Mister Kabab Menu Prices

The mouthwatering Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine on the Mister Kabab menu is both healthy and delicious. Famous for its kababs, which are lean, delicate beef chunks marinated in a specific sauce and spice mixture. The quaint decor is warm, inviting, and exotic. It includes wooden tables and chairs, soft lighting to create a relaxed mood, and pleasant service. From Persian cuisine to Arabic, Indian, Greek, and Turkish delicacies, the menu provides a variety of treats.

Mister Kabab’s humble beginnings may be traced all the way back to late 1987 in Quezon City, where two young students opened a small food stand with a few single chairs in front of a tiled counter. They offered their few patrons kababs that were wrapped in pita bread. Years later, Mister Kabab has earned a reputation as the go-to spot for a delectable and inexpensive taste of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Along with Muslim influence, this food has become very popular. Kebab recipes have been adapted and blended with local culinary traditions and inventions, from the now ubiquitous doner kebab fast food to the numerous versions of shish kebab, such as the satays of Southeast Asia.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Mister Kabab menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Fresh Frozen

Beef Ground Kabab430
Lamb Ground Kabab520
Chicken Ground Kabab380
Motabal (regular)300
Motabal (large)400
Chicken Barbecue300
Lamb Chop720
Hommus (regular)270
Hommus (large)370
Samosa veg. w/ keema200
Samosa Spinach230
Pita Bread100
Beef Patty350
Cchicken Patty250


Eggplant with egg200
Spinach with egg220
Eggplant with whey sauce220
Zucchine with yoghurt230
Appetizer Platter550


Purred Jute Soup100
Thick Lentil Soup150
Chunky Tarragon Infused Vegetable Soup170




Chicken Chelo Kabab200
Chicken Special Chelo Kabab210
Beef Chelo Kabab210
Beef Special Chelo Kabab250
Lamb Chelo Kabab220
Lamb Special Kabab350
Mixed Special Choice240
Chicken Ground130
Beef Ground140
Lamb Ground160
Chicken Shish140
Beef Shish200
Lamb Shish240


Chicken Ground150
Beef Ground160
Lamb Ground180
Chicken Shish155
Beef Shish220
Lamb Shish250


Vegetable Korma250
Chicken Korma260
Fish Korma270
Beef Korma280
Shrimp Korma290
Lamb Korma380


Stuffed Bellpepper220
Spinach with Yoghurt220


Sizzling Kangkong with Beans165
Chicken burger200
Beef Burger215
Lamb Burger235
Sizzling Keema with Eggplant230
Sizzling Chicken Fillet240
Sizzling Keema240
Sizzling T-Bone360
Tenderloin Tips320
Sizzling Lamb Chop480

From the Grill

Grilled Tomato and Onion60
Chicken Liver110
Grilled Fish Fillet210
Chicken Barbecue240


Potato Cutlet125
Keema with Eggplant155
Chicken Liver Dish180
MK Fried Chicken190
Spicy Spinach with Egg205
Fried Boneless Bangus210
Shawarma Plate235
Pan Fried Saffron Fish230
Pan Fried Saffron Chicken250
Shrimp and Mushroom250
Beef Abgousht270
Classic Cheese Pizza300
Spicy Vegetable Keema Pizza320
Beef Salami Pizza350


Pita Bread25
Fried Egg20
French Fries70
Plain Yoghurt80
Korma Sauce90


Bottled Water35
Iced Tea50
Softdrink in Can50
Pineapple Juice50
Fresh Coconut Water50
Yoghurt Shake70
Cucumber Shake70
Cucumber Yoghurt Shake90
Fresh Fruit Shake80
Fresh Fruit Shake with Yoghurt90
Brewed Coffee50
Pot of Tea60


Plain Rice (solo)50
Plain Rice (sharing)120
Basmati Rice (solo)80
Basmati Rice (sharing)210
Biryani Rice (solo)60
Biryani Rice (sharing)160
Upside Down180

About Mister Kabab

Kebab dishes were served in the royal mansions during the Delhi Sultanate, according to Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta, and even commoners would eat it for breakfast with naan. Meat is either chopped up or ground for kebabs, occasionally with veggies and other toppings depending on the recipe. Although kebabs are generally cooked over a fire on skewers, certain kebab recipes can also be baked in the oven or made into stews.

Mister Kabab Menu Best Seller

Mister Kabab menu offers a wide variety of options. There are some best sellers that are singled out in other sections of this article. Here are some of its best sellers:

Photo Credit: Mister Kabab SM Marilao FB Page
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Biryani – Don’t let your guard down just because the food appears to be ordinary, yellow-colored fried rice from the garden. This Mister Kabab menu is their hot fried rice, which is made spicy by an abundance of thinly sliced raw green chilies that are practically concealed throughout the rice.

Chocolate Lava Cake – Chocolate is on top of chocolate, on top of chocolate! Order while it’s available if you’re in the area because it’s not always available. Although this cake seems to be a little brown glob, its rich chocolate flavor turns it into a seductive delicacy. The surprising part is that the sweetness isn’t overbearing. Without suffering a sore throat, you may experience strong chocolate tastes.

Lamb Korma – Most Indian and Pakistani restaurants provide lamb korma, often known as mutton korma. The lamb stew meat is pressure cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, seasoned with toasted Indian spices, and simmered in a creamy coconut sauce. The creamy, opulent texture of korma is well recognized. The meat is traditionally cooked for hours to achieve the ideal softness and taste.

Chicken Shish – Chicken shish is simply marinated chicken cubes that are skewered, cooked, and typically served with a variety of sides. When paired with a flavorful kebab chutney or mint raita chutney, they are at their finest. Additionally, green chutney may be served with this. You can cook these chicken kebabs in an oven, over charcoal, or on a grill pan over an open flame. You might also enjoy veg seekh kebab and veg hara bhara kabab.

Kabab Shawarma

Photo Credit: Mister Kabab FB Page

Though tender, the meat was flavorless on its own. However, their complimentary sauce and yogurt, which you may use enthusiastically, can readily fix this. You must order pita to experience building a wrap out of the Shawarma Plate as it arrives on its own. Consisting of thinly sliced beef piled in the form of a cone and cooked on a vertical rotisserie or spit. This Mister Kabab menu is traditionally produced from mutton or lamb. It is now a standard at most Middle Eastern restaurants and one of the most well-liked street snacks in the whole globe, especially in Egypt. A mouthwatering dish like shawarma is likely to delight meat and cuisine enthusiasts.

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Mister Kabab has different versions of its Keema. It even has a sizzling keema. It also has a keema-inspired pizza. It also serves keema with eggplant. Keema is a dish that is often made using ingredients in the form of a curry. searching for a little distinctive curry meal. Then you must unquestionably try keema. Rich in flavor and bursting with Indian spices, keema is a hearty meal. It tastes good and is quite filling. It is an Indian cuisine dish made with meat. It is cooked with heavily spiced minced beef rather than pieces of meat like typical curries. Minced beef is the main component of keema. The dish was traditionally prepared with ground goat flesh, but you won’t usually see that in Indian restaurants.

Mister Kabab Beef Chelo

Photo Credit: Mister Kabab FB Page

One of Mister Kabab’s most popular dishes appears to be the Beef Chelo Kabab. These two bad boys are in all of their Instagram photos from all of their travels. For someone with serious meat hankering, this is a great deal. Because of all the many hues that Beef Kebabs possess, staring at them is always pleasant. Beef kebabs taste nice in addition to looking fantastic, especially if the meat is juicy and soft. The meat is tasty from the inside out thanks to the marinade. When you bite into the luscious kebab meat, the marinade ensures that you won’t receive burnt chunks of flesh instead of smoky morsels of meat overflowing with flavor.

Mister Kabab Yogurt Shake

Protein and probiotics may be added to yogurt for a nutritious drink. When dining at Mister Kabab, it is advised to get a yogurt shake to balance the spiciness. The sour taste of yogurt, which is notably present in the strained Greek kind, will delight fans of fermented foods. Whey is added to yogurt to increase nutrients and give it a creamier consistency. Try this alternative if you don’t like the way the whey separates at the top. The greatest sweet-tart flavor, a creamy, frosty texture, and striking, vivid color are all present in this lovely puree. This one became a household favorite right away! One of the coolest smoothies you can find is this one. It serves as both a delight and the ideal finale for a summer dinner.

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Mister Kabab Menu Delivery

Eating Kababs doesn’t necessarily mean that we should sit down and eat them for a very long time. We could eat conveniently and at any time of the day we want. Customers may be busy and so hungry that they cannot wait for the number of customers that are to be served in the store. Luckily, Mister Kabab offers a delivery service. You can now order your favorite kabab via the Foodpanda or GrabFood app. You could also order through LalaFood or chat their customer support on their website at http://www.misterkabab.com.ph/

Social Media Pages

To get the latest menu of Mister Kabab, we highly encourage you to subscribe to their social media platforms. In this way, you won’t miss the latest news about their promo, and best sellers. To check their social media pages, click the link below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisterKabab

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/misterkabab/


Entering Mister Kabab is as genuine as it gets in the Philippines if you haven’t experienced a Mediterranean meal yet. Even the pickiest eaters will become hungry because of the unique but cozy interior’s exquisite atmosphere. Each Mister Kabab location features exquisitely carved wooden seats and tastefully chosen designs covering the walls, floors, and other furnishings. Mister Kabab has already made a name for itself as one of the go-to eateries for Filipinos who are craving kababs. Famous for its unique Chelo Kabab, Mister Kabab menu delivers incredibly delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that is both healthy and satisfying.

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