Filling Station Menu Prices

The Filling Station Menu is inspired by American and Filipino comfort foods. It consists of Filling station specialties, starters, breakfast, soup, salad, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, Filipino favorites, ice creams, cakes, malt, milkshakes, and various beverages. Its concept is derived from bar and diner. The menu is family-friendly as they offer foods that are ideal for all ages. They added local twists to their menu to make it more delectable.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Filling Station menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Fresh Juices



Iced Tea185

Cold Drinks

Coke or Sprite in Bottle85
Bottled Water80
Tonic/Soda Water125
Ginger Ale125
Station's Iced Tea135
Four Seasons185
Cranberry Juice140
Pineapple Juice140
Calamansi Juice (Hot or Cold)140
Red Bull (Bottle)140
Red Bull (In Can)210
Float (Coke/A&W/Dad's)260
Drink of the Month (w/ souvenier plush toy)510

Malts and Milkshakes

Classic Malt315
Premium Malt340
Classic Milkshake295
Premium Milkshake325
All Day Warmers
Irish Coffee235
Brewed Coffee110
Café Americano110
Espresso Macchiato115
Café Latte190
Café Mocha190
Chocolate Milk180
Fresh Milk (Hot ot Cold)140
Hot Tea90

Iced Coffee

Iced Café Americano150
Iced Cappucino180
Iced Café Latte180
Iced Café Mocha180
Espresso Ice Cream295


Filling Station Breakfast665
Power Breakfast665
Chop and Eggs520
Steak and Eggs680
American Breakfast440
Continental Breakfast220
Chicken N' Waffles380
Omelette (Spanish)430
Omelette (Plain)235
Omelette Make your own (One)80
Omelette Make your own (Two)90
Omelette Make your own (Three)115
Omelette Make your own (Four)145
Burrito 410

Filipino Breakfast

Beef Tapa470
Daing na Bangus390

Sunny Specials

Wake Up, Little Susie560
Uncle Sam's Panwich398
Eggs Over My Hammy385
Richie's Potato and Eggs255
Peggy Sue438


Fruit Platter370
The Farmer485
The Fisherman495
The Classic 485

Pancakes and Waffles

Classic Pancake260
Blueberry Pancake370
Banana Pancake270
Classic Waffle225
Blueberry Waffle345
Banana Waffle245
Belgian Waffle295
French Toast265
*Add on 2 eggs & 2 strips of bacon90
*Add on 2 eggs & 2 sausage links120


Onion Rings195
Buffalo Wings440
Fried Calamari355
Cajun Chicken Fingers298
Loaded Potato Skins260
All-Star Nachos418
Shanghai Rolls290
Garlic Shrimp Diablo380
Cheese Sticks245
French Fries240
Chili Poppers310


Chicken 130
French Onion230
French Onion with sour bread bowl330
Seafood Chowder370


Esso (Green Salad)365
Shell (Taco Salad)363
Caltex (Shrimp or Tuna Mango Salad)435
Texaco (Caesar's Salad)398
Spiced Seafood Salad365


Chicken Quesadillas395
5 Layer Dip290
Fajitas Combo695


Filling Station Super Burger550
All American Burger550
Aussie "Angus" Burger560
Tony's Double Double560
Midget Burgers440
Old Timer Burger540
Fish Burger410
Eggs Benedict Burger540
Texan Burger550
Crispy Chicken Burger440


Clubhouse Sandwich445
Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich395
Tuna Cheese Melt395
*Add on
Sloppy Joe's Meatball Sandwich490
Shrimp Po'Boy650

Baked Pies

Beef Pie320
Chicken Pie650
*Add: Mashed Potato & Gravy95
DiMaggio's Early Riser390
The Alcatraz390
The Ricardo390


Filling Station Pizza575
Polka Dots515
Chicken BBQ575
Four Cheese575
California Bacon515
Meat Lovers575
Pizza di Sardine540
Cheese Burger Pizza550


Pasta Alioli280
Presley's Pasta575
Chorizo Pasta415
Some Like It Hot460
Sinatra's Chicken Pesto460
Dean's Carbonara420
Godfather's Bolognese398
Seafood Holiday520
Don Vito's Sardines395
Three Cheese Lasagna450

Station Specialties

Coupe De Ville (Grilled Prawn)798
Jaguar (Fillet Mgnon)980
De Soto (Tenderloin Steak)880
John Wayne's Rib Eye1995
Edsel (Fried Porkchop)590
Camaro (Baby Back Ribs)680
Crown Royale (Grilled Chicken)560
Ford (Fish and Chips)460
T-Bird (Country Fried Chicken)650
El Dorado (Seafood Platter)520
Chevrolet (Grilled Salmon)790
Shelby (Tenderloin Tips)450

Filipino Favorites

Fried Tilapia395
Sweet and Sour Tilapia395
Sinigang na Baka465
Sinigang na Baboy430
Sinigang na Hipon465
Adobo (Baboy)330
Adobo (Manok)320
Adobo (Mixed Pork and Chicken)330
Crispy Pata720
Fresh Lumpia (1 pc.)180
Chopseuy 405
Tokwa't Baboy335
Laing (Shrimp or Bagnet)285
Pork Barbecue (5pcs.)280

Rice & Noodles

Filling Station Rice320
Yang Chow Rice310
Steamed Rice45
Garlic Rice60
Pancit Mixed250
Pancit Bihon250
Pancit Canton250
Pancit Palabok290


Chicken Curry410
Shrimp Curry510


Sizzling Squid405
Sizzling Bulalo480
Pork Sisig305
Squid Sisig280
Bangus Sisig380

Ice Cream

Lucille's Hot Fudge Bowl395
Trio's Los Panchos395
The Three Stooges Mini295
Mr. Bean's Dirty Mess (Solo)210
Mr. Bean'S Dirty Mess (To Share)390
The 1945 Kiss320
S'more Double Dutch, Please350
The King Kong325
The Three Stooges Giant505
Scoops (Classic)120
Scoops (Premium)150
Fiesta Pinoy 395


Chocolate Trio (Slice/solo)135
Chocolate Trio (mini)510
Chocolate Trio (whole)1115
Double Choco Tower (slice/solo)165
Double Choco Tower (mini)565
Double Choco Tower (whole)1315
Blueberry Cheesecake (slice/solo)265
Blueberry Cheesecake (whole)2120
Choco Caramel (slice/solo)165
Choco Caramel (mini)510
Choco Caramel (whole)1315
Yema Cake (slice/solo)135
Yema Cake (mini)510
Yema Cake (whole)1115
Frozen Brazo De Mercedes (slice/solo)130
Frozen Brazo De Mercedes (whole)1120
Mango Freeze (slice/solo)135
Mango Freeze (whole) 1110
Choco Dome (slice/solo)135
Choco Dome (mini)620
Carrot Cake (slice/solo)150
Carrot Cake (whole)1215
Apple Pie (slice/solo)135
Apple Pie A La Mode (slice/solo)175
Walnut Brownies85
Blueberry Muffin150
Oatmeal Cookies85
Leche Flan98
Caramel Chiffon (slice)135
Caramel Chiffon (whole)135
Rainbow Cake (slice)145
Rainbow Cake (whole)520

About Filling Station

Filling Station is a place in Makati, Philippines where you can play, drain, and refill. It is founded in 1989 by a former US navy cook to introduce US history in the Philippines.

YouTube video

Today, this bar and café have several rooms that are decorated with American memorabilia from the 1950s. It is open around the clock and it is usually busy and crowded from 8:00 PM onwards.

Filling Station Menu Best Seller

Power Breakfast – It consists of two eggs in any style, bacon, ham, sausage, baked beans, mushroom, hash browns, and toasted assorted bread with butter and jam.

Continental Breakfast – This Filling Station menu comes with two slices of toasted assorted bread with butter and jam and is served with sliced fruits.

Buffalo Wings – Deep-fried chicken wings are glazed with special spices and coated in cayenne butter sauce. It comes with celery sticks and blue cheese dip.

All-Star Nachos – Cheese, sour cream, ground beef, corn, black olives, and jalapeno are spread over the colored nacho chips.

Photo Credit: Filling Station Bar Cafe FB Page

Garlic Shrimp Diablo – Shrimp are sauteed in extra olive virgin oil with paprika, green olives, and fresh garlic. This starter is served with garlic bread.

Seafood Chowder – Various kinds of seafood are mixed in this menu of Filling Station. It is flambeed with white wine and served in a homemade sour bread bowl.

Esso – It is a green salad that consists of red and green bell pepper, lettuce, onion, tomato, and cucumber. You can choose from Italian and Thousand Island dressing.

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Midget Burgers – It consists of 3 midget burgers with mushroom gravy.

Photo Credit: Filling Station Bar Cafe FB Page

Clubhouse Sandwich – Chicken salad, bacon, egg, cheese, ham, and lettuce are sandwiched in three layers of bread.

Beef Pie – Beef and vegetables are stewed and come with gravy on the side to enhance their flavor. You can also add mashed potato and gravy to satisfy your cravings.

Chicken BBQ – Its thick crust is topped with grilled chicken fillet in barbecue sauce, tomatoes, and onions.

California Bacon – This pizza is made up of bacon, pineapple, mushroom, and onions.

Presley’s Pasta – The shell pasta in bechamel sauce is sauteed in onion, mushroom, celery, tomato, and parmesan cheese. It comes with grilled beef tenderloin and slices of pizza crust.

Dean’s Carbonara – It is made up of spaghetti pasta that is cooked with creamy white sauce, bacon, ham, mushroom, and parmesan cheese.

Seafood Holiday – Linguine is sauteed in marinara sauce with squid, mussels, shrimp, and parmesan cheese.

De Soto – This Filling Station menu is a beef tenderloin steak that is grilled to perfection. It is served with mushroom gravy, mashed potato, and buttered vegetables.

Camaro – It is a baby back pork rib that is served with French fries and corn kernels.

Filling Station Breakfast Menu

Filling Station Breakfast – This special breakfast consists of harsh brown and toasted bread with jam and butter, sausage links, two eggs, and bacon.

Photo Credit: Filling Station Bar Cafe FB Page

Chop and Eggs – It comes with grilled tenderloin steak, French fries or toasted bread, two eggs, and your choice of roasted sliced potato.

Steak and Eggs – Ground hanger steak is cooked with green olives, chorizo, and raisins. It is served with egg over garlic rice and fried plantains.

American Breakfast – This American-inspired breakfast is served with hash brown and toasted butter and jam, two eggs, your choice of ham, and bacon or sausage.

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Lunch Menu

Coupe De Ville – King prawns are grilled and drizzled with lemon butter sauce and served with baked potato and vegetables.

Jaguar (Fillet Mignon) – Homemade bearnaise sauce is spread over grilled beef tenderloin and wrapped in smoked bacon and served with mashed potato and vegetables. A highly recommended menu that you should try at Filling Station if you love eating beef.

John Wayne’s Rib Eye – A tender, juicy, and delectable rib eye is served with garlic or plain rice, French fries, baked potato, garlic confit, buttered vegetables, corn on a cob, and a choice of roasted sliced potato.

Edsel – Porkchop is fried and crusted with parmesan and comes with buttered vegetables, garlic confit mashed potatoes topped with gravy, and a side of applesauce.

Filipino Favorites

Tilapia – Fried Tilapia and Sweet and Sour Tilapia are the two Tilapia dishes that Filling Station offered.

Bulalo – It is a beef shank soup that is rich in taste and is cooked with various vegetables and special ingredients.

Sinigang – It is a popular Filipino stew that is well-known for its sour and savory taste. Beef, pork, and shrimp sinigang are the three sinigang varieties that Filling Station offered.

Adobo – A famous Filipino Cuisine that is available on the Filling Station menu where pork, beef, or chicken is marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black peppercorns, and bay leaves. The adobo variants that Filling Station offers are mixed pork and chicken, beef, and chicken.

Fresh Lumpia – It consists of 1 piece of fresh lumpia where vegetables are wrapped in flour wrapper. It comes with a savory and sweet sauce that makes it more delectable.

Rice – Rice is always a part of the Filipino food menu. Filling Station offers rice varieties that Filipinos loved such as garlic rice, steamed rice, yang chow rice, and filling station rice in pork adobo flakes.

Pancit – Pancit is a common food that is part of Philippine culture. It is easier to cook and it comes in different varieties. The most loved Filipino pancit varieties that are offered by Filling Station are Pancit Mixed, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Canton, and Pancit Palabok.

Sizzling Foods – It is served on a hot sizzling plate. The foods that are offered by Filling Station are Sizzling Squid, Sizzling Buffalo, Pork Sisig, Squid Sisig, Sizzling Bulalo, and Bangus Sisig. Among these sizzling foods, Pork Sisig, which is made up of pig head is the Filipinos’ favorite.

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Photo Credit: Filling Station Bar Cafe FB Page

Burgers and Sandwiches

Eggs Benedict Burger – Poached egg and hollandaise sauce are spread over a half-pound burger. French fries or roasted sliced potatoes are offered as a side dish.

Texan Burger – The flamed grilled burger patty is layered with bacon, cheese, tomato, and lettuce. It comes with roasted sliced potato and Filling Station’s BBQ sauce.

Crispy Chicken Burger – Chicken’s crispy texture and spicy buffalo sauce make it a delectable burger

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich – Grilled chicken breast, fresh pesto sauce, lettuce, cheese, and tomato are stuffed in freshly baked Tuscan bread and served with pesto dressing.

Sloppy Joe’s Meatball Sandwich – Hearty and thick meatballs and gooey mozzarella is covered with freshly made marinara sauce with hidden pesto inside. Roast potato chips are served as its side dish.

Filling Station Menu Delivery

Filling Station delivery is available via Foodpanda. They also deliver in areas within 1 kilometer and there is a delivery fee of Php 50.00. It is also available for dine-in and customer pickup. You can also message their social media pages for your orders. Complete details must be provided so that they will be able to assist you better.

Social Media Pages

Filling Station menu, announcements, schedules, events, and offers are posted on their social media pages. Their landline number and email address can be accessed on their Instagram account. Location, hours, menu, packages, photoshoot & party packages, restaurant entry guidelines, and reservations can be accessed on their Facebook Messenger. Visiting their social media pages before you get there will help you to know what you should expect from this restaurant.





The menu of Filling Station is extensive so you’ll surely find something that will satisfy your cravings. It is a great place that will give you a glimpse of American history. You can take wonderful pictures that you can proudly share on your social media accounts. This restaurant is family-friendly, but it is not ideal for kids in the evenings because it is the time when it gets crowded and noisy.

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