Luk Yuen Menu Prices

Luk Yuen menu is inspired by Chinese cuisine. It consists of fried dim sum, steamed dim sum, congee, noodles in soup, dry noodles, rice toppings, a la carte, Chinese bento, a set menu, desserts, beverages, and a party platter. Its dim sum, congee, and hot noodles menu kickstart the success of the restaurant. Special menus and promos for seasonal occasions and celebrations are also offered for a limited time. An example of this is tikoy, which is sold during Chinese New Year.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Luk Yuen menu prices.

MenuPrice (PHP)

Fried Dimsum

D24 Radish Cake (3pcs)105
D25 Fried Meat Dumplings (3pcs)142
D28 Deep-fried Taro Puff (3pcs)144
D31 Seafood Rolls Wrapped in Japanese Seaweed (3pcs)220
D35 Stuffed Eggplant (3pcs)115
D36 Spring Roll w/ Kutchay (3pcs)150

Steamed Dimsum

D21 Asado Siopao (2pcs)165
D23 HK Bola-Bola Siopao (3pcs)158
D26 Hakaw Shrimp Dumplings (4pcs)210
D27 Pork Siomai (4pcs)170
D30 Chicken Feet w/ Chili (3pcs)120
D40 Dumplings in Hot Chili (8pcs)325
D41 Vegetale Dumplings w/ Shrimp (3pcs)135


C1 Seafood with Vegetables (Solo)160
C1 Seafood with Vegetables (Regular)258
C3 Century Egg w/ Shredded Pork (Solo)125
C3 Century Egg w/ Shredded Pork (Regular)185
C5 Chicken w/ Black Mushroom (Solo)125
C5 Chicken w/ Black Mushroom (Regular)185
C7 Halo-Halo (Solo)145
C7 Halo-Halo (Regular)240
C9 Pork Ball (Bola-Bola) (Solo)130
C9 Pork Ball (Bola-Bola) (Regular)225

Noodles in Soup

N43 Wanton (Solo)135
N43 Wanton (Regular)225
N45 Beef Brisket (Solo)155
N45 Beef Brisket (Regular)265
N56 Beef Brisket & Wanton (Solo)160
N56 Beef Brisket & Wanton (Regular)265
N61 Spicy Beef Noodle (Solo)165
N61 Spicy Beef Noodle (Regular)295
N62 Taiwanese-Style Chicken Noodle Soup (Solo)140
N62 Taiwanese-Style Chicken Noodle Soup (Regular)215

Dry Noodles

N49 Braised Beef Brisket w/ Egg Noodles 240
N50 King Dao Pork w/ Flat Noodles195
N53 Fried Noodles w/ Shredded Pork325
N55 Fried Noodes w/ Seafood395
N57 Stir-Fried Noodles Cantonese Style210
N58 Stir-Fried Flat Noodles w/ Beef 310
N59 Birthday Noodles465

Rice Toppings

R1 Beef Brisket265
R3 Fried Meat Dumplings285
R6 Fish Fillet w/ Ampalaya265
R7 Golden Fried Chicken275
R9 Asado Roast Pork & Chicken Feet295
R10 Peppercorn Spareribs285


K1 Chicken & Corn Soup (Solo)105
K1 Chicken & Corn Soup (Regular)220
K2 Hot & Sour Soup (Solo)120
K2 Hot & Sour Soup (Regular)230
K3 Seafood Soup w/ Beancurd (Solo)125
K3 Seafood Soup w/ Beancurd (Regular)235


K5 Sweet & Sour Pork 365
K6 Peppercorn Spareribs 395
K7 Hot Pot Pork Balls w/ Glass Noodles & Assorted Vegetables 330


K8 Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce345
K9 Boneless Buttered Chicken 345
K9A Golden Fried Chicken (Half)420
K9A Golden Fried Chicken (Whole)785


K10 Stir-Fried Beef w/ Brocolli398
K11 Beef w/ Ampalaya in Taosi Sauce385
K13B Sizzling Beef 399


K14 Deep-Fried Cuttlefish 288
K15 Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce / Taosi Sauce295
K16 Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Olive Vegetables278
K17 Stir-Fried Shrimps w/ Cashew 378
K18 Deep-Fried Peppercorn Prawns455


V1 Braised Mixed Vegetables w/ Shrimp and Roast Pork430
V2 Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce or w/ Garlic195
V4 Stir-Fried Green Beans w/ Minced Pork and Black Olives235
V8 Sizzling Mixed Vegetables w/ Mushroom 325


V5 Braised Beancurd w/ Mushroom295
V6 Deep-Fried Beancurd175

Fried Rice

R2 Yang Chow Fried Rice265
R14 Seafood Fried Rice278

Chinese Bento

B1 Chicken Bento350
B2 Beef Bento395
B3 Fish Bento350
B4 Pork Bento350

Set Menu

Set Menu 1 (for 4 persons)1960
Set Menu 2 (for 6 persons)2970


DS1 Sesame Balls (Buchi)110
DS2 Almond Jelly Fruit Floats 100
DS3 Coffee Jelly w/ Mango Ice Cream 95
DS5 Snow Ball75
DS7 Phing Phing Tien Tien (Chinese Halo-Halo)195
DS8 Single Scoop Ice Cream55
DS11 Mango Sago120


B1 Iced Tea (House Blend)65
B2 Fresh Fruit Shakes 90
B8 Softdrinks (In Can)65
B9 San Miguel Pale Pilsen 85
B10 Distilled Water45

Party Platters Ala Carte (8-10 persons)

Yang Chow Fried Rice955
Noodles Cantonese Style799
Birthday Noodles 1499
Sweet & Sour Pork1300
Peppercorn Spareribs1395
Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce1299
Sliced Beef w/ Brocolli 1305
Fish Fillet in Taosi Sauce/ Sweet & Sour Sauce995
Stir-Fried Shrimp w/ Cashew 1200


Asado Siopao 1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Fried Meat Dumpling1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Steamed Pork Siomai 1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Seafood Rolls in Japanese Seaweed 1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Spring Rolls1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Deep-Fried Beancurd1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders
Sesame Balls1 order FREE for every 10 regular orders

About Luk Yuen

Luk Yuen is a Chinese restaurant that started in 1981. Congee, dim sum, and hot noodles are the dishes that they initially offer. The management changes the interior design of the restaurant to attract more customers. The items on their a la carte menu followed the recipe of Maxims, a famous Chinese Restaurant. Today, it has different branches in Metro Manila and offers a wide variety of dishes.

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Luk Yuen Menu Best Seller

The house specialties menu of Luk Yuen are congee, dim sum, and noodles. These famous Chinese dishes are part of its menu since it started in 1981.

Century Egg with Shredded Pork – Rice porridge is topped with sliced century egg and shredded pork.

Halo-halo Congee – Various ingredients are combined in this delectable congee. Rice porridge is topped with sliced beef, stomach lining tito, pork ball, and chicken liver.

Photo Credit: Luk Yuen FB Page

Pork Siomai – Ground pork and shrimp mixture with black mushrooms are wrapped in a siomai wrapper, steamed, and topped with various ingredients.

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Dumplings in Hot Chili – It consists of 8 pieces of boiled pork dumplings. It is full of flavor and served with Luk Yuen’s special hot bird’s eye chili.

Wanton – This is an egg noodle dish that is served in piping hot broth and cooked with pork mixture and shrimp wrapped in a wanton wrapper. This is the most popular noodle menu of Luk Yuen.

Photo Credit: Luk Yuen FB Page

Beef Brisket with Wanton – Thin noodles is boiled in soup stocks. Beef and wanton balls are topped over the noodles.

Luk Yuen Party Platters

Yang Chow Fried Rice – This dish consists of fried rice that is cooked with various vegetables, meats, seasonings, and spices. The combination of different ingredients blends well that creates a unique taste and texture.

Noodles Cantonese Style – Noodles are pan-fried and mixed with Luk Yuen’s special ingredients. The crispiness of noodles and the combination of various ingredients creates a perfect medley.

Sweet & Sour Pork – Pork is marinated, deep-fried, and cooked in a sweet and sour sauce. Its sweet and sour taste tickles the taste buds. It is best to pair this dish with Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Photo Credit: Luk Yuen FB Page

Peppercorn Spareribs – Bite-sized spare ribs are deep-fried and topped with garlic. Chilled vinegar is served with it to make it more delicious.

Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce – The chicken fillet is deep-fried and covered with lemon sauce.

Sliced Beef w/ Broccoli – Beef and broccoli are cooked together in Luk Yuen’s special sauce.

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Asado Siopao – It consists of 2 pieces of steamed buns stuffed with barbecued pork.

Fried Meat Dumpling – Shrimp and ground pork balls are wrapped in a flour mixture and fried to perfection.

Seafood Rolls in Japanese Seaweed – Ground seafood rolls are wrapped in a nori wrapper and deep-fried. It is served with a sweet and sour sauce that makes this menu more delicious.

Spring Rolls – This Luk Yuen menu consists of various fillings such as pork, chicken, kutchay, black mushroom, singkamas, and carrots. These fillings are wrapped in an egg wrapper and fried until it gets golden brown.

Deep-fried Bean Curd – Tokwa is spiced with Luk Yuen’s special seasonings. Chilled vinegar is served as its dipping sauce.

Birthday Noodles

Luk Yuen Birthday Noodle is one of the dishes in their party platters. It is also known as Life-long noodles because it is a common dish that is part of birthday celebrations and it symbolizes long life. The noodles are freshly made and cooked using a traditional recipe. Shrimp, vegetables, and seasonings are added to the noodles to enhance their taste and make them look festive.

Photo Credit: Luk Yuen FB Page

Noodle Feast

The noodle feast consists of flat egg noodles that are served with Chinese pechay. Spicy cured pork strips, pork wonton, steamed shrimp dumplings, and braised beef are spread over the top of noodles. It comes with Hainan Chicken cubes covered with a sweet sauce and topped with finely chopped onions.

Beef Brisket

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This menu from Luk Yuen is made up of beef cubes, beef stock, vegetables, egg noodles, and aromatic ingredients. Thin egg noodles and beef cubes simmered in moshi sauce are served in a steaming hot broth. These ingredients blend well so it creates an aromatic and flavorful dish. The aroma, beefy flavor, and savory taste of this dish will satisfy your cravings. It has a comforting broth that makes it a perfect dish in cold weather. It is one of the famous Chinese dishes that people love.

Luk Yuen Menu Delivery

You don’t have to go to China to enjoy popular Chinese dishes. You can have your favorite Luk Yuen favorite dishes in the comfort of your home or office through delivery. It is available for delivery through your preferred online platforms such as Grabfood, Lalamove, and Foodpanda. You can also call their landline to arrange your orders for pick-up. Some of their special promos are only available for dine-in transactions.

Social Media Pages

Save more and never miss out on Luk Yuen’s special promotions by visiting and following its social media pages. Their promos, schedules, announcements, and menu are posted on their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To get relevant and timely updates, you can follow their Facebook and Instagram as they are active on these platforms.





Luk Yuen menu offers affordable and famous Chinese cuisines. Since 1981, they maintain the quality of the dishes that they offer. Their menu is tried, tested, and passed on to different generations. Today, they are serving the third generation, who are the children of their loyal customers. It has different branches in Metro Manila and its menu is available through dine-in, pick-up, and delivery so you can enjoy Chinese dishes in the comfort of your home with just a tap.

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