Wyndell’s Al Fresco Menu Prices

The Wyndell’s Al Fresco menu serves a wide range of all-time Filipino favorites and international dishes. It consists of Grilled Seafood, Specials, Sizzling Steaks, Pastas, Salads, Fried Chicken, Sandwiches & Burgers, Pizza, All Day Breakfast, Desserts, Coffee, Unlimited Meals, Holiday Specials, and Drinks. Aside from these hearty dishes, it is also a great place that has a spectacular view, genuine service, and cool weather. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Wyndell’s Al Fresco menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Grilled Seafood

Grilled Oysters (Full)500
Grilled Oysters (Half)280
Grilled Scallops in Shell 400
Grileed Squid (200 g)500
Grilled Salmon Top Loin (200 g)580
Grilled Boneless Bangus (800 g) 650
Grilled Tanigue (200 g)500
Grilled Prawn (200 g) 500
Grilled Tuna Top Loin (200 g) 500

Sizzling Steaks

Sizzling Australian T-Bone (12.5 -13 oz)850
Sizzling Brazilian Ribeye (9 - 9.5 oz)500
Sizzling Pork Chops (7 - 7.5 oz) 450

Premium Steaks

USDA Angus Ribeye (6.5 oz) 1500
USDA T-Bone (11 oz)1200
USDA Porterhouse (11 oz) 1200
Japanese Wagyu (Grade A5) (12 oz)5500
Plain Rice 50
Garlic Rice 50


Whole Chicken Inasal 880
Wyndell's Drunken Baby Back Ribs 1350
Kansi - Bulalo Soup (All Beef Shank) (Regular 2 - 3 pax)600
Kansi - Bulalo Soup (All Beef Shank) (Family 5 - 6 pax)1100
Kansi - Bulalo Soup (With Bone Marrow) (Regular 2 - 3 pax)650
Kansi - Bulalo Soup (With Bone Marrow) (Regular 5 -6 pax)1200
Pinoy Pork Barbecue & Street Food Platter 500
Shrimp Poppers 380
Calamares 350
Sizzling Kansi With Tuwalya 650
Sizzling Sisig 500
Sizzling Mixed Seafoods 600
Sizzling Kangkong 300
Kilawin Tuna 450
Inihaw Na Sari-Saring Gulay 250
Kilawin Salmon 450
Kilawin Tanigue 450
Kilawin Tuna 450
Baked Callos Casserole 500


Gamberi Aglio Olio Pappardelle 650
Seafood Marinara 650
Pesto Pasta With Chicken 450
Tagliatelle Bolognese 450
Carbonara 450
Quatro Formaggi Tortellini 450
Sweet Style Spaghetti 350

Basket of Fried Chicken

4 pcs Chicken 500
6 pcs Chicken 680
8 pcs Chicken 750


Garden Salad 220
Arugula Salad 250
Caesar Salad 220

Sandwiches & Burgers

The W Clubhouse Sandwich 450
Wyndell's BBQ Burger 450
Grilled Cheese 280
Philly Cheesesteak 350
Classic Cheeseburger 330
Chicken Sandwich 330
Hungarian Sausage Sandwich 350
Fish and Chips 500
Spiced Fries 150


Pizza Margherita 500
Hawaiian Pizza 590
Basil Honey Pepperoni Pizza 590
Frutti Di Mare 750

All Day Breakfast

Wyndell's Ribeye Tapasteak 450
Hungarian Sausilog 350
Porksilog 350
Fried Bangsilog 350
Cornsilog 300
Bacsilog 350
Dangsilog 300
Garlic Style Grilled Longsilog 350
Chicksilog 300
Bagnetsilog 350


Hoeggarden 180
Stella Artois 180
Engkanto Craft Beer Double IPA (8% ALC) 300
Engkanto Larger (4.8% ALC) 200
Engkanto Honey Ale (5.1% ALC) 250
Engkanto Hazy IPA (5.1% ALC) 250
Crazy Carabao IPA (6.5% ALC)250
Crazy Carabao Golden Ale (4.5% ALC)250

House Wines

Sweet Red Wine (glass) 200
Sweet Red Wine (bottle ) 1080
Cabernet Merlot (glass) 200
Cabernet Merlot (bottle) 1080
Sauvignon Blanc (glass) 200
Sauvignon Blanc (bottle) 1080
White Moscato (glass)200
White Moscato (bottle)1080


Canned Soft Drinks 100
Dr. Pepper 100
Canada Dry Ginger Ale 150
A&W Rootbeer150

Wyndell's Café

Americano (Hot)110
Americano (Iced)130
Café Latte (Hot)130
Café Latte (Iced)150
Cappucino (Hot) 130
Cappucino (Iced) 150
Vanilla Latte (Hot)140
Vanilla Latte (Iced)160
Caramel Macchiato (Hot)140
Caramel Macchiato (Iced)160
Café Mocha (Hot)140
Café Mocha (Iced)160
Hazelnut Cappucino (Hot)140
Hazelnut Cappucino (Iced)160
Flat White (Hot) 140
Flat White (Iced) 160
Espresso Shot (Iced)70
Double Espresso Shot (Iced)110
Brewed Coffee (Hot)100
Chocolate (Hot)150
Chocolate (Iced)170
Tea (Hot)100
Ice Blended Drinks 170
Mango Milkshake170
Banana Milkshake 170
Watermelon Shake 170
Melon Shake170
Grape Shake 170
Papaya Shake 170
Dragonfruit Shake 170
Avocado Shake 170


Halo-Halo Special 220
Caramia Mango Magnifico (slice)200
Caramia Mango Magnifico (whole)2000
Caramia Ube Cake (slice)200
Caramia Ube Cake (whole)2000
Caramia Midnight Dream (slice)200
Caramia Midnight Dream (whole)2000


All Unlimited 645

About Wyndell’s Al Fresco 

Wyndell’s Al Fresco is an overlooking restaurant in Tanay, Rizal that has a main dining area, café, and hotel. This place will you an adventurous and memorable experience as it has a farm where you can enjoy camping and other nature adventure and a boutique hotel that provides staycation and bed and breakfast service. It is a great place where you can enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing stay. 

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Wyndell’s Al Fresco Menu Best Seller

These are blockbuster dishes of Wyndell’s Al Fresco that will make your dining experience and adventure more fun and memorable. 

Kansi Bulalo – Western Visayas is the place of origin of this hearty dish. The Batuan Fruit creates a fresh and tangy flavor profile that makes it unique. Bone marrow and beef shanks are simmered until they become gelatinous and tender. This dish is like a combination of sinigang and bulalo, two of the most popular Filipino comfort food. 

Popular and best seller menu at Wyndell's Al Fresco is the Kansi Bulalo Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

Whole Chicken Inasal – This Wyndell’s Al Fresco menu is one of the best-sellers because of its delectable taste that is perfect for all ages. It comes with a special dipping sauce and atchara that enhances its flavor. 

Baby Back RibsBaby back ribs are grilled and brushed with the restaurant’s special barbecue sauce until it becomes tender and delicious. It is served with bell peppers and grilled corn on the side. 

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Grilled Baby Back Ribs Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

Rib-Eye Tapa Steak – Ribe-eye steak is sliced thinly and marinated in special spices. Rice, sunny-side-up egg, and chopped onions and tomatoes. 

BBQ Burger. It is a special burger from Wyndell’s Café where the brioche bun is stuffed with caramelized bacon with homemade barbecue sauce, double quarter pounder patties, and vegetables. 

Delightful and enormous BBQ Burger of Wyndell's Al Fresco menu Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

Wyndell’s Al Fresco Special Menu

The special menu that it offers is ideal for sharing that will surely be loved by the whole family. 

Pinoy Pork Barbecue & Street Food Platter – An ultimate good for sharing snack composed of barbecue and all-time favorite street foods such as “tusok-tusok” and isaw

Sizzling Sisig – It is a combination of pork, meat, onions, and chilis served on a sizzling plate. This is a famous meal prepared as a “pulutan” and paired with beer. It can also be eaten as a main course with rice. 

Every Filipino's pulutuan, none other than Sizzling Sisig Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

Sizzling Mixed Seafood – This dish is ideal for seafood lovers as it consists of various seafood such as prawns, squid, tuna, salmon, and tanigue in one sizzling plate. 

Sizzling Kangkong – Kangkong is cooked with garlic and olive oil and served on a buttered hot plate. Adobo, Sambal Olek, and Garlic Butter are the three side dishes that complete this meal. 

Baked Callos Casserole – Tender ox tripe and beef with bell peppers, special chorizo bilbao, and garbanzos are baked to perfection. It is a must-try dish that will boost your appetite as it is full of flavor and truly delightful.  

Baked Callos Casserole Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

All Day Breakfast 

The All Day Breakfast at this restaurant is composed of classic Filipino “silog meals” prepared to wake up the senses. 

Porksilog – A simple yet delicious meal that consists of deep-fried breaded pork chop served with garlic rice and sunny-side-up eggs. 

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Dangsilog – Danggit is one of the favorite dishes of Filipinos because of its distinctive taste. Its crunchiness and saltiness complement well with the flavor of salsa, sunny side up egg, and garlic rice served with it. For people seeking classic Filipino food, this menu from Wyndell’s Al Fresco is a perfect choice.

Garlic Style Grilled Longsilog – Longganisa has a garlicky and smoky taste paired with a double sunny-side-up egg and savory garlic rice.

Longsilog made with love Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

Chicksilog – It is a classic silog meal made up of crispy and tender fried chicken, a side of salsa vegetables, garlic rice, and two eggs. 

BagnetsilogBagnet is a popular dish that originates from Ilocos Region. Pork is sliced thinly and people love its tender, crunchy, and tasty flavor. 


Wyndell’s Café offers coffee drinks that are available in hot and iced making them versatile for any weather condition. 

Americano – The simplicity of this drink makes it a popular drink. It is a go-to coffee drink that is well-loved by people from different cultures. I highly recommend this Wyndell’s Al Fresco menu for all coffee lovers out there.

Café Latte – It is one of the iconic variants of coffee as it has a visually appealing presentation and a perfect balance of flavor and texture. 

Complete your breakfast with this Cafe Latte Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

Cappuccino – A crowd-favorite coffee drink that will level up your coffee experience. Its creamy texture and rich coffee flavor will brighten up your day. The delicious foam on its top makes it satisfying. 

Vanilla Latte – Many people love this vanilla latte because the combination of milk, coffee, and vanilla creates a great coffee. 

Caramel Macchiato – This drink is unique and has a great taste that makes it special. It never fails to impress people from generation to generation. 

Sandwiches and Burgers Menu

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Savor a mouth-watering feast of burgers and sandwiches, accompanied by a side of perfectly seasoned, spicy fries that enhance every bite. It is a satisfying snack menu that you can eat while you’re having a good time with your loved ones. It consists of The W Clubhouse Sandwich, Wyndell’s BBQ Burger, Grilled Cheese, Philly Cheesesteak, Classic Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwich, Hungarian Sausage Sandwich, and Fish and Chips. 

Chicken Sandwich for a hungry you! Pin
Photo Credit: Wyndell’s Al Fresco FB Page

All Unlimited 

All unlimited is a set of dish ideal for samgyupsal fanatics. It includes unlimited USDA Beef, Pork, Chicken, Side Dishes, Soup, Rice, and Drinks. The drinks that you can choose from are bottomless house blend iced tea or cucumber lemonade. 

There are dine-in conditions that must be followed such as a maximum time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, no take-outs, and no leftovers. If there are leftovers, there is a Php 100 charge per 100 grams. The price also varies depending on age. It offers free dine-in for toddlers (0-4 years old), a 50% discount for kids (5-7 years old), and regular rates apply for 8 years old and above. 

Wyndell’s Al Fresco Menu Delivery 

Wyndell’s Al Fresco offers in-store delivery service available from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday to Sunday. The scope of its delivery area is within 15 kilometers. You can call them at 0960-294-4843 to arrange your orders. 

Social Media Pages

Planning to go glamping or just dining while being with nature? You might consider Wyndell’s Al Fresco as your option. Get in touch with them to know more about the details of their services and menu. The links provided below will redirect you to their official social media pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wyndellsalfresco

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wyndellsalfresco/


Wyndell’s Al Fresco menu is known for its delicious dishes that complement well with the restaurant’s breathtaking view. This place will give you an exciting food and nature adventure. In this place, you will also be able to get closer to nature with your family and friends. They are committed to providing quality service through heartfelt service and food upgrades. It is also pet-friendly as it allows you to bring your beloved fur babies. 

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