Zoo Coffee Menu Prices

Are you a coffee lover and looking for a place to hang out with your friends or colleagues? Found the right spot for you, they serve Korean-style coffee and other noncoffee drinks and waffles to partner with their drinks. The Zoo Coffee menu offers a variety of choices when it comes to coffee plus they also have bread and waffles to complete the package of your perfect hang-out place. If you’re looking for a different coffee shop then I can recommend their cafe for you. Heard about them already? If not take time to read this article and let’s get to know them a little bit more. Let’s find out which coffee is their best seller, how much is their coffee, and something else about their cafe. Let’s go!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Zoo Coffee menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Zoo Coffee Menu

Hot tea 120
Iced tea120
Fruit ade155
Plain yogurt smoothie 195
Strawberry yogurt smoothie 200
Yuzu yogurt smoothie 185
Espresso frappe 185
White chocolate frappe 195
Mocha frappe 195
Caramel frappe 195
Coffee jelly frappe 195
Green tea frappe 195
Cookies and cream frappe 195
Creamy strawberry frappe 195
Baby chocolate chip frappe 195
Espresso 115
Espresso machiato 120
Espresso con panna120
Americano 155
Cafe latte 165
Cappuccino 165
Vanilla latte 185
Cafe mocha180
Caramel macchiato 190
White chocolate latte 190
Red ginseng honey tea175
Red ginseng honey latte 185
Yuzu tea145
Premium chocolate 175
White chocolate 175
Green tea latte 180
Tea latte 180
Iced coffee brew175
Cinnamon cold brew 195


Belgian waffle 195
Berry berry waffle215
Chocolate waffle 210
Churo waffle210
Oreo waffle210
Matcha berry waffle 215
Strawberry waffle 210
Beef pastrami sandwich 245
Barbecue hotdog 235
Caramel honey bread 225
Garlic honey bread 225
Chocolate honey bread240

About Zoo Coffee

Zoo Coffee first originated in South Korea, it is founded by Kim Kun Woo in the year 2009 and since then it became a well-known coffee shop in South Korea. The theme of this coffee shop is Animal themed. Their concept is to let the customers relax with their nature ambiance and to achieve this concept they open a Zoo themed cafe with lots of stuffed animals and animal furniture that looks realistic. From walls to artificial animals and trees, their name suits the ambiance of their establishment.

It is truly one of a kind cafe. On their menu, they offer Korean Coffees, smoothies, and tea. They also serve sandwiches, waffles, pastries, and Hotdog. Every ingredient that they use is the finest when it comes to quality and has the most flavor and is relatively new to ensure the good quality of their products. This establishment already proved that an establishment will make it on top as long as you take care of the quality and the needs of your customers. 

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Coffee and Drinks Menu

The Zoo Coffee offers a lot of beverages menu whether it is coffee based or not they have it, they even have fruit-based drinks for noncoffee drinkers out there who love to try their products.

They have their Hot Tea which is pure green tea. Their Iced Tea you can choose which flavor you want whether it’s pomegranate or lemon. They also have Fruit Ade where you can choose from cherry limeade, green apple ade, and peach ade. They also have plain Yogurt Smoothies if you just want a nice refreshment that is light but delicious. Aside from those, they also have strawberry yogurt and yuzu yogurt these items are smoothies by the way and are really good.

Fruit made flavors of Zoo Coffee Pin
Photo Credit: Zoo Coffee Official Facebook Page

Zoo Coffee has also a Frappes menu and mind you they have a lot of flavors for this category. Flavors include espresso, white chocolate, mocha, caramel, coffee jelly, green tea, cookies and cream, creamy strawberry, and baby chocolate chip. All frappes are really good but my favorite is their creamy strawberry frappe.

Strawberry lovers will love this Strawberry Frappe Pin
Photo Credit: Zoo Coffee Official Facebook Page
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They also have different coffees that you should try. On the list of their coffee, they have espresso, espresso macchiato, and espresso con panna which are served hot only. While on the iced or hot coffee variations they have americano, cafe latte, cappuccino, vanilla latte, cafe mocha, caramel macchiato, white chocolate latte, red ginseng honey tea, red ginseng honey latte, yuzu tea, premium chocolate, white chocolate, green tea latte, and tea latte. Iced cold brew and cinnamon cold brew are served cold only. 

Cinnamon Cold Brew under Cold brew menu of Zoo Coffee Pin
Photo Credit: Zoo Coffee Official Facebook Page


Their cafe is not just about coffee since they also have sandwiches. On the Zoo Coffee sandwich menu, they have a Beef Pastrami Sandwich. This meal is really delicious and can make you full since their serving is big enough to feed a heavy eater like me. Aside from that they also have their Barbecue Hotdog. They also have caramel honey bread, garlic honey bread, and chocolate honey bread if you are looking for any bread to partner with your hot or cold drinks. 


Zoo coffee offers a variety of choices for waffles. Their waffles are not too sweet and the waffle itself is not dry, it is very fluffy and tasty already. They have the classic Belgian waffle, Berry berry waffle that I highly recommended. Chocolate waffle for sweet tooth, churro waffle, oreo waffle that is my personal favorite, matcha berry waffle, and strawberry waffle.

classic Belgian waffle Pin
Photo Credit: Zoo Coffee Official Facebook Page

Zoo Coffee Menu Delivery

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I tried looking for a delivery website for zoo coffee but unfortunately as of now, they don’t have their own delivery website maybe soon right? but according to their Facebook page, they are available thru grab foods and food panda. You can also use any of your favorite delivery services depending on your location or product availability. Please take note that ordering online means other items might be unavailable and also they have minimum order and delivery fees.

Social Media Pages 

Here is the list of Zoo Coffee’s social media pages that you should like or follow to be updated on their latest promo and new products. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoocoffeeph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoocoffeeph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zoocoffeeph 


Great place honestly, and to be fair and I don’t want to be biased or something their service is really good and I don’t have any complaints about it. Service crews are friendly, approachable, polite, fast, and knowledgeable about the product that they offer. Zoo coffee menu has a lot to offer everything that you needed is here if we are talking about your caffeine needs. Foods and coffee or frappes are so delicious that I frequently go to their place at least 8 times a month. Nice place lovely atmosphere, the zoo theme adds relaxation while enjoying their frappes or coffee plus the ambiance is something that won’t bore any customer. , a nice serving of foods and beverages cold or hot so for foodies out there, you can visit them and ready your camera for a gorgeous presentation. I highly suggest this place for everyone especially coffee lovers like me. This is the best place to go. 

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