cannot finish your seafood boodle if you’re a normal person. Everything that you’re craving is also in this seafood boodle, this became popular with barkadas or family eat-outs. Seafood is always fresh by the way and that made their seafood boodle the best that you can find in the market.

grilled squid dampa seafood grill menu Pin

Grilled Squid – Fresh and delicious squid prepared the way you like it. This is one of the most popular items and best sellers not just because grilled squid is already a favorite in the country but because the taste and quality of their grilled squid are really outstanding. One of their must-tries. I highly recommended this one, it is not rubbery just right.

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Baked Mussels – A very popular dish and they have a version for it. Their baked mussels are simply one of the best on their menu. It’s fresh and not overcooked, the seasoning is just right and you will notice that the quality of the mussels is really good. Also a must-try and a crowd favorite.

Spicy Garlic Shrimp – Highly recommended for garlic shrimp lovers who love a bit of spiciness on their shrimp. The spiciness on this one is just right and not too powerful so expect to still enjoy the delicious taste of a fresh shrimp. One of the most popular dishes on their menu and also a must-try.

Crispy Pata – This Filipino favorite is a staple of all Filipino food, this crispy and juicy goodness is actually really popular throughout the country and they actually give justice to their version. The meat is really tender not dry because of over-frying and flavorful with or without sauce. Also, a must-try if you’re not into too much seafood and you’re still looking for meat.

mixed seafood dampa seafood grill menu Pin

Mixed Seafood – A favorite among seafood lovers. This one is actually Just like seafood boodle the only difference is the sauce and the rice since seafood boodle is seafood on top of the huge amount of rice perfect for sharing. The sauce for this mixed seafood is a bomb. You should try this one if you’re planning to go to their restaurant, it is really delicious.

Boodle Fight Dampa Seafood Grill Menu

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For less than 2000php your group can now enjoy the freshest catch for a boodle fight. Crabs, clams, shrimp, mussels, and other stuff they have on their boodle fight bundle. Perfect for sharing with at least 3 people.

Dampa Seafood Grill Delivery

If you’re craving your favorite seafood and you don’t have the time to go outside or you’re just avoiding traffic or other unfortunate events outside all you have to do is to go to their delivery website at https://dsgdelivery.paperform.co/

you can also check their branch phone number thru google. Also if this is too complicated for you we still have another way of order simply by using third-party delivery services. We have a lot in the market these days just like Food Panda and Grab Foods to make your life easier.

Social Media Pages

To get in touch with the Dampa Seafood Grill team here in the Philippines, you can contact them via the following social media pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dampaseafoodgrillmanila/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dampaseafoodgrill_ph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/expressdampa/


The food on the Dampa Seafood Grill menu is really good. Don’t want to be biased but everything is amazing, I actually enjoyed every food that we ordered. Store ambiance is cozy and customer friendly, very inviting. prices are affordable and reasonable, every seafood that they serve is fresh and that’s guaranteed and lastly, the crews are attentive, friendly and really nice they will actually help you and answer your concerns, very knowledgeable about their services and dishes and all of them are polite. Well maintained place and comfortable. Highly recommended for balikbayans or family or barkada gatherings or eat outs. Thumbs up.

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