Pub Express Menu Prices

The menu of Pub Express is composed of dishes that are American-inspired. They serve flavored wings, sausages, breakfast meals, and sides that, even if they are inspired by foreign cuisine, are not that far off the Filipino palate. Filipinos will surely enjoy each dish that Pub Express serves because of the familiar flavor that it brings. Aside from being tasty, every dish on their menu is also very affordable.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Pub Express menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


German Cheese160

Flavored Wings

Buffalo Hot Wings319
Garlic Parmesan319
Smokey BBQ319
Cheese Bacon319
Sesame Teriyaki319
Asian Zing319
Kare-Kare Wings319
Chili Bagoong319
Hoisin Peanut319
Creamy Pesto319
Thai Chili Garlic319
Salted egg319

Saver Meals

Creamy Kawali145
Bourbon chicken145
Spicy Sisig145
Garlic Chops145
Adobo Flakes145


Chicken Crisp200
Fat Fries200
Onion Rings200


Spam Tap129

About Pub Express

Pub Express is an American-style pub that is located in the Block, SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City. It is very famous for its flavored wing dishes like the Buffalo Hot Wings. It is a very popular pub because of its prompt and fast service, good food, and the wonderful dining experience that it provides. Aside from all these, they also serve very affordable dishes that you will surely enjoy!

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Pub Express Menu Best Seller

Pub Express’ most popular dishes! These are the dishes that diners often order from the menu at Pub Express whenever they visit.

Buffalo Hot Wings – Wings are a well-liked pub dish and starter that can be ordered mild, spicy, or boneless. The dish was invented in Buffalo, New York, hence its name. An authentic buffalo chicken is deep-fried until it becomes crispy, then dumped into a pan of spicy sauce and stirred until it is coated. Diners can alter the taste to be mild, medium, or hot according to their preferences.

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Buffalo Hot Wings, a best-seller dish in Pub Express Pin
Photo Credit: Pub Express Official FB Page

Kare Kare Wing – Since chicken wings have been popular for a while now, Pub Express found a way to add to this trend! A surefire strategy is to give this classic dish a Pinoy twist! The recipe revolves around replacing the oxtail in the traditional Kare Kare, which is made of oxtail in a peanut sauce, with chicken wings instead!

Bourbon Chicken – This Pub Express menu consists of juicy, succulent chicken thighs chopped into pieces and cooked in a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth brown sugar sauce. This dish is flavorful and filling, and it is served with rice for a full meal. The sauce is made of garlic, ginger, chicken stock, soy sauce, and brown sugar.

Adobo Flakes – We all know that Filipinos love their adobos! This is the reason why Pub Express has put a twist on the typical adobo recipe. It is made with shredded meat and dried flakes that are used as a topping. It is very popular, especially in the Mindanao region. Wrapped nicely in a banana leaf, with steamed rice, it would make a very delicious breakfast.

Your typical adobo just got better. Pin
Photo Credit: Pub Express Iloilo Branch Facebook Page

Garlic Rice – Steamed rice that has been cooked with a lot of garlic is known as sinangag. Because rice has always been a staple in the diets of Filipinos, as well as most of Asia, it is one of the most popular side dishes at Pub Express.

Flavored Wings

Chicken wings are already delicious. What if you add some extra flavor to them? Well, don’t just imagine! Pub Express now offers chicken wings menu in a variety of flavors.

Smokey BBQ – The chicken wings are cooked low and slow while letting the smoke produced by the barbecue cook the meat. This gives a crunchy burned exterior and a sweet and a little bit bitter taste.

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Creamy Pesto – Simple ingredients like basil pesto, heavy cream, and balsamic vinegar are used in this dish to transform an ordinary chicken breast into a wonderful dish for their diners to enjoy. It is best served with side dishes for a complete meal.

Chicken Wing Inasal – The chicken wings used in Chicken Wings Inasal are cooked to perfection after being marinated in a vinegar mixture. Although the preparation of this mouthwatering chicken wing dish requires time and patience, the result is worth the diner’s wait.

Cheesy Bacon – This menu from Pub Express is made from delicious wings coated with two of the best things in the world, which are cheese and bacon. The chicken wing is simply coated with bacon and cheese and deep-fried to have a crispy texture. This menu is so simple and addictive that it ought to be prohibited!

Cheesy Bacon Wings Pin
Photo Credit: Pub Express Official FB Page

Baby Back Ribs and Sausages

This menu consists of different varieties of Italian sausage-spiced baby back ribs. These ribs have a wonderful flavor that is even more heightened because of the spicy, sweet, and tangy orange glaze. The items on this menu consist of German cheese, Hungarian cheese, Bocks, and Schublig.

Tender and juicy Baby Back Ribs Pin
Photo Credit: Pub Express Official FB Page

Saver Meal

Pub Express’ saver meal menu will totally give you your money’s worth! This menu consists of hearty and tasty dishes that will surely make any diner full. The dishes on this menu include Creamy Kawali, Bourbon Chicken, Spicy sisig, Garlic Chops, and Adobo Flakes. Rice and atchara are included in every dish.

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Breakfast Meals

You can start your day right by helping yourself to one of Pub Express’ breakfast meals. The items on this menu will help you gain the energy you need to jump-start your day! The dishes on this menu include Bacon, Rice, and Egg; Spam, Rice, and Egg; Tapa, Rice, and Egg; and Longganisa, Rice, and Egg.


Pub Express offers uncommon but tasty sides that complement well with the main dishes that they serve. This menu consists of Chicken crisps, Rangoons, Fat Fries, Onion Rings, and Nachos.

Don't miss their flavorful Nachos Pin
Photo Credit: Pub Express Official FB Page

Pub Express Menu Delivery

Pub Express now accepts orders from home as they now offer delivery services. You can quickly order through the use of the GrabFood and FoodPanda applications on your mobile devices. For more information about their delivery menu or tracking orders. Visit their official Facebook page.

Social Media Pages

Pub Express is active in posting through their social media pages so I highly recommend you follow them so that you can also support their restaurant. You might get discounts or promos by browsing through their pages. The links are provided below.





Every dish on the Pub Express menu is affordable and tasty! Everything that they serve is worth your money. The ribs they serve are very soft and juicy, and the bacon is just so cheesy that it literally melts! The interior design is very neat and provides a comfortable and relaxing feeling. The staff is accommodating and very quick to respond. This is definitely a pub you must go to and come back to!

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