La Creperie Menu Prices

Everyone love’s French cuisine and desserts, and the La Creperie menu is one of the best options when it comes to french cuisine for breakfast and brunch. This french restaurant will give you a whole new experience, their exciting dishes and food items are really delicious something that you cannot miss. Have you tried La Creperie? If not and you’re interested already in this restaurant have time to read this article and together we are going to get to know this restaurant more. Their prices and best sellers, Let’s start now, shall we?

Below, you’ll find the updated list of La Creperie menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Les Sandwiches

Prosciutto and butter245
Ratatouille and fontina285
Grilled cheese265
Ham and cheese275
Corned beef295
Shrimp remoulade365

Hearty Meals

Eggplant moussaka295
Pork zurichoise305
La Creperies fried chicken345
Fried chicken with pasta bolognese295
Corned beef stew385
Sole meuniere395
Salmon provencal585
Blanquette de beef485
Coq au vin495
Pan seared salmon595
Beef pot roast595

Les Burgers

Le hamburger395
Mini burgers225

Le Pain Perdu

Mango and cream175
Banana walnut185
La pomme195
Mango nuttela205
Strawberry nuttela245

Gourmet Crepes Sucrees

Butter and sugar115
Blueberry banana195
Choco crepe aroon195
Churro crepe225
Bananas foster230
Blueberry cream pie235
Crepe brulee275
Crepe suzette295
Mango peach nuttela265
Butter and sugar and lemon135

Les Gastronomiques

La mer225
Super mer235
Le jj285
Spinach and herbed cheese285
Angus beef395

Le Petit Dejeuner

Chicken tocino295
Spicy sardines in olive oil295
Boneless bangus305
Usda corned beef315
Hungarian sausage305
Angus beef tapa425

Les Soupes

Pumpkin soup185
French onion soup295

Les Salades Composees

Chicken Caesar salad295
Shrimp with mango295
Salade lyonnaise285
Salade nicoise245

TWG (Single/Large)

Silver moon185/260
Paris singapore185/260
Vanilla bourbon185/260
Creme caramel185/260
French earl grey185/260
Jasmine queen185/260
Moroccan mint185/260

Les Pates

Chorizo with olive oil shrimp pomodo285
Spicy sardine315
Pesto creme carbonara320
Telefono style315
Truffled mushroom and sausage295
Shrimp aligue285

Ice Cream Delight

Ice cream by the scoop55
Fudge sundae155
Brownie sundae175
Banana split215

Galletes de Sarrasin

Quatre fromages405
Super complet425

Les Jus de Fruits

Mango banana165
Strawberry balsamic195
Strawberry mango185
Strawberry banana185
Iced tea95
Bottled water45
San miguel beer90
Stella artois155

Le Chocolatchaud

San gines136
Paris manila145
Angelinas express245
Frozen hot chocolate225

Le Cafe

Latte or flat white150
De cuba155
Salted butter caramel affogato165
Bittersweet chocolate affogato165

About La Creperie 

La Creperie was founded by a set of two long-time friends named Christine Laman and Marie Christine Ledesma who are trying their luck in business, they are the ones who founded the big chill chain of juice bars then after fifteen years they try to introduce French crepes here in the country and share their experience with their customers about french cuisine.

YouTube video

Miss Laman has been living in Paris previously and most of the time she has free time she tried to discover a lot of varieties of crepes and what Paris and Britain have to offer when it comes to food. The idea and setup of their restaurant are actually just like what she had in Paris so when their customer will visit their restaurant it’s like they’ve been to Paris as well.

La Creperie has a lot to offer when it comes to food specially breakfast and brunch they have a lot of interesting and delicious items on their menu waiting for their Filipino customers to discover. 

La Creperie Menu Best Seller

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Here in the list are La Creperie’s best-seller menu that we all should try while visiting their restaurant. Their best-sellers are also their chef’s recommendations and are for sure delicious. 


Photo Credit: La Creperie FB Page

Blanquette de Boeuf – This menu is one of the La Creperie best sellers and home-style french food. Blanquette de boeuf is a beef stew that is made with ingredients like white wine, vegetables, cream, and french herbs. This one came originally from the Heirloom family. The owner choose to serve this with rice that is shaped like a Louvre for a more french style experience. This hearty beef stew is delicious tender and very flavorful it is perfectly paired with rice, and the balance of the taste is what I like about this recipe. 

Emmental & Mozzarella Cheeseburger – This is actually a burger patty that is well seasoned and cooked carefully then topped with mouth-watering melted emmental and mozzarella cheese. They have the regular order for the emmental & mozzarella cheeseburger and also the large one that is actually good for sharing and can already fill two people. They also serve this dish with fries and ketchup for sauce. I honestly can finish the large order since I love burgers and it is really delicious. 

Pesto Cream Carbonara – Everyone is already loving the taste of pesto who doesn’t right? And their pesto creme carbonara is a menu made for pesto lovers out there who love pasta. They serve this dish with a good amount of spaghetti then topped with a creamy concoction of ham and mushrooms. This one is really good and a must-try, they also serve this dish with some sliced baguette that is really perfect for their pesto cream carbonara. One of my personal favorites as well and the one that I will recommend if you’re looking for a pasta dish. 

La Creperie Breakfast Menu

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La creperie offers Le petit dejeuner which is actually a Filipino breakfast meal that they serve all day that includes 2 eggs, plain or garlic rice, and a side salad. On their breakfast menu, your choices are chicken tocino, spicy sardines in olive oil chorizo, boneless bangus that everyone loves, USDA corned beef, Hungarian sausage, and lastly beef tapa.

You can also add sides like garlic bread, egg, rice, pommes frites, ratatouille, bacon, and green salad. Their breakfast items are a bit heavy on your tummy so it’s really good to visit during brunch. 

Pasta Menu

Their Les pates are their pasta menu that is served with garlic bread. They have different varieties of pasta dishes that you can choose from some are seafood-based or meat. On the list of their Les pates, they have Bolognese, amatriciana that is in penne pasta, their flavorful chorizo with olive oil shrimp pomodoro that we really enjoyed upon visiting their restaurant, the spicy sardine which I highly recommend if you’re looking for a little kick on your pasta, pesto creme carbonara if you love pesto, telefono style, truffle mushroom, and sausage and lastly shrimp aligue which is my personal favorite. 

Hearty Meals

La creperie offers hearty meals from their favorite french home kitchen so if you’re looking for a french breakfast experience you should order menus from their hearty meals. They have eggplant moussaka, pork zurichoise, la creperies fried chicken, fried chicken with pasta bolognese, corned beef stew, sole meuniere, salmon provencal, blanquette de beef, coq au vin, pan-seared salmon and beef pot roast. 

La Creperie Menu Delivery


Photo Credit: La Creperie FB Page

Upon checking their salcedo branch is open for long distance delivery so if you’re craving for your favorite la creperie food items and you’re living in the metro they got you. All you have to do is to open this link to order your favorite food items or you can actually use other food delivery services that are available in your area. 

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Social Media Pages

Loving the La Creperie menu dishes? Why not follow their social media accounts so you can always get the latest news about them? Be sure to follow them so you can also show them your support. They might post promos on their timeline that you can grab immediately.




What is creperie in english?

La Creperie is a french word that means a place where crepes (light pancakes) are made and at the same time sold in english. 

Who owns La Creperie?

La Creperie is owned by two long-time friends Marie Christine ledesma and Christine Laman. These two are also the founders of the big chill chain of juice bars. 

Does La Creperie have WiFi?

The answer is yes. Actually, their wifi is fast, one of the reasons why customers are really comfortable dining at their restaurant. 


La Creperie is always a great place to enjoy breakfast and brunch, la creperie menu has a lot to offer, we can tell that this is a romantic place to dine since their place is comfortable with a good food and ambience. The vibe inside their restaurant is cozy and warm, decors are mostly french arts and books which I really love. Very relaxing vibe to be honest. Nicely cooked crepes as well. They have delicious food items that you will surely enjoy. The crews are nice and fast as well. I highly recommend this restaurant for those who’s looking for french cuisine to try and also if you love crepes ofcourse. 

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